Wenger keeping this season’s FA Cup medal – a hint at his future?


Having admitted earlier in the week that he never keeps any of the medals he’s presented with when Arsenal win a cup or a championship, Arsene Wenger appears to have had a change of heart with regards to Saturday’s 2-1 win over Chelsea at Wembley.

The Arsenal manager is going to hold onto his 2017 FA Cup final winners medal, having spoken before the game about how he gave previous medals to others.

“I have no medal at home anyway, from anything,” he said.

“You come to my home you will be surprised. There is no trophy, no medal, nothing. You would not even guess that I am a football manager.

“Apart from the fact that a football game is on!”

However, after the win over Chelsea, he said this is one that he’s not going to part with.

“For once I have kept my medal,” he said, “so that means it’s a special night for me.

“For the rest, we’ll see what happens in the future.”

Is it a hint at his future? It’s difficult to know, but we don’t have too much longer to wait.

A decision, one way or the other, is expected after Tuesday’s scheduled board meeting, so hold onto your hats folks.

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Be careful for what you wish for.

It may well be, and if he is tired of the antics from certain classless segments of our fan base, expressing their frustration in all the wrong ways, he may just decide to call it.

Which will leave us in a massive hole because firstly we are forced to take whatever successor is available in market.

Secondly this person will have to get use to a new club, league but also rebuild with lack of CL as a handicap and he may not carry as much acumen as the current gaffer who is legendary in this department (see Holding, Koscielny, Santi, Alexis…)

My hope is that if we need to rebuild and transition to a new manager (BC Wenger won’t be here long ANYWAY given age), we have Wenger on for one more season to build the right foundations for the eventual successor.

Wanting change is one thing. How you do it is another.

You look at teams like Liverpool. They have had no end to media prescribed new managers in and out trying to capture their glory days. They have not won the title for a quarter century. In recent 8 seasons they have only made CL twice including this season which is now conveniently positioned by media as a success bc of the 4th spot pot they once derided us for.

Look at Spurts. A swallow does not a summer make.

One season with a second best trophy and they are viewed as progress, maybe correctly because their benchmark is set so low.

Ours is higher thanks in no part to Wenger who has now won 7 FA cups, 3 in last 4 seasons AND the titles which have eluded him in recent decade. That’s ten major trophies which if stretched out over his 20 year reign is one practically every next season.

A bit of perspective please.


LOL – Liverpool actually won the CL Also, Conte came in and just won the league with Chelsea, so it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. When was the last time that Wenger challenged for the title? One could say 2008, but that title challenge died with Eduardo’s broken leg.

So although it won’t be easy to appoint someone who will be better than Wenger, let’s not pretend that he has been challenging or progressing in either the PL or the CL. Our best finish in places was a 2nd place finish last year, but 10 points off the Champions (moneybags Leicester) and best points total was 2008 when we missed out by 4 points, but really we fell away that March. We have made up the numbers in the CL since 2009/2010.


This simply could not have been handled worse. The club cannot wait until June to decide it needs an entirely new structure – at this point if they don’t have his replacements lined up (if the club wants to move on) it’s simply irresponsible. If Wenger does decide to stay, the club cannot continue to allow this decision to be made after the end of the season as it has the past few contracts.


CL Liverpool…one fluke win. Please.

Agreed club need to sort out Wenger and Alexis future right now.

Should have been sorted ages ago before we even entered into our traditional crisis part of the season.

My suspicion is its 50-50 but Wenger likely stays for a season extension and it will also have bearing on possibly keeping Alexis for similar period.

IF we lose Wenger, Alexis is gone along with possibly Ozil, Giroud. Vultures will circle in for Bellerin and the Ox too.

It will be far more difficult rebuild and at that for a manager coming in getting to grips with a new squad, club, system, league with no mechanism in place to replace Wenger’s acumen in market.

The transfer of power has to be managed and it makes perfect sense to keep Wenger over a season for a better transition.

But the old man is hurt (and human) so I’m just not too sure.


If liverpools win was a fluke, then we were pretty lucky to be drawn with two 3rd division teams on our way to the final. The Sanchez goal was also a 50/50. Glad that it went our way though!

