Friday, October 7, 2022

Stoke 1-4 Arsenal – player ratings

Hurrah, a win over Stoke at their place at last. They are such a horrendous pack of jizztrumpets, beating them is always great, but seeing their ground half empty in the final stages was just lovely.

A 4-1 win meant lots of good performances, here’s how the players rated today.

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Into Mordor, slay a few Orcs…three points in the bag. Next!


One does not simply walk into Mordor…


Oh wait.

Aleksander Włodarz

Serves the orcs right to suffer !


First time for a very long time that we see only 8 and 9. Well done lads.
I really think that this 3-4-3 or 3-4-2-1 or 5-2-2-1 system is going to be a success


The 343 is the future I think. We used to bomb forward with the 4231. And get caught.

The key is the 2 outside guys in the mf. Monreal played today like if we lost his family would get shot. We need 4 or 5 wingbacks to make this work. Nacho Ox Hector. And more (Chambers)

Kos Holding and Mustafi can be Hadrians Wall. Get rid of Walcott, sign Morata/Mbappe and a WB


Yes, all of that, except there’s no way Chambers has the pace to play wingback, sadly, but he should look good on the right of a back 3. And I still think we could use a better partner for Xhaka in there. All of our midfielders are good players, but they all have very definite weaknesses (aside from dear ol’ Santi, but his weakness is he’s not getting any younger and has had serious injuries). A highly mobile, aggressive player (e.g. Kante/Vidal) who’s considerably better on the ball than Ramsey or Coq (e.g. Dembele) but better defensively than Ox, Wilshere,… Read more »


If we get Vidal, it might help holding on to Sanchez as they are supposedly best friends. But sadly, getting Vidal is something I don’t see happening.


Yeah, I would love a strong runner too, like dortmund’s dembele

Maybe we can wish for a strong attacker too, lukaku, morata..


If we manage to get Kolasinac we would have him and Monreal as our LWB options (assuming we sell Gibbs). On the other side we’d have Bellerin, Ox and Maitland-Niles, who would be perfectly suited for the role in my opinion.


Anyone thought of giving Wilshere a chance as left wingback?

We can sell Walcott, gibbs, sanogol and debuchy


All we’ve had is maggoty bread for three stinkin days

Southland Gunner

Looks like meat’s back on the menu boys!

Mexican Gunner

Said Stoke when Holding flattened the cut to the ground

Mayor of Woolwich

How do you understand Orcs’ grunts language?

They are inaudible at best. Just grunts and snarls.


not idly do the leaves of Lorien Koscienly fall

Ol\' Granny Xhaka

That’s the bonus rating I came to see! Super rob holding!




This, exactly

David C

I hope I never have to listen to David Pleat again! Everything this muppet uttered was so biased against Arsenal. I know he’s a Tottenham man, but come on! He was crying for a red card against Holding for a wonderfully timed professional foul. Of course he didn’t mention the Debuchy incident, but all us Gunners were loving it! Holding had a couple of nervy moments, but I think this kids going to be our John Terry (without all the slipping, racism, sleeping with your teammates wife, wearing your kit to lift a trophy when you didn’t play a game,… Read more »

a different George

In fairness, Pleat could not stop talking about how brilliant Sanchez and Ozil were on the second goal, how both were world-class players, etc. Also, he always says “the Arsenal,” which is both old-school and a sign of respect–so, despite his constant mangling of any name more foreign-sounding than “George Graham,” his pretty clear affection for a different club in North London, and his sometimes slowness on the uptake–despite all this, I still prefer him to the dumb “he wanted it more” ex-player commentators who just think Ozil is lazy.

my name is bob



And a special ten fuck yous out of ten for Mike dean

Random Witness

The one down vote you have seems to have come from Mike Dean himself.


Two downvotes now. So his mother didn’t disown him after all?


Fitting that a team more suited to rugby scored with there hands!

Da Oli G Show

On the US TV broadcast, when Holding fouled ponytail boy, one of the announcers went off. “Horrible challenge! No place in the game! Could have been a red card!” All this after Stoke players had elbowed Arsenal players in the face and head repeatedly, with this announcer fool doing nothing but defending them for it.

I was glad to see Holding give them a little payback for all those elbows. Since they love to dish it out, then let’s see if they can take it.


I read somewhere that it was in fact, David Pleat. Heavily biased commentary, it’s utterly ridiculous that we have to put up with this kind of crap on a global broadcast.

Besides that, lovely game to watch today! Easily one of our best performances this season, and the new formation seems to really suit the squad.


Yes it was pleat, asshat


That David pleat Pleat Muppet always take sides whenever he’s commentating and he has never been in favour of Arsenal. He has never been objective. I was so furious when he made that hash comment about RH’s tackle that i went on twitter to search for his handle. He was obviously disappointed he wasn’t getting the result he was hopping for.

