Monreal sure Bellerin will be an Arsenal player next season


Nacho Monreal says he’s confident that Hector Bellerin will be an Arsenal player next season despite interest from Barcelona.

There have been continued reports about a move back to his former club, but given he has a six year contract with Arsenal and that the Catalan giants have only offered around €25m for him, the odds are very much stacked against a transfer.

It’s certainly something Monreal seemed to have in mind when he was asked about the situation.

“He’s an Arsenal player and almost certainly he will continue here,” he told El Mundo Deportivo.

“Hector is a very important player for us and the boss has already reiterated that he counts on him.

“Now they will have to negotiate between the clubs and we will see what happen but almost for sure he will continue with us.”

Pressed on whether the pair had spoken about a potential move, Monreal continued, “”He has not told me anything.

“Hector is a good player in any team. Barca are looking for a player in that position and, following his performances with Arsenal, it’s logical they have set their eyes on him.

“He is a young player, but he shows a impressive maturity for his age and he is doing very well at Arsenal.”

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Monreal is showing more and more just how important he is both on the pitch and behind the scenes. Was a hero towards the end of this season

Little Mozart

You’re absolutely right. Monreal is calm, hard-working, determined and he can play in several positions. He shows so much passion in his performances for the Club that I honestly don’t know what we would do without him. Also, that goal against City in the Cup was the stuff of dreams.

Mein Bergkampf

All true. And I know there’s not always a great deal we can do about it but I hate the feeling that it’s only a matter of time until we lose our most vital players. Yes it looks like he’ll stay this season but all this shit is waiting for us season after season until he inevitably leaves. When you sell your best players season in, season out, the club gets a reputation which is tough to kick.

Sewy Side-Passing

Might as well just give up…

a different George

We have not sold our best players, or any regular player we wanted to keep, for years now. I think Sagna, who decided to stay through his contract and then left on a free, was the last player who played regularly for us who we lost.

Shere Willpower

Not just end of last season. He has been consistently very good over the last few seasons.


Monreal is a class act.

And if I was Hector and I had those tax-dodging chumps ringing me up telling me about how much they want to play for Barcelona. Yet at the same time they continued to make literally laughable transfer offers – I’d be thinking to myself ‘well you clearly don’t want me that much, because if you did want me, you’d pay whatever Arsenal wanted,’

Which would speak volumes to me.

Just before putting the phone down I would inform them that I found their tax dodging and corrupt relationships with UEFA and Qatar abhorrent and offensive. I would then proceed to tell them to jog on, and go sign ‘Danny Rose’ instead, because the English press seem to thing he’s the greatest footballer literally ever… I mean lets not forget he did score that one volley against us about 2,000 years ago..



Seem Spanish media are the one pushing this Barcelona interest than the club itself. Read a report on one media asking Denis Suarez about Bellerin thinking of returning to Barca

Alexis Signitplease

And who might be encouraging the Spanish media in this push?

a different George

Maybe the same forces that encourage English media to report Alexis’ imminent move to Man City. It’s hard to sell papers with reports that “nothing is happening, check back in a few weeks.”

a different George

Update on the reliability of the Spanish media: The newspaper A Bola says “Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Spain! The decision is irreversible and he has already told the Real Madrid president”.
Maybe he can bunk with Bellerin when he joins Arsenal.


That paper is so toxic its name should be E Bola.

Mississippi Gunner

I love Hector and want him to stay. However maybe we should just keep nicking La Masia starlets and sell them back to the Barca cunts later for ridiculous fees


Or keep them for a change

Mississippi Gunner

If it was up to us, obviously. I just think no matter how attached Hector could be to Arsenal, Barcalona is his home club which also happens to be one of the best in the world. They’ll get their players to tap him up and he’ll go back eventually just like Cesc did. We should capitalize on this phenomenon


“We should capitalize on this phenomenon”
Only for a very hefty price.
I accept your point about the inevitability of him wanting to go back at some point but still think we should hang on to him as long as we can. He seems like a pretty sensible guy and has said he’s happy in London. That said, it wouldn’t surprise me if he left this summer – it’s a bit like the chairman declaring his 100& support for the manager on Sunday and sacking him on Monday.