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner
Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

IMHO and based on his appearance on the pitch it seemed to me that he wasn’t sure he would have the chance to wave at the Arsenal fans again…

Shire Gooner

I hope that when he leaves we are able to show the appreciation for the last twenty years. When he arrived our style of football, whilst mostly effective, was well deserving of the boring boring Arsenal chants sung by the opposition. Whatever criticisms you may have of Wenger, boring football is not one of them. Tactically naive at times and overly loyal to middling talent footballers on occasion but almost never boring; being entertained is equally important as winning to me with the amount it costs to watch. If you disagree ask yourself if you’d like Tony Pulis as the Arsenal manager…

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner
Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

Personally despite the fact that I believe he should be competing for the title and not finishing 5th with this squad, I would NEVER disrespect him and I will cry when he leaves…


Did you watch our football between Jan through late April? I’d call it not very entertaining. Yesterday was a good performance but too many times this year and other years, it has been dreadful. We have fallen away this year, but in reality, we haven’t challenged for the title for nearly 10 years and haven’t gotten out of the first knockout stage in the CL for ages. If there aren’t other options better than Wenger out there, then fair enough, but there are loads and loads of good managers out there. The problem would be will the Arsenal board approach any of them. If rumours are anything to go by, it may be the case.

Arctic Troll

It wasn’t boring!

Arsene\'s Armpits

Congratulations on missing the fecking point.

Terry Neill - never again
Terry Neill - never again

Have some respect ffs. Begeegs: you are an embarrassment to our club. ‘Fans’ like you don’t deserve Arsene Wenger.


Thanks for your useful comment.

Shire Gooner

I was at the Emirates only four times this year and suffered through the Middlesbrough game so I know what you are referring to. However I was referring to the Wenger years as a whole rather than just this year. As far as challenging for a title for ten years I feel that’s a bit disingenuous as you can only really judge him on the Highbury years and the last four years since the stadium has been paid off. That said we you look at what we have spent in the past four years we are exactly where we should be for that outlay. Wenger has been remarkably consistent but has been unable to get the squad to overperform compared to its value over a season. If you think that we should be challenging for the title, as I do, then unfortunately we need to spend more to match Chelsea. Only then can we EXPECT to challenge. Who decides how much to spend is of course a different question. Three FA cups in four years is better than a kick in the teeth though!

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner
Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

It’s not only about spending. Spurs have a considerable lower budget and have a more consistent squad the last 2 years. Liverpool have a lower budget than us too? The last 3-4 years we didn’t sell and spend a lot (90m this year for just fine tuning the squad). Even last week Wenger said we only need 1 or 2 players. This squad should be at least challenging for the title if nothing else just by showing the desire they showed in only 10 games the whole season.


Sorry – I do not agree. There are teams across the continent that compete with far less resources than we have. One won the Premiership last year. In other leagues, teams have changed stadiums and won their respective leagues (Juventus, Bayern). It isn’t all about money, although it does help.


Go support Spuds then.


Better watch out. According to some arsenal fans you’re comment might be considered classless and disrespectful. Lol


Yawn !


Please, the useless, idiotic Wenger ass liking fools that voted down this comment should fault any of the points he made.


…Or mourinho!


If we intend to show respect it should be next season no matter what happens, not just deserved but earned after all the spoiled whiners likely cost us a CL spot.


Sounds like it is down to the board and he doesn’t know until Tuesday. Don’t think he wants to go.

Hope he doesn’t personally.

Arctic Troll

I dunno, the way he was deflecting- “let me enjoy tonight”- makes me think he’s off.


No one deserves a statue outside that stadium more that Mr.Wenger, I’m sure it will happen when the dust settles.
No one can ever take away the invincibles season away from him, and I’m not sure his FA Cup record will ever be beaten.
Can’t speak for everyone, but he will always have my upmost respect.

Bob\'s Mexican Cousin
Bob\'s Mexican Cousin

And gratitude

Determined Culture

Yup. If it were not for the reality of $ today, we shld rename our standium the Arsene Wenger stadium.
Or we could rename it Emriates- Wenger stadium.


In theory this should have been sorted out after the ‘Hull’ final. OK Arsene you finally won a trophy stay another 2 years till your ’66’ years old, with millions in the bank. In the meantime we the club will sort out the future, Director of sport or whatever, new coach (Pep, Conte, Klopp) etc+ other things that need to change and modernize, but oh no, just trundle on blinkered. Now what, the board begging a 67 year old to stay, cos we have no idea what to do! Wenger will be here as long as Ken Friar at this rate.


i feel a weight on my chest reading into this😞…If this was his last game then our team gave him a great tribute by playing the way he always wanted us to play..

unrelated P.S: if sanchez is leaving to bayern i would be so happy if we get douglas costa from them


Would rather keep Sanchez.

