Wenger: I’m more proud than usual


Oh, hey there. We won the FA Cup. Again. That’s seven times for Arsene. Thirteen times for The Arsenal. We’re record-breakers. And that’s just bloody lovely.

Unsurprisingly, the boss was pretty chuffed about beating Chelsea 2-1 at Wembley, all the more so after a roller coaster season that has seen his side regularly under the microscope.

Facing the media after the game, Wenger underlined how pleased he is to be the FA Cup’s most successful ever manager and why he’s so particularly happy for this group of players.

“I am very proud because nobody has done it,” said the Frenchman about his seventh FA Cup medal.

“It’s not easy. I’m especially proud of the way we won this time because we had to play against Manchester City in the semi-final here and then Chelsea here. You cannot get tougher. We had two outstanding performances so this cup was won with special spirit and special attitude.

He continued: “I would say that if you look at our recent performances, we’ve won seven out of eight games in a very convincing way with great performances.

“If you look at us until December, we had gone 20 games unbeaten. This season, more than ever, has been hurt by some blips in March. I am convinced now, after looking back at the season, by the uncertainty of my future [affecting] the players.”

In the build up to the match, Wenger took aim at his many critics on the terraces and in the media and enjoyed a swipe at those members of the board who had failed to make a decision about his future.

He expanded post-game on the same issues.  “I am in a public job,” he added. “I accept criticism and that people don’t agree with me. Once the game starts and you’re a fan, you stand behind the team. That’s what I did not accept during the season and that I have never accepted.

“I think this club has special values and we have shown that again today. All the rest is, for me, not acceptable. After the game, I accept that I’ve never had a word with any journalist in 20 years when they’ve criticised my opinions or my decisions.

“It’s the same with the fans. I can understand that. When the game starts, the game starts. When you’re a fan, you support your team. We played some games in a very hostile environment and I will never accept that.

“I try to serve this club with the same commitment and quality. The only thing I can say is that this season we’ve had some difficult moments. I’ve spent every moment of my season with full commitment and have refused to give up. That’s why maybe I’m more proud than usual today because the team and myself have refused to give up. When you can finish the job in a positive way, that’s [good].”

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That’s an FA cup every 3 years in Wenger’s tenure.

3 of those came in the last 5 years.

Plus the high MINIMUM finish of top 4 trophy every season for 20 years bar this one, throw in several titles earlier in reign, an unbeaten season in one of them, sure we have to be doing better but not a bad return considering his spend over the course of twenty seasons building up the finances and the stadium.

We’ve never been a European power, Graham won a third rate trophy and we rarely ever dined on the top table of European competition.

You have Moarinho trumpeting his win in the league cup and bigging up the Europa league after spending close to 90m a lone on Pogba.

Maybe he’s time is coming to an end (given age) but any transition needs to also be properly managed.

Wenger will want to put things in place to ensure his legacy and the club’s future.

This win gives him some mandate to do so but its going to be 50-50 because he has been stung by the classless criticism by certain segment of the fan base.

Its fine to feel negative about Wenger’s methods but the manner it was conveyed did not help the team nor showed respect to no ordinary manager for the club.

You have the media lauding over Klopp and Liverpool qualifying for Europe in winning what they once derided as a fourth spot trophy when they have only qualified for the second time in 8 seasons under a good number of managerial changes.

We should be proud of Wenger never mind his failing this season.

Someone hire a plane and fly a banner.:D


Myth: Wenger is not passionate – go and watch the tunnel cam video…
Myth: Wenger is tactically inept – conte is a genius for getting the best out of Chelsea by switching to a back 3, yet AW doing the same with a much worse team than Conte’s in the midst of his worst period as the manager and getting 8/9 wins, beating ManCity and Chelsea on the SF and final of the FA cup.
Myth: Wenger plays only foreign or French players – I think this was busted a few years ago now.
Myth: Wenger has no plan B – maybe he didn’t a few years back, but he’s set up this team of the last couple of seasons to do exactly that. We have never had this many options in all positions for a very long while. How many times has Giroud been used from the bench to change our approach and win us games?

Is the guy perfect? Of course not and I am not a Wenger apologist, but winning a lot of trophies when you are a good manager is easy, when you manage 3-4 different top-of-their-league-anyway teams, with billions to spend. To do so at the same team is much harder. Let alone doing it on a shoestring, building new stadiums, creating a brand and a style/philosophy synonymous to the brand that everyone loves to watch all over the world.

