Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Lucas Perez ‘fed up’, feels cheated, wants Deportivo return

Lucas Perez has expressed his anger at his situation at Arsenal, and in a reported meeting with Dick Law, said that the fact his number 9 was given to new signing Alexandre Lacazette without any consultation with him was the last straw.

The website, La Voz de Galicia (Galicia is the region of Spain he’s from and where La Coruña is), report on a conversation he had with the club’s transfer fixer last week, and although he’s desperate for a transfer, he feels hard done by over the shirt number and his treatment by the club itself.

They quote him saying, “I want to leave to play and be happy. Last year I barely had any opportunities and when I had them I took advantage of them. And this season is clearly going to be more of the same. I want to fight to go to the national team. I want to play football, but for that I have to leave.

“And I think that the best place for me is at home, with Dépor. They [Arsenal] are not behaving well with me. The thing of taking the shirt number without telling me to give it to a companion, it seems to me the last straw.

“I can not continue this way. I have given everything, but that has not been reciprocated, so I can’t stand it any longer.”

He reportedly went on to tell Law, “I feel cheated. In February I was not allowed to leave for China with the promise that I would play more and after that I had even fewer opportunities.

“But the shirt number is an ugly gesture. On the trip, Lacazette asked the boss and he accepted. Afterwards, he told me.

“Last year he [Wenger] told me that he understood that I was upset. I think this season things will get worse, so help me out. Since I have been a professional footballer, I’ve felt happiest in Deportivo, surrounded by my family, my friends.

“Put yourself in my place. I know I have chances to go to the national team. To play the World Cup. A dream. But for that I have to play and I have to be happy.

“That’s why I want to go back to Coruña.”

Now, they have these quotes attributed to Perez as a transcript of the meeting, but not in the traditional style we’d normally see them. So, there might be some poetic licence, but it seems clear that the source of them won’t be too far from the player himself, and his desire to leave is beyond question.

The Spaniard was not on the tour of Australia and China, and is definitely surplus to requirements following the signing of Alexandre Lacazette.

All that remains is to see how big a hit Arsenal will have to take on a player they paid £17m for last August.

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I don’t blame him at all, took his chances fairly well (on the rare occasion he got a chance) and was still dropped


He scored a hat trick in the Champions League (Albeit against relatively weak opposition, but still), and then got a grand total of 5 minutes of playing time in the next 2-3 matches. The management of Lucas has been piss poor, and I’m sure he’d be able to contribute had he got the playing time.
Regardless, he looks to be off now, so I wish him luck wherever his path goes.


I don’t think 99.9% of fans would blame him, as he looks like a true professional who has performed when given any and every opportunity. Most teams would love to have a player like that in the squad.
Which makes me wonder why we have not had teams willing to come in and take him from us this summer. Is there something that as fans we are not seeing???


I do blame him because he started mourning and acting like a Primadonna after a few weeks at Arsenal. Everybody knows that Arsene does not like players mourning publicly about their unhappiness at the club so I guess that’s the reason why he hasn’t played much since then. You’re an employee of the club. If you’re unhappy so be it but to go public on several occasions is not in the best interest of the club.
And if he really thinks he wil go to the World Cup with Spain you can see that he’s actually a bit deluded.


What other strikers does Spain have to field (minus Costa). David Villa is far from his prime now and I can’t really think of anyone else but Lucas fitting the bill


Alvaro Moratta, Diego Costa, Fernando Llorente. All more established than Perez, have international and champions league experience.

Still feel bad for Perez, I can’t imagine arsenal guaranteed him regular game time but the way he was treated seems very harsh. Still tho, Deportivo better cough up some money other wise they’re not getting the player. Just because he wants to move doesn’t mean they can sign the player for under £10m. We paid them £17m and I think a bid in the region of £12 should be fair.

Tony Hall

He did not do anything of the sort, he has always been totally professional about it.

Gus Caesar

Given that we probably see about 5% of how Perez acts I suspect there’s quite a bit that we fans don’t see.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

Unfortunately part of the reason seems to be the fact that he apparently couldn’t make the grade at Arsenal.


