The Alexis Sanchez situation rolls on, with new reports saying super rich PSG are ready to launch a bid to bring the Chilean to Paris.

Would that be a good thing for Arsenal? We could sell him high, not to a Premier League rival and then reinvest the money on a replacement (haha, yeah we know!).

James reckons this could be the best solution in another Gunnervlog.

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Would have to be a lot of cash plus time to get a replacement eg Lemar.

Otherwise no.


Oh another story about Sanchez…(yawn) please wake me when the transfer window shuts.

Mein Bergkampf

I get your lethargy but I think this Sanchez situation says a lot about where we are as a club, hence the obsessive news feed. It’s more than just a transfer, it’s a line in the sand as regards ambition, finance and control. It’s going to be the first time I can ever remember when Wenger has just said absolutely no with no ifs, buts or maybes. I just hope he sticks to it. Otherwise we’ll struggle to believe another word.


It’s a line in the sand? I can’t agree. I don’t want to have to cheer on a player I know doesn’t want to play for us.


He has one year left on his contract, if he wants another big move in his career it’s pretty much now or never. If he signs a contract, Arsenal won’t sell him unless he’s in his thirties and we don’t don’t need, which at that point he won’t be able to move to another big club with top wages.

I honestly don’t blame him for wanting to leave, he’s a top player and a top professional. I just really hope he stays because the chances of us succeeding with Alexis in our team are way higher than without him. He doesn’t have nor will he ever have an emotional attachment to our team (or man city or another European team) but he will always give us 100% on the pitch no matter what.


You don’t believe anything he says anyway. A line in the sand – yeah maybe in your opinion. If the player wants to leave – he leaves. Arsenal is not known for slavery. Arsenal will survive without his negative antics onfield and the top misplaced passing of the PL


lol. No kidding. I’m just done with this never ending story. Frankly, I’m all out of fucks to give anymore. Stay if you want to stay, leave if you want to leave …. but as my pa would have said … shit or get off the pot already.


If PSG come for him he can leave. No players that aren’t happy to wear the Arsenal jersey and a not a league rival. Plus they’re rich, we can bag >50 million

Spanish Gooner

If we’re keeping Alexis, why don’t we give Monaco £50m for lemar and let them loan him for a season? That way they have a full 12 months to use that money to find a replacement while still having him in the team, while he can start learning English, find a house, find a job for his wife / gf (no idea if he has one) etc etc then hit the ground running at the start of pre season 2018


Wenger won’t break the club’s record signing only to loan them strait back. We know how he feels about spending big, if he’s paying that much then the player is ready to come into the team and make an impact.

Lemar played regularly for Monaco and performed brilliantly, both in the league and champions league. He’s ready to make that step up from Ligue 1 and the prem. Apparently he’s pretty close to Lacazette, I think it would be great for them to settle in and make that step up together.

Brent Follin

The point of buying him this year is to give him a year to bed into the PL before he takes over the über-important penetration role (and because he plays on the opposite wing, he isn’t blocked by Alexis being in the squad either).

The benefits are negated if we loan him back; we’d just wait for next year to buy him, or another, even better option with the draw of CL football back again.


Are we more likely to win the league with Sanchez?
Therefore, keep him.

He has already recouped initial fee in shirt sales. And more than repaid wages with performances in the seasons at the club

Sign Lemar too because we can


35 million in shirt sales? Not a chance!


Guys, there’s no way shirt sales gonna get you what you paid for the player – that’s pretty much a hoax.

Go through this must-read article. It tackles many common disinformation about transfers:


James, that’s a really safe way of looking at things, and you are not really taking a stance on the subject. We do not sell him to a PL rival, but sell him abroad, anyone can come up with that. Ballsy thing would be to tell him to respect the contract he signed, stay for one more year and then either stay (but I guess he lost faith in Wenger – who in his normal mind hasn’t) or leave. We would then at least have one more year of one of the top attacking players in the world. Because the way we are going under the dictator, next year we will be buying Bolasies of the world, not Lacazettes so such talent won’t be coming to our club anytime soon.


If we ship Alexis, there’d better be a way to bundle you in the deal.


AP..we would have to pay an additonal 35M on top of giving away Alexis on a free, to offload someone as rare as Domi..well worth it with the current inflated rates for muppets.


