Arsenal squad hit by food poisoning


Arsene Wenger has confirmed that several players on Arsenal’s pre-season tour have come down with food poisoning.

Arsenal beat Bayern Munich on penalties in Shanghai this afternoon but the likes of Olivier Giroud and Per Mertesacker were missing from the squad with illness.

It was later revealed that Sead Kolasinac, who was sick on the pitch, was taken off before half time suffering from the same problem, while Theo Walcott and Aaron Ramsey played despite having similar symptoms. There was also an update on Steve Bould who has had to have an operation.

Speaking after the game the boss said: “We had to dig deep and think we will benefit from it. The doctor thinks it is food poisoning.

“Kolasinac was sick as well. Walcott, Aaron, all had a little bit of food poisoning as well.

“Steve Bould has a disc problem on his neck and he had to [have an operation] in Australia – he couldn’t travel. He had to do it over there and it all went well, but he couldn’t go on, he suffered too much so we had to have it done in Australia.

“He will go home on Saturday from Australia, but he’s okay, I spoke to him on the phone and he is good.”

Obviously, there are risks with travelling so much and so regularly. Not just indulging in new cuisines, but also sitting on a plane for hours on end sucking up recycled air and changing from a cool to scorching hot climate. It wouldn’t be surprising if a few more of the 25-man squad come down with something at some point.

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Hahaha… he fuck do you get a hernia in your neck?!? Hope they all get well soon, Bouldy included. Arsenal medics to the ready!


Herniated disc. Fairly common.


Thanks Nigel, sorry if that offended anyone ?


They have dodgy Chinese takeaways in china as well…. didn’t realise how authentic our local takeaway is!!!!

La Cazette with Zest and Zeal
La Cazette with Zest and Zeal

Next time, they need to reheat anything they are given. A bunch of microwaves somewhere in the hotel, three minutes of high intensity reheat does the job. Sacrifice some of the taste.

Romford Pelé

Ok will do mum ?

Yankee Gooner

Pro tip: the microwave won’t really save you from food borne illnesses, but Sp*rs should do a comprehensive trial in case.


I’ve been to China. Food poisoning is to be expected.

Gudang Pelor

Well, that’s unfair. Food poisoning can happen in any country any continent, just ask yhe spuds. Dont’t make false association between china and food poisoning.

Btw, i am not chinese.


We in the west have pampered guts under exposed to common pathogens especially found in hotter climates. It’s not a slight on the food or the prep. Just foreigner’s abroad.

A different George

Very Spursy to try to get their revenge in a meaningless friendly.


Spurs revenge?!


Better now than last match of the season, eh Sp*rs?


All I can think of is that unfortunate episode in 2006…….


What was so unfortunate about it?


I do long haul flights a lot, especially to India. I get colds and stuff much more than being ‘in country’!


That’ll be the flights

Cliff Bastin

Had some bad wantons

La Cazette with Zest and Zeal
La Cazette with Zest and Zeal

And the chinese fortune cookies have messages inside saying: Watch your health when you travel. You will have big success professionally this year.


Surprised there isn’t a poo-meter on this post.

Merlin\'s Panini

superb comment.


Puke meter perhaps

Viva la prof

I’ve had food poisoning in Asia before and I can confirm it’s both ends simultaneously and completely without dignity. Splatometer off the charts

Isaiah Rankin

Oh well, at least it isn’t the sort of food poisoning that costs you Champions League football to your North London rivals’ gain on the last game of the season in 2006 or anything.

Lord Bendnter

I guess you could say this is pre-season training for the medical staff as well 😉

Rwandan Gunner

Food poisoning is caused by salmonella organisms; a highly virulent bacteria. Mainly due to consumption of contaminated food. Our Chinese hosts are a bit embarrased with this min quagmire.


Are kidding? Is salmonella the only causative agent for food poisoning? Shame on you

I\'m Professor Ignorance, on this subject
I\'m Professor Ignorance, on this subject

It could also be ciguatera. Just the pessimist in me saying “things can always get worse”.


Food poisoning? Awesome

Goonerest Gooner

The injury gods are even going after our coaching staff now

Thierry bergkamp

Spurs tampered with the local dogs


Yet another reason Alexis didn’t come on the tour haha


i watched the game from the 70th minute on and thought we were way off the pace of the game. Second to everything. This explains it.


Cooks and staff are probably Bayern fans ……..


Excellent preparation for the season, this. These tours are a joke.

Kai -malayan gunner

Why thumb down?because:

1. These tours are the only way for fans around the world to meet & greet their footballing idols perhaps once in their lifetime.When was the last time arsenal visited Australia?

2. Players will be able to see how much support they actually get outside the Emirates & at the same time boost their spirit & confidence.

3. When people travel to a place far away from home, they’ll get new ideas in a new perspective. This mind opening thing, they are experiencing it together as a team which is good for bonding & deepen the chemistry between them.

4. This is also a perfect last chance for youngsters to challenge for their place before the season starts.

Doesn’t look like a joke to me, at least.


We beat a full strength Bayern with food poisoning. Wow.


Those hot (dogs)can get you sick.


And kids, supposedly 3rd choice keeper

An Ox-sized Coq

If the food poisoning becomes a serious issue, i say to hell with the preseason tour and head back to London.


Maybe they just got sick when they heard we sold Szczesny to Juve.


Live by the lasagna, die by the lasagna.


It never rains but it…