Video: “Alexis sounds like a man who has decided to leave”


In the wake of his comments yesterday about his future, James looks at the Alexis Sanchez situation.

Does he want to stay or go? And will Arsenal allow him to go to Man City? It’s a complicated one, because Arsenal can hold him to the final 12 months of his contract, especially if there are no options to sell him abroad.

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Super Joshi

Make peace with him leaving. Sounds a lot like RVP, Nasri, Fab etc situation. Even shades of Vardy last season where he needed time. Think about it normally means I’ll say no later.


If he’s going he’s going. We’ve lost players before. Doesn’t seem like the club can do anything about that.

What they can do is sign adequate replacements. Lacazette would be a good start but we need more.


There is something they can do about it. He has a year left on his contract, show some backbone and make him see it out!


Whether he goes now or in a year we still need to act


And let him go on a free now way cash in now.


I think he’s defo leaving, if he was staying it would have happened by now. His agent has probably told him not to say anything because it would be bad PR and let arsenal off the hook. Ideally Bayern or PSG would stump up the money and that would done, but city is looking more likely, I doubt the board will turn down $50m.


Doesn’t matter if he wants to go. He’s under contract. We’d be better off paying him his salary to not play than to let him play for Manchester City.

Third Plebeian

Praying the latest Bayern Munich rumours are true. Imagine this scenario: We sell Alexis to Bayern for £50m and put that money towards the fee for Mbappe. Lacazette, Mbappe, and a midfielder? That, to me, would be a successful summer!

Third Plebeian

Should clarify: Praying that IF he goes, that he goes to Bayern, not City, and that while never ideal to lose your top goalscorer, I would be happy if we used his transfer fee towards the purchases of Lacazette and Mbappe. I think too many people assume that speculating or admitting inevitability in losing Alexis implies a desire to see him go. However, I will admit to being uneasy with the idea of forcing him to play out his last year if he really doesn’t want to be here. He’s a divisive figure in the squad at the best of times, and I don’t want an angry player bringing others around him down. Yes, he’s a professional, but we’ve also seen he’s not above a strop and a sulk.

A Ebi

Get aguero in

Dan Hunter

The solution is quite obvious to me. Pay him the money that will make him stay. If it is an extra 100k per week than he has been offered, that is 5 million extra a year. To replace him we would need to pay upwards of 70m in today’s market. If any player throws a fuss wanting similar wages, we need to be ruthless and say if you want Alexis wages, give us Alexis performances. Simple as.

Dan Hunter

The other thing is there are only a handful of players in the world, other than the obvious Messi/Ronaldo who could replace him sufficiently. Surely it makes financial and footballing sense to keep him.

My opinion about the situation is that he will stay, sign a new deal with a clause allowing him to leave at the end of the season if we do not compete. This is based in the fact he is happy in London


Alexis situation is simple- sell him this year to outside the prem or keep him till his last year and let him decide where he wants to go.
Except we do the business with City and swap him for Aguero. Any of those three situation is fine, just getting tired of these Alexis talk

Ex-Priest Tobin

He’d be mad not to want to leave. A player of his calibre deserves to be in the Champions League, but the fraud Wenger wasn’t even able to pull that off.


Yeah! Well said!

Only managed it every year for two decades. Stupid fraud.

Lack of Perspective

A player of his calibre bitched and moaned at his team mates when the going got tough. He scored yes. But he was a a destructive force during our turmoil last season. his turnovers were out right pathetic towarss end of last season. If he doesnt want to sign, he can see out his contract and we leave it there. We payed 35m for him. And it was worth it. A season more is worth more than 50m. For sure.


No player is bigger than the club, let him leave and get the prolific Aguero

Third Plebeian

I don’t want Aguero’s dodgy hamstrings anywhere near our club…unless he’s a luxury signing. Do we do those?

canon fodder

Ex-Priest, you perhaps have not understood the fact that we live within the confines of democracy which advocates freedom and also capitalism, which dictates that money is the main driver for change and desire. Arsenal, in general, and Wenger, in particular plucked Sanchez from inertia (Barcelona’s bench), developed his football skills further and made him a millionaire many times over. He has now been offered an even bigger contract, which so far, he has refused to sign. How does this make Wenger a fraud? Wenger cannot force him to sign the contract; Sanchez has free will and only a year left on his current contract. Please explain how this makes Wenger fraudulent? It is a case that you have just posted a word on this site in which you do not know the meaning of?

Original Niger

Did he qualify us for champion league ? I love this guy but he will only flourish if a team is built around him. Will he get that at man city ? His goal made up for a lot if his excess, why are are not all the team in Europe running for his signature ?


I guess he didn’t play all season, last season?!

Unoriginal Paul

Nice blood meridian reference.

Original Paul



What a time. Our best three players of last season haven’t committed to Tue club not to mention 11 players some amoung whom could’ve been valuable for us like szcenzy. And now even the one of our best academy player is following them by leaving the club on free.


I have to say that I am totally baffled as to why we haven’t brought back Szczesny.