Happy to take Douglas Costa too …


Of course, but IF we have to lose Sanchez, Costa would be handy.


Costa is injury prone while Sanchez barely gets injured. Terrible idea. He won’t even come close to half the numbers Sanchez produces.


My Heart : (


Wenger is not going to leave this. Not without a proper goodbye from/to the fans after two decades as our manager. It’s not as if the management have lined up a proper replacement. In my opinion, He’s going to stay for another two years at least.

Tired Gooner

He’s gone.

Art Van delay

How do you know what the ‘management’ have or haven’t done?


Wenger will sign for another two years. It’s going to be interesting because if he doesn’t get some real consistency from the team and doesn’t get his new signings in for pre season we’re in for more of the same. Winning on the first day of the season with some real preparedness would be a start.
The FA Cup win was brilliant but we’ve got to see more of that urgency from this team.

Vincent Adultman

What does he do with his medals?


Gives them to backroom staff.

Runcorn Gooner

Sends them to N17 so the cabinet is not empty


Sells them to fund his cocaine addiction


gives it to manchester city 😂


It’s a funny one. For months I’ve just kind of assumed it was his decision to make and he would be backed by the board who were more or less hoping he would stay. Developments in the last couple of days (lost a bit in the brilliance of the game) suggest that while he wants to stay, members of the board (particularly gazidis) want him to go – and the boss genuinely doesn’t know which way it’s going to go, even though he has Kroenke’s backing.

My own wish (and it has been for months) is that he stays for two years, with the requisite backroom overhauling, mainly due to the fact that the managerial market is a bit sparse at the moment and the good potential fits are tied to recent contracts at City, Liverpool, PSG etc. Then we see where we’re at in two years time (I’m not an abject fatalist so I don’t envisage the inevitable doom of being quite-good-but-not-as-good-as-we-want-to-or-could-be. I think it could turn out better than that.). I’m just kind of genuinely interested and a bit scared to see what happens now because it’s all very much up in the air. I mean, I think the player contracts are arguably most important and who the fuck knows what’s going on there. gosh.


that would incidentally go some way towards explaining why Gazidis has left him out to dry this whole season.

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner
Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

Most probably he was given a contract BUT with clauses that Wenger doesn’t agree with e.g. football director. Remember that Gazides mentioned that “those” 6 weeks were a catalyst for change, then Wenger publicly shoots down that position etc etc. Wenger also mentioned that he hopes he can talk about what really happened during those 6 weeks. Wenger said he would announce about his contract in April, players were supporting him publicly but were letting him down on the pitch, Gazides nowhere to be found…It was a situation that was messed up on ALL fronts and this cost us the CL qualification.

Determined Culture

#gazidasout #kronkeout


I’d agree. It wasn’t a rubber stamp as much as people ‘in the know’ say that it was. I want Wenger to step down on a high. Things have gotten too toxic this year and I want to have a new man in who sees anything less than a title as failure. None of this top 4 is a trophy crap.


Agree with your assessment Ausgunner. Stan Kroenke might well support Wenger but seems like Josh Kroenke and Gazidis have other ideas.

Certainly don’t agree that the managerial talent pool is sparse. There’s quite a few managers doing innovative work around Europe. Let’s not forget that Arsene Wenger arrived at the club as an unknown from outside European football with hip new ideas about the game that everyone (including the players!) thought a little crazy.


Whilst it’s true that Wenger arrived an unknown, there was nowhere like the level of pressure or expectation to achieve results then as there is now.

You think those that are vociferously abusing Wenger for 20 years of CL, 3 doubles, an unbeaten league season and a record breaking number of FA Cups are going to be patient with a new man if he’s not instantly winning the league??


That is what it is like at a big club. The question is – Do Arsenal fans want to be a big club (7th richest club in the world) or do they want to make up the numbers in the CL?


You’re right that the game has evolved but with a few key signings Wenger was able to win the title in his first full season. Pretty much what we need right now no?

