Video: Arsenal players react to winning the cup


Again via the FA’s YouTube channel, here’s the video of the Arsenal players reacting to the final whistle and the subsequent celebrations after beating Chelsea 2-1 to win the FA Cup at Wembley yesterday.

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A day when John Terry was sad and Arsene Wenger was smiling has to be the best.


John Terry had a face like a smacked arse


That’s his normal face.




It’s a beautiful thing to see wenger ruffle alexis’ hair. Shucks

Heavenly Chapecoense

Winning FA Cup by beating City and Chelsea is simply a big achievement.


At 00:52 does Xhaka say “good luck” to Sanchez? 🙁


I thought the same thing!


Oh god…?


Is my hearing off or did Xhaka wish Alexis good luck??


Alarmingly does kind of sound like it if you crank up the volume (51 seconds in)


Thibk he says “well done”


Please note that Sanchez is going to play for his Country in the Confederations Cup in June 2017, so if Xhaka did wish him “good luck”, it may have been for that,
or for some other unknown reason, completely unrelated to his Arsenal career.


Yup, that’s it. “Magneto” being the voice of reason, who would have thunk it.


Ahh, thank you!


I think he says “Well done”.

Original Paul

I think he says “I am really pleased you are staying” 😉


I could watch this all day. And I will.


I just sit there and smile watching all the members of the squad celebrate. When you cheer, support, worry about, and stress yourself silly over every single one of those players week in and week out, it just really makes you happy to see them so happy after such a great victory.

I love those players – especially Mertesacker, Welbeck, Holding, Monreal and Oxlade-Chamberlain on a day like this because you can see that it means as much to them as it means to us, and they are sharing that joy with each other.

I want Alexis and Ozil to stay, but I want them to stay only if they want to stay at least in part because they care about the team and they care about the club like we and many of the others in the squad do.

On the other hand, I want players like Mertesacker and Cazorla to stay no question because even if they don’t have a ton left to contribute on the field (debatable as that point is), they clearly are classy and team-minded, positive influences in the squad. Their sheer attitude and professionalism is value enough for keeping them as long as possible, like Rosicky was.

Because at the end of the day, I love seeing players I can really get behind succeed more than I love the success itself.

Lord Bendtner

Anyone else thought Holding was thinking of pissing in the cup 😛
So glad for this video, had a humongous smile on my face the entire time while watching 🙂


This makes me so happy

Who the eff is Alex

I love you boys. What a happy day. More of this please.


Arsenal FC is life…up and downs, trials and travails, then against all odds, you win…


Obviously not the best season, but what a way to end it. City & Chelsea down at Wembley ground. The sky might be blue, London is RED….!!


It’s almost like a father congratulating his sons.


Its been a frustrating and tough season for the players.

It wasn’t easy to pull through with some fans on their back.

Players like Ramsey got an unfair amount of stick from some ham rolls.

Granted the fault IMO lies with the manager ultimately, I did not think the septic atmosphere (and planes) helped.

In the end, we were one point off of Cl qualifications.

One draw salvaged against palace or WBA when we took our eye off the ball, or Spurts or indeed Chelski was the difference.

We were shite but not as poor as imagined and had the crowd been a bit more supportive, the team may have just been able to dig through a bit better.

As fans, we should also watch ourselves.

The lack of heart from some fans beggar belief.

I saw a fan walk out in disgust when Costa scored yesterday.

Talk about spineless.

That said, on the whole, I thought our support was magnificent at Wembley.

We out sang the Chelski nouveau riche scum, our banner had class not vulgar advertisement of accomplishment.

This team on its day can beat anyone.

Chelsea were not the best team in the league as purported by insipid media, they were the most consistent.

They also did not have Europe to contend with this season much like Leicester last season which gave them a massive leg up, a fact unreported by the media.

As a squad, Wenger has to juggle and rotate more bc of the extra competition and we are clearly still lacking several highly creative/technical players to make us competitive on the top table in Europe (something we won’t need to worry for next season at least)

We need to add these creative/technical elements if we want to compete and shed some mediocre players – Elneny, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Debuchy. Injury prone players like Jack. Ospina and Lucas may leave for better playing time, Per may step down.

We cannot be certain Wenger will take the necessary steps, abandon his cherished Little Britain project but we will need his acumen in market to negotiate from a weaker position sans CL.

I think what fans can do is at very least give the benefit of the doubt instead of incessantly listening to spurious rumours generated by the papers and commentary frankly by people who have never managed a foot ball club let alone operated in transfer market.

Frankly its absurd people make judgements on this sort of loose talk, the usual “Arsenal fail to sign” tagline more often generated by the agents who know linking to us is a stamp of quality approval nothing-else because of what Wenger stands for and how well he has bought over the years.




We’ve already got one of those highly creative/technical players’ on our books,
i.e. Joel Campbell.


Gotta love watching these. Makes you remember that they’re all just a bunch of lads playing a game they love, and whom we love watching. Sometimes from the TV and even in the stadium the players can feel so separate. Also makes me extra desperate for Alexis and Mesut to stay.

Lance banner

Watching wenger during the celebrations makes you realize what a twat and probably a sociopath jose mourinho is. He’s studied proper human emotions but can’t quite get them right.


What did Giroud’s shirt say?


Something Jesus-y.

Mate Kiddleton

Gabriel – hahaha


He looks like he’s wearing dentures one size too big for him


*Goosebumps* I love you Arsenal.


Can’t stop watching the celebrations seriously. The feel-good factor is immensely satisfying.