Perhaps he doesn’t want to come back

Also Petr Cech probably gives us more than just his goalkeeping skills. He seems like a really good guy to have around the team.


I agree about Cech and would hope he will stay on as a goalkeeping coach. Szczesny has stated in the past that he would like to return and with Cech in his twilight years and with the large number of games we play we need another class keeper which the two years at Roma has shown that he is.

Viva la prof

Even just for the lols


I still haven’t forgotten or forgiven Sczesney for that Southampton performance and having a fag afterward in the changing room!
Sorry, but that shows a distinct lack of care in the cause after all the faith and play time he was given and he took it for granted – I’m glad we shipped him off to Roma and no I don’t want to see him in an Arsenal shirt again.

If Ospina goes and we need a number 2 I agree with Wenger and think we should give Martinez a chance. Can’t knock him for professionalism and it’s always good to see an academy player rise through the ranks. Give him a chance!


That was over 2 years ago. The guy has matured and is now a world class keeper. Don’t forget he did win the Golden Gloves with us. By your reasoning anyone who has one bad game should never play for us again. The smoking incident was blown out of all proportion and he isn’t the only player who smokes


It’s not about one bad game, it’s about the attitude shown afterwards. Do you think Sanchez would light up a fag after having a bad game in the changing room? Or would he be angry and feel frustrated and strive to do better next time?
I don’t care if he smokes – but don’t do it after a game you’ve played shit in in the changing room when you should be hanging your head in shame.
We pay the highest wages and the least they can do is be professional.
I disagree that he is world class. We’re talking about him coming back to be no.2.

He had his chance and he blew it, he played hundreds of games for us and he behaved like a twat by the end of it. It’s not like he was 20 at the time and made a little mistake. He was paid tens of thousands of pounds and he took it for granted, it’s his own fault, he made his own choices.

I’m sick of players who don’t give it their all on and off the pitch, I never want to hear Arsenal fans singing “you’re not fit to wear the shirt” again. It’s that kind of attitude we need rid of in the squad.

Faisal Narrage

I was gonna counter, but it’s obvious you’re just an unreasonable person with a very narrow, binary view on the world.

But if you think a keeper who won golden gloves whilst keeping on loan and benching Brazil’s first choice keeper, and outperforming the likes of the young AC Milan keeping prodigy and arguably the finest keeper of our generation isn’t world class compared to our current number 1 who isn’t even in the top 5 of keepers this season in the league, then you’re clearly an irrational fellow.


So I’m unreasonable for having a different opinion to you? My points are as valid as yours so whatever. I’m open minded enough to discuss this with you rather than just label you as unreasonable for having a different opinion. Try growing up and engage in dialogue. I could easily say you’re irrational and narrow minded for saying he should be brought back after his behaviour.
Cech has won titles, Szcz has not. He can win all the golden gloves in the world it doesn’t change the fact he behaved like a twat, it was unprofessional, we paid him well and gave him so many games and that was how he decided to behave.
Don’t get me wrong, I loved him back in the day when he took Bale out at WHL, I get that he has an affinity for the club, but his attitude that day was unprecedented and deserved the consequences he got.
The manager himself hasn’t brought him back either so there must be a feeling that the ship has sailed for him.
If you think Szcz’s attitude is better than Alexis’, that you’d rather a player who smoked in the changing room in front of his teammates and manager after such a terrible performance is better than Alexis who goes mad even when the team has won and he hasn’t scored or demands more from his teammates, then I guess we’ll never agree.

Faisal Narrage

FYI I’d rather a player be so disappointed he smokes in the shower and still publicly states his love for the club than one who’s so disappointed he takes it out on other team mates, absolves himself of any responsibility and is likely to leave, like Sanchez your ideal moral standard, is doing.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Szczesny tried to smoke because he was so disappointed of himself that day. You try to forget something with a cigarette. Haven’t lot of people even become alcoholic because of a big disappointment ? I am only explaining how people may try to remove something from their mind with a cigarette. At least Wilshere go home to do that.


he made a mistake , and he was punished by pushing out of the team , thats fair enough . but you dont condemn him for eternity out of the team just because of that incident . its credit to sczenznys professionalism that during those two years he became even better player , arguably the best in the Italian league . and its not like others are beacon of true professionalism . wilshere have been caught in similar silly incident for even more times than that , wenger still keeps him around.

Dan Hunter

@Azy83 by your logic, smoking a cigarette is worse than the shit this team delivered last season between December and April (ish). Last season’s performances were amongst the most unprofessional I have seen from any so called big team in years. If Sczeczny deserves to be shipped, what about some of the the players who played like cunts last season?


I agree he’s done well while out there, and I’m happy for him. It was Arsene Wenger who made him, and Arsene Wenger who took him out, and ultimately it’ll be his decision.
Whilst I can see most fans can forgive him because it was a mistake by a young player, I’d be surprised to see if anyone would like him back if he wasn’t playing so well. I think many people are excusing him because they want the talent, but I’m just saying I’m wary of him because of his past attitude. What if he does it again? That’s all I’m saying, and that’s why I’d rather a fresh start with Emi Martinez who hasn’t had a chance yet.