Also can we just discuss Arsenal without referring to vociferous abuse? People with extreme views aren’t a reference for anything. There’s far more people who respect Wenger whether they have confidence in him to continue or not and they represent much more of the fanbase. We have the longest serving manager in major European football – patience is not a problem for the majority of Arsenal fans.


Not sure they were that quick to turn actually. Arsenal fans are pretty well behaved mostly don’t you think ?
It was about three years ago after 9 years without a trophy and now it will be 14 without a title paying ridiculous ticket prices . Just saying ….

Stuck on repeat...

Agree with your assessment Ausgunner. Personally would prefer to stick with AW for another two years & get rid of Gazidis…but that’s just me.

Original Paul

If he was leaving then a replacement would have already been recruited. If that had happened, we would know through the usual channels, wouldn’t we?


And we would have given him a great send-off, which the club would have arranged.

I’d be amazed if he isn’t back. If he is leaving we definitely haven’t done things the Arsenal classy way.


With this club these days who knows


Hard to say. There were rumours of multiple managers speaking with Arsenal this year, including one who went public about it.

Art Van delay


Indian Gooner

Exactly what I was thinking this avro after watching the video of his press conference. Please stay Arsene.


I hadn’t even considered it like that until ‘ausgunner’ said….. I find to be the likely outcome now. I agree about it not being the classy arsenal way mind. but I think in this day and age, the class of someone like wenger is getting rarer by the day. gentlemen are a dying breed unfortunately. I would feel like someone had actually wronged one of my own family if that was the way it was carried out. class, loyalty and respect is disappearing in every aspect of life as I see it, and I’m only 29.

I would imagine with the way arsenal appears to be run to an outsider, that when the time comes, be it this summer or beyond, he will get the greatest send off any of us will ever see In our life times and it will never be repeated!


I’ve always been a massive Wenger fan and, like most, have felt that it’s probably his time for him to hand the reigns over to someone with fresh ideas/new direction etc…
However, and this is probably me still riding the highs of the Cup win, the thought of him actually leaving the Arsenal fills me with genuine sadness. The abuse that Wenger has recieved from some section of the supporters in recent months/years has genuinely shocked and saddened me. For everything he’s done for this great club – he’s poured his life and soul into it, lived and breathed Arsenal – no one deserves that, least of all our great manager.
After the win, when he was interview by the BBC, I couldn’t help but feel he looked like a man carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.
The more I think about it, the more I genuinely hope he signs for a couple more years, maybe (hopefully) prove the doubters wrong. However, if he leaves, I think there’all be a lot of supporters who will be ashamed of some things that have been spouted recently.

Faisal Narrage

I know he’ll get negged to hell for this, but I’m pretty confident if the same issues repeat itself next season, 99% of those being emotional and wanting him to stay now will be the first to be “Wenger Out” by the next loss.

Honestly, the way opinions just swing to and fro in here is nuts. Stay, Go, whatever, at least people need to be objective when making their decision and stick to it, not just on an emotional whim which changes game to game.

I mean, if you read this comments section here, you’d think this place has been solely “Wenger In” all season.


You’ve hit the nail on the head. But I think it’s gone too far now. If we start badly next season it will be terrible. Best for him to go on a great brilliant high I say. Doesn’t mean you don’t respect the man to want change. We aren’t all playing silly buggers flying planes … give me strength !


Sign a new one year contract… Win the Premier league and the FA cup again, find a proper successor and leave on a high… Leaving now and not finding a proper manager may cause chaos… #COYG


Don’t go please, Boss


We’re probably just reading too much into this. He’s just broken a record that will stay for probably a very long time, and in the interview he said that he’s proud of this achievement and The Invincibles season.
Let’s just hope whatever happens is for the best.


Word Is the board have contacted Tuchel incase Wenger decides not to sign. I get the feeling he’s frustrated with the board about something. Tuchel is a great coach – however, I have reservations about his man management skills. I know we have better defenders than BVB, but defensively he’s just as open as project youth Wenger days. He’ll probably take time to find his feet while someone like Allegri would make an immediate impact.


There’s also Leonardo Jardim from Monaco. He played more compact defensive football when the owner had issues going on and they needed to sell James Rodriguez and loan out falcao. That’s versatile considering how offensive they’ve been this season. He’s definitely a man I’d have on my list.


