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bon jonbovi

Jesus wept

The Loon Ranger

And here’s “Dick” saying we’ve got to get our hands round it. Well if the board didn’t spend so much time dicking around I’m sure our season would’ve been much better


Why the fuck is this guy talking!?!? According to Wrighty, this clown missed the plain to Germany when we were signing Mesut Ozil on deadline day. Blimey….

Bruce Lee

That bloody social media 😉


and and and, theres this thing. Called the internet. We really need to embrace it, or we’ll get left behind. Bayern Munich have been using the internet, and so must we!


Interesting insight but based on his presentation, Dick doesnt come across as someone who is particularly impressive (commanding) and incisive and certainly not the sort of person who should be in charge of negotiating transfers and fronting Arsenal in what must be a high stakes ‘game’ of persuading potential players to sign on with Arsenal

ospina\'s thumb

Is Dick Law better at this presentation lark than he is at this whole signing players thing?

Vin Unleaded

What the actual fuck?


Interesting to continue the video and watch/listen to David Dein – its clear he must have been quite formidable when he was a board member at Arsenal and even now came across as someone more composed, focused and inspirational than Dick Law

Lord Bendtner

I say it’s about time we take the Internet to court

Arsenal FC vs. The Internet:
Judge enters, takes seat, puts on glasses, opens laptop: “Give me a minute to just sort out some things”… Googles ‘How to Judge a court case’
Judge: Okay, you may proceed
Lawyer Law: Your honor, today..
Judge: Objection Overruled!
(puzzled courtroom)
Judge: Hang on a minute… (glances back to laptop)….

Q3 Technique

So in summary there are 4 models: (1) the outlier (not really used anymore, basically the Dein-Wenger / Gill/Ferguson style), (2) committee (e.g. man utd, liverpool & chelsea), (3) executive director (used commonly in Germany and Southampton, and (4) director of football (e.g. barcelona, man city).

Each model can demonstrate successes and failures be seen as successful as various levels. So calls for a Director of Football are somewhat simplistic, why go for this model over others?

Dick Law sees the executive director model becoming more popular (does this somehow indicate his preference for this model???). He indicated his worst preference was the committee model.

He spent a significant amount of time describing the outlier model. Giving false logical arguments regarding its success. Arsenal has no clear model (surprise!), but can be seen as something representing the outlier model whereby Dick Law and a contracts department support the football manager in squad planning/contracts and all report to the Ivan Gazidis (what his actual role is wasn’t discussed at length). Given our record with players contracts this seems to indicate that the contracts department and dick law are quite incompetent.


You’ve summed it up pretty well, especially the part about false logical arguments regarding the success of the various models.

I am sick to f*cking death of seeing Man City used as a model for any other club to follow. While they were spending nearly a billion pounds on players, they were also starting satellite football clubs on four continents. Their model and their ex-Barcelona executives are meaningless without the investment that’s allowed them to make huge mistakes in the transfer market and throw more and more cash at the problem.

It was more interesting seeing Southampton used as an example. A club with no recent titles but a great youth system, an excellent record of buying and selling players, and also a pattern of hiring managers who play a very technical game. Had no idea they were under German ownership.

Before we write off our contracts department, let’s accept that it’s common practice now for agents who are confident in the ability of their players to encourage them to run down their contracts. It gives them more leverage.

Overall Dick Law seems more of an executive than an inspiring football man. For better or worse he pretty much embodies the Emirates era at the club.


Yes we definitely need to get our hands around this, Dick


This guy’s bumbling incompetence is probably a significant reason for our transfer failings. All things considered though, our last 5 games have yielded 4 wins and a loss, with some decent football thrown in and big results against Man utd, City and last year’s champions. I know we all want to be 4/5 places higher in the table right now, and the management is a steaming mess. But with an cup final looming perhaps things are not as gloomy as people make out.


Also, I don’t want to completely take the blame away from Wenger but consider this:
1) Wenger never throws anyone under the bus, but the closest he has come is with this guy Dick, and his recent comments. With all the stories coming out about his incompetence last few years (missing the plane to land Ozil, etc), would it surprise you if he is responsible for fucking up a lot of potential deals?
2) Wenger still knows how to spot a player. He knows everyone in every league. Also, players still want to play for him.
3) Say what you want about the board, and most of it is true, but they have recently backed us financially. We spent 100 million last summer.

So in summary…#dickout

Dennis \'All airmiles and elbows\' Bergkamp
Dennis \'All airmiles and elbows\' Bergkamp

Cue a statement from Gazidis promising us that we will be competing with the social media power of Bayern Munich in five years time…

Coach O

People have to see beyond winning and losing because in our world we over glorify winning and condemn losing when in fact wise men like Wenger learn how to manage them and rise above the painstaking mindset of media and sometimes fans criticisms of his philosophy. Remember not one person complaining and screaming for Wenger’s replacement is even getting Arsenal pounds or receiving a quarter of a check to shop with or survive on. Be smart and let the business of football do what it Wants and that’s making money by not going bankrupt. LOL


The Law of the Dick….it’s getting bigger, and we’ve got to get our hands around it. I wonder if he has a Brazilian too.


