Report: Arsenal letter warns Barcelona off Bellerin

Hector Bellerin El Mundo interview: full transcript

According to Marca, Arsenal have grown so tired of Barcelona’s attempts to sign Hector Bellerin that they’ve sent a letter to the Camp Nou making clear that the full-back will not be moving this summer.

The Catalan press has run countless stories this summer linking the 22-year-old with a return to his former club particularly when he was away on international duty with Spain’s under-21 squad.

On his return to London, Bellerin, who is under contract until 2023, met with Wenger about his future after which it was decided that his would-be suitors would be told to back away.

The insinuation, as highlighted by Sport Witness, is that any further attempt to contact or destabilise Bellerin will be met with an official complaint to the relevant authorities about tapping up.

Fingers crossed Arsene’s letter will kill this story dead for a while. We’re not naive enough to assume it won’t raise its ugly head again in January, but for now we can safely assume that Hector will be an Arsenal player this season.

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Fuck you barca!!!!

Gudang Pelor





They play at the Nou Cunt


Cuntalonian cunts!

Jeremy O Dwyer

Good idea.
We know that despite the rules, clubs tap up players behind closed doors all the time. But Barcelona seem to have a habit of making their desire for players publicly and relentlessly even when asked to back off.

Threatening to report them is something I support fully.


Haha Barca you greasy fucks. You’re going to wake up with a horse’s head in your bed soon.

Bon Jello

poor horse ?


Pique lived a good life.


Barca can fuck off.Haven’t they got bored of destroying young, exciting prospects?Bellerin ought to see the fate of Alcacer and Gomes before even thinking of going back to Barca. Let those cunts tap someone else whos club is more gullible than ours.We burnt our fingers enough with Fabregas


The letter sent by Arsenal must have been something along these lines, concise and clear
“Dear Barcelona, go take your cash bills and invest them into more referees
Yours sincerely,


Or help pay Messi’s Taxes


For a team with the best footballers in the world on one pitch, it never failed to amaze how underhand their behaviour is on and off the pitch lacks so much class.

I’ll never forget when we sold fab, within 24hrs the chairman came out and said they got a bargain, he was worth 50!

Fuck off


If memory serves correct we got Bellerin as part of the Fabregas deal. Funny how things go around. Really hope that we continue to tell them where to go, even after he picks up his ballon d’or.

Viva la prof

I hope we did that glitter bomb thing, you know the one that they open the letter and a shit ton of glitter falls out


I would rather they sent a shitter bomb


Just send them a ton of shit


The poor Postman


I don’t know what people might say about their football, but off the field they simply lack class

nimble foot

Those fucktards lack class on the pitch as well


Re: Bellerin interest.

Dear Barcelona,

In your fucking dreams, you sad assembly of pustulent shitbuckets.


The Arsenal


You forgot to start with …” I’m choosing my words VERY carefully…”


I am borrowing this.. hope you dont mind


PS kindly find attached of instalment reminder for Cesc Fabregas.

(because they are cunts, i assumed they haven’t finished paying up the transfer fees.)

Original Paul

Barca stards




Doesn’t it seem as though the point of the Marca story is to insinuate that Hector Bellerin spoke to his manager about the possibility of getting a move to Barcelona? The implication therefore would be that he is in fact interested in making that move. If the story were true.

I don’t really buy that Arsenal would actually bother to write such a letter. Barca’s response would be that they can’t control the free press. We understand that club has mouthpieces out there, of course, but it seems like a solid defense and any complaint would be futile.


This and the Xavier comment in the same day? That’s some good damage control by the Catalan cunts or team

determined culture

and then people ask me if i prefer real or barca.
over the years i can remember:
involving barca: overmars, petit, silvinho, van bronckhorst, hleb (that’s a funny one!), thierry, fab
real: ozil.

dare i say i even prefer mancs to them: kolo, clichy, moneybayor, na$ri


We need to start pursuing their first team players. I am sure some of those bastards are not happy with their managerial situation.


Yea like pursuing Messi! That would be fun even if its 200% not likely.


Saw the headline, can’t be arsed to read the article. I’ll just assume the letter said, “Fuck off!’, and hope this is the end of it.


Very careful choice of words there.:D

Dublin Ed

Will Monaco be sending us one of those letters…?


Well the Barça cunts have just reached an agreement for Benfica RB Nélson Semedo, so we can consider this saga done(or at least paused) for the next year or two.


Defective DNA.




I think we really should support bellerin this season, to make sure his hearth remain in London. All the stories began after the booing vs palace. Let’s support him and he will be forever ours.

And btw…. fuck off you Catalan cunts!!!


Hector is definitely staying now that Barca has aquired Nelson Semedo, portuguese international, from Benfica. Semedo is a great talent, but not greater than our Hector.


David Hillier\'s luggage
David Hillier\'s luggage

Can’t wait for the Mail, Sun or some shitty clickbait sport site to headline this as “Arsenal begin talks with Barca over Bellerin transfer”


Talking about right-backs – £50m for Walker!!!
As much as we paid for Laca?
I’m too shocked to laugh even.
Talk about more money than sense.
Maybe Guardiola thinks he’s got another Bale.


Sorry to comment here, but I seem to have stopped get the daily Arseblog mails