Thanks, AP and PB… And how much would two bozos like you cost? Coming from the Arsene knows best brigade, probably nothing as you would lose your ability to think after getting unplugged from the almighty Arsene’s bosom…


Nothing? I don’t know about AP..but I’m worth around the same as Bolaise. You just proved (again) you know nothing about valuation…smh. Keep up the good work!


Probably, you’re right PB 🙂 I’ll try to improve on my amateur/fan level knowledge of valuation 🙂


Oh please go and support someone else. You’re an embarrassment.


Thanks Tapps for the tip(ps)! I can’t let go, sorry, but maybe I’ll take a break ’til Wenger leaves, don’t want to rain on your parade buddy!


Chelsea are looking for new fans.

not so fed up

I agree that IF psg are in for Sanchez then we should sell, but I don’t agree that we are not going to be league title contenders!!! Stuff Europa league and focus on winning the premier league – then I think we not only can win but that we will win it!!! COYG


Its not just PSG.

Inter have also cleared their decks of 37m worth of player assets and have fulfill FFP regulations. They are now in a position to buy (and more so if the Perisic deal goes through with or without Martial)

AC Milan are also apparently reconstructing with potentially Morata.

The Italian teams have serious Chinese money.

Which is why we see benefit holding on the Alexis decision.

Plus any potential in keeping him (and we can as a last resort) means we are not entirely ‘desperate’ to sign on Lemar or Mahrez (at least just yet). So we can also sweat out those prices as other potential competitors thin out pursuing second options if put off by high prices.

This is basic haggling.

You don’t go in desperate (even if you may be). You need to demonstrate ready options.

And above all stay calm.


he wants CL football not EL with AC or Serie A with Inter. They provide nothing so lets stop with this Italian clubs can drive up interest. lol


Depends on money and if the Italians should be only ones left in market willing to pay 400K (other than City), a possibility.

Money will make lack of CL less painful.

Really depends on how he sees Spaletti’s reconstruction plans/

Clearly PSG is more pedigree but if he wants to move and we want to realise money, Inter (or AC) will suddenly look attractive enough.

There are no absolutes. Haven’t you realised this already after so many summers?;)


he ‘claims’ he wants CL football – but purely because this is more palatable than saying “I’m 28 – nearly 29. I have no loyalty to absolutely anyone. This is likely to be my last big chance of a big move. I’ll go where the most money is”


A load of BS Tapps…. He’s already making big money, and we are offering him a mega deal… Nowhere will he be as important and play so many matches as with us… Can’t you accept the fact he lost connection/belief in Wenger? Just check how he hugged Pep after the city match, he hasn’t been like that with Wenger for a long time. And that is on Wenger buddy.

John C

I too like you cannot understand how some can’t reconcile our humiliating defeats against the likes of Bayern, West Brom and Palace with Sanchez desire to leave.

To me it’s beggars belief that anyone with an ouch of professional pride would want to stay.


Don’t agree with much of that video.

As if Arsene would think selfishly like that.

And it’s ridiculous to say we’re not contenders for the league.

Ade paul

Not my 50 mil. Keep him for the last season of his contract. He will play his socks off anyway cos he always does.
If you break down what he cost over the 4 year contract it’s less than ten mil a season. So we get that last part of his contract out of him, wave cheerio in May, and spend a fortune on replacing him anyway next year. Unless he realises he’s playing for the worlds greatest team already and signs up for more….


Keeping him is an option.

If we don’t get sufficient bid from PSG, we can afford to keep him.

Third Plebeian

And it’s ridiculous to say we’re not contenders for the league.


Clearly you haven’t been watching Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal for the last decade. We are not contenders for the league, and haven’t been for a long time despite various player personnel changes over the years. If you think one or two new signings like Lacazette and Kolasinac will make the difference between fifth and first, you are in for a big disappointment.

Brent Follin

Of course we’re contenders. Not because we’re faultless but because there is no complete team in the PL right now.

Chelsea was a little above everyone else last year but they lacked European football and basically don’t have a striker anymore. Sp**s are showing that they continue to be a selling club, City have to sort out everything from Goalkeeper through the backline up to apparently wide playmakers if they’re so desperate for Alexis. United is streaker than Arsenal, and Liverpool is a highly flawed team.

If we keep Alexis (and with luck, even if we don’t), why aren’t we a contender? We’d have been second easily last year if Cazorla stayed healthy, and while it took too long to find a new midfield duo that worked, we have switched to a formation where midfield balance is less important. Don’t forget we schooled Chelsea early last season!


