Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Report: Sead Kolasinac to join Arsenal on free transfer

It’s not new news, per se, but Sky Sports are reporting that Sead Kolasinac will join Arsenal on a free transfer this summer.

The Bosnian defender has a contract with Schalke until June 30th, and he looks set to become the first summer signing as Arsenal/Arsene Wenger/Whoever is in charge look to build the squad for next season.

His arrival has been mooted for some time now, and it appears the Gunners have held off interest from AC Milan and Man City who were also reportedly interested.

Fuel was also added to this particular fire over the weekend when the 23 year old’s Schalke teammate, Max Meyer, left a comment saying #yagunners on an Instagram video.

And if further evidence were needed, the defender has also followed Yaya Sanogo on Twitter.

It wouldn’t be unusual for a free transfer to be announced ahead of time, so we might get some official confirmation on this sooner rather than later.

Let’s see – and for more on what kind of player Arsenal are getting, check out this piece.

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I know he hardly plays now but I feel quite sad for Gibbs. Came through the academy and has never moaned and now he will be sold on. Wish him all the best!


Yep, you won’t find many better second choice left backs in the league than him. Hope he succeeds wherever he goes.


I can think of 5 off the top of my head.


Who are they?


I can’t feel sorry for Gibbs. He’s had the chances and facilities to improve, but hasn’t.
Far too much sentiment towards average players at Arsenal. Part of the reason we are where we are.
Should always look to upgrade on the squad.

Ex-Priest Tobin

And too much sentiment towards a very average manager as well.


Feeling sorry for a player and hoping him the best in the future are different from wanting him to stay forever and never be replaced by a better player in the squad. Of course we should upgrade (personally I’d be happy for Gibbs to stay as backup if Arsenal feel Monreal’s age makes him the logical one to let go, even though he’s better than Gibbs, or if a permanent switch to a 3-4-3 mean we have room in the squad for all three). But that doesn’t mean we have to have this ungenerous, ugly “he didn’t improve, serves him… Read more »


Yes wish him all the best agreed.
We don’t need back up players. We need quality players competing with each other week in week out. Not players who are happy to be in the background.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Has he been a model professional? Based on what, not complaining? That surely can’t be all it takes. It’s one thing being a backup to a much more talented player but he’s as gifted as Monreal…who is just a much better pro.
I’ve no resentment towards Gibbs, I just think he’s emblematic of the cosiness that has stopped this team pushing on.


Who says he’s as talented as Nacho or hasn’t made the most of his talent? Is this something that can be proven or at least supported by argument? I think he’s basically done his best, not helped by lots of niggling injuries and by then being behind Nacho. I think he has another level that he’s only occasionally reached, but I’m not sure it’s his fault that he hasn’t gotten there more consistently. For most players, playing one’s best requires consistently being in the team for a long stretch. And just because he has reached certain heights in a handful… Read more »

Kwame Ampadu Down

By that very narrow definition of professionalism you are of course right. Putting your body on the line, chasing lost causes, making runs that no-one would criticise you for not making just on the off chance you can help a teammate….these are thngs Nacho does much more regularly than Gibbs. That’s why he’s better imo. Not talent. Maybe a better pro was the wrong term : Monreal wants to be a winner more than Gibbs would have been a more accurate way of stating my opinion. Of course I can’t prove it, no more than you can prove otherwise. I’ll… Read more »


But then Ashley Cole was a model professional for us and a fan favourite until he was good enough to move somewhere else. Look how he shafted us as soon as he could!

Footballers loyalty is an odd thing, I think it should be rewarded where a genuine love for a club is demonstrated and coupled with the attitude and capability to perform, not just because they’ve been a good boy.

jack jack jack

Well you’re a cold-hearted bastard. I’ve grown up alongside Gibbo. I’ve got a massive soft spot for him. I find it really sad that he’s not progressed to the level we need and I’ll be sad to see him go.

I don’t understand fans who have no loyalty to or affection for players, but expect the players to have those things for the club.


Well, yes, but then again, maybe Gibbs was too comfortable to push on. We should have moved him on last summer, it would have been best for all involved. I hope he can push on wherever he goes.


Probably off to City, who have a habit of collecting ex-Arsenal fullbacks


Would be kind of disheartening to Clichy if Gibbs bumped him out of the LB position for a second time…

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Actually Gibbs could be understudy at LB, with Monreal sort of covering both in the middle (with the new back 3) and LB as required.

dr Strange

There is the possibility that Nacho will be a cd in a back three.

David C

he’s a nice guy and I respect him, but we probably have too many of those. New guy looks a little more like Ivanovic from ChelSKI.

Might he be brought in to play LCB?

Dennis \'All airmiles and elbows\' Bergkamp

Good news! Hopefully provide some much needed top quality competition alongside Nacho next season, definitely time for Gibbs to be moved on and hopefully be more involved at a lower level


Liked how everyone’s talked about the 3 at the back like it will never happen in that 1 month old post.
Hey, football eh?

Bob\'s Mexican Cousin

Whatever happened to Yaya Sanogo?

Any news on Santi? We haven’t had much to smile about since he got injured; I get the feeling that the two of them are linked.


Goodbye Gibbs my dear friend. I will remember you for that block off the line against West Brom on the last day of the season which helped us to a fourth place and the header off the line which kept us at only 2-0 down in the FA cup final. If not for those two clearances where would Wenger be now? This season you didn’t have enough time to work your magic.


Also scored the leveler vs. Spurs in the NLD last year.


I’ll remember him for his screamer against Swansea


And getting send off in place of the Ox.


