Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Stan Kroenke criticised for UK launch of hunting channel

Via The Times comes news of a new online TV channel called My Outdoor TV (MOTV), which, according its bumph, ‘provides streaming TV shows and product demonstrations to hunters, shooting sports enthusiasts, anglers, campers, boaters, and hikers.’

Already established in the US, it was launched in the UK at the weekend, and is owned by Outdoor Sportsman Group, Inc. (a.k.a. Outdoor Sportsman), which is a subsidiary of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment who, of course, are the majority shareholders of Arsenal.

The channel has drawn criticism from animal rights campaigners, as it reportedly broadcasts shows in which hunters kill, amongst other animals, endangered species like lions and elephants.

A spokesperson for the channel, Simon Barr, said, “MOTV will present ethical, fair chase hunting and as long as it’s legal it will be on there. If you like hunting elephants, there will be legal elephant hunts, ethical elephant hunts, shown in that context.”

Shows on the channel include: Pigman – the Series; Hollywood Weapons Highlights; Bone Collector; and Gun Clips with Joe Mantegna (Fat Tony from The Simpsons).

The channel has its headquarters in Denver, Colorado, but the UK PR is being handled by a company called Tweed Media who appear to be keen hunting enthusiasts themselves.

Philippa King, from League Against Cruel Sports, said, “We’re living in a world now where most people can see how brutal and shameful trophy hunting is, yet the Arsenal boss is choosing to launch his sick TV channel in the UK.”

There are, of course, moral difficulties in condemning all hunting. If you eat packaged meat from a supermarket, is that better than a hunter killing a deer to use its meat?

However, the idea of elephants and lions and other animals being hunted for trophies or sport is indefensible, and that fact that KSE are involved in this channel reflects on Arsenal Football Club too.

Arseblog News has reached out to Tweed Media for comment and clarification over the content of the channel, and we’ll update here as and when we get a response.

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What a massive cunt


someone should hunt him down


I couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery, but if some people took it upon themselves to organise a protest at the Emirates about this abhorrent channel and all associated with trophy hunting (cunts), I’d be there 100% with an appropriate placard (though keeping the language clean might be a toughy!).

This Kroenke chap is some piece of shit eh!


I’m sorry but what the fuck is going on at Arsenal? Who in their right mind thought that this was a good idea? The fucking owner of Arsenal Football club is releasing a TV channel that glorifies killing endangered animals like Elephants, Lions etc..? Like what the fuck is going on? What the fuck are the press department doing? Did maybe nobody think that this would, oh, I don’t know, look bad on the club and the fans too? Especially when you consider how rich our support is in Africa. Nothing says ‘come support Arsenal’ like watching HD footage of… Read more »


What a despicable hobby in the first place. Sometimes I cannot believe the world we live in.


I understand hunting for food, like my family hunts for deer once a year (We’ve got an abundance, so hunting is a way of regulating the amount of deer in our area), and we have meat for a long time. Hunting lions, elephants and other endangered species for sport is pure evil though. Kroenke is such a cunt.


You’re right although it’s pretty evil the way we farm and slaughter animals for food too, that won’t stop most of us having a bacon sandwich in the morning, myself included.


I would argue that hunting the deer in my area for personal consumption isn’t farming them (But I do get what you mean, referring to the mass production of meat on sale). The area I live in is on the brink of overpopulation every hunting season, and the hunting quotas on deer are strictly regulated. They’re living too much of a good life here, hence the abundance of them.


Yea I was referring to mass production farming, not trying to say anything bad about you or hunting for food. It’s a necessity for some people and (usually) the animals don’t suffer for long periods.

Hunting for sport on the other hand is hard for me to understand, I mean there’s not much ‘sport’ in it is there really? If you want sport, go kill it with your bare hands or with a blade. Let’s at least have a fair fight haha


In the States there is a growing movement towards backyard farming. More people are growing gardens with vegetables rather than flowers. In my neighborhood there are about 20 homes that keep chickens in the backyard for egg production. It’s great for me because there is always too much for these families to eat and they continually give me farm fresh, organic, free range eggs. There really is a difference.


Another species living the goodlife :O not fair lets kill them.

