Wenger: Alexis stats show he’s a special player


Arsene Wenger has hailed Alexis Sanchez as a ‘special player’ after the Chilean became the first player this season to reach double figures for both goals and assists.

The striker scored his 21st Premier League goal of the campaign and registered his 10th assist during the 4-1 win against Stoke taking his total tally over three seasons to 50 goals and 22 assists in 101 appearances.

Reflecting on the achievement in the build-up to Tuesday’s clash with Sunderland at the Emirates, a match Alexis could miss after receiving a kick to his thigh on Saturday, the boss played up how much the £35 million signing from Barcelona has improved.

“I think overall at the start he was a player mainly focused on scoring goals. He developed his assist potential very well with us.

“He plays now in a position where he can provide as well and score. I believe he has become a complete player and developed very well at Arsenal Football Club.

“Of course, it’s an exceptional achievement. To score in double figures and to provide in double figures is really to be a special player.”

Of course, this ‘special player’ hasn’t yet committed his long-term future to Arsenal so all eyes will be on the contract negotiations that take place this summer. Should they reach an impasse the club will have a very difficult decision to make over whether or not to cash in on Alexis…

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Break. The. Bank.


Give the man what he wants. I’ll be devastated if he ends up at chelsea, it’ll be like RVP (cunt) all over again


He’s ‘special’ alright. And he won’t be hanging around Arsenal come August. He has one more Big move left in his career and he wants to win the CL and the EPL. He won’t be doing either with Wenger. So we know the outcome of this.

ZZ Mop

Football players are people too. I know time and time again the optimist in me has been shut down by player behavior in the past, but something tells me that this guy has moved to so many clubs and been somewhat mistreated (Barca) that he appreciates the football family at Arsenal. His badge slapping of recent somewhat supports that maybe likes Arsenal more than we think.

Spanish Gooner

Surely the board must see that if the coming season is to be a one off Europa league jolly rather than a perennial stint we need to retain our best players AND strengthen.

Arsenal Pakistan!

After my years of research in sign language I can confirm Alexis through his celebration at the weekend said ‘I want to bang Jessica alba/Emma Watson right here right now.’ Doubt over who if he meant Jessica or Emma is because I’m not sure of the intensity he tapped his chest with….But in all seriousness brilliant goals by him last two games and the way he carried on after not feeling fit at stoke is unreal. Sign him up please Arsenal!


He will have many suitors this summer.

Its imperative we try and keep him even if it means having to ammortise his cost over a final season on contract.

It willbe more difficult out of CL which seems the more likely out come

It all depends if he is willing to.

I think if Wenger stays on for one more season to transition the team and ‘rebuild’, he may yet convince Alexis to do likewise and give it one last go.

I don’t think Alexis’s stock or price will fall even if he should choose to remain with an under performing us for that season extra.

If we can convince him to sign a one year extension all the better in which case we can at very least recoup some cost on him post 2018 summer.

Ozil I am a bit more ambivalent about. I think it will be great for him to stay but should he choose to move on (dependent on who should come in for him…hopefully not a PL rival), then we can replace him with say Konoplyanka (on loan at Schalke from Sevilla)

We should also IMO think of selling on Walcott and getting a more inventive player in like say Isco from Madrid to work the right side of the team (remember Ox may also go out injured)

BUT Alexis is like the team’s catalyst.

He loses the ball way too often for me but you can’t begrudge him for that too much either because his benefit is his ability to take on and create those chaos moments which we do not do enough of IMO. Hence the need for more creative and technical players to help balance his threat on other flank.

I like Mahrez for instance on other flank but he may have issues with us not making CL and we may have serious competition for his signature which will influence price.


I think many of the comments about break the bank and pay the man are a little optimistic.

Optimistic in the sense that it is all about the money for Alexis. Especially when he has stated a few times that he wants to be in a team that competes for the big trophies.

Arsenal don’t do that anymore.