Boss chuffed for Lacazette, predicts big things of Welbz


Arsene Wenger says he’s pleased new boy Alexandre Lacazette broke his Arsenal scoring duck on his debut after watching the France international net within 15 minutes of coming on against Sydney FC.

The club’s new record-signing came off the bench to sweep home Alex Iwobi’s pull-back on 82 minutes as the Gunners opened their pre-season campaign with a 2-0 victory at the ANZ Stadium.

“It is important for him to get that [first goal] off his shoulders because you expect to score if you are a striker,” the boss said in his post-match press conference.

“You could see that he was happy but overall what we were looking for was to play at pace and to develop our collective game and for long periods in the game that was quite good for us. We had tough opposition because they fought for every ball but at the end of the day their goalkeeper was the man of the match.”

Wenger also had warm words for Danny Welbeck predicting the England international will have a big impact at the Emirates in the season ahead.

“I would say that he worked very hard,” noted Wenger, who didn’t reference the striker’s missed penalty.

“He made many chances in the first half and was so keen to score that sometimes he looked too much for power.

“He put into the game what we expect of him. He’s a great team player and I expect him to have big season. He was out for such a long time that I hope this will be a positive season for him.”

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Welbz – I hope he comes through but people have been saying the same sort of things about him for some time. Shame he missed the penalty.

Great start for Laca, he did well. Hope Iwobi keeps doing that this season, I think he will come stronger after the experience he has had. Their keeper had a blinder.

No way

The long term injuries have prevented wellbeck from developing. If he stays fit then he should improve.


Personally, I think he should be moved on instead of Giroud. Or even be loaned out to another PL side just to get him more game time and see if he becomes clinical. I like his hard work but he is a striker. He should score goals.

Little Mozart

I have every faith in Welbz. His sheer effort and willpower make him a threat against anybody. With more games I’m sure he will develop the finishing skills he needs to be a complete striker.

As for Lacazette, that goal is very important, but it was one of those goals he scores very often where he is not the furthest man forward, playing almost like a second striker, or false 9.

cazorla\'s smile

Welbz has a lot going for him.. strength, pace, dribbles well… finishing lets him down.. it’s not even 7/10… needs to improve


Jo Willock, very impressive display..
Lacazette, looks complete (1st touch, finishing, vision, pass accuracy)
Reiss Nelson, very impressive (needs to concentrate more, after throwing the ball to welbeck he still stood behind the line making welbeck concede a throwing)
Cohen Bramall, looks sharp and brimming with confidence
Eddie Nketiah, Very calm and tricky..
Kolasinac, didn’t see anyone pass him

Great season ahead..


I should hope that a club record signing, someone that’s 26 years old, etc would be ‘complete.’


Don’t know if this is how wenger plans yo use kolasinac and bramall in the future. But I like it , bramall looked mighty impressive in left wingback role. I know its just a preseason game but he doesn’t even looked like he was playing for a non league team a year back.

And riess nelson was probably the best player on the pitch. . bielk , willock junior , ox and iwobi looked impressive too.


I don’t shoot unless I believe I will score. That second goal was made in ALEXandria!

Gudang Bedil

Welbz for right wing back! Hahaha

Mate Kiddleton

He would probably excel in that role with his pace and workrate


Yeah not happy with Lacazette – a full 15 minutes without a goal, what a flop.

Seriously if Welbz actually starts scoring he could be a beast of striker. He’s such a nice guy but I’d like to see him develop a bit of nasty streak on the pitch – he has the physical qualities to be able to bully defenders.


He’s bullied Danny Rose a couple of times (although admittedly that’s not very hard)…


Arsene’s comments about Welbz really sum him up. Tries hard, effective, good team player, but poor finisher.

I like the guy, but I think it’s time to be ruthless and move him on. We’ve waited 3 years to see if he can step up a level, and he hasn’t (albeit he’s been injured).

Hope I’m wrong, but I just don’t see him significantly improving now. Now we have Laca, we have someone who should bring a lot of Danny’s qualities, plus goals. Would rather keep Giroud as the second striker.


Absolute nonsense.


Welbeck is a bit like Ox


Really? Not by a long mile. The Ox has everything Welbeck has and is also a better finisher. For a midfielder, he is a better striker than Welbeck.

Andy Mack

Danny needs a few goals to build some confidence which could open the floodgates. He gets in the right places but is still over thinking it.
All forward have these patches but his injuries have lengthened his dramatically which has to play on his mind.


Welbeck doesn’t need to develop a bit of a nasty streak. He just needs to substantially improve his finishing, no more, and no less.


Jury still out on Welbeck but we should keep him. Good squad player. As for Theo?
What is he still doing in this team? I hope Iwobi does well this season. I think he can play in that Santi role if he improves defensively.