He was competing against Alexis. Even Giroud didn’t get game time at the start of the season. What I don’t get is him consistently whining that he didn’t play (remind you of someone) instead of proving he deserves to play (monreal, Giroud). And him not going with the team to preseason was a clear indication that a decision had been made by him and the club to part ways. Why does it matter if we give his number to lacazette?


Completely agree. I don’t get why our fans are thinking it’s classless how Arsenal behaved but don’t seem to care about the fact that he was mourning publicly while we had a really bad patch and tried to use the anti Wenger mood at that time for his personal issues. If something is classless then doing that to the club that pays your fu**in wages.


And I find it funny that Arsenal fans complain about classless behavior. Has somebody visited Sanogos Facebook page in the last weeks and has seen what kind of stick and abuse he gets from so called Arsenal fans? Have you forgot how our fans treated Wenger and abused him? These are really the guys that should decide what classy behavior is and what not.


Sanogo deserves credit and respect !


He also never tracks back. Several times he lost the ball and just watched as the other team countered while he just strolled along. Thats why he didnt get more game time. I wont mourn his departure…just a shame we will probably have to sell him for less than 10m

Faisal Narrage

Theo and Mesut say hello.

Leah\'s Left Foot

Watch the replay of Giroud’s scorpion kick goal again, see whose interception, nearly on the edge of his own penalty box, started the move….

Heavenly Chapecoense

If you go to work and the nameplate on your cubicle was changed before they tell you anything, how would you feel? Wenger gave the captaincy to Gallas without discussing with Gilberto. That case with Gilberto was a total lack of class. Today Gallas doesn’t identify with the club and always criticizing Wenger’s training sessions.

Gus Caesar

Who cares? Be a professional and grow up, it’s only a shirt number for f*ck’s sake. And I very much doubt that we changed the shirt number before Perez had asked for a transfer anyway.

The issue with so many of our ‘fans’ nowadays is that they’re too quick to take the side of a disgruntled player over the club without knowing the full facts.


I think if we gave this guy the same sort of minutes that we gave Walcott last year, I am willing to put my neck out there and say I think he would’ve scored more goals… better player, smarter on the ball, wand of a left foot, that volley over his shoulder against Bournemouth springs to mind. 100% should have been given more game time.


I’m not convinced.

Theo gets a lot of undue criticism in my opinion. Sure Theo will never be world class, but he is a far better player than made out to be. Hugely improved his defensive side, and has much better positioning.

Perez, while reasonable in front of goal, I just don’t see ever being top class. He was bought as a back up option and was used as such and has moaned time and time again about how he was utilised last season.

Is he better than Giroud? Alexis? Ozil?

Not a chance.


I am sorry but players like Theo Walcott being at the club is one of the reasons why we haven’t won anything of significance over the last 10 years. He is a poser. Talks a good game but ultimately under achieves because he doesn’t want it enough. He’s just another player that lived off of the British sports press hype, saw his name in lights and thought he’d done enough and already made it. A perfect example is Gareth Bale, both from the same youth set up, Bale worked his hole off and became a superstar, Walcott had everything spoon… Read more »


i understand the fans feelings about lucas, I feel for him as well. However he was up against arguable the best player in the league for a starting berth at the beginning of the season and with alexis performing the way he was there was no way he was winning that fight and even Walcott delivering goals as well. Over the cause of the season he unfortunately missed about a third of the season to injuries some of which coincided with troubled period thus missing out on his best shot of playing. Even thou I know as was earlier confirmed… Read more »


Can’t blame the guy really. I thought he did well when he had the chance


Honestly, if we have actually handed the shirt to another player without informing him beforehand, that’s poor management.


If he said that we wants to leave and the club has told him he’s free to do so? Feels more like he’s trying to blame everything on the club again and that’s what cost him his Arsenal career. Rightly so, if you ask me.


Your one downvote from Dick Law

Yoyo goon

I feel so sad for Lucas. To be fair to this lad he has been treated badly by the club. I wish him well as he struggles to find a new club


I also feel bad for him BUT he won’t struggle to find a new club at all….there will be plenty of takers….they just won’t be offering Arsenal size wages.


I doubt very much he’s on very big wages, he most likely came to Arsenal as a way to further his career rather than money.

You’ll be surprised at the wages some of the so called lesser clubs in Spain pay. Felipe Caicedo (Espanyol) is on 5M Euros a year after tax.


