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Arsenal 4-3 Leicester: By the Numbers

Before I start: the 442 StatsZone App is no longer available in my country (USA) and that thing was my stats workhorse. This is a huge loss for me and I’m left scrambling for data now, reduced to just a few web sites (WhoScored and Squawka) for my stats. I would like a moment of silence please, in memory of what was a great app.


First, his heatmap

Kola played mostly as a CB but took up an unusually high position on the pitch due to a combination of his natural desire to go forward (he’s a LWB by trade) and Arsenal’s domination of possession (632 to 263 passes, 2.4:1). Sead had 85 touches, the most of any of the center backs and an equivalent number to Bellerin. The only defender who had more touches was Ox with 97. Kolasinac played so far forward in the first half that he didn’t really look like a center back and it was his assist for Welbeck’s goal that leveled the teams 2-2.

Kola also led Arsenal with 4/4 tackles. However, he had just the one interception and didn’t win a single aerial duel (he didn’t even attempt an aerial duel). He also only made 3 clearances.

Kolasinac also had the only Zidane dribble of the match.


Xhaka completed 12/15 long bombs, that’s Pirlo level passing, folks. You just don’t see players making 80% of their long passes, unless their name is Arteta. He also dropped 5 key passes (passes for a shot), 3 of which were “chipped” (in the air) and 2 of which were assists. He also led Arsenal with 106 passes.

He did have several bad passes which led to shots. One which led to the Vardy volley goal.

Defensively he only made 1 tackle, 1 interception, won 0 aerial duels, blocked 0 shots, and had just 1 clearance.

Elneny made 4/4 tackles but also just 1 clearance and 0 interceptions. The announcers on TV said that Arsenal were playing with 2 DMs but in reality we played with no DMs.


Put on a dribbletacular: he won 8/9 duels, including one which put Mahrez on his ass and made Ozil look like a decent defender.


Laca scored with his second touch of the match. I don’t have this sort of data but that has to be the fewest touches any player has ever had to score a goal on their debut for a premier League team. One thing I loved seeing was Lacazette trying to win the ball back when Arsenal lost possession: he won 3/4 tackles, including one where Ozil turned the ball over and then he ran over and won the ball.

Team stats

Arsenal conceded just 6 shots and normally that would be a damn good defensive display. However, three of those shots were in the 6 yard box and last season the best attacking team in the League (Man City) only averaged 1.3 shots per game in the opposition 6 yard box. So, three is fucking awful.

It’s no surprise that all three shots in the 6 yard box scored.

It’s also a problem that two of the three Leicester goals were from set plays and the third was from a turnover. However, in Arsenal’s defense (get it?) were two players played out of position. So, it’s a bit premature to write off the whole season as a defensive nightmare. Let’s wait at least one more match! (JOKES).


Sources: Whoscored



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Finally we win the first game. I want to give Wenger the reason this time, that the shambles we looked in their goals was due to having only Holding as a real centre back. Don’t like Ramsey, but if his form this season is gonna be like this, or anything near that great season he had a few years ago, then great.

Hope we look better with our true centre backs back for the next game and Laca looks like a great signing; kudos for Giroud for keep doing what he does best.


After the roller coaster euphoria of yday, which wouldn’t be too good for the heart. AW needs to get to work asap on that defence. COYG!!


“Don’t like Ramsey” immediate thumbs down and stop reading


1 – w*nker of a ref.

How did we manage to win given that?


1 – position in the league.


Arseblog, don’t know if its your fault or my laptop but there is an autoplay go compare ad in the top right corner of this page that keeps dragging my screen back up to it. Needless to say very annoying and preventing me from trying to read the article


My biggest worry is how quick the fans turned on the team when we conceded the goals. It was pretty obvious that the team is fighting hard and that we were the superior team in almost every area (not efficiency though). Some of the attacking display we saw yesterday was the type of football other fans can only dream about. Once we were down a goal, the supporters should really play the 12th man and push the team forward. This negative atmosphere we have experienced over the last 2-3 seasons is not helping the team to finally fulfil its potential.… Read more »


What do you mean by “the fans”? If you mean “some of the fans” then say “some”. it’s too early in the season to be tarring the whole stadium. Watching on TV I could feel the tension and nerves but also heard some incredible singing and the eruptions when we scored were incredible. And afterwards fans who were there said it was as loud as they’ve ever heard the Emirates. We’re never going to be the smoke and firework-throwing fans of Galatasaray. The Highbury Library is part of our history. Big clubs in Italy have always had very volatile support.… Read more »


If you’re bashing Rothi – who clearly had a point – get your facts right. In Italy Inter Milan enjoys in every game a fantastic support – endless chanting and choreographs – despite of continuously failing any campaign. They also got the highest attendance last season despite of finishing 7th.


Who mentioned Inter Milan? I said “big clubs in Italy”.

