Premier League reveal final payments to clubs: Arsenal get almost £140m


The Premier League has revealed the value of payments of broadcast and central commercial income to clubs during the 2016-17 season, and Arsenal have earned nearly £140m for the current campaign.

There are five separate payments, which are:

Equal Share – a payment of the same value made to each club
Facility Fees – earned when matches are shown on TV (Sky or BT)
Merit Payment – based on where you finish in the league
Overseas TV – pretty obvious
Central Commercial – this is shared commercial revenue

For 2016-17, each club received an Equal Share payment of £35,301,989; an Overseas TV payment of £39,090,596; the while the Central Commercial each Premier League club £4,759,404.

The Merit Payment received by Arsenal was for £31,065,744 and the Facility Fees amounted to £29,418,765.

This netted the club a total of £139,636,498. Chelsea, as champions, earned the most with £150,811,183.


The club will have accounted for much of this money anyway, but it’s certainly a large part of our income now, and there’s no question it could help us in our pursuit of summer targets like Bob Goals, Steve Middleman, Dirk Stopper and Hingle McCringleberry.

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No way Bob Goals will sign for a club not in Champions League. We will probably settle for Tom Sub or Bill Cantshoot.

a different George

The Denmark international Bent Axel has been great for the League 2 side FC Ennui.

a different George

Ligue 2.


They’re saying Steve Middleman is “the next Patrick Viera”

Ponsonby Gooner

We should never have sold Owen Gole, he was prolific early 13/14


Bob Goals sucks. He’s in it for the money!


An investment of 100 mil to bridge the 10 mil between no 1 and no 5. No wonder Stan doesn’t give a shit.


Success does increase commercial revenue though…


True, but that 4th place(and above) does give you an extra 40 million or so from the CL.



Lance banner

Winning the premiere league should be worth an extra 50 million.

Dan Hunter

Winning titles increases the image of the club worldwide, hence increasing sponsorship deal size and ultimately revenue. So, surely it makes business sense to take Arsenal to the next level in sporting terms?


i hope we would sign that young upcoming kid named as kim kallstrom!!!


Hingle McCringleberry is often out with a bad case of dingleberries

Lembit Öpik

Hopefully this doesn’t aggravate but I’m well out of touch with transfer tittle tattle – who do we actually want to sign? Are we seriously linked with anyone?

What happened to that Sead Kolasanic chap?

I stopped it with newsnow after the Higuain debacle

I for one would love us to get that Dybala bloke from Juve as unlikely as that is.


Somebody gonna get a rich real bad


Bob goals is underwhelming. He has only scored 30 goals has a £6.5 m release clause and he’s from Africa.

We should be showing ambition. We should instead buy this kid Rodrigo from Santos. He scored a whooping 2 goals and is valued at £ 75 m.

Parisian Weetabix

AND his name starts with R and ends in O. The statistics will tell you that this is the sign of a good player, more so than so-called “goals” and “assists” statistics.


Hingle McCringleberry would be a hit with the commercial side. I do hope we go for Bob Gobblestop, I hear he’s a big pie eater.


What about Ralph Chunksworthy? Or Barren Knott-Fourth? Or Limpy Ankleshanks (he’s already played for us once-thousand times before)?

Another Yank

I prefer Tyroil Smoochie-Wallace. Maybe even Fudge.


Fudge is a red card waiting to happen – did you see how he got stuck into Donkey Teeth? The guy’s a psycho. D’Isiah T. Billings-Clyde is a way more reliable option.


Silent Stan has got a shit eating grin as wide as the Texas border with this news.
Kroneke out!

Bergkamp 3:16

All the comments about imaginary player’s are as corny as they come.


Bah Humbug ?


Heard he will cost in excess of €150m. Not sure about him myself ?

Parisian Weetabix

Papiss Humbug’s the better all-round player.

Godfrey Twatsloch

I hear he’s available.

Original Paul

Bah Humbug joined Spartag Foxberg.


apparently 100 m euros on (Bob Goals) Kylian Mbappé according to L’equipe rumours.




Are championship parachute payments still a thing? Cause if so don’t Sunderland get more than us??


Still a thing but paid out over the years after the drop.

Wright on the money

So if we have got a 140 million then and we have a transfer budged of 100 to 150 million it means tight Stan and the rest of the board aren’t giving any money for transfers then you cheap bastards.

Mate Kiddleton

Wow, Sunderland 93 million for finishing last.


Only 10m less than Chelski.

Not too shabby.

Andy Mack

The Burkina Faso striker Hitde Bakadenete should be top of our target transfer list.

Parisian Weetabix

I would prefer his international team-mate, Raitine DeTopcourner, currently playing in Ligue 2.

Ant Lester

Every year we’re teased with prospect of McCringleberry. Every year we’re let down. Can’t anyone see its just a PR stunt? Are you all twelve?


140m or two mbappe’s

Ceemore Butts

Is anyone else appalled that Sunderland received £93million.


I’d be very interested in seeing how Hingle McCringleberry handles the transition from American Rugby to proper football.