Super Rob Holding & Giroud on beating Stoke and chasing 4th place


Rob Holding and Olivier Giroud faced the Sky Sports cameras after Arsenal’s 4-1 win against Stoke City.

Here’s what they had to say…

On the win…

OG: Everything was not so easy for us today. We knew it was going to be a tough game. We’ve been efficient up front and defensively very compact and very aggressive. We defended well from the front when we lost the ball. We’ve been good in the transitions, we’ve played through the lines.

It’s a great win today. We now have two more finals to come. The most difficult thing against this type of team is to score the first one. After we had to be efficient and that’s what we succeeded in doing. As I told you, it was not so easy, we made the difference at the end.

On showing character when Stoke went direct…

RH: Yeah, when they got that goal their fans got a bit louder. We showed good character to stay in the game and withstand them when they had seven corners in a row. We got them on the break and scored a few more goals to polish it off.

On Crouch scoring with his hand…

RH: I didn’t see it go in but I’ve seen a few of our lads running to the linesman waving their hands. It went in, but we’ve got the result so it didn’t matter in the end.

On putting pressure on Liverpool…

OG: Obviously we have to do the job and focus on our games. But to be honest with you I’ll be a big fan of West Ham tomorrow. They have all my support. To be fair, we have to do the job first and then see the other results. We’re going to keep the faith and keep fighting until the end.

On enjoying the 3-4-3 formation…

RH: I’ve enjoyed getting on the ball a bit more and being able to play, with three at the back there’s a bit more safety. I like to be on the ball and playing it forward. It’s been going well and hopefully it continues.

On having a West Ham scarf on tomorrow…

RH: I had it on when they were against Tottenham. I’m sure I’ll have it on again tomorrow.

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Is there a video of Holdings challenge on Arnautovic anywhere? I mean, I saw it, but I’d like to see it again.

And again.


jack jack jack

I’m told Holdini’s father was the greatest shithouser Italy has ever seen. Generations of Italian defending channeled into that tackle.

JJs Bender

Holdini… brilliant

Timorous Me

I’m guessing Debuchy might like that, too. He has a new best friend on the team (well, if you still consider him part of the team).


Brilliant. The smile as he walks away.

“Su-per, Super Rob, Su-per, Super Rob, Su-per, Super Robbie Holding…”

Cliff Bastin

I am also looking for this video


Bit shaky game today from Rob, has to be said, excellent on the left side of defense, but should keep his head down and master the other side. Rare gem on our hands

Dan Hunter

What the fuck are you on about??? He was immense yesterday. One of the few things I have been truly excited about in this shitstorm of a season. He has come in to the team and played as if he is a seasoned veteran. And the tackle on that cunt just topped it off…


I’ve been a big critic of Ramsey in recent times but you know what I liked today – every time he got the ball today he was playing positively, bursting forward, doing neat turns and trying to make stuff happen! Well done Rambo! He’s making a comeback!


As blogs has suggested, this formation seems to be allowing him to display his strengths


Rob to arnie: “whats my name?”


I particularly liked how RH was able to showcase his dribling skills in the final minutes of the game. Not the first time we’ve seen him using quick feets. I like this.

Mein Bergkampf

Anyone notice Sanchez doesn’t give one solitary fuck when anyone but himself scores? Three games left in an Arsenal shirt for that man.

Wreh the Assasin

yeh noticed that against southampton when the OG scored. just walked out of frame to the centre circle. still, i’d rather have him doing that here, than for some other cunts.

Mein Bergkampf

Give it three months…

a different George

I’ll have to watch again, but it looked to me like he was overjoyed when Ozil scored (from his amazing pass). I think you are making too much of this.

Arsenal Pakistan!

Poetic justice that arnaoutovic hurt his arm/shoulder after what he did to debuchy. Also really enjoyed his two tackles just before their goal because after years of being assaulted by them it was nice to see xhaka mustafi and holding returning the favor. Love the fight these 3 brought today in their first visit to the orcs. Excellent performance and a really enjoyable win

Arsenal Pakistan!

By his two tackles I mean Holding’s because after posting when I read it it seems as if I mean I enjoyed arnaoutovics two tackles and that would mean that something is seriously wrong with me so just wanted to clear that up….


While i am normally a fairly balanced, objective sort, saying things like ‘wed not be happy if that was our player getting tackled’, I must admit I’m Looking forward to seeing this one on the highlights.

Billy Dyer

Something seriously wrong with you???
Do you want to talk about it?

Me So Hornsey

He was wearing a West Ham scarf when they played Spuds? My god, this kid already has the making of a legend.

a different George

I think I can picture him leading the “what do we think of Tottenham” chants from the bus after we win the FA Cup. (Gets fined and cautioned, has a laugh about it with Jack.)


“We now have two more finals to come.”

Er. I think you’ll find we’ve got three Olivier…


I wouldn’t say Rob Holding was super. He still has a learning curve but he got beat too easily which led to their hand ball/goal/Mike Dean gift. Ditto the opportunity for their previous striker who conspired to miss from 2 yards (Even Welbeck would have put it in.

OTOH, as I have been mentioning we have/SHOULD NOT have Plan B.

Giroud or Welbeck start depending on the opponent’s set up and who has been most efficient in front of goal.

In this case, it was the correct decision to play Giroud both for his height, combative ability and the fact that Stoke were going to sit deep.

Also correct was Coquelin over Ramsey.

I said it before that the French man may find more joy in this formation attacking and turning over the ball higher up. He protected the ball well for us too on a number of ocassions. That said Ramsey also did well coming in to make an impact.

The other player recently come in for criticism was Bellerin. Again, he isn’t quite back to his best form but clearly he is better than some imagine (the same crowd that think Elneny is super at passing….err sideways and short)

Bellerin provided an excellent ball for our opener.

And again Granit has looked solid for us in this new system. His range of passing is pivotal.

Finally, very gratifying to see BOTH Ozil and Alexis on the score sheet. Beautiful goal the second and Alexis is simply unstoppable at times. So important to keep him if we can and I like him smiling again when he came off.


This kid Holding is quite something. I’ve never seen him beaten the same way twice in a game, he’s apparently quite the quick study, and he’s a big unit too. As for what he did to Arnautovic, by Jupiter’s hairy nutsack did I enjoy that! Didn’t need an advertising board to do him neither. I’ll bet Mathieu Debuchy was looking down from Heaven with an approving tear in his eye.