If an alien came down and said the exact same about the rediculously over populated humans there would be uproar.

It Is What It Is

Iron rods to pigs heads….tractors and forklifts pulling and lifting live, under producing dairy cows…. Let’s take it one further and look at human attrocities. Working away from the UK at the moment, and the shite our news don’t tell us is staggering…HUMAN plight. To single out Arsenal, for relevance is somewhat malicious, although I do not know the context of the statement. Why couldn’t she (Philipa King?) mention Heinz or any other company, that Kroenke has been involved with for a longer amount of time, or actually has a level of involvement in. Perfect opportunity to highlight the actual… Read more »


It is what it is.I couldnt agree more Join the discussion


Particularly since animals like pigs are endangered.


Gilberto, I believe in this case it’s about how you treat your animals rather than the number available. Humans being humane is a good thing.

It Is What It Is

Nitpicking is a form of animal cruelty you know.

Jeremy O Dwyer

I watched a Ted Talk by a young girl recently and her talk was built around the idea of….

‘What would our world be like if animals could talk and what would they think about and say to us?’

It wasn’t a nice thing to think about for too long.


And if the trees and food we eat could all talk as well? Come on guys, it’s an ecosystem, some has to eat some. Even the animals eat other animals. Some plants suck others to death as well

Jeremy O Dwyer

I eat meat so I realize I’m a bit of a hypocrite, but what does an ethical elephant hunt even look like these days?


It is a little bit complicated. Most of the legal hunts that they have for these endangered or exotic animals are only allowed because of the greater good for the species. For example with elephants, maybe there is a rogue older elephant that tries to kill younger ones if they come around. The conservationists might open up a tag on that older one so they can a.) earn money for the conservation effort and b.) prevent the older male from continuing to kill the younger ones. This is a simplified example but if you are really interested in wanting to… Read more »

Ponsonby Gooner



hunting for food is an entirely different kettle of fish


What a massive, massive cunt.


Please fuck off from our classy club.


I wish this cunt had less than 12 months on his contract.


Now that would be IDEAL


While I may not necessarily agree with certain forms of hunting, he’s a businessman and has many other interests. This is pretty much of zero relevance to Arsenal and does not reflect on the club at all. As for the channel, if you don’t like it don’t watch it. Problem solved.


So I may rape your mother today, it has nothing to do with Arsenal and if you don’t like it, don’t watch it.


In what way is that relevant? It’s a television station showing hunting. There’s a lot of worse things that’s often are shown. If people aren’t interested in all likelihood it will fail. You may not be aware but many billionaires make their wealth through nefarious means. As for your childish reply, attempt whatever you want. Just know the consequences will be quite severe.


I just wanted to point out the ignorance in thinking if it doesn’t affect your football club and you don’t have to watch it it’s irrelevant. And of course I used a drastic example for that.


I don’t think so tbh. I’ve thought about it. And ignorant statements demand drastic responses in my eyes. You can of course disagree but I’m not sorry for this comment at all as my intention was very clear and it was surely not glorifying rape or anything like this.

Crash Fistfight

It’s a bad example is because rape is illegal and is not accepted as a reasonable pastime anywhere. Hunting is not illegal (within reason) and is a (fairly) common pursuit, even if it is morally murky.


I don’t even care if it reflects poorly on Arsenal. My response would have been the same on a non Arsenal side. And again. It was meant to highligt the ignorance in his comment. So the part about the rape was very ignorant too. I didn’t deny that. But I still think the thinking behind it was very clear. Or does anybody really thought I’d like to rape his mother or I think it would be a good idea? Come on guys. You need to put things in the context.


its totally irrelevant, because you have no dick.


Do you really mean that I have no dick? That would mean I’m physically handicapped. Do you think it’s funny to make jokes about that?
Or did you just made a joke based on my comment and everybody knows what the thinking behind it was? ?

Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

He meant no Dick Law.
That was obvious, since the debate is about rape and legal stuff.


Hush up, Theon, you’re not coming out of this one looking good. Walk away.

Original Paul

Berlingo your comment is against the comments policy and Blogs could bar you for it. See below:
“Do not use the word ‘rape’ to describe anything in football terms.”