And the spuds don’t have any home games this season! Now, that should put a smile on everyone’s faces! Here’s hoping they continue their impressive Wembley record!


Rubbish. Of course we’re in contention.

Will we win it? I have no idea. But to suggest we’re not amongst the six or so clubs that are likely to win it is pretty puerile.

John C

Please define contention


You sell him but what are you going to get for 50 million pounds in today’s market? A Kyle Walker.


or a Lacazette … the price depends on the stupidity of the buyer


Mahrez is around the price.


Don’t buy, complains.

Buy at market price, complains.


not so fed up

I’m torn on this one, part of me says keep him at the club and increase our title credentials, the other part of me says flog him to psg and spend that money on lemar!!!

djourou\'s nutmeg

don’t mean to be rude, but i believe gunnervlog’s videos should be, you know, in the ‘blog’ section, not in the news section. no offense but when i enter arseblog news i want to read news, not someone’s opinion. i’m sure there’s a lot of people who are interested in hearing it, i just believe it has nothing to do with the ‘news’

Third Plebeian

Erm. You know how in newspapers there are op-ed pieces? You know, like news and also opinions about the news? Yeah… So, I’m really not sure where you get the notion that opinion and news should appear separately. Perhaps you also missed the part in most reports here where the author expresses some opinion about what they’ve just reported.


I disagree, you can just skip past if it bothers you. I think more people watch it because it’s in the news section. I look at the blog section once in the morning and i look more often through out the day in the news section, anyway he has good opinions and loves the club we all support and i enjoy watching them. I think we should sell Sanchez to psg if they are interested because he can start negotiations with other premier league clubs in January, he would lose focus if city take him and we are battling them for the title or the coveted 4th place. Seriously get rid of him and go all out for Lemar. Can you imagine him going to another premier league team for nothing, it would be a sickener.


So true! Not being rude.. I would like to request further changes to this site as well. I think the comments made by fans in the news section should all be pure facts and not opinions…this place is a sham!

Even though I have fingers to control what I click on..I,like you, enjoy being a pedantic tool and do not want my delicate sensibilities hurt by these offensive going-ons on the internet. Sad.

djourou\'s nutmeg

i just thought it would be more appropriate for this videos to be in the blog section, since their main objective is to express an opinion, not to inform about something, that’s all. keep up the good work!


Sky say he is PSG’s number 1 target now. Wenger says he won’t sell.

If they offer us something substantial, and it means he never plays for one of our direct rivals I suppose it’d be a bit daft not to take it.

This is assuming he cannot be persuaded to stay of course.


Wenger has said he won’t sell other players before.

Its all theatre.

People tend to take it literally. Particularly pundits who have no experience buying in market.

Of course it pays for Wenger to have the option to keep Sanchez.

But if the price is right and offshore, he will naturally cash in.

And it makes sense.

We are better off using the money to get in another wide man and preferably a midfielder.


Hytner in the Guardian tonight saying we won’t sell Alexis no matter what. Presumably PR work by the club, but perhaps of some interest:


Nah…if money is right, we will sell. Proviso its outside PL.

Clubs like Inter and AC Milan have cash from Chinese consortiums recently bought into the club. If PSG doesn’t buy, they will pounce.

The French team knows this and are also pressured to make a marquee signing following last season’s “dissapointment”.

It pays for us to drag the situation out to see which other teams come into play.


I hate to hear this kind of stuffy analysis from Gunnervlog. We lose nothing in keeping Alexis. In fact there’s greater likelihood that with him we will return to top four, win Europa and play champions league. If this is achieved, then so be it, let him go to wherever – and we will be in stronger position to now capture Mbappe or whoever that we fancy next season.

All these cash-minded analysis of sell him or lose him for free and strengthen the enemy is pure bullshit and is part of the reasons we crucify Kroenke and Arsene.


Alexis is great but hitting 30yrs. Its a good time to sell.

We need additions in a couple more positions.

Better to sell now than lose the potential revenue.

We can strengthen the team with the money and make us less dependent on Alexis.

It’s good analysis (musing) by James IMO.;)


I agree, it sounds very safety first. Losing him to anyone will weaken us significantly this year, full-stop. Even if we get Lemar (now unlikely), expecting a 21 year old with half a good season behind him to replace Sanchez’s end product is unrealistic. Everyone else around us is strengthening.