Before it was no trophy in 10… then we won the FA cup in 2014 and it became no title in 10-12 whatever. Yet Arsenal, have now won 3 major trophies in the last 4 years! Would I wish one of them was the title? Of course I would! But a little perspective please people, give the man a break.

Based on numbers of trophies alone, there’s loads of managers better than AW. Based on managerial skill and everything that has followed (Invincibles, doubles, record breaking FA cups etc) commitment, loyalty and love for ONE club I think only SAF for me is better than AW.

My 2 cents…


That’s worth more than two cents mate, everything you said is absolutely spot on.

Dan Hunter

I’m more proud than usual too but to say we collapsed in March because of the uncertainty is all well and good but what about previous seasons when we have collapsed when there was no such uncertainty? I’m sorry but I don’t buy it. I will get downed but sit back and think. It’s simply another excuse.


Dan, I have sat back and thought about it. So, you don’t buy the ‘excuse’ because it doesn’t apply to all the other seasons we didn’t win the league? Blogs has a decent archive – why not sift back through all the articles and find out each corresponding ‘excuse’ for seasons we didn’t win the title.

In the meantime, most of us will be extremely happy and positive about AFC (and our manager) for doing something absolutely amazing! Broke records dating back to 1871 – these are once in a lifetime sort of records that were broken. Especially the record Wenger broke, it will probably never be repeated, since no manager will be around at a club long enough to win it 7 times in their tenure. Maybe there is an upside to the fans who want an instant and constant haul of trophies with no ‘excuses’.


Well said



Ozil\'s left foot

Greatest manager in Arsenal history.

Arsene is class

That title is reserved for Herbert Chapman


wenger = class


Our fans were excellent today and in great voice.

Love the banner this time –

History. We have won the cup 13 times

Tradition. Wenger has won in 7 times.

Class. Unlike nouveau riche Chelsea who want to trumpet their recent achievements, we have been there done that. They may be the most consistent team this season but on the day, we are the far better one.


Čech yourself before you reck yourself
Čech yourself before you reck yourself

Absolutely love the bloke and I can’t think of anyone better to steer the ship over the next couple of years. Until a genuine successor can be found that will guarantee us more success, keep Wenger on and let the good times keep rolling in. I hope the fans next season will get behind the team as well because this year has been toxic and the fans have not helped at all. AFTV being a prime example of that. COYG thank god for proving those Chelsea mugs who the best cup side in England is


3 FA cups
2 Community shields in 4 years.
Wenger was, still is and will always be the right man until he calls it a day.
Give the man some money to sign the players he REALLY wants.

FFS Man City have bought Bernardo Silva for 42 million and here at our club Ozil is our record transfer signing at 42 million. Say all you want about Wenger, the man is a legend and he is still much much better than any managerial talent that is out there.
Oh, and THANK YOU Arsene for Rob Holding.


City spent that kind of money on stones, wenger signed holding for 2 million

Matthew Coate

Perfectly put.


I’m really happy for Arsene and the boys. At the end of the day, it is easy to be a critic, and I’ve been guilty as well. I think the players have shown what they think of Arsene in recent weeks, and they have vindicated his trust in them. It’s been a day to remember. Thank you, Arsene and team.

Bruce Lee

Staying, then.


You won’t hear it from the Fan TV crowd or by the numbers. They are too in love with their own voices.

I’m in love with mine.:D

Over the last 20 years of Wenger’s time with us we have won 7 FA cups and 3 titles.

Sure they have come in batches with a large barren spell but that extrapolated is practically a win every two seasons of either competition!

At the same time, the man has won more FA cups than any manager and more than our total haul now which is a competition record.

The league title of course is what we want now and we have failed to do the business but if you actually pause to appreciate what this man has done, it is an impressive record.

And all that whilst growing our income and brand, developing the emirates which only he could have done keeping us in CL for 20 seasons through some stringent budgetry periods against oil money with unlimited spending.

Worth bearing in mind we are a self made club with our own independence not beholden to any sugar daddy.

The man will not be around for us for much longer. Likely if he stays, it will be a limited duration to transition us.