Dan Hunter

Again you can be taking about almost any player in the squad in the same way and it would be valid

Miguel sanchez

At least get some value for him, he’s worth pogba money!


They can afford it

Third Plebeian

He’s going on 29 and entering the last year of a contract. He is not worth Pogba money. I’d say £50m is about right.


It’s right but they pay over the odds for everybody


Bloody disgrace. Same thing for the last 10yrs..Every Time a half decent player turns up in the team, he leaves to ‘greener pastures’. If Ramsey had went to have had a full magic season..he sure wouldn’t be an arsenal player anymore.
On one hand Ivan the Terrible (he is truly terrible..not in a scary way..but sheer incompetence for the job) wants us to get behind the team and manager. Please tell me how can you get behind the team when there is this perennial apathy on field, in the team, sheer ambition of the club on most fronts.

I hope Wenger and the club prove me wrong. But in my gut I know this is not going to get better before it gets worse.


Things are very different now from what they were a few years ago. We have money. We have a much stronger squad.

Let’s try to keep an open mind.


We’ve just finished outside the top4 for the first time in 20 years, so if this is our best squad? Then either the manager isn’t getting the best out of them? Or others are improving at a higher rate?
Either way it points to incompetence or a lack of desire to do anything but cruise at around the same speed.


I’m clutching at straws here, but, I’m hoping he’s staying and the club want to announce his extension at the same time as revealing Lacazette.
Straws firmly clutched 🙂


He could just be fucking with us


Are these magic straws?


If it works, I will claim they were ? If he leaves I’ve been ripped off and am stuck with 234 magic straws.
Sure I’ll flog em on eBay.

Original Paul

Why did you buy so many mate??? 🙂


I’ve been buying one every time Arsenal gives me anxiety in the transfer market ?

Original Paul

Makes sense 🙂

Viva la prof

Yep in my world of delusion Sanchez fucking loves us and is just trolling pep and city.. no point getting wound up at things that are basically just made up journalism fishing for clicks.. if he stays I’ll be delighted if he goes then fuck him for all his individual brilliance there is also an argument that his lack of team discipline and attitude can be negative. I remember he didn’t high five Wellbeck on his return of the bench. Don’t get me wrong I know what he does is world class, but cesc fabregas hurt me far more than Sanchez will.


Indeed! Van Persie I thought was world class but the minute we sold him he become a glass legged cock womble!
I’m going to try and hate Alexis…but, that smile ?


well said,Towards the end of last season it was very horrifying to watch him literally having no respect for anyone except oezil..It’s just that his goals at mancity that would hurt us the most..

Chippys chip

Buy him battersea dogs home. Sell him abroad or keep him for final year.



Third Plebeian



We’ve done this to ourselves.
We’ve acted second rate and become second rate.
Arsene saying we can’t compete at a certain level, despite a similar wage bill to our rivals and money in the bank has become a self profiling prophesy.
We’re seen as a club who’s just drifting, simply because we have been.
The Lacazette signing doesn’t excite me, as he’s not as good as:
I don’t blame Alexis for wanting out, and we’re in a position that £50-60mill for a 28yr old who’s played a lot of football, is likely to sulk and has less than 12months andon his deal makes sense.
The only player I can think who I’d find as an acceptable replacement would be James Rodriguez, he’s 25 hasn’t played much football and an unbelievable talent.
But his agent is that slimey Portuguese prick…
The only positive I have at the minute is I think our new system actually fits the player we have a lot better.
Spending £50mil on Lacazette who doesn’t appear to be much better than what we have in Giroud+Welbeck, I can’t say that it thrills me.
One way or another the club need to put this Alexis+Ozil+Chambo contract saga to bed so we can move on.
If the club keep dithering with this dangling over our heads on opening day, it’s inevitable it’ll just kick off again.


I don’t see how we can buy any of those other players, and we don’t know how good Lacazette is going to be


I’ve a feeling he might prove he belongs on that list if you’ve put Kane on it. Time will tell and I’m happy to see him join.

Original Paul

You missed the Lord off your list!

A different George

Gee, you forgot Messi and Ronaldo.


“I dont blame Alexis for wanting to leave..” Why do I find people saying this still?
Yes, at the end of the season it made sense for him. But now with club showing real ambition of signing quality players and is on the verge of signing them, why is Alexis still wanting to leave? Not to mention Arsenal are ready to beef up his salary. I just feel this is an insult to the club and supporters by Alexis. This makes me furious! But then I get reminded of his never say die attitude on the field and I just feel disappointed rather than angry with him.


I think we offered a 250k per week take it or leave it contract. Alexis has nowhere to go as he has already played at the very top level with Barcelona. Bayern i imagine are reluctant to spend 50 million on a 29 year old and they can’t afford his wages. Only City can afford Alexis IMO but i don’t think we’ll let him go to City and even if he does go it’s a step down because we are a much better club than City will ever be.
Ozil is smart on the other hand. I think he will stay and eventually leave to turkey or MLS on a free transfer.


