Video: Should Arsenal sign Riyad Mahrez?


Another Gunnerblog Gunnervlog, and this time it’s touching on links to Leicester City’s Riyad Mahrez.

He’s handed in a transfer request and he’s been rumoured to be on our radar for some time right now.

Is there room for him in this squad? James takes a look. And remember to like and subscribe.

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Danger he is a Vardy, decent player but had one stunning season. If Ozil goes then we should think about it, otherwise no.


Vardy would have been very good for us IMO. Has many of Welbeck’s attributes – extreme pace, hard working, great presser, intelligent runs – plus he can finish.


Ozil will not be 100% available all season, and we need some alternative when Ozil cannot break the deadlock. I think we should just sign Mahrez…provides a competition for other attacking midfielders as well

Andrew Forester

Yes, we should sign him.

At the beginning of a season it always seems like we have plenty of midfield options but it doesn’t take long before the usual injuries and lack of form means we are moaning about a lack of depth or the right combination or even enough players.

Mahrez has the experience of the Premiership, has shown good quality and would definitely be a good member of the squad at a time when we will have shipped out some of the dead wood (Wilshere).



He only win the title for Leicester.

For Leicester.
And in style.


Oooh Ahhh Ray Parlour
Oooh Ahhh Ray Parlour

I’d take him over Arda Turan due to his age.

gunnersaurus is my dad
gunnersaurus is my dad

No… not mentally strong enough for a top club


Pls how do you measure a player’s mentality? Asking for a friend. ๐Ÿ˜

donald\'s trump

Check on Football Manager. Duh!

Sanchez\' favourite dog
Sanchez\' favourite dog

So much depends on the system and mesut Sanchez signing a new contract. Mahrez on the right wing instead of Walcott would be very good in my opinion, but I hope we keep the 343 formation that saw us end the season in spectacular form. In that case I can’t see him in the for XI unless รดzil or Alexis leaves, which I obviously hope they don’t.

I really think it’s a difficult summer for transfer gossip for us fans, there are simply too many unknowns to give an educated guess. Maybe i should spend my time deferent? The sun is shining and I do have a beer in the fridge… Call me when we sign somebody ๐Ÿ˜‰

conner peden

sanchez/ozil have no intentions to stay mark my words


Nope – not convinced by ome season


PL winner and an upgrade on Lolcott


its a no brainer for me. has proved he can performed at the highest level for an entire season. how many of our so called top players have done that in recent seasons? he is french even he plays for algeria (born and raised in france )so in terms of integration with wenger it should be easy. we need more game changer and is one of them. he is at his best with a coach that protects him which is one of wenger’s trademark.


Guys like Mahrez make players around them better. He attracts defenders, he can hit long passes, he can score. And he showed his true quality in the Champions League, raising his game and dragging Leicester to the knock-out rounds.

I agree, considering our squad he’s worth the gamble for us.

conner peden

agree 110% we should of pushed harder last season, and if we had we may of finished in top spot, who better to play in games that ozil goes missing, would be great sub in them. wenger should be announcing him as next signing after mbappa

yahaya Muhammed


Andy Mack

12 month ago I’d have said ‘Yes please’ even if they want top dollar for him, but he’s been unimpressive many times this season, so the answer is ‘Yes, at the right price’. Because there’s no doubt that on his day he’s a ‘game changer’ but he’s also shown he can’t be relied upon to do that often enough to be a big spend.


I’ld be happy to have him in place of walcott. But Wenger has said he’s signing a maximum of 3 players. And kolasinac has come in. I think we need a striker and central midfielder. Maybe a second choice right back too