That isn’t true. It’s supposed to be around 3M.

On Deportivo de la Coruña, the highest wage is around 2M, the same one that was offered to Lucas on a 7-year contract that he refused to came to Arsenal.

The most common wage on Deportivo now is around 1’5M before taxes. In Spain, the money from TV contracts is not equal. Only 4 teams get more than 120M euros: Madrid, Barcelona, Atlético and Valencia. Deportivo gets around 40M per year for both first Squad, youth Squad and all the employees, debth payments, etc.


Sorry for double-posting.

Anyway, Lucas came to Arsenal thinking only on playing Champions League. Money, although important, wasn’t the first concerning.


Shame he’s going. With more chances could have been a more than decent player for us. Wonder what Arsene saw in training that didn’t encourage him to play him more.

Faisal Narrage

I don’t imagine it was anything worse than what Theo was producing in training, for instance.

Let’s not assume he did anything wrong here, it’s perfectly reasonable to accept Wenger has his favourites and rarely deviates from it. This isn’t new behaviour. He’s just another that Wenger never truly fancied.

A different George

I think Pedant’s question is fair. I wish someone would point out the players who have actually gone on to great success after not playing at Arsenal because Wenger “never fancied” them. Is there anyone similar to De Bruyne, who Mourinho didn’t like? Or even a young prospect like Pogba, who was angry with Ferguson for not playing him?


there’s no doubt that lucaz perez and campbell(another player wenger never fancied) are not worldclass . but as faisal said they are atleast much better that the likes of walcot and some other players wenger still keeps around the team . they may not be as talented as them but campbell and perez always made a telling difference when played mostly through sheer determination . also they were willing hardworkers ,pressing and helping the team out defensively every time . walcot till last season was known as a lazy player who never tracker back or helped the team defensively .… Read more »

A different George

So I think your answer is: “despite what we have claimed, so far there are no players who went on to great success somewhere else after not playing at Arsenal.”

I like Joel Campbell, and I appreciate how much he contributed during one of our injury crises. But it is simply not true that he has ever demonstrated that, if only Wenger liked him, he would be a regular at Arsenal. We shall see about Perez.

But no one else in the past 20 years? Doesn’t that tell you that you are mistaken?


yes, they might not be be the worldclass players that many fans want in our teams . but the real point is wenger never even gave them a real shot for them to prove themselves . and its not like they are bad players . campbell had 7 assists and 3 goals in limited playing time he received in his final year at arsenal , thats atleast better than better part of walcots career combined bar his last season . it seems so unfair to players like them who did performed well when called upon and not even receive a… Read more »


Wenger also never really fancied Coquelin. People were saying he doesn’t fancy Xhaka too. But both players have taken their opportunities when given and haven’t complained when they haven’t played. Maybe that’s what he should have done too instead of giving interviews how unhappy he is and how badly the club has treated him every other week. Seriously, I don’t get why everybody is acting as if he’s some kind of a world beater. He has scored nearly completely against lower class teams and was for example completely anonymous when we crashed out of the league cup against Southampton and… Read more »


We should just cut our losses.
Get him off the wage bill and move on.


Very, very hard to disagree with any of this. For a classy club (which we certainly are) we have behaved quite shabbily in this instance.


Have we? These are the noises being made by an individual. Wenger has never publicly spoken about this and not has he responded. He was bought as a backnip option, is not in some elite bracket, and nor is he better than Alexis, Giroud, Theo, Welbeck. He played some games in the cup to ‘blood’ him for the premier league, got injured, then we went through our crisis point. Can anyone really blame Wenger for trying to play our way out of the situation with tried and tested players? If we were in his shoes, I know I’d stick to… Read more »

Man Manny

Pathetic. Sad. Every time he had opportunity, he acquited himself well. Sadly, the only person that mattered – Arsene Wenger – saw things differently. But why take his number without the courtesy of notifying him? Quite un-Arsenal if you ask me. I hope it works for you elsewhere.
It was ultimately a needless transfer!


Don’t blame him. He’s been nothing but professional on the pitch and was far more potent in front of goal than the likes of Welbeck who played much more. It’s clear for whatever reason Wenger doesn’t rate him and the treatment he’s received has been disrespectful.
What I don’t understand is that if he didn’t rate him in the first place why was he signed in the first place when he was on his way to Everton? This will end up being a costly mistake and could’ve been avoided had the club not dallied over the Lacazette fee last summer.


