Video: Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea – FA Cup final tunnelcam


Via the FA’s YouTube channel, here’s the tunnelcam from yesterday’s 2-1 FA Cup final win over Chelsea.

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Strange season.

Like last season beat the PL Champions twice but could have done better against lesser clubs. Need to realise we are a strong team and Mae sure we keep the consistency up

Enjoy for now though, great win, record breakers at the FA Cup!!


Both the little and the big teams.
Only 2 out of 10 wins against the top 6 shows where we fell short. For the small teams, only Bournemoth, CP, and WBA stands out.

We got work to do on both ends.


wow even TR 7 was there, and kewon was so happy like he was playing in his young years and won the cup

Mate Kiddleton

“I’m not playing”

Yes you are, kit up lad!


TR7 looks as young as ever.


A pity they didn’t included Moses’s walk of shame down the tunnel.


Anonymous fan yelling to Alexis “Stay with us!”
Mertesacker: “Don’t write me off”
and so much more.
We didn’t finish where we wanted, and may alas lose some players next season. But we finished on more points than last year in a more competitive context. We have a manager who is a tactical genius. We have some unbelievably good young players. I for one, am optimistic. COYG!!


I like that from the BFG.

Too often our own ex players are overly critical of some of our players as if to compensate in the media to appear ‘objective’ when frankly they are falling into the trap of making excuses for cheap media punditry.


Could not watch the game yesterday (please don’t…I have a indisputable excuse… and a word from my Dr just in case you want to challenge… 😉 )
But I’m going to watch it right now.
And before that I just wanted to share with you two things :
– I’m ecstatic reading all the articles and comments since THAT victory !
– And the cherry on that cake is when i think back a few months ago when i saw a video of one Chelsea wank.. sorry player answering to the following question “which is the best club in Europe.. Bayern… Barca … Real..?”
I think it was Ivanovic (but not sure) and he answered “Arsenal” which made “Hell” Hazard go literally mad & laughing out loud……….
You cannot imagine how I’m looking forward to see his face at the end of the replay I’m launching right now !!!!
COYG !!!

Hector\'s hairband

That was not the original, it was a spoof made. The original video had Ivanovic speaking in poor English which cracked Hazard and the others up.


Nice to see the losers walk down the tunnel while the Victorious Ones head up the steps.


Congratulations, Arsenal! A great win! So good to see my fav TR7 again too.


10:17 – wenger gives away his medal!


I cried more than a tear seeing TR7 back reuniting with the lads. And did I spot Pat Rice when Arsenal went to collect the trophy?


Certainly Pat was there, being interviewed for tv before the game in front of AFC end – at same time as Sol being interviewed 10 yards away by another channel.

Lord Bendtner

TR 7 TR 7 TR 7 TR 7 TR 7 TR 7

Paddy O\'Kelly

Where was Gibbo?! Haven’t seen him in any of the videos or shots…


Taken ill the night before the game, hence Ox on left.


Tomas Rosicky! Sol Campbell!


Sad but did anyone notice how Sanchez is always at the back of the group/last one in the line? Seems like his not in sync with the team, looks like he’s made up his mind about leaving


He’s always been that way. Did you also notice how he wanted to say hi to TR7 but really didn’t have anything to say. I think English is not easy for him. We should do ANYTHING to keep him.


I admit I had to pause a few minutes in because I got so happy and choked up to see Rosicky there and all the love being shared.


Nice friendly banter between Giroud and Kanté: “Mate, you can’t win everything!”


Cred to Kante for coming out to share with Olly and give him shirt.


Two class guys. Not like that cunt Costa having a go at ref before start of second half.

I also just love every clip of Coq. I just love that guy. He is so goofy. Only he would come on and get a yellow card with first kick of game for kicking ball away. They play so well for remainder of game. He may not be world class, but please can we keep him this summer.

Double doubles

Didn’t know Giroud was such a fan of Navas.


This has sneaked in as ‘comment of the season’


Per: “Don’t write me off”. No sir!


3 FA cups in the last 4 seasons.

Over two decades Wenger has won 7 FA cups and 3 titles.

Of course they have come in clumps at times with a large barren spell but extrapolated over the period, that is one major trophy every next season.

Liverpool have yet to win the league despite many management changes, they have not even matched our level of consistency set as minimum standard by Wenger with the press trumpeting only their second appearance in eight years in the CL and lauding it now as the 4th spot trophy they once derided us for.

In fact they also said we would not be winning trophies again which we did.

These same expert many tend to pay heed to also said we would be steamrollered by Chelsea (See Ozil’s hilarious tweet today)

History is made to be written.

Wenger has again written another chapter.

He was mocked for saying his team could go unbeaten for a whole season.

He has been pillored this season and not given a chance with again making history with a 7th win to take us to the highest winning team in the FA cup of all time.

Instead, the same press preferred to focus on Chelsea making history with the double when we spoilt the party and frankly made the bigger history the press prefer not to shed light on.

This is the problem with many fans, they say they are independent thinkers but frankly most just repeat the same old red herrings being spouted by the media.

The same old crisis mongering gets these fans all in a tizzy.

We have a manager that is not perfect and has his own set of issues (ideology)

BUT he is a legend in transfer market.

AND on his day, when it clicks, his team can beat anyone…in England at least.


Giroud looking more and more isolated from the pack these days.. 🙁

Jung Beans

Around the 5m35s mark there’s a brief shot of Gabriel and David Luiz in the lineup, and looking at their faces, I imagine the conversation went like this:

Gabriel: We’re going to whip you today like you are all rented mules.
Luiz: Whaaaa?
Gabriel: yup, it’s true


HAHAHAHA!!! That is hilarious with that narrative added to it.

not so fed up

Class 2 – cash 1