He has always had the best intentions for the club.

Its a shame some fans are Spoilt and classless.

You want to fly a plane? Well you should celebrate the FA cup.

Fly a banner thank Wenger then. For all his faults (and there are many), for all his failings, he is no ordinary manager.




One Arsène Wenger..I have been blessed to see this club under his guidance. Never will I see the likes of him again. I don’t know what the future holds (STAY!), but from the bottom of my heart…
Thank you. For everything. For the trophies. For the football. For all the joy that your teams have given to me. For your peerless strength, and the dignified manner in which you have conducted yourself, in times of great strife and adversity. Thank you, truly.
My son is going to named after you. I don’t think I’ll be able to express my admiration and respect in a better possible manner. I only hope that in the future, this club stays rooted to the principles that you have welded into our very core.
Thank you.

P.S. – Once the sponsorship ends, the club should rename the stadium in his name. I would love to know how my fellow gooners feel about this.


“Arsene Wenger Stadium” … fuck the lost sponsorship money, this gets a big thumbs up from me.

Lord Bendnter

“finish the job”?
Am I reading too much into this?
Oh well, regardless of his future, we won the freakin cup!!! Not only that, we prevented a Chelsea double!!! WE WON THE CUP!! The oldest cup in history! A proper through and through knockout football cup! We won the cup! We had horrible defensive issues pre-game, yet, we won the cup!! Respect to the entire team n manager n backroom personnel for this record breaking cup win!


And just seeing Mertersaker play that too… wow. Inspiring is an understatement.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III
Cornelius P. Snuffington III

I don’t give a shit what anyone says about this tournament, winning the FA Cup three times in four years is a fantastic achievement. Seven times he’s won this trophy! Only two other teams have won it more than that in their entire history. It’s ridiculous. More than one-third of Wenger’s seasons at Arsenal have ended with us lifting this cup. They might as well name it after him.

It was fantastic to end a very difficult season on such a great high. And if we had beaten another Hull or Villa in this final, it wouldn’t have even been much of a difference-maker. But having beaten City in the semifinal and dominated Chelsea in the final is very satisfying.


Well it’s already named after our stadium so why not! Haha


He is right would flying a plane over wembley have been helpful, He deserves respect and oozes class


Screw you John Terry and that cunt Costa. They were back to their old, divey and cuntish tricks but credit to the boys.Did amazingly well, especially BFG and the rest of the defence.
Ramsey-another FA cup final, another goal.
Sanchez-what a player he is!!!Give Atom and Humber new contracts if it means he has to stay.

Hopefully, the boss sticks with the 3-4-2-1 next season.Seems to get the best out of almost everyone in the team. Arsene has said that this is a temporary structure, but surely anyone can see the team’s upward trajectory after the boss changed the formation?


The last 7 games show how good arsenal can be with Wenger when the players actually turn up. Every manager has his bad day of course. But Wenger is far from finished. With the current form, I can even fancy a win against our perennial tormentors, Bayern

A Kick in the Debuchy
A Kick in the Debuchy

We love you Arsenal.


Looks like he’s leaving. I must say I’m proud of how he managed this game as well. Well done to him


What do you reckon about his comments, accurate?


Le Prof proved his critics wrong yet again. What a man, what a manager.


I stand with Arsene. I have my criticisms and complaints (as do we all) but I feel he deserves our respect and gratitude. That said, there needs to be serious change at the club!


Very happy and proud we won but for me this shows that the underperformance of the team rests squarely on Wenger’s shoulders this season. He doesn’t get enough out of them consistently enough to win the league.

And, sorry, but fuck that swipe at the fans for negative atmospheres. We get behind everything and we get served more mediocrity because we sound happy


We seem to have a group of defenders that perform well with 3 at the back. BFG deserved the belief his manager showed by extending his contract despite the mob attitude who talked smack far too often. Great end to a tough season, looking forward to next season with or without Sanchez but most definitely with Wenger and hopefully3 at the back in many situations. Dear BFG…form is temporary class is forever, so glad you are a gooner!


Another note to also consider and he is called Nacho. He has been a boss playing wingback, then we ask him to adapt and fill the hole in our defense. He steps up, plays his heart out and gets the job done with character and ability. One of those guys where versatility is really a big benefit and deserving all kinds of credit.

uncle D

Go on Boss! You really stuck it to them in the best way! Sign da tin!!