Allegri’s football is even more bus-parking than Moronho’s. I can’t watch Atletico play, they’re as bad as the old “boring, boring Arsenal” days of the early 90s.

Laughing Stock of Football
Laughing Stock of Football

As much as I am as staunch a Wenger Out man as you can get, I agree that he should be allowed to go out with more dignity that what is happening at present. But by the same token he has always played this game with the club, waiting until his contract is virtually out before committing. I remember times gone by when his only response to being asked if he was staying was “I always honour my contracts”.

Now the boot is on the other foot, he doesn’t hold the cards any more.

But to a certain extent it’s irrelevant anyway. No one is lined up to replace him so he’ll be staying on. And he won’t last the deal anyway, as great as yesterday was, he’s finished. And I don’t get any joy out of saying that.


Perhaps part of the reason he would wait to sign is that he understood it was actually a real long term commitment unlike so many others ready and willing to jump ship to a bigger and ” better ” contract/job. I personally would also be more likely to determine staff/players/owners/offers before making a decision if I intended to honor it no matter what after signing

Wright on the money

It’s a good way to go though Arsenal being the team that has won the FA Cup the most and Wenger being the manager that has won it the most too.

Good luck where ever he goes I can’t see him stopping just yet, I can see him at PSG or Real Madrid sometime.

Well done Wenger for all the trophies.


He also said this team can be champions next season with 1 or 2 good signings. I hope the man stays. He’s a legend. Anyway, we will soon find out…


Next year, the Arsenal mantra

Faisal Narrage

Unless those 2 are Messi and Ronaldo, I don’t think that will make us champs.


I really don’t understand this whole situation.
Wenger wants to stay he’s made that clear. Kroenke doesn’t care. Who on the board is opposing Wenger staying? It really is quite peculiar considering how it’s always been Arsene’s decision to stay or leave

Faisal Narrage

I’ve said for a while now that there’s a growing unease between them. For the last 2-3 years, Wenger has seemingly gone out of his way to contradict him (Gaz: “we’ve got money to spend”, Wenger: “No we haven’t”. Gazidis: We need a DoF”, Wenger: “No we don’t”, Gazidis: “Catalyst for change”, Wenger: “No need for revolution, etc.).

Then on top you have the issue that our Academy Director left under suspicious terms, with the notion that he didn’t have the backing of Wenger (he was a Gazidis choice). He was there for a year and made a difference.

Then you have Gazidis forcefully updating the sports science, trying to update the scouting system, analytics, StatDNA, and for each one has faced resistance from Wenger, Whether you agree with one or the other, it’s quite clear both have contrasting views of the future of the club.

Basically it seems Gazidis wants drastic changes to the entire club’s operations, but it appears Wenger is keen to keep it as it is, barring some minor adjustments here and there.

Ideally them working together would be the best outcome, but it does seem their visions are very contrasting.

Faisal Narrage

Personally I think he’ll stay and I think it’s actually good there is difficulty with the board making that decision.

I think it will add a bit of pressure and make things less comfortable, and also wrestle a bit of power away from Wenger and add a bit of accountability to next season when he says.

It will force him to make some of the hard decisions he’s refused to make, such as some average players he’s given too much opportunities. It will force the update of the coaching team and methods and just ensures he’s just a bit more accountable.

Like I said, I believe he’ll stay. But it’s better it happens like this and maybe the fear of almost losing arsenal will force him to change, because things have been way too comfortable for way too long and I think the board just handing him another contract would’ve just ensured no changes at all if he ends up staying.

Wenger\'s love child

I hope you’re right.


I think that Gazidis being silent for such a long time would lend credence to your view.


Gazidis is always quiet.
Didn’t Arsene bring Gazidis in.
And no offence to the guy but all his experience is in MLS is he really the only person with football experience on our board?

Faisal Narrage

Arsene didn’t bring Gazidis in, he just approved it, which is odd in itself (who the heck picks their own boss?)

I know it’s the fashionable thing to turn on Gazidis, but I want to make 2 key points about him, as someone who’s known some of the inside info about his time there…

1. He’s been the one dragging that club into modern times. Honestly, if you saw the Hale End academy before he came around, it was an utter joke. You wouldn’t believe we were a top 10 club, with our facilities. Hale End had worse facilities than West Ham’s Academy, and they us f*cking portacabins. It had fallen woefully behind, and it needed a serious reboot.