How are we better than City? They won the league what, 2-3 times since we won it last time? They have one of the most exciting managers in the world, really good squad, resources, ambition and a structure that we are miles away from (DoF etc.) it is a plastic club funded by dirty money like chelski, hate them to their guts but you can’t argue the facts. We are a mess and not an attractive proposition as we used to be.

Viva la prof

I’m going to thumb you down for saying it, but what you said wasn’t without truth.. sorry

A different George

They won it twice (their first championship since 1968). Since their last title, they have paid 32 mil for Mangala, 28 mil for Otamendi, and $47 mil for Stones. That’s only centre-halfs. Do you see my point?

A different George

47 million pounds for Stone. No idea how the dollar sign appeared.


If you’re talking to me, George, no, I don’t see your point. They are splashing the cash around like there is no tomorrow, yes, that’s why I called them a plastic club. But their ambitions are obvious and Leicester showed it’s not really about the money. It’s about getting more than a sum of your parts from the team, through motivation, tactics, right players in right positions etc. I don’t remember the last time I could say that Wenger (who is basically and sadly still the alfa and omega at our club) was able to extract the most out of the team and the club’s resources. Maybe in the post stadium years but for the last 4-5 years surely not.


In the last 4-5 years we did show ambition in the transfer market and the proof for that is the trophies we have won. I think all the players we brought in were quality purchases and we paid the RIGHT price for them. Yes, we are guilty of not spending as much as our rivals to mount a proper challenge but i would like to think that with Arsenal ‘success’ is a journey and not a destination.
We have reached a point where we know the foundation is very very strong. Winning the FA cup last season was not easy considering the environment the team was playing in. That in itself is proof that this team have it in them. We should now go out and take that risk in the market and get the right players into the club.
We signed Ozil – We won the FA cup
We signed Alexis- We retained the cup.
We spent 100 million – We won the cup.
If we keep this squad and add a 130 million player OR couple of quality additions, we will no doubt challenge for the title. The team sheet does not lie. Some would argue that the manager is tactically inept but, there is no point debating that because he signed a 2 year deal and i will back him until the last day.

I would say keep this squad and sign M’bappe even if he costs 140-150 million pounds. If we manage to do that then we know we can always pull out signings like El Neny, Holding, Kolasinac if the squad needs further strengthening.

You don’t become the best club in the world overnight. It’s a process and we have reached a point where we are forced to take the next step. Fingers crossed it goes well.

Faisal Narrage

Ivan, is that you?


Faisal, best comment possible to what ramgooner wrote. That made my day, thanks 🙂


Personally, this is a no brainer to me – sell him! If Man City want to pay fifty million for a 29 year old that is up to them. Can’t see anyone else doing that. Buy good young players with that money, the squad needs a revamp anyway in my opinion, might have to have a transitional season not ideal after what we have been promised over the last few years but sometimes it needs to happen. Ultimately if we invest in good quality youth we will be stronger for it in the long term. Is any player worth 60 million for one season, which is what it will cost us with wages. Buy Lemar and Seri, who would want to be there.


I think we should make them pay more than 50m. They paid that for John Stones!


John Stones would have been worth 55 the next season, Alexis will be worth nothing.


They want him now though don’t they, and money means nothing to them


Exactly! I say 70 million pounds minimum. He effectively buys them the league. Or he plays out his contract. A player aspiring to compete with Messi/Ronaldo ain’t going to sulk too long?! Sorry but if they pay 70 fine we buy a WC replacement don’t give out any handouts Arsenal. He’s under contract and lives to play. All too much drama

Third Plebeian

If Alexis was two years younger and had two or more years left on a contract, then I think you could be talking £70m+, but given his current age and contract it’s bound to be less. I’d guess somewhere in the region of £50-60m.


Perhaps money means nothing to them but it does to Arsenal as it should to any club. 60 million ( including wages) is a lot and that could be invested for the future. I don’t see any point thinking so short term. Spend 90 million including wages on 2 good young players, we will be stonrger for longer. Personally I want to dominate the league, the only way to do that is making sound long term investments.


The only way we dominate the league is if we don’t get left behind in the prestige stakes now. And it’s not just prestige, since of course we lose a bunch of money if we don’t qualify for the CL again, and there’s also highly important sponsorship deals to consider: the most prestigious clubs get the most lucrative sponsorship deals, and we’ve already been lagging behind a bit in that area.


Are you sure that Lemar and Seri want to be here? Monaco don’t need to sell, and in addition such exciting (and proven) prospects could have 10 better club’s than us lining up for them. In my opinion, we are the level of Sevilla at best (but they won the EL a few times at least). We have more money, stronger brand globally, better stadium and London is an exciting place to leave, but from a sporting and organizational point of view, we are even below Sevilla.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Alexis is not going to have a good season this year anyways. He has played too many summers. He is not going to shine as much as he did with Arsenal last season. Leicester won the league without having Alexis. Chelsea won the league with other good players. We can do same.