Uncle D – Respect. Always backed the manager .


To all the fucking dogs who wrote us off before the game…thanks! Made this feel that much sweeter

Donald\'s Trump

He’s proud when heeeeeee waaaaants.

Arsene Wenger, he’s round when he wants!

Ian Tomlins

It was good to see a happy AW walking up the Wembley steps, but, at the crucial moment when he came face to face with Kronke and Gazidis the TV cut away to John Terry.


Arsene in !!


Fuck off Johh Terry.Shag some gals in China or the USA. Greatest English defender of all time, my foot
PS:Fuck you, Sky and Paul Merson. Go suck Liverpool and United dicks elsewhere!!


Immense respect for what you have done, dear Boss. It’s still time to go. The damage between fans and him is now irreparable. The hostile atmosphere is just 1 defeat away and it’s bound to happen. He is just too reactive and behind the game. Time to go with whatever respect he still commands and head held high. He will not get a better moment to walk away.

Fergal (captain optimistico)
Fergal (captain optimistico)

The damage between you and Arsenal is irreparable Sumeet?

Terry Neill - never again
Terry Neill - never again

Silly boy Sumeet. I hope one day you realise why.
Congratulations Arsene; dignified, resolute and principled. #Arsene7

We won the cup

Wenger has been manager of Arsenal for 16% of the total life of the club. He has won 54% of our FA Cup final wins. The man deserves respect.


Winning the FA Cup for the 13th time was AWESOME the look on the Cunt john Terry’s face PRICELESS………………….


..can’t wait to get to work on monday!
I really really really want Wenger to finish on a high. For his sake. For all he’s done. I love him, but some part of me would love for him to walk away, and just say “I’ve done my part”. I have a feeling he cares almost too much. He wants the guys to win, he want’s the club to do well, to go on, and he just takes all the shit people hurl at him. Is he beyond reproach? Certainly not. But I think he suffers a lot more for this great club than we could ask of anyone. I think we’ll miss him when he’s gone. A lot more than most people think. Arsenal through and through, and a great servant to our great club.

If he was the head of a “normal” company, with this lack of support from the board and this much flak coming his way… I’d have taken the money and left. He doesn’t. And it’s not like he’s staying just to make sure he’s got enough left in the bank to retire. He’s not just going through the motions, taking the money. He cares. A lot more than he allows himself to show.

I’m not overly sentimental. I’d love someone else to come in, to see what could be done. But most of all, I’d love for Monsieur Wenger to walk out of the doors with his head held high. He’s earned that right.


Don’t go to work on Monday, it’s a bank holiday.

Captain Walcott LOL

Monday is a holiday…. You’ll be alone at work

Wenger in, Wenger out, Wenger shake it all about
Wenger in, Wenger out, Wenger shake it all about

Wow wow wow. I just loved waking up this morning! This team is capable of so much, that performance was unbelievable. So many similarities to the Chelsea game at the start of the season. Makes the performances mid way through the season so so perplexing buy hey that’s for another day. Oh and by the way what a shame Özil can’t do it in the big games 😉


Stay or not Mr Wenger, sort out the futures for Ozil, Alexis, Ox etc etc.

Get in 2-3 classy players and play Perez more, he deserves a chance.

Who the eff is Alex

Be more angry Boss is what I say. More like this yeah? Fuck the naysayers. Onwards smashing them all we go.

Rob Pyres

I cannot believe the BBC allowed the abhorrent ArsenalFanTv crew airtime in the build up….criminal blud. I’m just glad that was the only negative from an awesome day! So proud!
I wait tentatively for news on the boss following Tuesday’s board meeting- we should know what’s happening by Wednesday!

Wenger in, Wenger out, Wenger shake it all about
Wenger in, Wenger out, Wenger shake it all about

What? Are you serious? BBC gave airtime to aftv? Seriously the world of media has gone absolutely bonkers! Well in fact the world has gone mad period. But let’s not get into that here eh? Newspaper journos get their stories from some internet/social media twats (what happened to real journalism?) And now the BBC? This is why I haven’t read any of that shit for years. I didn’t even watch any build up yesterday, I just avoid all that shit nowadays. Stick to arseblog

Lack of Perspective

To be honest though. That may be the last time. The quality of broadcast dropped by a huge margin. The fans they chose could hardly string a sentence together. May be leas noticable when you have michael owen and the bt sport gang speaking. Even shearer sounded elequont against them.

