Ramsey hopeful of injury free campaign and more trophies


Aaron Ramsey’s talent and ability has often been questioned, but Welshman showed what he brings to this team with an FA Cup final winner over Chelsea in May.

His main issue has been fitness, a string of injuries have hampered his form as he’s been unable to play regularly enough to build the proper rhythm.

He dovetailed well with Granit Xhaka towards the end of last season, and as the squad prepare for a new season down under, he’s hoping he can have a long spell without injury.

“I haven’t set any goals but with this new formation a long season, hopefully an injury-free season,” he said.

“I know what I am capable of doing. If I can stay fit then hopefully it will take care of itself, but no targets, no.

“I have to perform to the best of my ability to be in this team and that’s what I do – I give my everything every time I’m in the team or going out to train.”

And the Welshman cites the Wembley win, which made John Terry sad, as evidence that the current squad can kick on and win more trophies in the future.

“This squad has come on and we’ve shown what we’re capable of doing in certain games for example, the cup final,” he said.

“We can match the best and it’s about just getting that consistency over the season. Hopefully we can do that and have a bit of silverware to show for it at the end of the season.”

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Really hope he stays fit and continues the Xhaka partnership. It can only improve over time.


A lot is made of how much we missed Santi last year, and rightfully so, but we also could have done with this guy at his best on a regular basis. As well as a goal threat he’s an energetic presser from midfield, something that we miss without Coquelin, and his tackling and interception stats are better than you would expect. We need his engine alongside Xhaka. At 26 it would be a great time for him to have a season where he stays fully fit and proves the doubters wrong. On his day he’s a proper game changer.


After the leg break and the injuries after that he deserves some luck. And if he gets it so do we.


Arsenal need to manage his fitness better.
He comes back from injury, takes him 5 games or so to get back into his stride, picks up form then picks up an injury then repeat.
He’s also been played out of position which hasn’t helped.
I love Rambo, if he stays fit I think he’ll have a blinding season, hopefully Arsene’s learnt when to rest him.


well, i’m hoping of winning the lottery, but you know

not so fed up

Yeah I am not keen on the over use of hope/hopefully as it just doesn’t sound confident or dynamic enough – would you hear Henry saying I hope I score some goals? No, he knew he would and got on with it!!!

Bai Blagoi

Come on, Rambo! Waiting for many more winners from you!

Kostas Greek Gooner

I have mixed feelings about Rambo. I like his movement and his lethal eye, but I am buffered by his inability to make forward pass and the way he delays play at counter attacks. Also he has engine like stamina but not speed, that’s why he can’t perform at the wings. I believe he is a shadow striker and not a box to box no 8, therefore its very difficult to fit at an Ozil-playing 433. His

Kostas Greek Gooner

In fact I prefer The Coq at the midfield. I like ball winning midfielders. Maybe if the team was instructed to make moves when Francis has the ball, we can use him at the 343 system…

Faisal Narrage

The problem with Coq as what he brings when we do have the ball (not much). And like others, I have doubts of Ramsey’s technical ability and he does play more like a 2nd striker pushed into a no.8 role (ala Diaby).

If only we could put a pair of Potara earrings on both Coquelin and Ramsey to fuse the ultimate midfielder in Ramcoq (let’s see who gets the references).

Kostas Greek Gooner

Well, I see your point reference and I agree. I guess the result would be a improved version of Matuidi of the Leaf Village.

But actually I wanted to highlight how much I am irritated by Ramsey 🙂 when he dribbles and twists and turns to finally give a useless pass backwards instead of helping faster build up play.

I believe we are strictly instructed not to counter sometimes which yields to attack only at staffed mass defenses.


Teach them the dance, and we’ll have Coqsey, a taller, better N’Golo Kante

Bould\'s Eyeliner

But it would only last 30 minutes.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

Potara are supposedly irreversible but we just need them to get inside the Arsenal bubble and I bet injuries will force them apart.

Capn Crunch

Glad that goals aren’t his primary concern. I love that he’s getting back to the simple stuff of using his drive and pressing in midfield. He has the perfect engine to enhance Xhaka’s game.

I still see those glimpses of Parlour in him


If there is any truth to the rumour that Real madrid are open to selling Kovacic this summer I would love for us to sign him.
I love Ramsey and hopes he stays for this season but we can’t put all put eggs in one basket like we always do. Also I feel Kovacic will be. World beater very soon and will fit put system quite well.

Clock-End Mike

Can’t understand those who were bleating last season about Ramsey and wanting rid. He went through a bad patch, but he’s already shown his class. And he can only improve on last season.

ps I think you mean “as the squad prepare down under for a new season”. And yes, I know I’m being pedantic…