No timeframe on Cazorla return


Arsenal have played down a report in the Daily Express that Santi Cazorla could be ruled out until next April but admit the midfielder is not working towards a fixed return date at the moment.

The 32-year-old hasn’t featured for the Gunners since last September and revealed in May that he’s eight operations on his troublesome Achilles and wouldn’t be back until at least November.

Arsenal opted to trigger a clause in Cazorla’s contract that keeps him at the Emirates for a final year and a club representative, contacted by the Evening Standard, still believes the Spaniard will feature for the first team this season. That’s about all they had to say on what is a very sad state of affairs for all involved.

Cazorla signed for the Gunners from Malaga in 2012 for a fee in the region of £15 million. One of Arsene Wenger’s most creative players he’s gone on to score 29 goals and make 45 assists in 180 appearances for the club.

We keep our fingers crossed that Santi can make a full recovery soon, he’s been sorely missed.

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Merlin\'s Panini

Wishing you all the best Santi.
Can’t wait to see you on the pitch again.

Third Plebeian

I think the most we can expect from Cazorla in the next year or so is as a dressing room morale booster. There’s a reason we’re looking at midfielders this summer.




Read this in the morning. Hope it’s not true. Santi is regularly our best player on the day when fit.


Crazy he has missed so long. I can’t see him having a big effect this season, though I hope I’m proved wrong.

Igbo Amadi-Obi

I have since learned to check my candour on the Santi situation. Nearly got mobbed with thumbdowns for suggestion in October that his career at the top might be over with a recurring Achilles at 32.


Damn you injury ?


Best player in the squad and the best person in the squad. Santi and Mertesacker deserve a testimonial. I just love Santi, BFG and Arteta.


You prefer the players that don’t actually play much?


I prefer we sign M’bappe and Lacazette on record deals and they come into training and watch Santi and realize they are not worth their price tag.


That will demotivate them! Fortunately won’t happen according to reports.

Unfortunately for us fans who love him.


Or motivate them

Original Paul

No offence but this is why I changed my name to Original (ie first) Paul


No-one has ever thumbed you down.

Igbo Amadi-Obi

I guess everyone has a fantasy.


No he just prefers players who are fantastic role models both on & off the pitch. Maybe you should try that sometime….


I prefer people with a sense of humour.


Try exhibiting one first.

Igbo Amadi-Obi

Hahahaha. I saw the flood of thumbdowns coming. How dare you try to lift our mood, they seemed to say.


Hard to see him playing for us again. Probably the player we’ve most missed over the last 2 seasons, we must look for a quality replacement NOW


Santi is done. It’s tough to think about but really Wenger should have been working on a replacement for a long time. Anybody fancy Goretzka?

Clive St Helmet

Sad to say it but I think I agree. Classy to extend his contract and a great player to have around, no doubt. But given his injury and age we should be looking for a replacement.

Keita looks to have all the skill in the world. I also like Ruben Neves as a defensive midfielder, and I can’t quite believe that Wolves are in for him. Could be the bargain if the transfer window.


Never is a client of Jorge Mendes who also, by sheer coincidence I’m sure, advises the Chinese Phosun Group who happen to own, er, Wolves.

Clive St Helmet

Interesting. I’m not surprised to hear that Mendes might be involved in what appear to be dodgy deals.


goretzka would be an upgrade on ramsey..damn the only player i have seen with santi’s level ambidextrosity has to be ousmana dembele !!!!


No Leon Goretzka isn’t as ambidextrous as Santi. And he isn’t better than Ramsey, at least not yet. He’s a very promising player with the potential to become world class. In short, if we buy him he won’t just walk into the starting lineup.

Nic Bell

Or Cesc circa 2010


Surely Charles Aranguiz is worth a punt? I really don’t know but I doubt he’d be too expensive, not by today’s standards anyway.


To me, Goretzka rather represents an upgrade (?) on Ramsey as a player who may be asked to fill a box-to-box midfielder’s shoes.
If we’re speaking about a player with Santi’s skill for dribbling out of trouble, orchestrating (counter-)attacks and generally make the teamplay more fluid, I would favor Seri from Nice.


Seri looks a useful player but he’s nowhere near Santi in terms of dribbling and technical ability.


I don’t know about “nowhere near,” though obviously he hasn’t proven himself to be at Santi’s level yet (I happen to think Santi is one of the most underrated players in world football of recent years).

The worry I have about Seri is whether he’s physically/defensively robust enough to partner Xhaka in midfield. Xhaka’s obviously strong and better defensively then some Arsenal fans give him credit for, but he’s really not very quick or mobile, so he needs someone with mobility and aggression next to him. Seri isn’t just small (Kante is small, after all), but he also doesn’t look to have great tackling/interception stats.

For that reason, I’d probably favor Goretzka, as he represents the best combination on the market of physicality and skills (well, maybe after Keita, but I don’t think we’re in that race). I think he is better than Ramsey–at least talent/potential wise, though he’s obviously still very young–as he’s considerably more assured with the ball at his feet (passing and dribbling, basically) and more defensively disciplined too. But I think he’s a Bayern player in a year’s time, so we have little chance.