I havent described anything in football terms. I was showing a cunt what cuntish behavior is.

Original Paul

Berlnggoon. You clearly won’t accept that using the word “rape” was wrong. I have no more to say other than I am glad you are not in my life.
Sorry folks had to “play the man” there.


Using the word rape wasn’t wrong. It’s a bloody word. It’s what he said that matters, and it was incredibly stupid, poorly thought out and tasteless.


Don’t know if I’m more irritated by Kroenke and trophy hunting endangered animals (happens here in SA all the time – many times the big businessman just pay the right guys and get to shoot whatever they want), or you using rape as a way to win an argument..

Enough Internet for one day for me.


Brutally brilliant, you sir have watched too much Frankie Boyle


hey we are all arsenal fans here, no personal attacks amongst ourselves pls.


If somebody thinks shooting animals for fun is cool, I don’t care if he’s an Arsenal fan. He’s an arsehole in the first place. I don’t get along with racists too just because they like Arsenal. Football is a cool thing. But there are some values that are way more important for me than the fact which football team you support.


Very bad taste, but it did make me chuckle 😀


Sadly it does. The spokesperson openly mentions arsenal in her response. ‘the arsenal boss is choosing…’

Guilt by association.

What a cunt.

Isaiah Rankin

Classic solving problems by ignoring them, doing wonders for global warming so far


He is the majority shareholder of Arsenal Football Club though, which means that he’ll be in the spotlight should something like this happen. It’s not directly related, but it can cast both himself, and in a worst case scenario, the club, in a bad light. I know Kroenke doesn’t care if people hate him, but I really wish he would.


If it comes to Wenger and/or butchering Stan out (I hope not the former), just dress up as endangered animals like fucking ferocious LIONS and TIGERS and protest LOUDLY, but wear body armour. Forget arguing, lets win the fooking league ….


He has more businesses than Arsenal Football Club. Unfortunately, the UK media are not aware of that fact!


Read the UK press pal. It IS reflecting badly on Arsenal FC as that is the first word in the headlines!

Isaiah Rankin

He’s beginning to seem like a bit of a bad egg, this Kroenke chap…




Sell to Usmanov and crawl back in to the hole you came from you despicable American turd!!!!


Unfortunately I don’t think he’s any better as far as ethics go.

Where\'s Diaby?

Right…because Usmanov is a saint…


Usmanov and his chums use people as targets. Much fairer than using animals, though perhaps not “humane”.


Usmanov is a gangster widely suspected of rape, who has in the past let people freeze as a means of driving up natural gas prices. But yeah, boo Americans!

Your ignorance is leaving the world at a net negative for oxygen. Might want to address that.


Pity he doesn’t seem to give as much of a shit about Arsenal’s trophy hunt.


Well played!

Stuck on repeat...

Or indeed the trophy hunt of ANY of his sporting clubs. Would be nice to think he wants even just one of them to actually win things.

Ivan Drago

Can’t understand this ‘big game’s hunting at all. Go to Africa, shoot at something with a powerful gun, where’s the sport? Where’s the sense of accomplishment? Try attacking a lion with a pointy stick and see how you get on, twats


It’s a rich people thing


Rich cunt thing, more like.


At times it’s not just animals they hunt. Some times it involves humans too.
Only that the good old rich man’s media dresses it as “liberating you from some ‘dictator’.”

Indeed it leaves those “liberated” people endangered, floating on crowded boats across the seas.

Damn you rich people

Gudang Pelor

Nice. Your comment deserves 1000 green thumbs.


Yep, I’m sure it makes them really proud – they’re assholes and those who broadcast and watch this so called sport, are just as bad.


Just lost for words. Animals going extinct every year, the ice caps are melting, greenland is going brown.
And the owner of my football club launches a hunting channel. hope he gets bitten or something.


by a zomibe


We’re all avoiding the joke about Trophy hunting? Probably good

I mean, Daniel Levy would never do a show about Trophy hunting…

Nice to see Keoenke has finally employed some people good at shooting…

Is there a show about Eboue’s Halloween costumes?


