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Sevilla interested in Lucas Perez, as Deportivo consider options

The agent of Lucas Perez appears keen to have the future of the Arsenal striker wrapped up before pre-season training begins on July 3rd.

The 28 year old has made it clear he wants away from the Emirates after a frustrating season in which he played far less than he, and many fans, would have liked.

The Gunners have slapped a €14m fee on the Spaniard, looking to recoup as much as possible of the £17.5 they paid Deportivo la Coruña last August.

There have been a number of loan offers from Spanish clubs but Arsenal are keen to sell, and his agent, Rodrigo Fernandez Lovelle, is hoping someone can come up with the right offer in time.

“The key date is July 3rd when Arsenal’s preseason begins,” he told Radio Gallega.

“Anything is possible – the president of Depor can do wonders, while last year I met with Sevilla, who again are interested.”

It seems very unlikely that his former club could get anywhere near to paying what Arsenal want, although Sevilla are much capable of meeting the price-tag.

West Ham, also spuriously linked with Olivier Giroud, are said to be interested too.

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uncle D

When he looks back, he will realize his agent messed him up proper!


Exactly. He has started moaning about too less game time after 3 months when he was 4-6 weeks out with injury during that time. I generally don’t get why so many fans always think they know better about the actual quality of a player than Arsene, who surely has a bigger knowledge of football in general and sees the guy in training every day. It was the same with the Velas, Podolskis and Campbells. “How can Arsene not play him more often?!? He’s top quality!” Strange that none of these players has managed to get into a team of Arsenals… Read more »

DB10\'s Air Miles

Who knew….
I’d prefer him to stay as he looked pretty good in the games that he played, but there’s obviously a good reason he didn’t get the game time he wanted. Joel Campbell is a decent player and out in some good shifts for us but we do have better options and he hasn’t really set the world alight whilst out on loan. Next…..


Whenever he played he looked positive. He scored 7 goals from 9 matches and various assists including a hat trick in Champions League. Of course he was unhappy at the lack of chances he had. I didn’t realise we had more than one Vela, Podolski or Campbell playing for us recently.


A Hat trick against the mighty Basel and goals against Sutton and Nottingham Forrest. If that’s not a sign of world class quality then I don’t know what is.


yeah, its a shame he didnt contribute in all those high profile matches he was given the chance in…..


Of course you cannot blame him for not scoring when he hasn’t played. My point is that the fantastic goals and assists, that everybody is talking about, that should have earned him more playing time all came against small opposition so it’s hard to judge his overall quality on that basis. But I trust Arsene that he can assess his quality in training week in week out. And if he thinks the other guys are just better than him, I don’t doubt it. I know Walcott gets always a mention when it comes to that but he has scored almost… Read more »

Heavenly Chapecoense

Did Arsene buy him without assessing his quality ?


Have you heard any transfer buzz from the top teams for Walcott? West ham was linked last season. Not a single rumor this season. Some player.


You’re happy to trust Wenger not playing Perez, are you also happy he wasted £18 million then which equates to £120k a week over 3 years that could be added to Sanchez wages.
And I thought Wenger is supposed to be an economist


I would have liked your point but then realized the same arsene has been playing Theo Walcott for ten years with the fantastic league record we know. The same Arsene has missed on Hazard, Dembele etc and am just naming the ligue players . So I seriously doubt that he still got the eye for attacking players. The vela’s Campbell and poldi are international and proven. Why did he buy them in the first place ? He just fucked up Perez!

Indian Gooner

He bought Lucas Perez last summer if you remember..just because there was no top quality striker available/not ready to move here. And at the end Lucas was just brought in as a precautionary measure and not as a main stay. If anyone else in here had other ideas about Lucas..then I am was quite clearly visible.


Thank goodness Wenger didn’t get his way and buy Jamie Vardy.


When does a club ever say, Yes my top class striker is available? You have to stump up the cash to make it tempting, for the club to sell in the first place.


And Theo has scored more than a century of goals so what’s your point?


That’s the one statistic that saves theo’s career I guess.

Faisal Narrage

After 10 years as an attacker at Arsenal, it’s actually not a huge return.


this exactly . perez and capbell may not be the first team player for arsenal but they showed more than enough to suggest that they deserve to be given more chances atleast unlike some players at arsenal who regularly dissapoints and is still in the squad because of wengers favouritsm . if wenger wanted to get rid of them they should’ve been the first ones out of the door. its sad to see player giving there all and not getting more chances.


In a lot of the games that campbell played he worked his hole off defensively, and offensively. He can create with good passing, and he can beat his markers. And you tell me Wenger sees them in training


Moreover, I don’t understand this argument of he hasn’t set the world on fire when on loan. Loans actually destroy a young player’s career more often than not, if it’s just for a season! If you keep sending a player to different teams every year you’re not allowing him to settle anywhere and develop a working partnership with that team! Even Alexis and Ozil didn’t set the world on fire in their first season, everyone takes time to settle down and start playing. And playing a kid in average teams for a prolonged time is different from playing alongside guys… Read more »


He also sees walcott in training. And all the guys you mentioned put in better performances when they played for us.


€14m is a bargain for this guy

Hank Wankford

I concur..!


I really like him and he has an eye for goal which is really frustrating as we could have done with him in the run up.
Total shame it hasn’t worked out for him and maybe this one will come back to bite us hard.


I can’t be the only one to think this is a massive shame?

not so fed up

Sad to see him go!!! Could and should have had more playing time!!!

Heavenly Chapecoense

Some fans say he didn’t play enough because he was often injured. Welbeck came back in the middle of the season, had been much less available than Perez in terms of number of days during the season but played five times more. Wish Perez a successful future in PL. He is a good striker.


Exactly. And he has end product which welbeck currently lacks. Moves like a fox in the box. Yet some still trust some bad judgement.


So what? Welbeck came back basically stayed healthy the rest of the way while Perez kept getting hurt. You can miss 40% of the season but if you miss it all at once like Welbeck and miss it 4 different times during the season is a big difference.


Most ridiculous waste of money… Perez has been golden every time he’s played and should’ve been given much more playing time.


That’s fine, if he stayed he’d play even less games than last season.


Wouldn’t he play more given were in the Europa league next year and there are more matches to play?


Dear agent, it takes time to get into managers plan.. We all know Lucas has quality, but its a team game..

Faisal Narrage

lol it’s quite clear Wenger doesn’t rate him. Much like with Elneny, they can hang around and work as hard they might, but barring injuries, Wenger has his preset plans and if they’re no the in it, that’s it.

Donald\'s Trump

Haha. He thinks arsenal have their transfer business done before pre season.


So waiting the inevitable derisory offer of 4 quid and a packet of monster munch…


As much as he looks a useful player, we need better.

Trouble is will we add to improve or just to cover.

Particularly if Alexis leaves, if we add simply to replace, it will be no benefit to us again should we falter and the banners (rightfully this time) start to produce themselves.


Worth noting as well PSG have given up on 61m chase for Aubameyang. Prices are inflated. When we consider Lacazette (similar in many ways to Aubameyang) is also at 60m, you don’t see any value beyond maybe a bit of a foil to play off agianst the pursuit of maybe another player. You look at pathetic Liverpool, they haven’t done anything other than embaress themselves and are quoting ridiculous prices for their players who if they fail to move will have impact on their ability to buy. I think as perusual, prices will have to cool down at some point… Read more »


Well disappointed to be honest. Whenever I saw him play I really enjoyed watching him. I think he did his best for us when he played so all the best to him.

Original Paul

I need news! Through me a bone?? 🙂

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