Indian Gooner

Was just watching the video of this press conference. I don’t think it looks good. I think he was trying to give a massive hint that he was going to leave.
Looking at this team play like that.. you can’t help but wonder if we are just a step away from winning the title. Two good signings and we should be there.
Please stay Arsene and win us the Premier League.

Lack of Perspective

Reaching a bit there. Seems to me he wants to stay.

Donald\'s Trump

Lol we’ve been 2 good signings away for about 10 years.


Reading between the lines from this, the immediate post match comments on the pitch (a few good buys) and the pre match anger towards certain people, I think it’s possible that a delay in extending could have been due to board level dithering and quibbling on transfer budget and/or not sanctioning funds for Sanchez/Özil extension? I’ve been (respectfully) Wenger out for a while now but wish he could win the league one more time or the CL with us. Can’t help feeling like leaving on a high might be good but with a couple of signings, could he do it? One or two more seasons to transition? You wouldn’t really trust this board to replace him effectively from what’s available now would you? It’s a difficult one, I guess I’m trying to be positive. (Obviously buzzing after cup win, goes without saying!)Sanchez, please fucking stay!


Win the league one more time or the CL? Are you frikkin’ dreaming? The guy can’t make the team challenge there at all, way passed his best. Yeah won the cup again, so? Are we forgetting how dismal the pl form has been for such a long time? 2nd last season was very misleading, everybody were awful and Leicester were too good


Just trying to look on the bright side since it looks like he might be staying mate. Yeah maybe I’m dreaming but do you really think the Board have an effective plan in place for his replacement with what’s currently available?


The cup win makes us forget too easily what a terrible season this has been. Nothing will change with Wenger in charge for yet another season or two. More of the same and no cl this time around


Maybe that’s what we need to push for the title. Screw EL and concentrate domestically. Forget the CL for a year or two even I don’t care. Realistically we are not that good compared to the big 3 (Real, Barca, Bayern) so why not focus on the PL first? Winning that should get us hungrier players that hopefully go and perform better in the CL that year


You mean yet another cup win?

Who the eff is Alex

Why preach around when you can reach around?

Ted Cromer

Well worth it – John Terry’s face looked like a busted arsehole.


To be fair, it looks like a busted arsehole even when he’s happy, like when he’s figuring out who’s wife he’s going to shag next.

Original Paul

Within five minutes of the start we were leading, within one minute of them equalising we were ahead again. Conte’s boys took one hell of a beating! COYG!

Rich T

The ONLY people who are “not fit to wear the shirt” are those that scream abuse at our players and manager. You are meant to be supporters. You are meant to LIFT our team and HELP them through bad times. Many of us only get the opportunity to do that vicariously from our living rooms and from pubs and would love the opportunity to support them in person. If you are one of those who go to the Emirates or elsewhere expecting to sit back, be entertained and hold the right to abuse our players and manager when things don’t go so well then perhaps it is indeed time for a change… and YOU can get out of our club, you spoiled little brats.

Rant over. We won the cup.


Shades of Parma ’94 for me in that we were missing key players against a “star”-studded team and no-one gave us a chance.

And then we won.

Every individual put in a massive performance… they played their hearts out – for the shirt / the fans / the gaffer / their careers / all the above.

To those who refuse to enjoy that performance and winning the cup because we finished fifth in the league or because we got stuffed by Brian Munching, and those who are reaching for the negatives before the party hangover has even kicked in: I think you’re missing the point of football.


I think that this season we’ve been the worst fans in Arsenals history… Booing, flag and banner waving against the manager and players was and is a disgrace and certainly not the Arsenal way… Most of those individuals grew up under Wengers football…
I love this club and have will always continue to support it and the players on the pitch…
Thank you Arsenal and Arsene Wenger…
Krone is the one we should get rid of…


Couldn’t agree more Warren. Which other top 5-6 team’s fans have been doing what we have been doing to the team or our manager for all these years? NONE… Yes there have been issues at other teams too, but no other team has to endure what ours has. Booing the players, the manager the owners.. wtf!?