While I do not condone the act of hunting, I would just like to present a bit of perspective in regards to the act of ”hunting endangered animals”.
Some parks provide the option to hunt sick and/or dying endangered species that inhabit the protected ecosystems. What happens is that, with the amount of money they raise, they are able to keep the park going and help protect the younger endangered animals.


I get the pragmatism behind that.
But this just makes them bigger cunts, what if they don’t get a head shot in
first? and animals that are already suffering have to suffer more so some sadist cunt can get his kicks?
Anyone who goes around killing or hurting animals for fun is an epic cunt and our owner is worse than Satan, Satan was a fallen angel, Kroenke has never done anything good he’s just been an epic cunt for the entirety of his existence.


Ok. All I’m saying is that it is better that the weaker, dying animals (who are already suffering) are being hunted by those who are willing to pay the Natural Reserves hundreds of thousands of dollars to protect the ecosystem and also defend the animals from poachers who are hunting younger, healthier, endangered animals who contribute more to the sick/old/dying ones the aforementioned hunters are hunting down. Let’s put it this way, these hunters are doing more for the preservation of endangered species and protecting them from poachers than you, me or anyone else on this comment section have ever… Read more »


Or they could just donate the money and not kill the defenceless animal with the large gun, which would make them much nicer people …


Are you a vegatarian? Because if not, it’s time to get off your high fucking horse. Good day.


No I just don’t agree with killing things for fun


It’s ‘for fun’ but the money being made is, once again, being used to fund the preservation of the park. Could they donate the money without hunting? Sure. But then again i doubt they would. I’ve never donated much to animal wildlife preservation, and I’m pretty sure a majority of the people commenting here have either. So it’s safe to say that, while they are ‘hunting for fun’ they are donating more money in the process than any of us 🙂


It’s also safe to say the majority of people commenting here aren’t a pack of billionaire cunts.

I\'m Professor Ignorance, on this subject

The whole “only shoot sick animals” thing doesn’t work very well in practice. It just gives corrupt park personnel an out for when they accept a large bribe in return for letting Donal Trump Jr. blow away some cheetahs so he can feel like his hands are bigger. In a nation with good law enforcement, like the US, it can work, but not in most African countries.

All the millionaires are doing is paying an extra fee for their “sport”. It isn’t really limiting how their range of targets to the sick and old.


How could you possibly say this with any conviction?
Unless you know me? and everyone else on this comments section? the only person we know who’s not doing anything is you.
And you could be lying…..

Let’s be clear the only thing we do know is that if you think it’s fun to shoot or hurt animals for fun? Then you’re a psychopath and a complete cunt.
And if you defend the psychopath your either really stipid or a complete cunt yourself.
At no point is it acceptable to go around hurting living creatures for shits and giggles


You’re a fucking moron. For two reasons 1) You didn’t even bother to read my comment and understand what it tried to say and (2) For failing to understand how the world works.

I will not bother to try and explain this to you again. Have a good day. Everybody sits on their high fucking horse without understanding anything. No wonder you all still think Arsenal have a chance of winning the fucking league.

Peace out.


Those who live in glass houses should not be throwing stones.

My Wig smells cheesy

What an angry little boy

The Ref

Oh good. More in-fighting in the comments section. Wonderful.

How can this comment get through moderation within 20 minutes, when many of us wait hours for comments to show up, if at all? Is there a handshake I don’t know?

Boom Xhaka Laca

‘Tweed Media’? I had to check whether today was April Fool’s Day when I got to that bit…


Oh Kroenke…Hunting lions, elephants, and Arsenal to the ground (imagine if Wenger wasn’t around!)

I can’t find a reason to like this guy much at all


Absolute bastards!


Who cares


I do! Elephants are disappearing and promoting “legal” hunts is encouraging some African countries to go on and increase this “sport”! This is shame and murder! What about launching “legal” hunts of cunts! Could be successful as cunts are more numerous than elephants!

Crash Fistfight

I might be wrong, but I think cunt hunting is a widely practised sport in town centres across the nation, of a weekend.