Dick extolling the success and strength of our system:
The Law of Averages.


The Law under Dick or Dick under the Law obviously not up to speed with this inter thingy ma jib more a large Cock than a Dick


Shame Dick could only extend Coq’s contract.

Original Paul

Isn’t it “Which Model Works” not “What Model Works”! Not a great start to the slide show DICK! 🙂

Original Paul

Please come back David!


So Richard Law and David Dein went head to head with presentations. A few thoughts:
1) Dein is a much better presenter. Told a story, warm personality, much more engaging.
2) Dein doesn’t work for Arsenal anymore, but his love of the club came through much more (despite Law’s attempts at mentioning the win v Man and the Cup final were very forced).
3) Relationship with Gilberto and Edu…a man with Arsenal history.
4) Dein knows the Premier League inside out. Who said he would no longer be able to cut the mustard?
5) Fake tans. It’s a draw.


Fairly interesting speech, and our structure is pretty much what I thought it was.
The problem with this system though is that the with the manager having full responsibility for all almost all footballing operations is that no-one is planning and building for the future and for future success. I think Wenger is a reasonable manager at making sure everything is running approximately as it should but he either doesn’t have the time or the capability of thinking, ok so our scouting/coaching/conditioning are working but could they be better? What would be the ideal for these systems and how do we get there? Are the people currently in these roles the best people to have or could we do better?
The reason I want a Director of Football is to take a lead in making sure that all our divisions are the best they can possibly be, and the manager takes the information that these appartments give him to build the best squad with the tactics that he wants to play.


David Dean’s bit was much better! Even when the Portuguese translator dude started talking over him…I can’t speak Portuguese, but Dein was a lot more charismatic and insightful and I’m fairly sure probably better at transfer negotiations?


what’s wrong with Dick signing players?

Did he not help us sign Mesut Ozil and Alexis?

Because there were 6 or 7 other clubs who could have signed them and had the resource to compete if not spend more than us.

Did he not also help sign Koscielny and Monreal?

Not to mention Cech and Santi? They were steals the former off of a team whose manager then bore great and childish animosity toward us.

Did he not help us sign Rob Holding for 2m?

I don’t seem to recall David Dein’s hand in any of these signings?

Were we not early with the Granit buy? Granted some would point to the protracted Ozil deal but we had to wait for them to clear on Bale first to RM before he could be signed and it was a tricky deal which needed a bit of secrecy because we could have been again hijacked by other clubs with similar need and deeper pockets?

I think much of the myth surrounding Dick Law stem from the whole Campbell saga but in truth we signed him for an excellent price too.

Sure there have been some poor buys like Andre Santos etc but Wenger (and by virtue Law) do not in general spend high. As such our exposure is very limited and we are able to absorb loss when we get it wrong.

Thus far, Wenger/Law/Scouting system have not got any of our premium signings wrong – Alexis , Ozil, Mustafi, Granit have all been excellent buys.

I’m not sure I follow all the chest beating when it comes to Dick Law.

Or the lack of a director of football.

There have been directors of football involved with Liverpool deals and we know they have over spent considerably for very mediocre players. Say a certain English pony tailed striker for 35m.

Wenger is one of the best managers when it comes to transfer market.

Last window we bought :

Granit for 35m. Deal concluded very early before Euros. Plenty of teams would have gone in for him without significant behind the scene leaverage (much I suspect to do with the gaffer’s reputation for improving players- Monreal, Koscielny to mention a few)

Mustafi – Again an excellent purchase who has fitted straight in and hit the ground running, particularly when you consider how difficult the now excellent Koscielny’s first year was with us (plenty of reds, own goals and penalties conceded)

Holding – Again 2m quid. Was there David Dein or a Director of football involved?

Lucas Perez – Whether he started him enough is another issue but again this is a Wenger/law purchase.

Another possible reason for the myth may be the failed bids for Vardy , Higuain, Suarez.

The first player did not want to come to us.

The second as I have mentioned was due to the fact that Napoli had resource to follow price upward and we had an eye on the potential Ozil opportunity with no firm hold on where price would be should the Bale deal precipitate a possibility for his signature (we do not know if we had to fight off potential interest from other parties that may have influence on price)

The third was the only one that may have been better handled.

Again I feel many people who post and mock conveniently do so without much critical thought but only in interest of lazy promotion of common myth.

A bit more serious thinking and balance need prevail.

Otherwise we would be subject to the law of the jungle as far as analysis is concern.



He’s not a PR expert to be fair.He’s a suit that concludes on deals identified by Wenger and his network of scouts.