I laughed when I read that, but then I remembered we lost 6-0 on the day and wish I hadn’t.


Based only on tgose 2 blocks + his loyalty i rank him as one of the ‘quite greats’


Will Gibbs actually go though? Surely Nacho hasn’t much left in him with hus age and all?

Third Plebeian

Yeah, I’m not sure he will go. With the wingback position now, and using 3 CBs, there could be room for all three. Monreal may be used more as a CB back-up / starter as his legs start to go, in which case you’d want two competing for the left wing-back role.


We have 6 center backs and you want to shove Nacho in there as well?


Gibbs is a good guy. He is an extremely decent backup but then if we are to be ambitious, the average players need to leave. All the best to Gibbo wherever he may go.


” the average players need to leave.”
Farewell then Theo Walcott…..


This. Please, lord, this.


It’s a shame people are speculating on Gibbs/Monreal instead of celebrating Kolasinac. This is a signing that will provide more defensive stability and tactical flexibilty.
I think the idea is to solidify the left flank and go all out attack on the right side with Bellerin and Ox.

Third Plebeian

My guess is that there would be more celebrating if more than five of us had ever actually heard of the player prior to our being linked with him!

Lord Bendnter

Maybe they’re both joinin lol
What do you fellas think about buying Ross Barkley?

Mississippi Gunner

hard pass


I’ll pass, he might not.


Last signing till August



Third Plebeian

Ugh. Truth sucks.

Gooners & Roses

Me thinks following Sanogo twitter is the strongest hint.


I’m probably in the minority here, what with the team winning three games and optimism rising yet again, but personally I’m not over excited with signings this summer, unless the first one of those is a new manager. I do not believe the issues we have as a club on the pitch is solely down to the player’s on it. I think had Conte or Pochettino had this squad they would certainly have made a sustained title bid and probably would have won the league. Therefore I believe its in the clubs best interest to sound out the best available… Read more »


Even if you’re right (and you are) about the squad underachieving, I think the real issue is that, to be successful, one of two things needs to happen: 1. We get a new manager, not just any new manager, but one who plays a modern style of football (probably means high pressing, though Simeone doesn’t do this too much) whose tactics/methods mean we become more than the sum of our parts, and make up for limitations in talent. I don’t like the foul-y nature of his style, but arguably Poch had done precisely this (with a less talented squad) at… Read more »


Not impressed with this signing. I guess coming on a free leaves us with more funds to invest in other positions. Still think Mendy and Sandro would’ve been a better choice. Not enthusiastic about next season to be honest.


Mate, we have exactly zero chance of landing either of them.


This is good news if so.

A free transfer. As mentioned Wenger and Dick Law are clearly not as abject as some would deem to paint them in market.;)

After all, they also did the deal for Holding….and Mustafi, Granit, Lucas Perez.

Kolasinac will give us further option at left wing back but he can also play across the line.

He looks an aggressive player and one who can bring a bit more nuance to us going forward where Gibbs has struggled to add finish.


nuance? thought aggressiveness would mean more directness?


Am I the only person who thinks Kieran Gibbs is still a good player and cannot understand the negative comments about him. I will be amazed if he leaves as I still think he has much to offer. New signing looks good however.


Who else we should be looking at from Schalke is Konoplyanka. He’s on loan from Sevilla. The Ukranian playmaker at 27yrs has good experience and can play with both feet. Predominantly he plays on the left but he can play across the attacking line or indeed maybe re-roled if need be deeper in midfield too. We need more technical/inventive players IMO particularly with the 3-4-2-1 which is slightly biased toward defense. Kolasinac (if signed) will add extra firepower out wide but we also need options in the middle and it does not preclude us as well returning to 4-2-3-1 if… Read more »


If we are talking all 3 +2 back positions having dual back up : Kolasinac/Gibbs……………………………………………………..Bellerin/Ox ……..Koscielny/Monreal…….Mustafi/Gabriel……Holding/Chambers……. There could still be space for Gibbs. Jury is still out on say Bramall and in truth he needs to be further tested on loan. I think Koscielny/Mustafi are first choice in the middle (Sweepers) but should both be available, Koscielny left of back 3 is a good option. We also have Chambers to consider and he can come in to vie with Holding or provide an alternate at LBack should we switch to a more traditional back 4. If we switch to 4-2-3-1,… Read more »


I think the polish lad on loan (name currently escapes me) might be ready to join the first team squad and be given some chances to impress, as he looks a big talent. There’s also Per, who maybe we should let go, but I believe we’ve already re-signed him for a year. I think we definitely should let at least one defender go, especially given that we rarely make much money on selling players, and if we did so a bit more often, that would free up funds (including wages) for new players. I like Per a lot, but there’s… Read more »

Merlin\'s Panini



A Bosnian on a Bosman?

Mate Kiddleton

Poo rating?


As a bosnian I’ve been awaiting the confirmation from blogs before getting reaaaaally glad about Sejo signing for us. He is a rock, will need little polishing of his technical versatility but he is quick and strong and perfect successor to Nacho!


Little bit off topic but Lukas Podolski trolling WHL memories on twitter… priceless… wish we saw more of him at The Arsenal

Daft Aider

Got to the point that I really don’t care about signings until we can get a manager in

Original Paul

Some really nice comments about Gibbs on here. I like that and I like him. 🙂


Hopefully this transfer will se the end of Jenks debuchy and Gibbs at the club. We will still be able to line up in a back 4 or a back 3. Hopefully Gibbs can go to a top 10 club and do very well for himself

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