BFG unsure if he’ll be fit for season opener


Per Mertesacker says he’s not yet sure if the cut he sustained in yesterday’s Community Shield victory over Chelsea will keep him out for the Premier League opener with Leicester City on Friday.

The World Cup winner had to be substituted in the first half after being left bloodied by Gary Cahill’s elbow and later required stitches above his right eye.

While he doesn’t think he’s suffered a concussion, the BFG said afterwards that he’ll have to see if any bruising adversely affects his vision.

“I’m pretty well for that hit and for the deep cut I suffered, I feel quite well,” Mertesacker told Arsenal Player. “The result I think gives me a lift right now.

“I can remember everything [about the clash], so I think there’s no concussion or something, it was just a very, very deep cut and the doctors already said on the pitch they didn’t want to take any risk, so took me off as a precaution and I got some nice stitches.

“I’m not quite sure yet [about whether I will be fit to face Leicester]. We need to take care of this – you know how the swelling goes and if it turns into a black eye or something. It’s too early to say because health is the first thing.”

Despite the injury being caused by a wayward arm, Mertesacker says he’s not holding a grudge against Cahill who even apologised in the Arsenal dressing room at full time.

“It’s great sportsmanship from him,” he said. “He is as well a champion, a decent fella, so I thanked him again for coming and taking care of that, it’s an accident, but it was a nice touch.”

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Holding, Monreal and Beast for the opener against Leicester – no sweat!


Strange how it happens so often to Cahill.

David C

I get what you’re saying, but I never thought this incident was on purpose in real time or watching the replays. You have to raise your arms a bit to jump plus Per was jumping laterally and late.

He looks like a hockey player now, he could have finished the game if they allowed blood substitutions 🙂


raise your arms or arm and not your elbow


Could’ve been avoided if Mert knew how to jump…


He doesn’t need to jump. He’s head already there


It could have been avoided if Cahill knows how to jump without throwing elbows everywhere


Arsenal needs to hold on to BFG for many years to come – such a class act this guy. Very happy to see him joining the coaching staff – big character in every way

Boom Xhaka Laca

It probably was an accident – but could probably be avoided if Cahill learnt how to jump without looking like a Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tube Man.

A different George

I don’t think Cahill is out of control; I think he has learned to keep his elbows out in ways that prevent opponents from reaching the ball (not just for balance/leverage when jumping). The result, inevitably, is that he regularly smashes people in the face. Each one is an “accident” in the sense that he was not trying to do it. But just as a sliding, dangerous tackle from behind is usually “intended” to win the ball, yet merits a booking, I think if Cahill were booked for these “unintentional” elbowings, they would become much less common.


100% agree! He somehow gets away with it. In the build up to the Chelsea goal he gets his elbow into Xhaka’s head too. You see Hector putting his arms up to appeal and you can’t help feeling they got distracted by that. Not that it should be an excuse for conceding the goal.


So youre saying they should stop tackling from behind too? Why? You loose the passion.


I’d love to kick Cahill in the balls and then apologise. Sincerely, of course.


Sounds like a great idea.
Is there a queue?

not so fed up

Gary Cahill the new John Terry?


While Cahill has the look of cunt to him to make him Terry’s replacement is a serious step up even for him. Not sure he’s that level. Not yet anuway.

Andy Mack

I agree with Twatsloch. Cahill is easily a ‘National Level’ cunt but I don’t think he can become an ‘International Level’ cunt like Terry has.


Not until he shags his best mate/team mates wife and cheats on his kids mother. And is a full kit, not involved in cup final wanker. So probably not, as only John Terry and probably based on reports, his dad, are quite capable of these acts.


It is rare that I say this but the performance of the referee was spot on yesterday. The way he quickly beckoned for the medics even before the BFG could turn around so the injury was apparent to everyone else was a good call. So were the diving booking to Willian (not for tripping himself but petitioning for the penalty) and the red card to Pedro. It took replays for the rest of us to see how nasty the tackle was (vindicated by the fact that Pedro didn’t even contest the call. He sure knew what he’d done).


Rarely have heard complaints against Bobby Madley. It’s mainly Mike Dean that’s always a t*at every time.

Andy Mack

Madley has had a few really poor games involving us, but he’s much better than many of his colleagues.


True, but the poorest games were when he was just breaking into the league. I used to cringe when I saw his name on the game sheet, now I’m quite pleased. He’s one of the better ones now.

Andy Mack

The ref was in the right place to see the Pedro tackle clearly.


Does this mean their new captain’s a bit less cunty?


I think that is a given by definition. In much the same way that shit is tottenham, and tottenham is shit, a cunt is John Terry and John Terry is a cunt. Gary Cahill is a somewhat less John Terry than John Terry ergo he is a less of a cunt.

Of course prolonged exposure to significant amounts of John Terry will have taken its toll. Perhaps we can conclude that Gary Cahill has some level of immunity to cuntishness, where as others predisposed to the condition became significantly bigger cunts while around him, e.g. Maureen.


“I got some nice stitches”. Love the BFG.


Those elbows Cahill is so fond of might be returned by Holding at some point. Nothing too vicious or intentional, but very well directed.

Andy Mack

Cahill is a clumsy cunt but I don’t believe he did that intentionally… this time.


In terms of the back line (in no order of preference) –


Decent cover.

Right side of back 3 slightly inexperienced but Mustafi or Gabriel (when recovered) can be shifted in if need be.

Koscielny can go to middle.

Kolasinac or Monreal can cover left side of back 3. Ox an option as LWB but obviously better at RWB.

Plenty of give.

IF Lemar, I suspect he will be alternate to Kolasinac then Monreal will cover left side of back 3.


Some nice stitches! ? love him!!


Got enough stitches mate?