My worry is with all the focus on attacking reinforcements, we fail to strengthen center midfield, as Wenger will convince himself that relying on the Xhaka-Ramsey partnership will be sufficient, despite Santi crocked for the foreseeable future, Jack injury prone and maybe out the door, Ox looking like he’s going to force a move, and Coq & Elneny not more than solid squad players. This would be a big mistake, in my book.


i agree. serri of nice and kieta of rb leipzeig are on the verge of being worldclass .they probably will reach the pogbas level very soon keita is a miss for arsenal , we bid for him last season only to be rejected because he wanted to try bundesliga before moving on to much competitive premier league , abd what a season he had. goretzka and pablo fornals of malaga are also worth a punt. but probably will not match the class of 2 players above.


Goretzka is probably Bayern bound (for free next season). I’m keen on seeing where Arsene see’s Jeff’s future. Is it in the box to box role or as a player further fwd. We’ve also got Maitland Niles coming through nicely. Plus Ox, Wilshere are options if Ramsey, Elneny, Xhaka, Coquelin are unavailable. In short gut feeling says Wenger will go for an internal solution on this one…

Faisal Narrage

I pray to heaven that The Jeff isn’t converted into a no.8. It’s Diaby all over again; a no.10 being forced to play as a no.8.
Kinda like Ramsey.

Whats the deal with William Carvalho? Said to be the new Vieira? We were linked with him endlessly for years. Maybe like Laca, time to re explore?


Yeah, I like Carvalho a lot, but looks like Wenger has decided he’s not for us, as he’s had more than ample time to pursue him and hasn’t really for several windows (I think the reports from Portugal about us being interested aren’t remotely reputable).

Eric Blair

Weren’t there agent issues with him?

Faisal Narrage

Sounds like Lacazette.


I don’t know why folks are thumbing down a perfectly sensible “gut feeling”. I also think this is very likely to happen, based on the way we know Wenger operates in the transfer market.

Now, whether this would be a good move is another story. It really just depends on whether the Jeff or AMN are ready to step up this year, Bellerin/Iwobi style. Every few years, it looks like we’re short in one particular area of the squad (well, this happens every year, but some of those years Wenger pulls off the “internal solution”) only for it to become clear over time that us fans haven’t seen the whole picture, and in fact Wenger is leaving space for a promising youngster to break through. If this is what’s going to happen, I have no problem with it, as it’s wise use of the academy.

But my own gut feeling, having watched them both last year, is that neither the Jeff nor AMN are really up for making a big impact in the squad this year. They may make solid squad contributions, but nothing like making a serious contribution to filling the Santi-sized hole we need to fill. Of the two, AMN looks much the more polished, but I’m still unsure he has the physical gifts to be a long-term first-teamer in an elite team like Arsenal, whereas Jeff looks to have all the talent in the world, but he’s still mostly looked very rough around the edges (the Southampton FA Cup game was by far his best recent performance). I do think Wenger intends him to be a box-to-box player, but he still has a long way to go, especially defensively.

Time will tell.


Poor, poor Santi, this must be terrible for him. We will need to plan for a season without his magic, but he’s still in our hearts and the day he returns will be a day to celebrate no?

not so fed up

Unlike certain team members santi is not only very talented but also very likeable, shame the injury is robbing us of his talents!!!


8 surgeries? Is Dr. Krieger in our staff?

Xhaka\'s RedCard

hahaha! good one.

but if he were, our injury problems would be non-existent. he’d have replace Santi’s legs with bionics


So so sorely missed. I love that guy.

Neil Bamford

Absolute bargain at £15m as well considering what some clubs buy players for. Hopefully he gets better and hits a run of form for us

Matt Scarbro

Here’s hoping the Wizard of Oz can work some magic on Santi? Too early to call him that?..


seri maybe the only living player to replace cazorla

Lord Bendnter

Santi was always amazing, but I don’t think I truly appreciated his immense importance to the squad until his injury
Really want to see him back on the pitch


Saw a photo of him on crutches the other day and it made me quite sad.


Last three seasons have sent Santi down the same path the Little Mozart went. Hope he recovers and gives us a couple of months with his mastery in the midfield. May be the new addition to the fitness coaches might help


Bah, unlucky fella.


I miss this little wizard. 🙁


I’ll still have him around the squad even with his injuries, purely because of the gem of a person he is.Any Arsenal player, in any interview, admit he’s the player they respect and admire the most.And what wouldn’t I give to see his infectious smile again in and around the Emirates. While his return from injury is highly shrouded in mystery, he can carry on playing for years.His technique, dribbling , passingand ambidextrous nature won’t desert him as he gets on in age.As a player who doesn’t depend much on his pace, I still think he can play a bit-part role for years to come, until his late 30s.But that would entail Wenger and the coaching staff to come up with a plan to decide which games he can afford to skip and which games he is a must in the team.
Get well soon, Santi. Miss ya! :'(

As for replacements, Goreztka looks unlikely, as I get a not too unfamiliar feeling that Bayern are pulling the strings with regard to his future. Verratti surely is too expensive. Isco would be an option but his form in the last few weeks of last season makes him think he can nail down a starting XI spot quite frequently, with bale’s injury woes continuing. Keita would be an exciting addition too. Dahoud is highly rated too imo , pity he left for Dortmund on the cheap.