Guess what I care for animals to. In fact I work in a job which involves the protection of the environment and animals. Let’s look at the facts it’s a TV station that is already broadcast in the USA. Arsenal fan don’t have to watch it in fact nobody in the UK has to watch it and it won’t make a difference. I won’t watch it the way I see it it’s just away to attack arsenal or someone connected to Arsenal. The arsenal owner like him or not. If you want to have a go at a football club… Read more »




“Shows on the channel include: Pigman – the Series.”

So that’s what happened to Grant Holt.

dharma steve

Killing for the sake of killing is the worst of human behaviour. To glorify that behaviour is the ultimate disgrace. As a person responsible for that channel, Kroenke as well as being the major shareholder, is the major “Karma Holder”. In Buddhism the results of Karma are inevitable. Expect the decline of Kroenke’s empire in the foreseeable future.


Or Kroenke could be reborn as a debilitated elephant.


Down with Stan


Get the fuck out of our club.

Scandinavian tourist

Yes get this Wallmart, Elephant/Lion for fun killing redneck out now. It is becoming harder and harder claiming or defending Arsenal as a classy club with this fuckstick dimwit as the majority shareholder. Cant somebody just trophy hunt this dildo imposter..


Bob Le Dreamy

Ethical elephant hunts? Fuck off.

George H

What an absolute fucking prick

Dino Plopp

Can’t believe some people think that hunting endangered animal is good fun!!! I do believe the black rhinoceros is about to go extinct!!! Certain parts of “humanity” need to be made extinct!!!


It’s being poached into extinction. Poaching is illegal hunting. This is not what this television channel represents.
I am not a fan of hunting, and do not partake in it. But please do some research and understand what they mean by ‘hunting endangered animals’. It’s actually something that helps species under threat. I am not trying to support this channel or the hobby, I would just like to make people understand the differences.
Have a lovely day.

Alex james boat trip

Why do we have to bring stuff like this over from amercia they love this kind of thing some bloke in swindon watching elephants hunts on his laptop just werid and terrible i hope it didnt replace ray mears or anything intresting about nature! too much rubbish on now i dont care for people living in a shed in alska its the travel channel put micheal palin on doing some you know traveling !

Pragmatic and sensible

Bullshit. There is more done for conservation by hunters than any other group. Selling passes to control populations helps the whole species. That is very different to poachers illegally hunting animals.


Who needs facts and logic when we’ve got simple emotional arguments!?

Yankee Gooner

Thank god for the hunters because there is no other conceivable way for an old or sick animal to die, is there?


He’s a cunt alright!


On a positive note, if Stan gets gored to death by a bull elephant, it may solve our ownership problem.


The connection to Arsenal football club is flimsy and the article verges on clickbait territory.


explain the connection then. You are coming off like Jimmy Kimmel when he cried about the Lion. I don’t see any headlines from you about Usmanov’s human rights record and he is the 2nd largest shareholder at Arsenal. I do not support hunting for sport at all but you have to be consistent and put this into perspective.


I understand the the anger we feel fellow gunners and the way this American prick is tying our great club to this sick “sport” but let’s look at the facts. Right or wrong what he is doing is supposed legal but what about football in general and the dirty money being pumped into the sport. Criminals all around the world from the Russians to the Chinese and perhaps worst of all the Saudis tied to so many clubs all over the world. The problem is bigger than arsenal and maybe its time to take a stand up to all these… Read more »


Don’t forget UAE…

Crash Fistfight

Shh, it doesn’t count when Arsenal do it.


This is definitely not cool. Ugh. Fuck me.


Just when I think I cant dislike him anymore. What a penis. If we don’t win the league this season (without champions league football) I think its time we all went Kroenke Hunting.

Honestly disgusted our club is associated with this because of someone who has no time for our club.

Del boy

Now that’s a proper good reason to dislike Stan if you don’t already. Actually gratifying killing endangered species to main stream public is basically educating people from a young age that this is acceptable behavior. When we should be doing the opposite.
Stan you double cunt, fuck off!


Bloody hell. This is an awful development. To even begin to suggest there is an “ethical & fair” way of trophy hunting is ludicrous. Purely an attempt to soft soap the gullible & allow those with inadequacy issues to pursue their sick “hobby”.

Quite frankly, I now think Peter Hill Wood had it right first time.

Also, could Arseblog please refrain from “Reaching Out To” pepole and continue “Contacting” them?