Is this your argument (not the complete speculation about whether he’ll have a good year or not, but the rest of it)?

1. Some other teams won the league without Alexis.
2. Therefore, it is possible for us to win the league without Alexis.
3. Therefore, what? What follows? We should sell him?

As it stands, this is not a very good argument.

Third Plebeian



This should ABSOLUTELY NOT be a transitional year. With the increasingly intense competition in the PL, without a sugar daddy owner, and with the inevitable uncertainty coming when Wenger finally does retire, probably in two years (a new manager will want to bring in his own players, have his own philosophy, etc), we CANNOT AFFORD to lose out on the CL for another year or two. It will only get harder and harder to attract top talent (it’s not just the 25 yr old stars; scouting is such that even teenagers are being fought over by clubs all across Europe these days), and get back into the top 4 the longer we’re out.

We’ll become like Liverpool under Hicks and Gilette, a period which they’re only now recovering from under Klopp (one magical Suarez-inspired year aside). Or even worse: the new Tottenham.

Plus, 50m doesn’t buy you what it used to. In this market, Sanchez is worth more like 75-80m (even at his age). Even if we can convince young talent to want to join us, many clubs are not going to agree to sell their best young players for 30-50m (see Monaco with Lemar). And anyway, if they did agree then we could afford to pay those kinds of sums on 2-3 players even if Sanchez doesn’t leave (we also have some other players on the books that if we sold could bring us some good income).

Let’s not forget: we finished FIFTH last year. Replacing Sanchez with similar quality (a very difficult task) will only mean remaining at our current level. We need to improve considerably, not stand still. We should be pushing for 1st, not 4th (and if we keep all our best players and add to them, that’s not impossible); but if we miss out on 4th again, it will be a disaster.

There are many, many other reasons to keep Sanchez, but since I occasionally like to pretend I have a life, I’ll leave it there for now.

Faisal Narrage

I think we could lose Sanchez and improve, through not just astute buys to fit a vision, but through proper tactics ala Pocc of Conte.

But Wenger sadly isn’t that type of tactical tinkerer.


PFo I like to read your comments, you sound like a smart and sensible guy. You can say what I feel and think, but with more structure and maybe less emotion/impulsivity so kudos to you! Keep them coming!


Get behind the manager and team? Not me my friend. I’m utterly gutted that we have come to a point where every time we have a good decent player. He moves away in search of more as this club lack ambition. We’re promised 200 million spending spree but will never happen. What will happen is that Lacazette will come for 50 millions same 50 million city splashed on Alexis so we will still have 200 million in bank comes December and the interest from it will help to pay Kroenke and Wenger bonus while we will be killing ourselves in the stands after another trophy less season. Thanks Alexis for his 3 years contribution, will support him wherever he goes.


Only if he goes abroad! If he goes to Citeh he becomes the new RVP, also we become even more of a feeder club for them.
Make him stay or go to China.


I can’t see he will improve them all that much. Attack is not their problem is it.


You should always get behind the team


As much as i’d love Alexis to stay, I support Arsenal FC. Not single players or manager or anyone on the board, my loyalty lies with Arsenal FC.

We were doing ok before Alexis arrived, we have done ok with him at the club and we will be ok when he goes, whenever that is.


Players come and go, but the Arsenal remain eternal.

Third Plebeian

Yup. I think people are getting really overwrought about the possibility of losing Alexis. He’s not god, people!

cazorla\'s smile

Then what are you doing here my friend? This is Arseblog. Fans of Arsenal! In other words support the manager and the team i.e. the club.


If he goes to a rival, he is a rival. Rightly or not I feel a distaste whenever I see a former gunner at City, Chelsea, Man U, etc. who chose to leave to a direct rival.

If it is someone the club decided or mutually it was decided was time to move on that is different and I always wish the best except on the day they play us.


I fully agree with you Vinie. Can’t believe the amount of downvotes. Guess Sept 1st when we (they) see that it’s same old same old quite a few will change their minds. Now it’s the same naive hope that this will be our year, with a crazy egomaniac at the helm. I made my mind and I’m not changing, after giving too much time and hope to Wenger.


Well, you go right ahead then. Support a player here for 3 years who wants to leave and throws his toys out of the pram when he doesn’t get his way instead of the club. It’s your prerogative. Not the way I see it though.


Force him to see out his contract especially with the team we should be building for next season.

Me So Hornsey

Very avoidable, very predictable, very depressing. If this truly happens then it would be proof of just how out of touch Wenger and the board have become from the fans. Completely detached. I’d go so far as to call it contempt.


Well said Hornsey!


I don’t think top 4 is anywhere guaranteed next year. Just think about it, we got 75 points last season and still didn’t make it. So I would keep Sanchez and significantly increase our chances to get that CL money of 20m. We then only lose 30m, if City are offering 50m, and they get a 29 years old who has played non-stop for 4 years straight.


i just cant see how are we gonna get into top four . we already have a big fight in our hands with traditional top teams like city , united , chelsea . now the teams that were below us have passed us too like tottenham and liverpool . and looking below ,everton are spending like crazy with the new manager buying some quality players . ours are the only team loosing good players , buying not enough …just standing still . frankly if wenger dont get his shit together , top six let alone top four is going to be difficult.


