Video: Ozil’s comments make Alexis negotiations all the more crucial


Earlier today Mesut Ozil spoke about his Arsenal future, saying it was his intention to stay at Arsenal.

He also talked about the Alexis Sanchez situation, hoping the Chilean will stay with him. But, does that mean they’re going to sign new deals?

In the latest Gunnervlog, James takes a look at Ozil’s comments and what it might all mean.

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That shirt should be our new third kit. I mean, why not…

Ffs, man!

Next season just around the corner, serious buys required to make us competitive, the prospect of losing our top scorer, and you are thinking about our third kit? Ffs!

Cornelius P. Snuffington III
Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Yes, we’re clearly going to go into the new season without sufficient transfer activity being done, and the reason is because TweakinGooner lost focus and posted about kits on the comments below a blog post.


^As long as Mesut taps the badge!


I reckon they will sign. They sound loyal plus won’t want to stay on the same salary for a season and risk an Ibrahimovic type injury at the end of the season


A two year extension for both, considering the huge pay rises on offer and quite limited extension time, looks like making sense


Say what you want about Mesut but if (a big IF?) Alexis stays it might be because Ozil convinced him. People criticise him unjustly for being lazy but he might do the most important thing we need him to do

The Kenyan Mbappe 🇰🇪
The Kenyan Mbappe 🇰🇪

So you are saying that Ozil has assisted the fans. That’s quite visionary. He’s quite a playmaker off and on the pitch.


Arsenal seem to be in a constant state of turmoil.
im not sure what Ozil has done to warrant such wages?
I’d like to keep him but I’d only go so far.
The problem we have is the uncertainty and how it reflects on the club from outside If we fail to tie these two down.

If we’re not careful we’ll be set for another season dominated by contract sagas


Mesut is awesome and a big favourite, so his news makes me really happy. Alexis I’m not bothered really, he’s welcome if he wants to stay but i think he needs to sort out his attitude.


Sorry Vonnie!
Downvoted you by mistake, but i think we really need Alexis to stay to…


Seems like it was possible to reverse, and by the way…
Özil is a big favourite in my eyes to

Ffs, man!

I think leaving is not a choice he has been offered.


Ffs, man, do you really subscribe to the media rumors? I’m not sure all managers would announce to their fans and the world of their transfer targets… so just because there hasn’t been any links regarding Ozil doesn’t mean there isn’t any interest.

nimble foot

Ozil has an agent who is not like some other agents. Ever thought that it’s possible they have been approached but have said Ozil’s preference is to stay at Arsenal but if it falls through we would let you know? Much like when he left Bremen to Madrid? Wenger did say he approached them.. .


Arsenal signs a new striker, and Giroud talks of his options!
Does that mean he does not want to compete?

No Safety

I don’t want to say that Ozil is overrated but how many seasons has it been now where he disappears for large parts of the season (usually around Jan or Feb)? He also underperforms in big games more oftwn than not.

Arsenal dont have the defense to carry him or the goalscoring talent to help him thrive. The team doesnt make sense and I dont see Arsenal being successful with him unless Wenger gets physical ball winning players behind him and clinical players all around him.

John Lukic

Are you Jamie Redknapp?

not so fed up

Interesting thoughts or take on what ozil said but sometimes I think we can read too much into things or be a bit cynical – I’m not saying ozil will sign a new deal for definite, who does aside from ozil, but maybe we are being too negative? Why would he not want to play for Arsenal? Of the top teams in the UK we are certainly the one with class and decent history – chav and man city are lottery winners trying to make out they are part of the royal family, manure have had one odious manager after another, spuds fluked a season and liverpoo are a joke!!!


Good points well made


I think if Ozil signs and we force Sanchez to stay by the end of next season we will be back in the champions league and may well have won trophies this season and that will convince Sanchez to stay


song for lacazette
Na Na Na n’nanna Na
Alex lacazette
Alex lacazette. the old nasri chant


For the life of me I can’t figure out why Ozil hasn’t already signed. He will lose out on a massive amount of wages this year and if he doesn’t absolutely light it up it’s hard to see another big club offering him anything close to what we are offering. Most major clubs simply don’t play with a traditional number 10 like him anymore. He’s great for Arsenal and Arsenal is great for him – no one else will give him a similar role or similar wages.


Mahybe he thinks some other big clubs, even if they are not particularly interested in him, will think he’s worth a punt on a free (despite wages). Or maybe he wants to move home, and so is making himself affordable to German clubs on a free. Or maybe he’s about to sign for us now.

As ever, who knows!


Hard not to sell Alexis though.

At 28yrs closing in on 29yrs, this may be peak price.

We already have secured half of his replacement in Lacazette and can draw the trigger on either of Lemar or Mahrez.

Those players are younger and will improve.

I think there will be more interest for Sanchez closer to end of window which is why he is waiting (as are we)

Just bc right now we only hear of City as the other option does not necessarily mean there aren’t other options.

PSG is a possibility but also Inter who have sold off 37m worth of player assets on their periphery to fulfill FFP requirements before they can spend. And they have new Chinese money (Remember there is a crack down on spending in China). Both Milan clubs also intend on rebranding with their new Chinese backers.

Expect the ‘saga’ to continue.

OTOH, not sure what is keeping Ozil or Ox from signing. Hopefully just legal details.

Giroud I’d expect will wait to see if Alexis is staying or leaving. If he stays, the OG may leave as we will have Lacazette, Alexis and Welbeck able to play up top…although none can quite replicate what GIroud gives us (Welbeck comes closest but must sharpen up in front of goal)


Your shirt…what was that Mexican keeper from the 90s? Campos?

BRAZEN. Worthy of any title winning team surely.