Video: Stoke 1-4 Arsenal ‘On the whistle’


Stoke, those absolute bollockwhompers, got smashed by Arsenal 4-1. I, for one, enjoyed it immensely.

Did @gunnerblog? Yes, I think he did. Here are his on the whistle thoughts.

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Love your work gunnerblog. Haven’t seen the game yet but I feel wonderfully updated. CYOG

Lord Bendtner

“Stoke one (pause)” sounds like Stoke won 😛


Nice report blogs. A visit to Mordor is always likely to throw up concerns, especially when they get it back to 1 goal deficit, so really nice to kick on from there.
No comment on the stupid plane banner?
Reports today are for Wenger to stay so we now need to get behind him and the team for two more years.
Great chant back at Stoke fans yesterday – “Arsene Wenger: he’s won more than you!”
Perhaps he’ll get some updated backroom staff and actually listen to them.