True, Clins. And the fans’ patience will be very limited if we start our season as we use to do, with a usual stutter or two. Can’t understand how Wenger wants to go through that, he could have a much easier life if would he just let go.

determined culture

if alexis is a MUST go then how bout spend the $ on dembele? buy lacazette, buy dembele with the alexis money, and buy lemar to perhaps play in CM alongside Xhaka.


Sanchez can fuck off abroad or lose a season in the reserves ungrateful cunt… We took him from the bench at Barcalona and gave him the freedom to blossom….. And he repays us with this bullshit…. No player is bigger then the club, and now days we don’t have to sell so good luck alexis as I’m sure our first team need a pint sized shoe shiner…

cazorla\'s smile

This!!! We are the Arsenal. Stop putting yourself down. Sanchez is good, maybe even great. But if he was so great then why is Real, Barca, Bayern not after him. We’ve had some the greatest before. Arsenal carries on. Players come and go. It’s his call if he wants to be a diva and think he is bigger shit. There is no bigger shit than Arsenal.


That’s a bit too much buddy… and our club is not as big as it used to be. I think he gave us more than many others who are ok with top 4 finish and a good weekly pay… Alexis does not want that for sure.


We cannot CANNOT sell him to a direct rival. RVP won Utd the league the year we sold him – with giroud and podolski + RVP staying we would have sustained or even won the league ourselves. But we needed the cash.

Now, we so don’t need the money. I’m with Blogs on this one – make him see out his contract in what will possibly be his best peak year, then if he still wants to go to City let him on a free at 30 years old – we would have got the quality and one of the best years out of a AAA+ player and then let him go at 30.

Lacazette + Alexis = Title contenders

Lacazette – Alexis = 4th/5th AGAIN! ?‍♂️


I’m with you but I don’t think just signing Lacazette will make us title contenders


Yeah of course I just meant in the striker line

Third Plebeian

We may not need the money, but we’re a Europa team now. That’s the reality. Top players want to play in the Champions League, especially when they know they’re probably signing their last lucrative contract.

Talk of forcing him to play out his contract isn’t really conducive to getting the best out of him or the squad (in terms of cohesion).


The problem with forcing him to play out his contract is how destabilising he can be to the players around him. He totally inhibits other players with his continual pointing, shouting, eye rolling double teapot antics. I’m happy to see him go destabilise a rival. Get some money and reinvest.


Arsecrack, it would be destabilising really, adding 30 goals and 14-15 assists to your squad.. Sounds like
how RvP destabilized manure when he left… Oh wait…


It will hurt to see him go, but he must feel let down too. When Alexis signed, I’m sure it was based on a promise from Wenger that we would build a team that could seriously contend for major trophies. He’s into the last year of his contract without us coming anywhere close to that. You can’t keep asking a player to wait until next year, especially one who will be 29 this season.

I don’t want to discredit out great success in the FA Cup during his tim here, but players like Alexis would trade those trophies for one appearance in a Champion’s League final.


This is true

cazorla\'s smile

No, he’s not let down. He wants more money, more glory. It’s his selfish reasons he wants to leave. He was as much a part of the team that under-performed along with Ozil. He should’ve stayed at Barca warming the bench if all he wanted was trophies.


Sorry Caz’s smile, totally wrong in my opinion. He deserves more money, being one of the top 5 players in the world at the moment (in comparison i.e. to Theo and similar players he is on a whole different level, and paid basically the same). On another topic, he is a born winner and never gives up, I don’t think anyone would argue with that. Seeing us (and him) humiliated too many times (especially in the CL, getting arsefucked by Bayern this year) anr not properly challenging for the title and actually being ok with that (we are saying that we want to compete but our actions and attitude says different, I think that he saw that we are not going in the right direction and he wants to leave. I really can’t blame him. We can only blame ourselves (meaning Wenger) for this situation.


Selling to City would be disgraceful after all that the club have said about ambition. Unless we Aguero in return or 80-90 million we should keep him for next season or sell him abroad



Third Plebeian

Maybe that’s what we want, but I think it’s highly unrealistic to expect anything more than £50-60m for Alexis.


Of course. Which is why we should keep him.

Third Plebeian

I don’t like the idea of having a pissed off Alexis around the club. He cut a frustrated figure as it is, and I do think it affected his form. If he doesn’t want to be here, and we can get good money (£50m is good money), then we should sell him.

Honestly, I don’t think losing him is the end of the world. Other players step up, or we sign a replacement who does, or more of the team is involved with goals, or all of the above. For me, the panic about his loss is just unnecessary.


Its pretty easy to say ‘screw it’ and keep him for the final year of his contract. But 50+m is freakin big money (more than our biggest ever signing). Like everyone else I love Alexis and want him to stay, but from a cold hard business perspective, 50m would go a long way to signing the next big player(s) for the coming years.