Best answer.. Wenger has made really huge mistakes at arsenal. Hopefully he learns from them.. Bring on a classy CM..sanchez going no where..Join the discussion


I like when you all blame the club for everything but nothing on the player,that is the easiest thing to do.All the time the he player one game and to be fair desent game but nothing outstanding and then got injured that was arsenal fault too,he is 28 or 29 and he has never been cap by Spain even when in was playing in the Spanish league so that just a confident excuse that he was want to go to the world cup because he will not be call up if he has not being when he was young he… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

“he is 28 or 29 and he has never been cap by Spain”

How many Spanish caps did our former captain Arteta receive btw?


Getting into Spain’s midfield is like hundreds time harder than the striker position.

Faisal Narrage

Yeah, because over the years, the Spanish side only had the likes of Costa, Torres, Morata, David Villa, Pedro and even Cesc as a false-9 to content with.

Piece of piss getting in there.


And why do you think cesc need to play false-9 or costa need to be naturalized?


When did Arteta moan about playing time do he could go to the World Cup with Spain?

Kareem Mohamed

Perez was the one who stated ambitions to make the world cup squad…


I never understand why people question why we bought him if we weren’t going to use him. Obviously we rated him highly enough at the time to take the risk. For whatever reason it didn’t work out but we didn’t go into it with the intention of not playing him!

I don’t like the way his shirt number was handled though. I think that’s disrespectful and he should have been informed before it happened. We’re better than that!


Why hasn’t Everton come for him now then?


Fair enough on the one hand, but consider – his contract pays him a heck of a lot more than when he was at Dépor, and he would need to take a pay cut to return. Is he willing to? – Dépor can buy him back, probably for a discount, so show us the money – When he got a short run of games last year he had the bad luck to get injured which stopped his momentum – He is not a starter, so understandable 9 went to Laca. Sounds like the process was not well managed though. –… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

“Is he willing to”, well by all accounts, he is. “Depor can buy him back, probably for a discount”. Erm, no. Arsenal have put a price beyond their initial purchase, so definitely no “discount” there. “he had the bad luck to get injured, which stopped his momentum”, Indeed it did, but we’ve seen players with even more injuries go straight into the first team (Ramsey the best example). Shoot, Welbeck returned from 2 back-to-back kneed injuries and is already above Lucas in the pecking order. How? “Sounds like the process was well managed though” if you think taking his number… Read more »


Thanks for taking the time to reply faisal. – I havent heard/read that he is willing to take a pay cut, but it may be true. For nearly all players this is one of the biggest issues. – Definitely he would be sold for a loss to Arsenal, most of the daily rags (I know) say around 10m, which seems far too low. – Im not against him staying, but he was never a regular starter, so coming back from injury he again wouldnt be. – I am a manager, hence it sounds like not a good process… but the… Read more »


Did you not watch any of the games last season? When did Welbeck get right back into the rotation after training? He trained and waited until his opportunity came up. He never got injured again rest of the season after he became part of the rotation. On the other hand Perez kept getting hurt throughout the season. You can’t do anything about injuries. Same with Ramsey. Once he came back he didn’t get hurt like Perez did last season.


Wenger out! 🙂


I thought that stopped being funny when Wenger signed.

Lord Bendnter

He did take his chances well last season. Yet, the club don’t want him. Not sure why we bought him then in the first place. A £17m panic buy because we couldn’t get Vardy? Really??
I hope he leaves quick, he deserves a club that will actually utilize him. He barely was given any chances last year, and I’m glad he’s one of those players who isn’t happy just coming to training to collect his paychecks. Time we sold him back even if for a loss.


Next time we want to describe the difference in class between ourselves and Club B, can we just remember this. An appalling way to behave. Did the manager buy him? If not what the hell went on such that the man was signed and the manager refused to play him unless where absolutely necessary? Utter shag show.


As a club we’re a bit shit. None of that ‘class’ bollox please. Shameful way to treat a player really. Hope he gets his transwer.