Jim S

Then the same deuche bag said Crouch’s tackle was just a yellow, when it was far worse considering you see him leave his feet. He also said despite the video review showed he put it in with his hand, he still believed he got it with his head. He was so obviously biased, it was truly pathetic.


Madely also got one wrong – and he had Albrighton’s bruised eye socket as evidence. Didn’t even give a free kick! PGMOL trying to shape the Top 4 for their Gambling company pay-lords. It needs investigating by the SFS!


Payback for Debuchy few years ago? karma is a beeatch
That same announcer must have mentioned a hundred times that Bould was a Stoke player..seemed pissed he ever signed for the Arsenal.
Then as Showcross slams his elbow into someone he says “nope. nothing in it for me.” LOL that is what made the Holding comment even funnier. “No place in the game for that” indeed.

Also fun to count the bodies on the ground in the run up to the Hand of Crouch goal. Thank you Mike Dean!!!!


Yep. Said absolutely nothing when Shawcross elbowed Giroud in the face. Twat.


When Shawcross elbowed Giroud, he said on the first replay that nothing could be said from that view, when it was as clear a replay as possible.
After the replay from another angle, he says, “I think the Stoke player is innocent there.” And I’m thinking: “What?????? Just what??????”
The insinuation that Holding should receive red for ‘cheating’ was just ridiculous.

Pacific Gooner

David Pleat is a Muppet


david pleat?


Kerb Crawler Pleat 🙂

Gunner in Canada

David Pleat is a former spuds manager, what do you expect from a twat like that ?


Incompetence. What else do you think of Tot..


David pleate used the word cheating for holding but then said crouches goal was good. Then when he found out crouch used his hand he said, well, crouch had good movement and he ridiculed Wenger for sometimes saying, I didn’t see it as Wenger has done in the past .

Pleate calls holding a cheater but it’s ok for crouch to use his hands.

Anyway, time for replays on goals, offsides and pens.

David Hillier\'s luggage

David Peat needs to stick to the cruising and forget about this whole football malarkey

David C

I commented on this above without seeing your post! Pleat is always so anti-Arsenal, but yesterday had to be the worst case of it. Calling for a red card and an assistant on the side to review the play then issue another yellow to make it red…it just went on and on. But when Peter Crouch scored with his hand (which I could see in real time), even after replays Pleat was calling it a good goal. Then when it came through on the headsets to the commentators that it was a hand ball, Pleat actually said “but he tried… Read more »


10/10 to Peter Crouch for showing that when an English player does the Hand of God suddenly the commentators all give him the benefit of the doubt and act like it’s no big deal.


Oh no, that was no Hand Of God moment. HoG was, in Maradona’s world at least, justice restored. This was just an ordinary cheat.


0/10 to the classless bastards and their wenger out plane.


I’m all for people wanting to voice their and opinions and what not, but I have to agree. What kind of moronic nutsacks think up, pay for and go through with lame shit like this? Get a grip and give the money you’re wasting to a worthy cause, the homeless, or me.


The dickhead Sky commentator saying it’s pointless, then spending MY subscription money showing it instead of the football. I don’t need to pay Sky to watch the sky, I can look out the window. Morons!


Very encouraging run of plays by Holding, he made some silly mistakes in some games like any other youngster, but man…he surely does not crack under pressure! Happy to see a kid plays very confidently like that


No ratings for Ramsey and other subs?

The Wizard of Oz(il)

I could understand what Arnautovic said when he was waiting to come back on since we come from the same nation (generally speaking). Having said that, let me reply in our own language to that filthy animal. JEBI SE ARNAUTOVICU, MAJMUNE TUPAVI! Also, fuck all the rest of those orcs and that twat Mike Dean!!

Well done Arsenal, this game made my day, just sublime! 🙂


I know it’s wrong to applaud that kind of play but – given our history with the Orcs – I couldn’t help roaring in approval when Holding dealt to Arnautovic. Apparently they are fine dishing it out but don’t like it returned!

Plus, if that goal had been scored by Suarez (for an example) he would have been slaughtered during the commentary and in the post-match reports. But omehow when Crouch blatantly taps the ball in with his hand it is largely excused or overlooked!


What was he saying Wizard?

The Wizard of Oz(il)

Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul,
ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.


Arnautovic was suggesting future courtship with Mrs Holding might be on the cards. As if a lady of such obvious class would ever jeaopardise her reputation by even being seen speaking to an Orc. For such forwardness alone I hope she rips off his arms and beats him wrathfully until all life has abandoned his body. A lady’s honour is at stake here.