Sell him already, we need to sort this before the season starts


Now when Arsene Wenger comes out and says Sanchez is not for sale at any price, you want to sell ok


Apparently they will sell Alexis for 50 million and win the PL. 50 million will start on the left wing and assist Lacazette.

Hank Scorpio

We should only sell/swap if we’re guaranteed a ready made star. By that I don’t mean Lemar who may have had a great season but is still a gamble & should only be pursued to supplement Sanchez. With talk of losing Giroud & Walcott (whatever we may think of their abilities) the club will have to tread carefully to ensure there’s not too much disruption to the forward set-up. Interesting times ahead…


Don’t you all see? It is a clear manoeuvre from AFC. Wenger says we don’t sell!
Stan sells.
Wenger resign
Everyone blame Stan
We get the Monaco manager , thomas and kylian
Everyone love Stan

It Is What It Is

Draxler please


I know. If only.

…that would be a fantastic coup. He looks a complete striker in the making (ala RVP) and who better to develop him than Wenger. If we sign him, I don’t mind losing Giroud as well.

otherwise I don’t mind Rabiot either. It will fill the gap in midfield. I’m skeptical they will sell a local lad though with Capital DNA.


Hell no! With how competitive the PL is, I doubt CL qualification is a given so I would keep Sanchez just to assure that 20-40m from next year’s champions league.


He didn’t guarantee us CL last season. What makes you think keeping him will guarantee anything. Silly train of thought.


Hum… that’s what I’m saying? CL is not a given? Btw, you need to get a life, I see you comment everywhere.


It would stop him ever going to city. It would leave a really nasty taste in my mouth seeing line up for the mercenary team against us. Also, we could have lemar playing as first choice constantly and build for the future. Be rid of the negative attitude surrounding Alexis… Back to having true vavavoom in our attack.

Igbo Amadi-Obi

The manager has made it very clear that the decision is not to sell. I intend to hold him to it. Alexis will be made to honour his contract to the end. He will play to the best of his ability. He always does. Or he will be benched. Which he doesnt like. Hopefully we will return to the CL. Which he loves. Hopefully we can persuade him to sign after that. Which is possible. As a fan, I am happy with this position. This is how big clubs behave. We are placing performance over profits.


i can’t see why we can’t be challenging for the title. Liverpool challenged and came very close with Suarez, sturridge, sterling.. we can most certainly give it a go with Sanchez, Ozil and lacazette.


Alexis is proven, he knows the team structures, he knows how to link up with players like Ozil. We will save about £8 million in wages keeping him on current wages, we will then increase our chance of £40 million Champions League which will then increase our chance of getting top players at decent wages and keeping top sponsors.

So the club misses out on the selling price by keeping him but scores on the statistical chance of a high income Champions League return.

Yassin Askar

I don’t know if it’s just me but I find the notion of Lemar as a replacement for Alexsis a bit off. Lemar seems to me more of an attacking central midfielder/ playmaker, who can also play on the left. Whereas Alexis is an insane all around attacker who will get you 20-30 goals a season + shitloads of assists. I just don’t see Lemar being a replacement for him at all. More a future replacement for Özil than anything else. So if we sell Alexis, we need someone else who can match his goal tally. Good luck finding that for £50mil in this current transfer climate.

Phil Senderos

Is there a reason these opinion pieces are videos and not written? Usually vlogs have a some aspect that utilises the visual medium, this is just a random guy in his living talking about Arsenal. Could he not add some post game analysis with some motion graphics? Or reactions to pre season goals. That’s what vloggers do, reaction videos, right?

I know he’s your mate and all, but doesn’t he have his own site to put these on?


excellent point made the other day: sell him now for £50m. or keep him and let him go for free, but he gets us into the champions league next year for a return of £40m. on his current ‘low’ wages too. so no real loss. plus we have a year and increased funds to bring in replacement(s).

it really sounds like the smart thing to do is to offer him a reasonable deal to sign ~250k/ or just let him go on a free next year. unless we are guaranteed lemar and maybe another, if we get a big fee for him from PSV> But i really think wenger is determined now to keep him and told the worl yesterday he just isn;t for sale full stop. can;t see him going back on tat now after being so emphatic.

John C

Low wages of £7m a year + £50m lost transfer fee leaves us with a £17m loss even if we qualify for the champions league, that’s not good business at all


We cannot afford to lose Sanchez…it will be a setback regardless of who comes to replace him. Dont u guys ever learn?