Donald\'s Trump

Lol, Theo is much better than Welbeck. At least he can put the ball in the back of the net.

Goals win games.

Michael Bolton Wanderers
Michael Bolton Wanderers

I wouldn’t trust him in that position just yet, but I do belive inn him though. Yuge talent. But I think it’s way too early for him to be a deep lying playmaker, or regular cm. not consistent enough.


I don’t see Iwobi in the deep Santi role at all. Nothing so far suggests he should be a defensive half player. He’s an attacking mid.


10 PL goals for Welbz would be a good start, and his best ever return


Didn’t he score 18odd goals on loan at Sunderland? He’s gotta stay fit, but give him some confidence and I reckon we’ll have a proper player on our hands

Third Plebeian

Welbzzzz has always been about promise. Ask United fans. I think he’ll always be an athletic, hard-working player who struggles to finish.


He scored 9 PL goals at Sunderland, though probably more in cups that season

naija gunner

Was impressed by that nelson lad


Last time I was at the ANZ I picked United to beat Sydney 5-1 @ 23/1, I was sitting in The United end but still abused him for 90 minutes straight, and then he missed a sitter right at the death to make it 6/1, so I decidedly to abuse him some more.

Damo Dinkum

You know, when I was a boy I really wanted a catcher’s mit but my dad wouldn’t buy one for me. So I held my breath until I passed out and banged my head on the coffee table. The doctor thought I might have brain damage!

Dad, what’s the point of this story?

I like stories.


Just want Welbeck to hit double figures for goals.


How about we stop hoping for Welbeck to become clinical and/or a goal machine? He never has been, never will be and he’s not young player anymore. What we’re getting from him IS Welbeck.

A different George

Look at how Wellbeck plays in general–pace, strength, intelligence, good technical ability. If he can’t score, it’s psychological, “confidence.” Which means it can change, even as a mature player. Giroud will never run faster, Santi will never be good in the air, Ozil will never bully defenders off the ball, but Wellbeck MIGHT become a confident goal-scorer.

Third Plebeian

I disagree that Welbeck has good technical ability. His first touch often lets him down, and he can’t finish. As I say above, he is what he is: athletic, hard working. Don’t expect him to be a finisher.

Donald\'s Trump

He’s a poor man’s Dirk Kuyt. But then Dirk Kuyt isn’t a rich man’s anything.


sixteen swans

It was nice to see Lacazette score.

But it was extra nice to see Lacazette put the effort in to tackle back (cleanly winning the ball) before making a peach of a 40-yard pass putting one of our guys through on goal.

One was sort-of expected, the other only hoped for.


Welbeck does everything perfectly but score. Chances of him being a super success as a wingback are higher than him being clinical in front of goal… Hope I’m wrong but as a wingback he’s definitely an upgrade on the Ox


I can’t tell if this is a joke.


An absolute joke


Lacazette is just stone cold.

Instinct. The man just knows the way to goal, what a predator.

I can see Giroud leaving if Wenger is pushing Welbeck but Welbz needs to sharpen up. He has all the requisites to supercede Giroud but OG is still more efficient and gets better with age.

But how about Per for CF? What a goal. He may lack “pace’ but he isn’t entirely inflexible.

Reiss Nelson. One for the future, exciting prospect.

Donald\'s Trump

Welbz is ?. The only thing good us his work rate so maybe he should retrain as a full back.

K. Draper

Not too sure welbeck tried to score the pen.


I agree, just look at the body language.


Kolasinac looks the signing of the season for free, I knew Wenger might try him in the back 3 but after seeing him play in the team at all he has a lovely touch and will seamlessly slot in at LCB, LWB or CDM. Joe Willock looked absolute class, Nelson will be better in the front 3 rather than wing back, he had a lot of time on the ball but didn’t really do much with it in my opinion not his best game, seen him a lot more decisive for the reserves. Coquelin was exceptional and led by example, he looks ready to fight for his place this season. Bielik stood out too, he must stay in the squad, we can’t let him get poached, geezer reminds me of a technically improved Adams but he’s only 19!!! Laca is gonna be an instant hero. First 30 mins was very impressive for our first pre season game, oozing confidence.


I was there last night and not sure if it was seen on TV but the Sydney FC striker was chatting to Welbz (could see on the big screen) after the penalty call proably asking him to miss it. Hit the defenders back (not arm) and never a penalty. Probably in two minds and fluffed it.

Keen to see them against the Wanderers live again. Wanderers are my home team I support but I’m still gunning for Arsenal.


Also, the keeper is 2nd choice at Syd FC (1st choice keeper just got signed o/s), not known as a great stopper, but had a blinder…