Video: Arsenal are bluffing with Alexis, but can keep Hector Bellerin


It’s another Gunnervlog, today James looks at the stories linking Hector Bellerin with a move to Barcelona.

For more on that, check out the transcript of the interview we did yesterday, and James’ thoughts are below.

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To be fair to the kid he won’t have forgotten his own fans hiding the ball and telling him how he’s not fit to wear the shirt. This despite the whole team struggling.

Rolo Toure

Yeah the fans in Spain are much more personable and forgiving.

Brady\'s right foot

He was singled out and bore the brunt of the frustration of the fans away at Palace. He hasn’t forgotten that.

Reality check

Barca and Real fans are the most unforgiving when it comes to underperforming. Real fans booed Ronaldo last year, imagine!

John C

It wasn’t directed specifically at him was it but the whole team, not only that it was thoroughly deserved criticism.


Certainly not, he will be playing in the Europa league next season. Hopefully that will remind some more of the players


Chelsea were not in Europe but like Leicester it gave them a leg up.

Depends how you see it.

If you are a negative person, you only see the down side.

Real fighters need to see the positives.

Finishing out of Europa spot did not affect Chelsea

Nor did they spend much. It was practically the same squad and a thin one.

They chAnged managers but hey, Wenger beat Conte TWICE this season and convincingly.


If I had a £1 for every no show signing NewsNow reckoned Arsenal had agreed personal terms with over the years, I’d be a rich man.


I sincerely hope he (or any of them) is not that precious for fucks sake. If I do good things at work, my boss tells me I did good things. If I do shit work, my boss tells me I did shit work.
The team was playing like a pack of cunts that day and (granted the fans aren’t the boss) they were made to know about it. I like Hector, he comes across as a nice kid and he’s a handy player but if you’re telling me he wants out of a 6 year contract because he was booed that one time I think you’re nuts! He’s been cheered since then too mind..

Little Mozart

If Alexis does go then PSG is likely the least damaging option for is, especially if we can get Draxler as part of the deal.

Little Mozart



You mean Draxler who only just joined PSG in January and has made a pretty spectacular impact since then? Not sure they would want to (or have to) sell him after 6 months.


They break your heart. Every fucking one of them.

Not that I can blame them. Tell me you wouldn’t become a barca fan if your heart/conscience would allow it. Also, it’s their job.

Wright on the money

Arsenal needs to stay strong with Bellerin and tell him to stay or at least make Barcelona give a silly amount of money and a player around £50 – £60 million plus player.

Alexis if he doesn’t sign a new contract then sell him now before we lose him for nothing but not to an English club, there are plenty of other clubs that will pay silly money for him around £60 million.


i went back and read what wenger told about sanchez , and it was surprising to me bacause wenger never told us that he wont be sold . he specifically tells that if the player really wants to go and we have a player of his calibre lined up as replacement he will be sold and goes on talking about usual bulshi*t like he dont think sanchez will be sold.

it all makes sense if that is why we are chasing mbappe. we need a new talisman if sanchez is leaving. i seriously think we will sell sanchez .

Jakey Boy

In an interview with bein Wenger categorically said that neither Sanchez or Ozil would be leaving the club this summer. He couldn’t have been any clearer about what he was saying. Maybe you haven’t seen it.

Now, whether that turns out to be true or not… I guess we’ll see


I remember Arsene adding a “Unless” in his statement.


Exactly . that “unless” feels much more important when reading with different perspective. here’s his exact quote in Bein interview:

“No. You know, you cannot weaken the club and weaken the team. We want to strengthen the team…unless you find a player of the same calibre and they absolutely want to leave.”

i hope i am wrong , but you know how arsene is . he denied cesc and van persie too before selling them. but all signs points to only one thing right now.

No way

The cesc and rvp situations were different. We were not in the same financial place back then. I think if Sanchez doesn’t sign a new contract it will depend what the offers are. If other clubs are only willing to pay around 30 million he won’t go but if it’s 60 million then we will sell.

The other thing to consider is that if we need to champions league football to adequately replace Sanchez then we might as well keep him because it will be very hard to qualify for if we lose him and replace him with a much weaker player


If Alexis won’t sign an extension he has to be sold to a foreign club this summer. The club won’t be forgiven for letting him walk for free to a premiership rival next summer.Alexis hasn’t signed. This means he wants to go. Arsene doesn’t have a strong hand in this game of cards…so he and the club need to bring in a replacement and then sell Alexis.
Not a good story but I don’t see another outcome….


1. Why are you so sure he’d go to another English club next year, as opposed to, e.g., PSG or Bayern?
2. Even if he refuses to sign a new contract over the summer, that’s not a guarantee he won’t sign one eventually, if the team is seriously strengthened and we make the CL and are challenging or even winning the title next year. In the past, players whose contracts were running down would jump ship in part because of ambition, but in part because other teams could pay the player way more. Unless he wants to go to China, that’s not the case any more.
3. Even if he signs for Chelsea/City next summer, it might be worth keeping him for just this year if he’s helped us back into the CL and maybe even to a league title (well, I’d say it would definitely be worth it if we win the title). He’s a difference maker, and we’ll struggle mightily to make CL or challenge for the title this coming year without him (especially without the CL to attract replacements), but with him we have a legitimate chance. And with CL football again next summer (maybe a PL or Europa title to boot), we can attract better replacements if he does leave. And anyway, he’ll be almost 30 going into 2018-19, so he begins to be less and less of an asset to a rival going forward.
4. The time is NOW for this club–we can’t afford to take another step back in terms of our squad strength for the coming season, since if we do, we might find ourselves playing catchup to the other 5 big clubs for several years to come. That means we have to be thinking about the value Alexis can bring to the club NOW, not about keeping the coffers overflowing for years down the road.

Reality check

So you believe everything Wenger says.. lol how long have you know him for.. Not that i want him to admit that Alexis will be sold cz that will weaken our hand but He kept denying that cesc will be sold to barca untill the day he was sold and he does that all the time. So don’t be surprised if both Alexis and Ozil are sold..


It’s all bullshit, Arsenal just tell the child traffickers to do one


Okay, Bellerin can have agreed personal terms with Barca. But Arsenal can just simply reject Barca’s bid right? Or hold Bellerin hostage for, say, €100m?

Dan Hunter

Bellerin for Neymar – straight swap


how we add in the lil bloke,what’s his name…Messi..eeehhh


We better not sell Bellerin.

It will be truly pathetic on our part.

OTOH agree Alexis is vulnerable to prey.

If we sell him, we need to buy one more creative in attacking mid.


If, and it’s a big if, because we don’t really know, if Hector really wants to go can we please sell him for an absolute fortune and just get it over with. I really can’t face another fucking saga like the Fabregas one. Hector is good, but not irreplaceable

No way

We’ve already got more money than we will spend. He has a long contract. We’d really struggle to find anyone of his quality and age. We be mad to sell, unless it was totally ridiculous money. Surely Barca aren’t going to pay that for a right back.

rob pyres

The figures I’m seeing touted from Barcelona for arguably the best young right back in Europe are disgraceful! If John Stones is worth £50m then they need to add another £60m to that measly £40m they’re supposedly offering!
Talk about taking the piss! He’s just signed a 6 year contract! He’s gonna be the best RB in the world!
We shouldn’t take less than £100m for him!