Ramsey: Formation change suited us


Aaron Ramsey says he hopes that the formation change implemented towards the end of last season is one that remains in place for the new campaign as it suited the players and helped them become a more effective attacking force.

Arsene Wenger switched to a three at the back system after a dreadful run of form between January and April, and it produced 9 wins from 10 games, including the FA Cup final against Chelsea in which the 26 year old scored the winning goal.

Speaking on international duty with Wales, he said, “I think that system suited us in the end, it showed with the way we finished the season and winning the cup in that formation.

“It suits the team, it gives us a lot more security defensively, not so suspect to counter-attacks. But also it frees players up to do more things, get into more dangerous positions.

“I’m confident it will and I scored a few goals at the end of the season. It allowed me to get into some dangerous positions and thankfully I put them away.

“I’m disappointed the season’s finishing. I wish it was another 10, 15 games.

“I’m happy with my form, so hopefully I can go into next season now with the same form.”

The Welshman also admitted the lack of clarity over the manager’s future had been ‘difficult’ but says the squad are happy the 67 year old is staying for another two years.

“It is hard when all that speculation is going on,” he said.

“As a player, you try to put it to the back of your mind but obviously you are not sure what is happening.

“We’re glad now that it has finally been announced he’s staying. We’re all happy.

“Hopefully now we can start the season strongly and have a real good go, not just for ourselves but for him as well.”

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The Universal

Getting the best out of a fit Ramsey is key- he bossed it against Serbia who are no mugs.

Mein Bergkampf

*That penalty* Bosh!

Mein Bergkampf

It was the formation! All this time. Argh, aren’t we daft. Well that’s that sorted. Can’t wait to show Bayern how we roll now!

Arsenal fan

Bayern Leverkusen?


Bayerlona Madrid.


Cliff Bastin

Well it suits him! Walcott and Coq not so much. Ozil has to be in weird areas as well.


Antonio Conte decided to change formation at half time.

Wenger said he considered it in November.

One took 45 minutes, the other 6 months…

Stewart Robson\'s therapist
Stewart Robson\'s therapist

It’s different, though. For Conte, it was a case of reverting back to a system that he knew had worked for him in the recent past. For Wenger, it was a case of deviating from the norm and trying something new, which I would imagine is a much more difficult decision to make.


You are right. Despite being the time we were on a 20 game unbeaten run. We should have ditched it then.

I believe the genius Conte would have ditched his formation if it was working well in that 45 minutes and the games before


no , you must be the right one here . despite beaten by everton , city , watford , liverpool and humiliated by chelsea , bayern(twice) , westbrom and crystal palace the formation change was too soon for you.

and seeing the whole unbeaten run and an accomplishment is really stretching it . apart from at the start of the season we were really struggling every game . most of the games we managed to salvage points because of giroud impresive late goals


antonio conte , guardiola and all changes formation many times in a single season itself , sometimes during the freaking game itself .

wenger changes formation every decade or so.

Determined Culture

Tts cruel. But i cant disagree with that! Cos arsene played 442 when dennis was around 97-05. Changed to 451 i think in 06 with fab around. And now in 17 hes doing 352.

uncle D

I think Marco Veretti of PSG can replace Carzola! But such a thing will really displace a lot of our midfield but I don’t really know! Because this new formation shows they can actually live without Carzola, so if he returns he will be a great addition, it won’t mean he must play week in week out, the other midfield players can grow from the competition and rotation.


Verrati will only be joining Barcelona so no point of persuing him.


What’s a “carzola”?

uncle D

Hahahahaha a car the size for Zola!😉

Determined Culture

Sounds like a pizza.


The back-three system worked really, really well for this roster. We have a plethora of natural centerbacks with plenty of range, and players like Bellerin and Nacho (and now Kolasinac) are able to do more to help the attack when momentum is swinging our way. Most importantly, when everyone drops back responsibly into their 5-4-1 defensive shape, Ozil/Sanchez don’t need to track all the way back and they’re in a much more friendly midfield position to counter once we recover the ball. Ramsey’s late season form was no fluke and I think we’re in for a treat next year.


if it suited us ..then bring back the prem title to the emirates next season.


I am very excited waiting fir next season because the new 3-4-2-1 formation looksvvery suited for our players.The players like bellerin,ox were always playing in their secondary formation but now ox can play in his natural wingback role it suits him as he has pace and defensive ability while bellerin who was playing at Rb perviosly is much more than fullback.when bellerin was in youth academy
He used to play as winger but he is neither winger nor fullback he is right wingback