Why did my phone change People to Pepole? WTF is a Pepole anyway. Might have meant PeePole, which I suppose be a euphemism for what I now think of Stealthy Stan


Well, “Attempted to contact them” then. I assume you didn’t really lean out your window in an attempt to grab hold of them.
Sorry but this really is one of the more unbearable Americanisms, not quite in the “Math” league but not far off

I\'m Professor Ignorance, on this subject

What about when people say “soccer”? Like, I like to watch Arsenal play soccer.

If you’re an American writing in America, or mainly for Americans, then as far as I’m concerned “you can do the math” and “go ahead and reach out to some soccer buddies” with my full consent and encouragement 🙂


Not that Soccer is an Americanism anyway


Why did you feel the need to report on this?


In an ideal world a lucky Gooner will be picked at random, given a bow and arrows (dipped in Zimbabwean batshit) and set on Stan’s tracks in the Savannah. ..if he catches up with Stan he gives him the simple choice of either releasing his toupee and Arsenal FC back into the wild or getting an arrow up his you know what…


Meat is murder. Hunting is murder. As long as Arsenal owner remains openly pro-hunting, I am not going to chip in to his blood fortune.


Hunting for sport is murder. Meat is food. Arsenal still sell meat pies and hot dogs.


I think the Running Man needs to be brought back, and this fucker could be first.

After all, that would drive the ratings up which is very important no?

Laughing Stock

That’s a result, i was looking for another reason not to like that odd cunt

Scandinavian tourist

Well this sure made some Kroenke fanboys crawl out of their midwest lairs didn’t it?

Now the likes of Gazidis and Wenger can truly shut up about topics of club values, morale and such when facing the press etc. Hypocrisy at its finest. Embarrassing really..


yeah because all the hunters in the world are from the midwest. smh

Scandinavian tourist

Naah not at all, but i would assume that he’s got the largest fanbase around those parts. But i could be wrong offcourse..

The Wizard of Oz(il)

Not surprised at all since he’s a heartless bastard. May he now live long enough to see any profit from this “investment”… The cunt…

The Wizard of Oz(il)

NOT*, got me riled up, damn him!


Too bad he’s more interested in hunting animal trophies than football trophies.


Hunting in the sense of food or to control a population, such as deer, is necessary and inevitable.

Trophy hunting on endangered species is cretinous and indefensible as the penultimate paragraph states. One does not have to be some uber vegan – and I am not – to see that clearly.

Once again, this demonstrates Kronke’s tin ear for all things PR related. Either the guy is just tone deaf or – more likely – he just doesn’t give a damn – period.

Either way, the fact of him as Arsenal’s majority owner is ????????????


What a vile person Stan Kroenke must be….but should we be surprised?
I personally strongly disagree with the “hunting for food” brigade too.
Why? Because most hunters get a sick f***ing kick out killing something.
Kroenke brings shame to Arsenal Football Club.

Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

The only animal that may be shot today is a pit bull trained by drug traffickers to attack intruders. We should send wealthy gun toting people to take care of that. Wait a minute. That would be too dangerous for them, the poor darlings.


Oh, Fat Tony… for shame…

Yankee Gooner

That was my major takeaway from this, too.


This has nothing to do with Arsenal not sure why it’s been posted.

Press Box Gooner

It has plenty to do with Arsenal – see below. Aside from the financial aspect, the club is tainted by association.


Is Arsenal’s name on the channel?
Prove to me how this has anything to do with Arsenal and stop being a sheep

The Limp Bar

I want Kroenke to go more than ever now. What a massive, massive bell-end.

Press Box Gooner

Whatever the arguments about culling animals because of over-population or because they are infirm or old, the bottom line is that Syrupy Stan is turning what, in my opinion, is an indefensible and barbaric practice into entertainment. Moreover, he’s doing it not through altruism or for reasons of conservation but to make money. Which is his reason for owning Arsenal. As for the notion that this has nothing to do with Arsenal – our support for the club, especially if we attend matches, pay Sky subscriptions etc – means we are party to increasing his fortune and financing his abhorrent… Read more »

Yorkshire Gunner

Is Gunnersaurus safe?

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