I suspect this is the hand of the Agent Arsenal will not do that


The way arsenal have handled this has been nothing short of embarrassing. What message does it send out when you score a hattrick in the champions league only to be frozen out again for the next game? Whenever he’s mentioned, the general consensus is “Wenger just doesn’t fancy him,” which becomes more and more unreasonable when you look at what he did do when he was in an arsenal shirt. I was genuinely very excited when we signed him, having lived in Galicia and watching a fair bit of Pérez for depor, but he’s been cast aside because of unfounded… Read more »


feel sorry for Perez. I thought he did well and is far better than many Wenger has signed.
so tell me – where should I go in Galicia? I really fancy a visit in late August or early September. Is it often raining then though?


Even it’s raining it’s great. Go to las islas cies and Santiago. Eat the octopus and enjoy.

John Lukic

mmm! pulpo!


I feel a slight sense of embarrassment at the way Lucas has been treated by the club, especially if the shirt number thing is true. I always felt that Arsenal values the human side of football. A player that left all he knows to come to london and try and succeed. Now, he was leaving anyway, he could have ended up at Everton but with all our dawdling last summer we snatched him away at the last moment even though we didn’t fancy him. He was just another body to get in. That’s hardly humane even if it’s the reality… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

Funny thing is we’ve done that quite a lot over the years.
Sure many ended up not being good enough fro us, like Park. But if we didn’t want him, should’ve just let them be and enjoy their careers, rather than tempt them with empty promises and have them waste that last years of their career on the bench.

A different George

This is absurd. Of course, we wanted them, and they wanted a chance to play for Arsenal. And it turned out they were not good enough. But we (and they) didn’t know that until we tried– just like Koscielny, who also might have failed and instead has become one of our most important players.


What we kidnapped him? How come Everton aren’t in for him now? They’ve been after Oli and Theo according to the press, he’s surely a cheaper option? What not good enough for the PL?


This is Lucas Perez that no one really knew about or wanted. He’s just a squad player. He’s in his late 20’s that we beat out Everton for. It’s a 2 way street. He also chose Arsenal knowing how much competition there is on the team. He took the money and failed.


I know I would have totally slammed other clubs for doing this to a player.But I am sad that the club I support and respect is doing this to a player.One shouldn’t be treated so badly.We have seen favouritism in the team last season.Without calling names there were players who didnt deserve game time still got selected and lucas was ignored even after having decent games.Same happened with podolski.wenger sure has his favourites.but its cruel to a professional footballer.Please allow him to leave.dont be a

Faisal Narrage

“said that the fact his number 9 was given to new signing Alexandre Lacazette without any consultation with him was the last straw.” There seems to be some sort of poor relationship when it comes to communication with players at Arsenal. We’ve seen this manifest with poor comms with loan players leading to a deterioration of relationship (Chesney and Gnabry the main examples, with Jack another, but further down the list). We know Arsene has his pecking order and when you’re not in it, you don’t get much of a look in, but this is one of the poorest examples… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

Like he didn’t want “Lucas” that was meant to say.

Frankly, I’m just annoyed at Wenger’s unshakable pecking order. We’ve already seen him sell Chesney even though he wanted to stay, only because he genuinely believes we have “3 world class keepers”, seemingly better than Chesney.

I long for the days when players are picked on merit of performance, not just on potential, stylistic preference or even because of price.

A different George

I am sure that in the past you would have said Jack was at the very top of “Wenger’s unshakable pecking order.” Or Theo, who could not get a game at the end of last season. Maybe the pecking order is in fact quite changeable and depends on a player’s quality, current form (including how he looks in training), the formation used, and the opponent’s strengths. That might account for Alexis and Ozil being favourites, just as Vieira and Henry were in the past. I am not saying that Wenger always gets these right, no more than Pep or Ancelotti… Read more »


you seem to always use the negative narrative when talking about AW.

You easily pick out the loans that seem to have gone wrong with certain players in your view. Yes WS seems like a better goalie then DO but Cech? its not clear that he is. There are soo many players that have been sent out on loan that haven’t had these so called communication problems that have had successful time at the club. cherry picking 2-3 possible players that might leave after loan period is ridiculous.


He deserved frankly more of a chance than some of the players that Wenger stuck with last year.