Only other option I can think of is to take this transfer right down to the wire, and possibly all the way to the January window, and risk Bayern or someone else snapping him up on a discount fee…

Btw, I think the club have known this for a while, which is why we even bothered to bid 100m on Mbappe – because we know we are losing Alexis…


All the money in the world won’t matter if a) clubs on the continent know you have it, so constantly jack up their prices to ridiculous levels; b) players don’t want to join you because you’re no longer seen as a prestigious club where they’re likely to win the biggest trophies; c) rival domestic clubs see you as a soft touch and a selling club, so are constantly enticing your best current players to push to leave.

Of course Arsenal is a business, but it’s a peculiar sort of business where the end goals are not just to make money but equally to win trophies. Maybe the latter isn’t Kroenke’s goal, but it should be Wenger’s, and I don’t believe we’d sell Alexis to City if Arsene insists we don’t. He’s got two years (TWO YEARS!) to save his legacy, and selling Alexis is not the way to go about doing it. (Ok he’ll always be remembered as a brilliant manager no matter what happens, but it could come with a big asterisk next to it if the last decade of waiting for success is followed by two years of the club slumping towards mediocrity.)

It’s always possible that selling one’s best player (to a rival no less!) makes good footballing sense, no matter how good the player is. It depends on the circumstances. But in this case, with these particular set of circumstances, it makes no footballing sense. We’d be announcing to the world (as if they didn’t know already) that we only care about the money, and have basically given up on any ambition to be an elite club for the foreseeable future.


PFo, again, totally spot on.


To Rogerbij – I hate it when word business is used. Like it matters to us fans if a club gets more millions in the bank, we are already rich (actually, they are). We should be using our riches to make an advantage from a sporting point of view. Also, 50M would not get us far in replacing Alexis and his contribution to the squad, which goes beyond pure number of goals and assists. He is a force of nature and a born winner, only one with a true ‘never give up’ attitude (see what other players are saying about him, how he made them better). So I would keep him for a year, plan for a life without him and maybe we find a way to keep him somehow beyond the next year.


I have been resigned to losing him all summer. You can’t have a player of his class playing in the Europa to a chorus of boos and plane banners.

My wig smells cheesy

And half full, quiet stadiums

Terry Henry

James, Youtube suggested an Arsenal Fan TV video at the end of your video. Look at the size of Robbies watch. That is the currency of subscribers


I just want to say that alexis is not arsenal. We made him the player that he is. If you leave arsenal with this rotten attitude u only go down. Ask nasri adebayorrvp hleb and many. Im singing” there’s only 1 arsenal, there’s only 1 arsenal ” however lacazetter mahrez and sadio mane i want at arsenal

Gaz kerr

Stick him in the reserves for a year and then sack whoever lets these players get to a stage where they can hold the club to ransom. He is only leaving because he feels we are not strong enough to win the EPL and we are not playing in the champions league. He is a winner his attitude shows this, if he goes it’s because the club do not share his ambition

not so fed up

Complete the signing of lacazette, buy abamyang (spelling), keep giroud and THEN maybe let Sanchez go


We will need an industrious, creative wide attacker with Alexis gone. We don’t have anyone with consistency of fitness, form, or goals to step up there yet.


Don’t understand all these he deserves to play champions league bullshit. He and the rest of the team got us into Europa. Its his job.
His career has been nomadic at best maxing 3 years per club, it has nothing to do with arsenal or ambition but strictly about him.
Arsenal has given him lots of money and the best moments of his career. Sick and tired of this prima dona.
We buy players from other clubs, they buy from us, arsenal is constant. Legends go, new ones r born, the cycle continues.
Bye Alexis, we were here when u came, and r still here.


If he wants to City then we should ask for Aguero and 15m pounds.
If he wants to go in other league,we should ask for at least 60m.
If he wants to City and they aren’t willing to give Aguero and money,we should see his contract run out.
But I’m scared that we will be sold to City for 50m.

Sanchez\' favourite dog
Sanchez\' favourite dog

If we sell Alexis, and I obviously hope we don’t, we can’t sell him to an English club for anything less than a world record fee. If city wants the best player in England, the going rate is somewhere around 80-90 million. Anything less and we should keep him and then they can compete with every club in the World for hos signature next year.
And spare me the “one season isn’t worth 50 million” . We aren’t paying 50 million for him for a season. We paid 35 for 4 years of Alexis and it was bloody worth it.
I can accept a world record bid, I won’t like it, but I will accept it. Anything less from an English club and I will bloody riot. (Or, you know, I’ll be cross, complain on Twitter and properly tell my wife that the boardmembers are all twats.)


Well said.

Third Plebeian

Well, Bayern might still be an option, if you believe Ancelotti’s latest quotes suggest an imminent bid.


You’ve got a year left on your contract mate so tough shit! Your staying!