The Wizard of Oz(il)

He sad, I’m gonna fuck your mom, several times… And then he was subbed and didn’t get to do any of that nonsense, the orc cunt. 😀

Clive St Helmet

He audibly shouted something very similar in English. He was definitely a bit pissed off, which was obviously hilarious. I really enjoyed that challenge, definitely worth the yellow card to put one of the orcs on their arse.

I also enjoyed Shawcross slipping and fucking up a challenge on Ramsey, and Shawcross getting the deflection for the Sanchez goal. Cunt that he is.


He’s next!


In our language we have something like ‘why is it blood when it comes out of you, but tomato ketchup for others?’

Jim S

Did anyone understand what the hell happened when a foul wasn’t called on Martins Indi when he took out Bellerin and no foul was called?


Mike Dean happened. He happens a lot.


It may be to little, it may be to late, but at least we have a happy gang COYG!!


That’s the most fun you can have in Stoke!
Total respect to the away support who made the trip.


I went to the Staffordshire Hoard museum in December, then had a good balti, before evening with the in-laws. I can confirm – today was way better!


I thought it was xhaka’s ball that freed up sanchez and bellerin for the first mate…


Love seeing Coquelin play in a more advanced role (certainly, ahead of Xhaka) because he’s lively around the box and does some tremendous pressing to shut down counter-attacks. He’s sort of a box-to-box “holding” midfielder.


Let’s hope this is Mike Dean’s 17th and last year refereeing in the top flight. There was a stretch in the game, just before the Stoke goal, when both teams committed multiple fouls, caution able fouls and he saw nothing wrong. Then he let a handed goal stand. Add to this the unseen Shawcross elbow to Giroud’s head and the sequence where the Orc comes through one of ours, putting him on the ground (that’s OK) but our guy standing his ground against Shaqiri’s leap is not and you had a game right on the edge of chaos. Thankfully Alexis… Read more »

Q Mantis

David bleat’ we really fucked your day up you biased tosser.


Apparently Arnautovic made suggestions about visiting Mrs Holding or something to that effect. If he does I hope she rips both his arms off and beats him to Orc Pie Pulp with them.


Mike dean, so sorry all your efforts to skew the game game to nought. Still, not to worry as no doubt PGMOB will continue to give you their orders next season. You talentless,dwarf.


Do refs come any worse than Mike Dean?

Billy Dyer

Graham Poll


Have it on very good authority that Graham Poll is a gunner…..i know, shocking


Don´t forget Mike Riley

Leah\'s Left Foot

Jon Moss…


pleated brains,pleated mouth


I like Holding but people are getting a bit carried away. He’s clearly a favourite of arseblog but he got beaten too easily a few times today including in the lead up to Stoke’s handball goal.


Sure but then he injured Arnautovic and for that he has a free pass to fuck up for at least another game.

David C

he’s young and learning on the job. Remember how many times KOS was beaten in his first year? Remember how many penalties he used to give away? and look at him now!


I know my opinion isn’t popular I just feel people are getting carried away. I don’t need upvotes to reassure me.


You may not, but have another one anyway. I don’t agree with you completely – hardly at all in fact – but it’s very nice to see some sort of effort at reasoned discussion rather than ‘player X is SHIT’ or some other playground nonsense.


Like i said i don’t need to be validated by anyone. I can’t expect fans, yourself included, to share my objectivity.

Tasmanian Jesus

Biggest highlight of the game to me, was young Rob flattening out Orcautovic!


Same people who big up Elneny’s sideway short passing to no where now getting their heads muddled with over praising Holding. Its the same crowd that get excited with the limited Jenkinson and want Welbeck to start over Giroud. Holding is an excellent buy no doubt by David Dein for 45m less than media prescribed Stones at City. But he is still on a learning curve. He’s a composed player for his young age. Some mistakes today , got beat too easily for the Crouch hand ball/Mike Dein gift. Ditto earlier which resulted in their striker missing from 2 yards… Read more »

Atlanta Gonner

How about 0-10 for the ex-Tottenham color commentator? I’ve not listened to such bias punditry. Fuck him.


That would be the extremely incapable Mr David Pleat, who was cautioned by police on no less than three occasions for kerb crawling. Lovely man.

Brendan from NY

Some real fire in this team today. I wonder if holding is even aware of the debuchy thing. Real competition at center back these days. Its beautiful

Arsenal fan

Two goals and he currently has 8.5 stars from the readers. Just what must Giroud do….


I’m afraid the train has left the station. Its a question of being too late.
The gunners always jumped to life in late spring for the last ten years.
Why?This is unacceptable and the fm must shoulder the blame 100%.
His refusal to get a dof indictes he wants to perpetuate his role as dictator.
Chelsea got rid of the so and have won the epl.Of course it was a gamble
and the blues reap the dividend.
Imho, the gunners could finish 4th and lose the cl slot if MU win the cl.


wrong … England gets five places if MU wins Europa Milk Cup. Just need the Hammers to crush or hold Liverpool. Winston Reid step up please.
We have beaten Scum, Southampton, Stoke … Sunderland await, and Sneverton to finish. Then Smelski, SSSSSSensational


No, only the CL winners gain the 5th place. If manure win, 4th place is only Europa


The ONLY possible way of finishing 4th and not getting a Champions League spot is if two English teams win the Champions League and Europa League, respectively. There is no English team in the Champions League final this year, therefore 4th gets Champions League.