I actually feel kind of disgusted at the way the club has handled this. Yes, we needed a backup striker, and yes he was a good option. But deceiving him and telling him that we’d give him more opportunities so he’d stay, and then actually giving him FEWER opportunities – well, that’s just ugly. And Perez is right too – every time he played, he did really well – getting goals and assists and linking up the play. He looked dangerous every time he was on the pitch, and that made me excited to see him in the lineup. So… Read more »


I said it time and time again last season that Lucas – Alexis Sanchez would’ve made a great pair. He is a better goal scorer than Welbeck and should’ve been starting when Alexis was moved back to the left. There’s simply no excuse or whatsoever, Wenger treated him very unfairly. Welbeck came back from injury and was automatically starting over him.


Well the biggest issue here is the poor communication and management of the player. In an ideal world, players should know and be told honestly where they stand. That is for where they fit into the grand of scheme of things but also includes small details like telling them about shirt number changes.

There is nothing more demotivating than being told to give it your best and you will get playing time, then following it up by doing the opposite.


Can’t blame him. Played well but never got a chance to start. Scored goals got assists and was ignored by the manager. Just let the lad go, fuck the money

Gooner G

IF true, and he wasn’t even consulted about having his shirt number given away, that’s low. For a classy club like ours, that would be very low.


Id say keep him until January at least, gives us a bit of depth up front especially if we lose Giroud/Alexis/Walcott/Ox. Would he be happy to play in the Europa, League Cup, FA? Woukd certainly give him a chance to shine and up his stakes. The number thing wasn’t cool though, I almost find it strange that we’ve treated him like that.

Faisal Narrage

I doubt Wenger will use him in any of those. He hasn’t even re-assigned him a squad number.

Frankly, he should’ve been allowed to fight for the number 1 spot. What should’ve happen is in preseason, given the opportunity to battle with Laca and Giroud to see who’s number 1. Let the best man win, as they say.

Instead he’s not even given a look in and is discarded without even given the opportunity. Nothing worse than being written off without even given a fair crack.


Like everyone else, I find it impossible to fault him. He’s given his all & performed well when allowed. If the shirt story is true then that is just plain wrong. It’s unprofessional & discourteous to an embarrassing level. His treatment seem shabby throughout his time with us. Maybe he’s been a dick to deal with behind the scenes, although that sort of thing often leaks into the media at some point and I’ve seen no hint of it. It almost feels like Wenger was feeling pushed into signing a striker by the fans, or maybe Ivan G, so he… Read more »

Fox in the Director\'s Box

And you cannot blame him… Ever since his arrival at the club, he has been treated disgracefully, almost contemptuously, while, until now, keeping his head down and getting on with it… This situation begs the question, why sign an established player that you’re never going to properly use and who, it seems, you never really wanted in the first place?


You’d guess there would have been some communication about not taking him to china and being open to selling him. So when you know you’re allowed to leave its understandable that the club moves on and uses your shirt number right?

Only thing he can rightfully complain about (in my opinion) is not getting any more chances after playing well. I think that wasn’t the picture he was painted when he signed.


I am not sure why Wenger don’t give Lucas more chances. Thought he was tactically and technically better than Welbeck and Walcott in those cameos that he came on.

Welbeck – Can do everything except score.
Walcott – can only score but can’t do anything else right.
Lucas – can score, assist, pass, fight.

Seems like we would be stuck with both “W” in the next 2 years. Sigh……

Seems like Wenger only signed Lucas in the panic mode last year.

I wish you all the best Lucas! Good luck.

Al Johnson

Even though he is low in the pecking order, Wenger must have him in his plans somewhere otherwise he would be without a squad number (like The Jeff is following Kolasinac taking the #31 shirt) and wouldn’t have been given Campbell’s #28 shirt (who also doesn’t have a squad number)


Lucas Perez is a far better player than many who’ve been given all kinds of chances over and over.

He’s a class act while the way this club has treated him is Shoddy as Shit.

If we want to retain claims to “class” then we got a lot of ground to make up.


I wasn’t desperate for him to come into the first team last season, but at the same time I feel we’ve treated him poorly


This one is hard to fathom..a bit like Arsene’s disdain for Joel Campbell and his ongoing indulgence of Walcott. Perhaps there is something going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about, but he looked a good player and should have had his chance. A real shame.

