Video: Alexis Sanchez – all the goals from 2016-17


Alexis Sanchez has had a cracking season for Arsenal, scoring 30 times, including a strike in Saturday’s 2-1 win over Chelsea in the FA Cup final.

Via EmanDaGoon on YouTube, here’s a lovely compilation of them so you can enjoy it all over again.

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Arsene\'s handkerchief
Arsene\'s handkerchief

Sign da ting!


Baby, don’t go


Great season, great player.

Keep him and give him another fast energetic goalscorer to play with and we’ll go far.


We have Lucas Perez!


Well.. we already have one. His name is Lucas.

bob davis

True, Chelsea have got Costa and Hazard banging in the goals, Rats at the Lane have got Kane and Alli.

We could really do with a midfielder who could get us those extra 15 goals!


I believe Ramsey is the guy, in the new formation, he can score 15+ again. If he stays fit. Fingers crossed.

But sure, if we can sign world class finisher, it would be great

Bould\'s Eyeliner

It’s supposed to be Ozil–and we already saw a glimpse of it during our first twenty-one games. Hopefully both stay and create a deeper partnership!


Alexis, Get in…

30 this year, 40 next year…


More skill with the ball than Alexis Texas.

Cliff Bastin

I don’t know who that is so I better Google it.

Original Paul



Gracias! Can we please have one with the assists too? He managed a fair number of them as well.

Wright on the money

I really hope we keep him along with Ozil and buy at least 5 top players to play with them but I can’t see the board paying the wages they want and spending money bringing new players in we would have to spend at least 200 million on players.

I hope we keep them but don’t blame Sanchez and Ozil if they go.


5 top players? hahahaha

Wright on the money

What do you suggest the club needs then we were nearly 20 points behind the leaders and no where good enough to compete against the top teams in Europe.

I guess you think we have a good enough squad already then ha ha.


The celebration at 3:15 looks like he wants to stay.


Just slap him with 250k/week. We would end up paying 60m+ to buy a like for like replacement if he went away.


There is no one like Alexis.


Sanchez is extremely crucial to our plans next season. If he goes we might have to sign two extra players just to replace him and even then we might not be able to replace him completely. And if you look at the financial side of it we need to change the wage structure anyway sooner rather than later if we want to be competitive.

We should absolutely do everything in our power to make him stay.


Something to ponder :

If you look at Chelsea this season out of their squad of 24, 7 are young players under 22yrs surprisingly. If you take away the 3 keepers, only 14 experience players are in the squad.

That’s not a very big squad even considering no Europe for them, much like Leicester had a similar advantage last season.

We are of course Arsenal and injury crisis is a staple.

But we have too many spare players who are either mediocre or not available :

Debuchy and Jack are injury prone and unfocused.

Jenko, Elneny, Gibbs mediocre at best.

Campbell, Lucas on the periphery good enough but not.

Walcott erratic and not nuanced enough.

add the likes of Sanogo, Asano who may never really fulfill promise, Per and Ospina who will step down or leave for more regular game time, that’s 10 odd players we should be moving this summer to make room for an upgrade.

So IF we can keep one of Alexis (preferable) or Ozil, we will need to sign maybe 3 players of top quality plus maybe one workman type.

If Kolasinac is truly available for free and comes in, we probably have to look at at least one if not two in attacking third and maybe one in deep midfield which has stabilised in recent month with new formation.

This has to take into account as well that players improve and the likes of such players like Coquelin and Ramsey are not young anymore but in their prime years and should be hitting more regular form.

I think at CF we retain Giroud if possible because he has qualities we need against certain type of opponents and bc Welbeck is still erratic in front of goal in finishing.

So at CF we have Welbeck, Giroud

In the attacking third I think we may see (if Wenger stays) some sort of ability to revert to 4-2-3-1 if need be depending on if we can bring a midfielder in that can carry the weight next to Granit , Coquelin or Ramsey (again all different tools)

Personally I prefer Ramsey further forward if 4-2-3-1 but he is working fabulously now in the 3-4-3.

Another to consider in the deeper role is Alex Iwobi IMO who has the strength, technicality and vision for the deep pass. I think Wenger prob did not want to risk bedding him into a new role with so much at stake during our run in over final stretch but he is someone to consider in midfield.

So if the midfield duo is either of Granit, Coquelin and Ramsey/Iwobi, we have room for one more player to come in. Preference for me is someone who can carry the ball through feet in traffic and has a bit of ball retention skills.

Santi for me is an extra man we cannot be dependent on bc of injury history now. He is the senoir player who will be a bonus in the midfield area if available.

That leaves the attacking 2 or 3 in high midfield depending on formation.

The most important thing would be to keep Alexis. If we keep both Alexis and Ozil, we probably need to add minimum one more quality player (top drawer). If we lose one, we may have to add two (although we could get away with one with risk)

I think someone like Konoplyanka at Schalke on loan from Sevilla is perfectly gettable for us even in Europa. He’s been on periphery of top clubs but is a clear talent and has the experience at 27yrs to deliver. Coming to us regardless of CL will be an upgrade.