From the blog…


Lots of empty seats now.

Which makes the Bet 365 Stadium look like the mouth of the average Stoke fan

Bahahha made my day.


This is amazing. Didn’t get a chance to follow the live blog, but it’s now made my day as well 🙂


Come on West Ham, take points from Liverpool.


Holding stuffing Arnauto-shit into a pile of crap – favorite moment of the season. Somewhere Debuchy has a smile on his face

lanced banner

0/10 for the wankjob commentators on NBC saying Holding’s foul on twatnotovich should have been a red card and mike dean is a useless twatnosed reindeer


Blogs…you need a new photo of Hector, now he’s got that dodgy hair style!

Shaw Cross

We really do play like a team possessed when it comes to qualifying for the top 4…look at what we can do…it’s mental! I can’t figure it out! But I love it! Lets go West Ham ?


Same story every season, the team performs when there is NO pressure to achieve something important (PL, CL). And every time we all get content with this, which is just poor for a club of Arsenal s stature.


First half, Mike Dead fine. Second half, and the second any team tries to test the Ref’s basic understanding of the rules of the sport, and the cunt is found severely wanting. He is not fit to ref high school teams. Also, anyone else notices these season that ones a team is fouled, they are constantly forced to play the ball sideways or back because the offending team stick a player 2 yards infant of the ball to stop it being played quickly. It’s getting annoying, it happens in every game not just Arsenal. Failure to retreat, or attempt to… Read more »


I would love to blame my spell check on that fine piece of english literary skills I just posted.. but I suspect I just really am that shite at spelling

Naija Gunner

Love that Holding tackle on that big orc anatovic, COYG

not so fed up

Arnautovic (however you spell the Muppets name) got what he deserved lol love Holding for sorting him out – we need to do more of the same with stoke-esque teams just to let them know that if they don’t want to play football we can give as good as we get!!!


On Holding, three things stood out: 1. Very calm and composed, will be a great asset for the future. 2. Stoke had pretty much two chances, both came from Arnoutovic going past him down our right and crossing the ball. They got credited one goal for it, and their striker missed the other one as the criss was slightly behind him. Said that, and Arnoutovic not being the fastest, Holding does need to look at that. 3. In my part of the world, when Holding tackled Arnoutovic, the commentator went mad and starting screaming cheating and red card. I’m sitting… Read more »


Not only was he skinned twice, he gave possession away cheaply a few times. He’s still very young though and will learn, but we’re setting him up for a fall with all this hyperbolic nonsense around him

Uncle Karl

Some clever Gooner “updated” Pleat’s Wikipedia profile after the match: “David John Pleat (born Nottingham, England on 15 January 1945) is an English football player turned manager and sports commentator who happens to be terrible at his job. He demanded Rob Holding’s head after an aggressive tackle yet dismissed Peter Crouch’s handball goal and Shawcross’s elbow to Giroud’s face as ‘accidental’. However he restrained from attacking Peter Crouch for his horror tackle,calling it “desperate”. He deserves to be hit in the head and fired from commentary duty,according to leading football experts. He is so biased while commentating.”

Coq au Vin

Not sure why I haven’t seen this mentioned but doesn’t Mustafi’s 10th yellow card mean a two game suspension? If so, that’s rather unfortunate since the back three looked very solid.


Monreal all the time! Most underrated, always doing his best, always cares.


I don’t know about you guys but taking pleasure in someone else’s pain is sadistic and I must say I enjoyed it thoroughly seeing Arni Orc writhing in pain and I’ll love our own Rob(in) Holding Hood for dishing out justice forever. May Arni Orc wanted his mom to sleep with Debauchy but he threw up on hearing it! So he wants to try if the reverse would work, but nothing other than a gecko would sleep with this orc! On a serious note! The kind of joy or sorrow this club brings to us is almost beyond belief. Week… Read more »


HOW THE ACTUAL FUCK DOES ONE NOT RATE XHAKA HIGHLY? So you can appreciate Matic or a Toure, but can’t see how good Xhaka is in game management (Buying defenders time, balancing tiredness between the two wings, hinting at players to make runs, getting players time to get into spaces they like, etc.) apart from the trequartista he is already?

Retarded, when pundits say the jury is still out on him. Those fucks only like tangible success (goal scorers, shot stoppers, tacklers).

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