Determined Culture

Arsene is usually such a class act. The only trait (+ve or -ve) is his stubborness. Arsene juat doesnt treat players like that. Leads me to think maybe Perez was a board buy instead of a Wenger buy


That thing with the shirt number absolutely stinks. You’d like to think that we’re usually better than that.

Mr Murphy

He has been treated poorly by the club. If I was him I’d be desperate to get out too.


Fair enough!


A waste of our money and his time. All a bit embarrassing for us, isn’t it?

However, imagine if Giroud leaves this season, could Perez not be the man to step into his shoes?

Rwandan Gunner

Am still perplexed why Arsenal signed him in the first place. Free the guy please. But he never dissapointed when given the chance


It’s odd that he was never really given a chance, but he didn’t help himself by publicly complaining (via his agent) about his lack of opportunities within a few months of arriving (and not just once). Wenger seems pretty unforgiving with this kind of thing (see also Podolski). The timing of his injuries didn’t help either.


too add to that – he wanted to leave for China within 6 months of joining the club? So basically he’s been agitating for a move for a while, and we’re supposed to believe that he’s shocked at losing his shirt number? Come on…


This isn’t a good look for the club. Fair enough if you don’t rate the guy, I happen to disagree but what do I know, but the shirt number thing is just an unnecessary slap in the face. Now the club has clearly put Lucas in the clearance bin and can’t possibly expect a return like they’re selling a guy with good numbers coming from playing regularly in the Spanish league. That’s bad business. So we have Alexis sooking and wanting petrodollars, Giroud told he’s close to the door but not for sale, Lucas desperate to leave, we’ve burnt bridges… Read more »


Perez is better than Welbeck. Welbeck is pointless as a striker, more likely to sky a sitter than score. Welbeck could be a decent left wing though.

Perez is better than Giroud too. Quicker, better reactions, though there are situations when Giroud is needed. Perez intelligence in and around the box is probably too subtle for many of the players around him. Real shame Wenger doesn’t see it, like so many things.


Lol, So why is it that its taken this long while playing in Spain for a club to notice him? Why didn’t Barca or Real get in on him while he was younger? Why is it that other clubs can’t notice his “intelligence” around the box? I mean you can’t be the only one that saw this last season while playing at Arsenal. I think LP is a nice player but you guys are making him out to be somekind of superstar lol Plus he wasn’t even part of the tour. He has been openly talked about being transferred out… Read more »


Boo fucking hoo. We get a fair price, or he stays. He is under contract, and gets paid a lot of money. My sympathy disappears as soon as he goes public, and I am happy we are no longer being bent over on the whims of players. I assume, mr Perez, the reason you are not playing is because you haven’t been good enough.


Feel sorry for him as Wenger does have his favourites!


We don’t appear to be able to manage a squad very well. Wenger seems to only trust about 13 players at any given time and everyone else is frozen out until an injury or a catastrophic result forces a change. Rinse, repeat.


I really cant help but think that if, just maybe ‘if’, Lucas was French….he would have been given more chances..(Sanogo esque). However, the whole story and all these quotes could be Bull Shit…


An aside to our non-English speaking friends. I think the word you mean is moaning not mourning.

Jack Action

The great “man-manager” Wenger does f**k it up quite often when dealing with personalities. Perez could have helped last year, if nothing else as a regular substitute. Saying this won’t be popular, but Debuchey is not a bad right back… surely if Wenger had managed him better we wouldn’t have had to resort to Gabriel at RB. Even good ole Mertesacker couldn’t buy a game until Wenger had no choice. He decides he has no use for you and just freezes you out.

Samuel Ogungbayi

Many comments justifying the shabby treatment of Lucas Perez were made out of ignorance or mere callousness and lack of empathy for a fellow human being and a good player.How can a good player who scored 24 goals for Depotivo a season before joining Arsenal and bought for 17million pounds by frugal Arsenal become so bad that Alex Iwobi, the Ox and Welbeck just back for almost a year injury lay off were all ahead of him in the pecking order? Perez played for about 950 minutes throughout the season and scored 7 goals with 6 assists! In effect he… Read more »


True talk bro

Paul Giklis

Shameful treatment of him. To never even be given a real chance is disgraceful. Go to a club where you feel wanted,Lucas. Good luck

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