He’s also done the same with our medical resources (Arsenal staff were infamous for never attending any of the medical seminars for the latest in research that had all other clubs attend, instead they preferred to “do their own thing” and not pay attention to the rest of the industry. He built a new medical wing, and a simply look on LinkedIn compared to 7 years ago has shown the staff numbers increase dramatically. Back then Arsenal was run like a club still stuck in the 90s, by a handful of coaches to run their whole damn thing.

He’s been trying to update the scouting, getting that Ben Davies fella and others, as he’s seen Arsenal fall behind the likes of Dortmund, Atletico and even….*gulp* Spurs in player recruitment and development. Even Arsene admitted this needed doing.

2. He may have stayed silent because he wanted Wenger out. He couldn’t come out and say it (who would?) especially if Stan still wanted Wenger to stay, but don’t you all jump on your high horses, as the majority of you wanted Wenger gone before this weekend. Don’t attack Ivan for sharing in the same beliefs that most of you did.

So if you want to be hypocrites about it, fine, but don’t act like many of yo weren’t “Wenger Outers” and don’t pretend that he hasn’t done anything.

PS: If Wenger does stay, and you now all want him to, what does that say about us all when it comes to Stan? We chanted for him to be out of the club, and his rudderless leadership, but you better believe he’s probably the main reason Wenger stays, if he does.


Gazidis is a pen pusher ass licker happy to give soundbytes while hanging a legend out to dry. I am yet to see any Gazidis achievement. His job is to keep the football free from worry. And he does anything but that.

Also fuck these kits from Puma are terrible.

Faisal Narrage

Bet you weren’t bitching when we were using that Puma money to get Ozil and Sanchez, right? :rolleyes


Some of your stuff is narrative BS.

If there is money to spend whats the hold up on signing Alexis and Ozil?

Academy director left for a job as a Manager of a club in a top German division. Timing sucks to leave during the season but its not like he left one manager job for another. He left for a manager job.


I think he’d love to outdo Fergie in terms of time in charge if not trophy haul.
(Old Trafford now renamed Disney Land UK as it’s got both Mickey Mouse trophies?)


i personally think he kept it for a few reasons. he said this one was special as we had to beat city an chels*** also its his record breaking 7th its also arsenals record breaking 17th its under a new formation and he lost 3central defenders. I’d say that’s a medal worth keeping!!


haha 13th rather. and i just don’t see wenger leaving


We want you to stay, Arsene Wenger, we want you to stay.
At least, most of us do.


So we can get beaten 12v0 by Munich, oh I forgot were not in that elite competition any more! People are saying 2 more years of misery till a suitable successor is found, we’ve just gone though that. All the decent coaches were snapped up whilst the club & wenger dithered. Groundhog day, 2019 then.


Arsene’s Successes way outnumber his failures. Wish he brought that tactical change at start of the season. He always has ensured there is plenty of Talented players of all ages are around like no other Manager or club has. If we won the Champions league and Premier league 3 years ago we would still be angry and disappointed about this season given the talent we got in our squad and the failure to get the best out of them

Robert Pyres

I am 99% certain that he will be staying – and that doesn’t worry me despite our toughest season in 20 years.

Even my staunch support for Wenger has wavered this season but I have always believed he would go out on a high and with the transition to a new regime planned and in place, so he can leave knowing that the club he clearly loves so deeply is left in good hands. This, I believe is what his last 2 year contract will be for in my opinion.

If that turns out to be the case, we MUST all get behind him and the team 100% through the highs and lows if need be.
No more vitriol on ArsenalFamTV from blud mongers.
No more disrespectful banners inside OR outside the stadium.

Only unwavering support until the very end.

It’s no coincidence that the confidence of the team was so low and results were so poor when the negativity in and around the stadium and across social media was so vociferous for such a long period this season.
I’m not saying it was the root cause of the problem – clearly there were other issues there for which Wenger, the players and that lot at the top should take responsibility for – but it certainly exacerbated and prolonged the really poor period we had.

As Wenger clearly stated, he is in the kind of job that attracts judgement and criticism and he accepts that but the nasty, oft disgusting commentary and vile, unnecessary abuse he (and sometimes the players) endured this season and previously, is simply unacceptable and has to stop.