But yeah let’s get the facts right. Didn’t Inter Ultras who staged a walkout *during the game* against Sassuolo last season because Inter were on a four-game losing streak. They left a banner saying “we’ve gone to lunch” and emptied an entire stand of the San Siro.


Who mentioned Inter Milan? I said “big clubs in Italy”.

But yeah let’s get the facts right. Didn’t Inter Ultras stage a walkout *during the game* against Sassuolo last season because Inter were on a four-game losing streak? They left a banner saying “we’ve gone to lunch” and emptied an entire stand of the San Siro.

The Original Arsene\'s Nose

I was there yesterday and IMO the support was actually pretty good when we were behind. Yes, there was the inevitable frustration each time we conceded an avoidable goal i.e. every goal but credit where it’s due, the chanting was maintained throughout. Obviously when the winner went in the place went absolutely mental!

Ex-Priest Tobin

Even though I know we’re doomed under Wenger, I’m still so excited my Arsenal are back. COYG.


14 – The number of players in our squad I can think of that arguably could play somewhere in a back five.
60% – The portion of positions in our back five where a player was played out of his natural position.

I know this includes a lot of players who are either unfit, suspended, inexperienced or not trusted for some other reason, but still…


You say that the 442 statszone data is not available in your country if it is still available in other countries then vpn is your friend. If it is browseable on the web then vpn is built into Opera else you can find many vpn services online


App has lost its sponsor so has no data for this season


Thanks for this great piece of work. It enriches game reviews even more than the reports or rankings, in my opinion.

Could you kindly share any stats of Ozil’s contribution in yesterday’s game?

His performance seemed awful in my AMATEUR eyes – slowing down the pace of attack, not combining well with the midfield, playing even at least 1 easy back pass out of play, no direct involvement in any of the 4 goals, a lot of sideways passes and no incisiveness in getting the ball forward, dispossessed easily a couple of times, among others.

What do the stats say?


Ozil was at fault for the mistake that led to the corner off the first goal.
He made two bad errors in quick succession.
Not sure at 28 we’ll ever manage to iron out his deficiencies.
Certainly wasn’t his best game.
Some of his combinations are out of this world though.
He’s just a typical Arsene player who doesn’t have a clue how to defend, but some of his attacking attributes are from another planet.
Always feel that Ozil has so much more to offer and we’re only seeing 50% of the player he could be.


Ozil played the key pass that led to Welbeck’s goal as well.

Cliff Bastin

Is there a better pure Regista than Xhaka in the league at the moment?


Ox was my MOM 8/9 duels. He’s an absolute weapon. He’s got everything and I absolutely love him as a player, he’s so positive and always looking to drive us forward, he’s a real exciting player to watch. Hopefully we’re not educating him for someone else to benefit. I think he could become a more explosive version of Cazorla at the base of our midfield, he’s not ready yet, but there’s signs his game is coming together very quickly. His dribbling in superb He’s extremely quick and powerful His passing short and long has come a long way. And I… Read more »


Some other stats I would like to point out about Ox / Bellerin:

Overall score:

Whoscored: 9.2 / 7.0
Squawka: 5/5 / 3/5


Tackles: 3/3
Aerial duels: 3/3
Interceptions: 3/0
Fouls: 1/1


Passes completed: 78%/88%
Crossing: 7/0
Take-ons: attempted 9, won 8/attempted 3, won 1
Shots: 6/1

Arseblog rating:

Ox 5.5, Hector 6



As I also mentioned in the thread under the player ratings article, I understand that statistics don’t really reflect all aspects of the game (and especially decision making). When it comes to defense, Hector and Ox were level yesterday. Going forward, the gap is huge. And going forward is a vital part of the wing back role. Also, you gotta take into account that Ox is playing out of his position and he seems much more dangerous when playing from the right (which was obvious yesterday as well when he was shifted there eventually). At the moment, Ox is a… Read more »


The degree of difficulty on some of what Ox did last night was insane. And he forced Mahrez to defend, keeping him away from our penalty box.


I prefer this type of data reporting over last years format, personally.


I’m very concerned about the loss of 442 stats and any effect it may have on ‘by the number’ or 7am pieces. Moment of silence observed.


Think this justifies my comments on the ratings page, Ox and Xhaka were underrated and Kolasinic doesn’t look like a CB. The quicker we get him into LWB the better, I reckon he’ll be a monster for us there.

gunnerfan ov palace

A good game although could of been more goals both teams fired up on the night arsenal fc win. Good to see the goals being scored and you see the goals conceded. A hard fought home game.

Bob\'s Mexican Cousin

The guys at might be able to help with the situation. Write [email protected]


To the writer stop moaning and get an andriod phone, root it an google how to fool the phone into thinking its in uk and viola you can get it! No issue here.


Try a proxy server and you must be able to use the 442-app again! Also, good read as always.

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