100%, that is.

David M

Why? So some American Billionaire can get another couple ivory backscratchers?

David M

p.s. that was a reply to the previous (@Mississippi Gunner)

Mississippi Gunner

Yes of course. My primary concern, as a fellow American, is that Stan Kroenke can make as much money as possible to spend on luxury for himself. I read Arseblog in hopes that this may happen.


He’s going nowhere….simple.

Terry Henry

Monreal: Proved the haters wrong.
Bellerin: Good work on putting the Barcelona speculation to an end. He’s staying.

Wright on the money

I hope Bellerin stays but who is going to play at RWB because Ox is great too and won’t want to stay at the club if he’s not playing.


Ox can play 3-4 different positions, and is one of Wenger’s favourites, so I doubt he’ll lack game time.


Ox is exciting as an attacking threat in that position, but simply put, Bellerin could be one of the best wing backs in Europe soon (he’s not far off as it is). Ox will have plenty of playing time this year, especially with Europa League fixtures. But Bellerin will start at RWB in August, and it’s a bit of a no-brainer between the two options for me.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Hope Barcelona buy a right back so that the story dies. Alex Song did not want to miss the opportunity of his life. Hope Bellerin think twice.


So true! Where is Alex Song these days? Actually wait, I don’t care.


Is The Verminator still at barca?

Andy Mack

He was at Roma last season but it could have been ‘on loan’ from barca…

Foggy Bottom

If wenger so much as disrespects bellerin again by playing the ox, who wenger keeps harping on about seeing him as a CM, as RWB then I can’t fault bellerin looking for pastures anew.


Not only brainless, but terrible grammar to boot!


Grow up.


First of all, Bellerin is good, but far from great. He still has plenty of work to do to achieve greatness. But I’m hopeful he’ll continue his progress here at Arsenal. Also i have virtually no doubtWenfer won’t sell him given our alternatives in that spot, his long contract just recently signed, and his desire to keep the core team in place year to year. Seeing as he has so much elsewhere which will likely be changing, no reason to bring this one upon himself. However, if he were to leave, you can blame us supporters rather than Arsene. Arsene has always supported Hector, whereas we as supporters heckled him from the stands and told him he wasn’t fit to wear the shirt. I can imagine that would have severely damaged a player’s love for any club, and he seemed very affected by it.

Naija Gunner

Good lad Monreal, hop he stays.


Fecking better be.


Monreal is knocking some sense into the lad.

There is no reason for Bellerin to rush toward his defective DNA.

He’s still young, is pretty much guaranteed a starting berth (if he performs) and his price will only increase from here on.

I don’t think he will leave.


…plus of course we have a 6 year contract signed and the power to hold on this time. Check in with a large sum in 5 years Barca.;)

not so fed up

£25 million lol who are barca trying to kid? Muppets!!!


FFS does anybody really think he’ll leave this summer? Wtf.

Mustrum Ridcully

Bellerin won’t be allowed to go unless they offer ridiculous money for him. I am talking in excess of £50m. Arsenal don’t need to sell and the player seems happy here.

There is no real issue about competing with the Ox and there is the tactically flexibility he offers as a RB in a four. The Spanish press raise this every year so it is no surprise.

David Hillier\'s luggage
David Hillier\'s luggage

This is getting boring now, Barca are trying to do what they did with Fabregas and it’s pathetic. Don’t they realise Hector signed a bumper SIX year contract and the lad seems like have really taken to life in London.

If they want him that much they really need to think of a new strategy, this ‘bringing him home’ rhetoric’s not going to stick, I suggest either £80m, Messi/Neymar in a swap deal or fuck off. For once we’re in no position to sell and we need to act like it.

Determined Culture

Just look at the history. Look at how many of our players who went to barca ended up playing KEY roles in winning trohpies.
Overmars didint play a key role. Petit was moved around and ended up at left back. Fab,hleb, song were lmao.
Only thierry played a key role for them.

Determined Culture

Oh. I forgot The Verminator. We all know how that turned out