Barca, Bellerin, blah, blah, blah


Will there be lots of stories about Barcelona trying to sign Hector Bellerin this summer?


Will Hector Bellerin join Barcelona this summer?


Will the Catalan press still ask Hector repeatedly if he’d like to join Barcelona?


Will Hector join them this summer?


End of transmission.

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Piss off!


I wish he says that with his cockney accent on a tv interview!

Alexis Signitplease

Unless they want to swap for Neymar.
Thought not.


Or Messi, I’ll take him if you really twist my arm.


Messi is too old.




I know nothing will happen this season, but there’s a definite change of tune from him. He used to bat away all suggestions of a move, now he’s giving it the old “anything can happen in football”, “I’m under contract with Arsenal but am very flattered by the interest” etc etc etc.


Sure but then dollar, dollar, bills y’all.


That pic is really bad!


Quiet time and fake news. Waste of time not to post this or react (including my time).

Donald\'s Trump

Get a hair cut, looks like a bastard hippy.

John Lukic

So what?


His family moved to Barcelona it seems,now I just hope they won’t video chat with him by always wearing those Barca strips.His quote’s today seem to suggest that he is trying to channel his inner Fabregas…


What a way to turn his mind huh? I just couldn’t believe when I read his interview. I declare myself now a hater of this little prick. What happened to these quotes?

“I’m really, really happy and this club is my home right now,”

“A lot has changed in 5 years since I first joined the club,” he said. “This is my home. The club who gave me my first opportunity. The club I will be at for many years.”
“I came to Arsenal to stay here, I’m not thinking about going back. I’m happy and I’m playing. It’s my fifth season and I feel like this is my home. I see it as very difficult to leave.”

“The loyalty I have to him is worth more than money,” he said. “It’s very important for me, the fact that he is there carries a lot of weight for me.”

That’s why I have just two Arsenal jerseys at home. One for Rosicky and One for Per.

Kampala gooner

I have one for Arsene too


@Nicolau, call yourself a fan? Supporter, not…

Wright on the money

I hope and think Bellerin will stay but £50 million is a lot and also if Barcelona are that desperate for him they may pay more I wouldn’t sell him but Wenger may be tempted by £50 million.


I rate these rumors 14 poos.

Indian Gooner

Reading his interview quotes online wasn’t really any sort of a confidence booster.. but then again,
Is he going to be leaving this summer?


I hope he doesn’t leave this summer, or for a long time to come. In today’s football, especially with the three-at-the-back formation, the wing backs become some of the most influential players on the field. For all the talk of Ronaldo in the CL and Final and Semis, for me one of the stand out players on Real side was Marcello who kept bombing forward and really made things happen. Same with Dani Alves for Juve. They were sometimes the furthest players forward, but still had the lungs to get back and defend when needed.

This is what Hector does for us. Think FA Cup Final. I think he needs to learn when to go all out, and when to be a little more defensive/cautious. And he needs to dedicate a ton of practice time to work on his crossing. But he is right up there with the best. For that reason, we need to go all out to keep him now and long term. I see him and Ox being strong options on the right and hopefully Nacho and the new guy will be long term battling it out on the left. COYG!