International watch: Chambers helps England, Sanchez sets a record

Calum Chambers boro loan

Calum Chambers has helped England into the semi-finals of the U21 European Championships, playing the full game against Poland tonight.

Aidy Boothroyd’s side ran out 3-0 winners, with the Arsenal man playing the full 90 minutes.

Rob Holding remained on the bench throughout, as did Krystian Bielik for the Polish side. The draw for the semis has yet to be made, but England can face Portugal from Group B or Germany, Italy or the Czech Republic from Group C.

Hector Bellerin’s Spain are already through to the semi-finals.

Meanwhile, Alexis Sanchez has become Chile’s all-time leading goalscorer after netting against Germany in the Confederations Cup this evening.

He took advantage of some sloppy play from fellow Gunner Shkodran Mustafi, banging home with his left foot. It was his 38th goal for his country.

Lars Stindl equalised for the Germans as the game finished 1-1.

That brings an end to this exciting international based missive.

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That Mustafi pass…..ugh


He did it 20 times per game for us all season. Only difference was the pass this time was a little closer to his own goal. I like him as a Gooner but the coaching staff need some to extra work on those thru ball passes from him this summer.


Oh come on, yes he had a couple of misplaced passes but name me 1 defender who doesn’t have that. Let’s not forget it was his first season at a new club, just because he was signed for a high fee doesn’t mean he doesn’t need time to adapt.

His through balls and long balls are as good as any centre back out there and he’s still only 25 years old, there’s still A LOT more to come from him.

On the other hand, I’m surprised Holding hasn’t been called up to the senior England squad, and even more surprised he can’t even get into the u21 team. He’s definitely englands most promising defender and definitely better than the over rated Stones.


Sorry, I disagree. He consistently, game after game, hits more stay passes than the others. Holding passes way more consistently. Gabriel always get all the flack, but he gives the ball away much less. I get that Mustafi is trying to deliver that one special pass, but too often it results in a turnover.

Good nights for Chmbo and Alexis tho.

Forrest Moore

This is an interesting claim. I’d be interested to see the stats on this, where did you get your info?


Respect your opinion but I guess agree to disagree. I’m not saying he doesn’t have misplaced passes but at 83% pass completion rate, taking into consideration that due to our clubs complacency we signed him at the end of the transfer window after he was involved in the euros, didnt have a preseason and played every game as soon as we signed him. Hardly ideal circumstances but taking all that into consideration he had a good season and at his age (given that his position is all about experience and a chemistry with your partner) there is so much more to come from him.

If you’re saying holding is more consistent after 5 games remember mustafi in his first 10-15 games. He was undefeated for so long.

Lack of Perspective

Oh no. Less of that reasonable attidude sir. Why look at things objectively when you can stick the knife in?

Wengers Coat

I agree, its no suprise Sanchez was the culprit. Have you seen that guy play? cant really blame Mustafi too, Arsenal should definitely sign Alexis.

Carlos _ Santana

Rob holding doesn’t do that.. 😛


Give him credit for THE assist at least.


Alexis broke the Chile scoring record and Chambers played in a winning England team and yet you have to be negative and mention Mustafi error.


You’re right. Well done those two.


Yes, all the credit to Alexis for the fine goal


Did you watch the game? Mustafi gave the ball away repeatedly – often in dangerous positions. Not mentioning it would have been to ignore a glaring issue.


Gave the ball away 9 times, more than any other German player.
It’s too risky playing as the last man. However, the other two young lads are also not great at building play,so he probably thought he had the responsibility to try some through balls.
Think he lacks the technique and composure.
I still like him though.
Always tries hard and gives his all.


Chambers as Chamberlain he need time to settle at Arsenal! He is a good player with enough height! He just need to be sent on loan onto another team in the premier league but not to sell him that would be a huge mistake! Let him grow.!


Happy for Alexis setting that record. Hope he scores more to really raise that record bar. It’s very deserved for a guy with such appetite for goals and winning! And he’s ours and that much makes me feel giddy! Happy Chambers is replicating his form of last season into the u21s. I’m not too worried about Holding not getting as much play time for the u21s. Who’s to say he doesn’t absolutely tear this season if he keeps playing like he did last season. That surely must catapult him into the senior squad which to me is the ultimate goal of the junior grade teams anyways!
As for Mustafi though I’ll be lying to myself if I say I’m not worried about his passing. He’s misplaced a whole lot last season and they’ve most often turned into turnovers like someone rightly mentioned up this thread. Lots of CBs tend to go for that daring pass that cuts through the midfield instead of finding the “safe” nearest man and when that works out can be quite delicious, but he’s completion in that aspect is very low. I hope he works on that or maybe try it less often. He really should watch Per as that man rarely misplaces them.

Early Arsenal

With Mawson suspended for the semifinal Rob Holding should get his chance to play alongside Chambers in the England defence. Good luck to them both.