Boss provides injury updates on Ramsey and Ozil


Neither Aaron Ramsey or Mesut Ozil were involved in today’s penalty shoot-out win over Chelsea in the Community Shield, and it seems the duo are in something of a race to be fit for the Premier League opener against Leicester on Friday.

Ramsey is suffering from a calf problem, while the German international took a kick in training on Friday which has left him with a swollen ankle.

Speaking after the Chelsea game, Wenger said, “Mesut got a kick on his ankle, he has a little chance to play on Friday night. Ramsey has a chance too.”

The Arsenal manager also declared Alexis Sanchez ‘short of competition’, but it seems likely the Chilean will make the bench for the Premier League opener.

There was also an update on Per Mertesacker who had to leave the field after a Gary Cahill elbow split his head open.

The wound is ‘nothing serious’ according to Wenger, and the captain should be available for Friday night.

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Godfrey Twatsloch

Looking forward to seeing Lacazette in the first real game of the season next week. Özil, Rambo and Sanchez can be left out as we won’t need them against Leicester and to give them a further weeks rest.


I think have Özil and Sanchez in the team will give Lacazette the assist he needs and we can see the goals coming in from him as expected.


Looking forward to seeing our best XI play

Tanzanian Gooner

Imagine the 1st XI of Cech: Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Martesacker, Kolasinac: Ramsey, Xhaka: Alexis,Ozil and Lacazette. On paper we can beat anyone


1st XI:
Mustafi- Kos- Montreal
Bellerin- Lemar -Xhaka- Sead
Ox – LAcazette – Alexis

I\'m Professor Ignorance, on that subject
I\'m Professor Ignorance, on that subject

Tough to leave Nacho out of that. Myself, I’d put him out there and sit Mustafi


Mustafi,kos and monreal at the back


I would probably put Ox in on the right. Ox + Kolasinac on the wings would be brutal.

Chicago Gooner

Agreed-except they play the games on grass, not on paper!


Give them a rest? A rest from what???


A rest from the Big Fucking Gash.


A week of recovery from injury? Even if they’re not serious, why not? It’s not like we rely on them to beat Leicester. They’ll see plenty of action soon enough.


If Iwobi, Welbeck, and Ox can play like today, make so many run and dribble, i think losing Ozil isn’t a big deal, especially if Sanchez fit, it’s okay.


What are the chances that kick was from the Bosnian hulk?

2G Gunner

That was my first thought too. The guy’s a beast! Glad he’s out beast…

Ben Rivers

Yeah except he will flatten everyone in training haha.


Hopefully Kolasinac pummels the shit outta Mahrez who then decides he’d rather join Arsenal than go up against Sead again. Would have preferred Lemar but right now we seem to be playing a waiting game and I am not sure Monaco will let Lemar leave unless we bid an atrocious amount of money.


Mahrez is like a little stick man, he’d just bounce off him


The only flaw in your argument is that if he joined us Mahrez would have to train against Sead every day

I\'m Professor Ignorance, on that subject
I\'m Professor Ignorance, on that subject

Fear can be a powerful motivator.

Bacary Lasagna

Yeah that’s why we’ve brought in Lehmann.

Ben Rivers

I cant see mahrez being a very good signing for us. He wont oust ozil or alexis, and hes not wing back. So where does he play?


Alexis…not trying to read too much into it but he very quickly handed the charity shield back down the line. There was a long gaze from a concerned Gabriel (bless him)

I think unless its City only with the bid, he’s gone.

On the bench for opener bc he will be “short” or something likely.

Potentials on the continent may include Monaco, PSG (again) who knows maybe even Barca. Italian clubs also have spending power now with Chinese backers but they will probably await some of the top predators to commit elsewhere.

To me, we should not get carried away by the win today. We still need a technical presence in midfield (short of Santi) and we will need a player to replace the “unpredictable” element that Alexis gives us should he depart.

A different George

I think only the players in the match’s squad held up the shield.

Stewart Robson\'s therapist
Stewart Robson\'s therapist

All the Arsenal fans I speak to seem convinced that Mertesacker will not play a big role on the pitch for us this season. Injury permitting, I think they’re in for a surprise. That role at the centre of our back three, standing tall and strong, and directing the more mobile teammates around him, could be the bedrock of a title challenge.

I would still like a new central midfielder, but that one addition might just be enough to do it.

Faisal Narrage

There were many fans here calling for Per when we went to a back 3.

Per at the centre flanked by Mustafi and Kos is a perfect 3. It means his lack of pace is negated but his reading of the game, aerial strength and the fact he sits deep, rather than attacking the ball like all our CBs do provide balance.

It’s like the Per-Kos partnership without Per regularly being exposed to pace.


Tis but a flesh wound


One of those games that’s 50/50
Throughout the 90 we we’re worth the win.
Xhaka was different class, Souness called him a ‘run of the mill midfielder”
Its the reason why Arsene has managed at the top level for 30+ years and why Souness is sat in a Sky studio


Don’t forget Souness thought Ali Dia was a good player.

Arsene\'s zip

The injury I want an update on is Theo’s hair. Who the fuck did that to him?


It’s a pretty serious injury to be sure


well, hopefully they will be fit for friday.
Today we’ve seen some negative and some positive things: firstly Bellerin and Iwobi are out of form, Ox still can’t produce end product, Holding trying to complicate too much. We lack simple game plan, when Giroud is in you cross into, when Lacatte is in, you play through ball, not the other way around.
Elneny was solid today (hopefully not just today), Kolasinac is beast, our attack is lively, we won. Now time to make some business in market and start the season with a win. COYG!


I thought Iwobi played splendidly in the absense of our German wizard.


Oxlade-Chamberlain too, he was blowing by defenders like they were pylons.


i hate to read ramsey and a “small injury” in the same sentence!


I love Rambo and in a 3 I think he’ll thrive.
Thought Elneny was v good today.
whilst everyone is focused on Lemar I’d much prefer Us to snatch Kovacic

Robert Pires: Future Sporting Director of Arsenal
Robert Pires: Future Sporting Director of Arsenal

Kovacic is attacking midfielder, different than Lemar


Cazorla was also a No10 when we signed him.


Is kovacic in any way related to covfefe?

Faisal Narrage

I thought Elneny was great personally.

Gudang Pelor

I think so too, and top of his great personality, he played well yesterday.

Gudang Pelor

On top*


thats what you call taking one for the team again led by example to a well deserved win i thought regardless of the pens


Absolutely cannot rush Ramsey back with his injury history of late. No need to with the way Elneny played today, he was IMMENSE.

Gudang Pelor

He’s getting use too the teammates and the tactics. While Ramsey adds something to the attacking play of the squad with his runs from midfield, Elneny has this ever-present and settling quality in his game.

Robert Pyres


BSE Gooner

If Alexis is ‘short of competition’ then surely a run out from the bench yesterday would have been a benefit for him?