Whether we want to plum for a second addition as mentioned or recycle one of our peripherals who haven’t had a much of a look in (Campbell or Lucas) is the question if should we have to add another with one of the key departures gone.

I would say if we lose Sanchez, we most certainly have to add one more player in this area in high midfield, Ozil maybe/maybe not.

remember if we revert to 4-2-3-1, Ox also comes into play across this line. Maybe there is room for one more young talent too in these positions (Ganbry would have been perfect)

In defense, I think we are solid. koscielny, Mustafi, Holding, Gabriel hold the centre.

On the wide areas Bellerin and Ox if 3-4-3 on the right, Monreal and say Kolasinac if Wenger is brave enough to release Gibbs.

If 4-2-3-1, Ox as mentioned has utility further up field.

That means we may have one more position to fill at Rback as cover for Bellerin.

IMO, we need to give Calum chambers one more chance. Revert him to his original position at Rback for Soton. Maybe he has utility at Cback and deep midfield as well as redundancy cover but I think Wenger has been trying too hard to mold this bloke into something new. Considering we have Holding now, project Chambers can stand down IMO.

The problem of course with Wenger is he has these projects and can get sentimental. I think a balance needs to be struck, some players will get better but we cannot wait on so many. AND whether he brings enough to cover for shortfalls due to inevitable injuries at Arsenal (this season midfield was the undoing) is always an issue.

So when he says 1-2 quality players he should really be thinking of 2-3 at minimum.

He isn’t the worst with tactics but bc he is married to an ideology of general non intervention, he will do himself and the team a massive favour by ensuring that we are stock with sufficient quality for 2-3 fronts push.

We are not Chelsea or Conte so we need to adjust and buy accordingly.


Santori,why are all your posts so looooooooonnng


I think he’s using amphetamines. Look like speed rants to me. I would know.


The longest post yet ?

Heavenly Chapecoense

Did Santori break his own record ? This one is invincible, I think.


It all hinges wether or not Sanchez stays or not. Ozil can be replaced tbh. U can either put sanchez in as striker or he stays on the left. Since a striker is needed, and the ones that you can be are extremly expensive and therfor wont happen, than I would play Sanchez as striker. Someone else on the left. Insert player name. You cant really stick with the same players because for to many years you have gotten the same results. I like Ramsey, Walcott, Wilshere, Giroud and Gibbs, I really do, but U cant be on a Grand a week and not put in the work that u should be putting in. And also, you have to send a message.

Sell Walcott, Ramsey, Gibbs, Szcensny, Giroud, Gibbs and Wilshere. Buy 1 central midfielder, and you still have coqelien, Elnany and a youngster that you can promote, ( Maitland Niles)

Again, Arsenal are a beast waiting to be unleashed. The fans are due a legitimate title challange. New players need to be convinced that Arsenal can still be THAT team. Just do it for the love of god


Alexis – I think if Wenger leaves, he will also leave.

Ditto possibly Ozil.

I also think Giroud is vulnerable and vultures will circle for Ox and Bellerin.

If Wenger holds for a season, he may have influence to keep Alexis on a similar limited duration extension.

My feeling is post 2018 Wcup is the timeline.

The gaffer takes the next season to transition the team for the successor, the club puts contingencies in place too during this time to accomodate a new regime. After which Wenger may shoe in to a new role in the national side for France.

Post 2018 also will usher a general reshuffle of management so we may have better choice as far as the next leader is concern.

If Alexis stays, it may be for similar duration and to take stock thereafter the Wcup, his stock isn’t likely to fall certainly won’t be affected by Europa.

Wright on the money

Sanchez and Ozil won’t stay if they are not in the champions league and if they stay next season they will be going on a free transfer. The team only have them selves to blame as they didn’t perform this season so the world class players won’t join us or stay if they are not playing in the champions league.

not so fed up

Actually, I think these players (with a few additions) could become the quad-squad, we have the quality to not send our best player off to Thursday night football or comedy cup action for a large chunk of the early rounds, so the players on the fringe can us the opportunity to convince Wenger of more first team football and help the club surpass the treble winning dross from up north ?

not so fed up

Looking at the range of goals shows you what a complete striker he is – thunderous free kicks, lethal long range strikers, headers and even tap-ins ? just what you want from a striker ?

David C

Great video!

Remember when we won the FA Cup? That was awesome!


Man. It’s going to be hard watching him do that for another team …


Sanchez is the only player that seems irreplaceable to me right now, that’s why we need to keep him at all cost.
For summer i’d like us to buy a worldie striker because Giroud and Welbs not good enough if we want to challenge the league. Then find a replacement for Cazorla, i know we all love Wilshere but let’s be real, Wilshere is also an injury prone, he will get injured, recovery, come back again, need time to find his peek performance and when he gets there he injured again, not promising. Our defense looks solid, but it still worrying, never forget we play shit when we lost Koscielny and still play with 11 man on the pitch.


Fa cup – when he absolutely insists his team mates run over and celebrate properly after the ref gives it. Brilliant.