By all means criticise but do it with class, with dignity, with respect. Our club is stooped in these qualities and I for one have always felt proud of our fans for exhuming those qualities too….until now…….Now I feel ashamed to be affiliated with certain “fans” that appeared on a certain unofficlal Arsenal related TV station across social networks worldwide.
(and I can’t believe the fucking BBC gave those twonks airtime! My TV license paid for some of that! – Actually, I can believe it – it’s the BBC, they love to waste our money on SHIT broadcasting)

I hope Wenger can turn it around and that his haters can turn their attitudes around too. Not just so he proves a point but so we can heal the in-fighting and get back to the good old days of ‘Us v Them’ instead of ‘Us v Us and Them’


13 years since a EPL title or serious challenge, suits you, but not all.

John Lukic

Kas, your sense of entitlement is childish and petty. Sounds like something I wouldn’t read in the Daily Fail
And the timing is also as poor as it could possibly be.

John Lukic

@ Robert Pyres. Nice comment mate, agree with you on all fronts, including the BBC bit haha!
Just imagine the energy in the stadium if all the negativity was reversed. Twelfth man? Without doubt, something we’ve missed this season an could have mad the difference.

Rob Pyres

Mate, at times on away days we are the best 12th man in the land but at home? Well that’s another story. I just home it will improve next season? The players sometimes need us more than we know.


Mr Wenger is leaving Arsenal FC on a high.
He mentioned already that he couldnt accept many of the fans attitudes and disrespectful reactions towards him. He wont ne staying for all that again. He stayed til the end, coz true to his words, he aleays homor his contract. So that is what going to happen. Come end of May, He is off!! He delivered his final trophy for Arsenal. His 7th FACup for Arsenal. Nice celebratory send off, especially at Wembley.
The way he was waving at the crowd at the end, it was Hi or Thank you wave…it was Goodbye kind of wave. Very sad personally for me. I love, respect and jonoir the man to bits


He’s not leaving.

Wenger\'s love child

I’m not usually this sad after beating Chelsea with a makeshift defence, in a record breaking final. Teary happy but deeply sad at the possibility of watching one of the best managers in the history of football, the best we’ve ever had by a loooong mile, leave Arsenal without a proper thank you and farewell on the pitch, where he lived and did for us. It would be an unshakable shame if he left like this. I hope we(and Leprof)’re given a year or two to make it right and I pray we take that chance with both hands and one voice. One job, support your team. COYG

Marx Drive

FA tunnel cam showed Arsene giving his medal away.


Go on a high Arsene, like Ferguson did. Thank you


Gazidis don’t really help matters when he said we would now be competing with the likes of Bayern Münich and on top of that other boardroom members like mr Chips brag about all the money available to Wenger.

Why do they say these things if it’s just bullshit? They are just creating unrealistic expectations among the fans and they set the bar on which Wenger will be judged. Either that or Wenger is the one not willing to use all the resources at his disposal.

In my opinion Wenger could probably be more ruthless and abit less loyal to his players, they are after all proffessional millionaire footballers who would just go on to play for millions elsewhere and not homeless streetkids you are rescuing from a life of hunger and suffering. Hehe

I just think we could do more to improve this team including selling some players that dont fit the system or are simply not good enough for a team with the ambition to win the league and challenge for the champions League which is where Gazidiz said we would be.

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Stubbornness on Wenger’s part. He wants to do it his way.


LOL just listen to the excellent podcast.

I didn’t realise Wenger has now won as many if not more FA cups than Liverpool! Certainly more than Spurs in over half a century even if they won the ‘second best’ trophy this season….(snigger).

3 in last 4 seasons alone. CL or trophy? Well depends on trophy. League cup nah. BUT History making record breaking FA cup, no brainer!

Puts it into perspective.:D


On one hand totti is being celebrated at roma for being loyal despite winning only one scuddeto, whereas wenger being disrespected despite bringing so much to club and loyal his whole life. How ironical!


Me personally would like wenger to stay for another year because if he stays there’s a huge chance that majority of the players including Ozil and Ox would sign new contracts. We could start preparing for a new manager for the next season. What better way for Wenger to sign off by winning us the PL since there’s no UCL this season so we have to go for the PL with everything we got. On the other hand, even if he leaves it won’t be as bad as some people are making it sound. There are lots of quality managers out there available and be it this year or next year eventually Wenger will leave. Arsenal will always be there, with or without Wenger.