I hope we sign his son. 5 or 6 years old and already capable of nutmegging john terry.

Faisal Narrage

So young and yet instinctively know she how to put balls through c*nts.


Where is Jon Toral?


Should be back at the club. Hopefully will make the preseason tour squad, and get a chance to make a final case for being in AW’s first team plans for the future. Whether he takes it or not is another story. I think he’s got quality (was very unlucky with injuries when he first moved to Arsenal), but it looks a long shot for him at Arsenal. A permanent move to a smaller club in England or Spain where the management really believe in him will probably be best for his career.


Personally prefer seeing lads like Toral, Chuba being given the chance to step up to the plate (millions already invested being allowed to bear fruition) & seize their last chance than millions spent on newer acquisitions. Interesting dynamics at play going into the next season indeed.


Want him back asap


I hope the Emirates sings his song in support of him at the start of the season. The squad started going to sh*ts after he got injured. Rest well Santi, we are with you always! #COYG


When he gets injured we go to shit. He’s a remarkable player and central to the way Wenger wants us to play. Really hoping he can get fit and stay fit…

lovely arse

Gosh I miss him.

dr Strange

Feel for Cazorla. He’s a top class player and a top class professional.

Proud of the club for extending his contract to let him recover when they surely knew to problem would last most of next season too.

Let’s hope he gets back so we can give him a proper send off.


There is no justice, be it poetic or otherwise, when something like this happens to such a good man. Get well Santi.


Which is why we need to add in midfield.

Which was the biggest problem last summer. We failed to address midfield sufficiently. Granit replicated Santi’s passing vision but we have no one who can retain the ball with the sort of technicality Santi can.

Jack comes closest but we know his sentiment and he is injury prone.

I said last summer that we should not be reliant on Santi to stay fit from now on bc of age and nature of injury.

Granit-Coquelin-Ramsey are frankly the only midfield options right now. Injury to one and we are very thin.

Elneny is mediocre. A pair of lungs maybe but he adds nothing substantial beyond. Not even a Flamini TBH.

Jack as mentioned is undependable.

Within the squad, Ox can play centrally but you feel his best position for us is actually out wide where he can do maximum damage. Still we have to entice him to stay given we will add in that area (and should) likely and he will need to relish a challenge for a starting spot…which he may prefer not to.

Iwobi IMO should be groomed for the deep midfield role. He has the strength and technicality plus vision from deep. It will take a bit of time though to nurture him.

Which means we SHOULD be adding one more player of quality into the mix with the 3 we have as full options.

I would look at someone like Kerim Demirbay at TSG Hoffenheim. Good frame at 6’1, good age at close to 23yrs and technical, efficient in the middle but also can strike it from distance, crucially thoroughly ‘gettable’.

Saul Niguez signed a 9 year extension with Athletico, Bakayoko is in the midst of a Chelsea hostile takeover, Kongdogbia flattered to deceive at Inter but may cost a lot more.

Get in someone functional but also with something to add going forward like Demirbay who isn’t yet too big for his shoes and willing to compete for spot and who isn’t as average as Elneny.

Lets not be the AFC and repeat the same mistake this season again.:P


He can’t be relied upon anymore sadly. This situation should have been sorted last summer.

Arsenal family

Santi is a wizard above wizards with the ball. He came to Arsenal as a winger and not that well known. It was obvious from the start we had found someone special he was all over the pitch tackling crossing scoring and soon became the man in the middle pulling the strings. I was worried when we changed his role to a defensive one but I like others were proven wrong.
What he did so well was to leave 2 or 3 opposition players on their backsides deep in our half as he emerged with ball still glued to his feet and then lay off a precision defence cutting pass.
His skills and vision won’t be seen again anytime soon.
Wishing him a speedy recovery


Seems like a similar final season to the one Rosicky had before leaving, may be on the cards again. Santi may well have been the difference last year between the Champions League spot or the Europa league booby prize.


Obviously would love him back on the pitch but it must be awful for him personally to have to keep having (apparently unsuccessful) surgeries. Hope he heals soon.


£15 million. Times have changed.


It is insane that he hasn’t gone to the US and got this fixed.

Go see Dr James Andrews who is the best doctor for athletes in the world. Whatever he says do. You’re 32.

Arsenal and Santi have fucked this up and cost him the last year’s of his prime


A great player for Arsenal, hope he returns in full fitness

Q3 Technique

Does anyone know if Arsenal have bought insurance which means that we are less financially hamstrung by player injuries?

If we don’t have any insurance then isn’t our roster of injured players quite financially irresponsible?