Samuel Ogungbayi

I advised A.Sannchez earlier in the year NOT to leave Arsenal acrimoniuosly because of the inexplicable “Arsenal Curse” It is not a superstition, almost all the players that left Arsenal in acrimony found their career in the doldrums immediately afterwards.Edu,Wiltord, Adebayor ,Alexander Hleb ,Alex Song just to mention a few. Alexander Hleb even threatened to pay off his remaining contractual obligation if Arsenal refused to let him go . He went to Barcelona and became a bench warmer initially ,then loaned out and went into oblivion. The Belarus captain gave two interviews and regretted his action.Adebayor’s case is well known . Cesc Fabregas took a pay cut just to force his way to Barcelona . He had to beat a retreat as fans always heaped bad performance of the team on his head.
Sanchez case is easy . Arsenal said no sale to EPL rival. Let him get a club outside EPL that is ready to pay the valuation of Arsenal so that he can go in peace. The 30 goals Adebayor scored in a season just like Sanchez got into his head .Sanchez should know that the way Arsenal plays can make an average goal scorer become a 30-goal hero as Adebayor later found out to his chagrin.
Sanchez should go in peace and let the fans wish him well to avoid the regrets others before him suffered and are still suffering.


you advised alexis sanchez…Hmmm




Didn’t he say he would see how the transfer would go to see how serious arsenal was for winning trophies? Then he would make his mind up. Arsenals showing alot of ambition so far. Not!


Alexis Sanchez is ireplacable but if we sign lacazzete,lemar and turan and let iwobi and campbell go out in loan(to make room for new signings) then we will be fine as these players will give us goals and creativity

crazy gunner

For me if city wants Alexis then give us Aguero simples of fuck off!..If he insists on staying in the EPL then see out your contract..or go to Bayern…and take £40m …£10m loss would not break AFC… selling him to city for £50m without replacing with a genuine world class player (lacazette is a good player but not world class yet) would be counter productive if the league starts badly…i see us finishing mid table the atmosphere really would be toxic..

I love Alexis but even as far back as nov/dec I could see he was playing for himself and playing for move but we all accepted it because he was scoring goals..

If he wants to stay I am happy to sing his name…if he is bent on leaving he can fuck off…he is not the best player ever to wear the shirt or leave the club..

And we are still here…we are the arsenal!..


I think the UEFA Europa League is a new beginning and is something we should nurture more than we should shun upon, I mean like if we win the UEFA Europa League it’s definitely a confidence boost, we just need a tiny bit of optimism. #hope4arsenal


All this talk about alexis…whats the inside scoop on mesut?


He’s likely gone. Question is to whom.

Bayern have us by the scrotum since if we won’t agree on lowering on price, the alternative is to have to sell to City.

To me, we should approach PSG and see if they might want to swap with Draxler (plus some extra dosh).

But hey, looks like we are negotiating with just two parties at the moment and the Germans look the better option in footballing terms but City the better moneywise.

Lacazette will as much be signed as a quasi forward as he will be for his out put and potential from the flank too.

IMO he should be more of a direct replacement for Theo not Alexis or GIroud. Its not a step forward for us.


OTOH… what we can say about Lacazette is proof in the pudding, he has been scoring for 4 seasons now.

Would you pay the 118m euros for Mbappe over a season or Lacazette for almost half the price over four?

And he has good versatility.

He can play wide as an additional striker in the 3-4-3 or up top.

Personally I would prefer to keep BOTH Giroud and Lacazette. To me, Welbeck has not shown enough consistency to warrant risk of letting OG leave.

I would prefer we sold Walcott instead and kept Giroud bc we will have two different approaches then to break teams down.

But C’est La Vie.

You roll with the punches.


As far as Alexis is concern, he will want CL.

We have done ourselves no favours last season.

Sell to Bayern is our best bet. We will show no ambition at all to sell to City.


The way i see it is we bought him for 4 years so he would be with us until he is 30 right through is prime I think he has mostly deliver and is a good signing.

Do we really want to offer massive wages to a player who is almost certainly going to burn out soon he has gotten to a final in each of the past 3 seasons played every game whilst fit in each of those seasons and it sounds like he refuses rest days at training

So I say we suck it up keep him for another year he is far to hungry to pull a tevez on us and then let him go for free and see who wants a 30year old demanding massive wages (Ibra is an anomaly)

Only negative to keeping him is if he effects the teams morale which as fans we probably will never know


Top quality player and did a decent job, never looked like the sort of loyal player who was going to go down a a club legend. I see him as a modern day Overmars…. Hope the rest of his career is similarly beset with injuries.


It’s a shame to loose him, but we have been through worse. How do people really rank Alexis as an Arsenal ‘forward?’. I’ve been a gooner for about 25 years. Personally I would say…
Van Persie

Original Paul

Did Freddie ever play as a centre forward?


Daily mail are reporting that a swap deal might be up for Aguero.
If we manage to bring in Lacazette and Lemar,should we consider holding talks with City?
Alexis seems to have his mind set on leaving and on it just doesn’t feel right to hold him against his will.

He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...
He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...

They’re so bloody precious, no even close to the dignity Henry had when he wanted to go. Just go but only for an aguero exchange, we get an out and out goal scorer we desperately need and they won’t be doubly strengthened.