Thursday, January 27, 2022

Confirmed: Alexis seeks permission to leave Chile squad

According to Chilean portal La Tercera, Alexis Sanchez presented an official document requesting permission to leave Chile’s training squad, so that he can sort out matters pertaining to his future.

With stories about an imminent Man City bid, it seems likely that the two things are related. Earlier on there were suggestions that a swap deal involving Raheem Sterling was on the cards, but it is believed that City want a cash only deal, and it was Arsenal pushing for the England international to be included in the deal.

The story in the Chilean press says that Sanchez spoke to coach Juan Antonio Pizzi after training to ask permission to leave, something that the coach was not best pleased about given they play Paraguay in a World Cup qualifier on Thursday.

Nevertheless, it seems Sanchez will be allowed to depart for 24 hours, and it also suggests that Arsenal have opened the door for his departure.

He would hardly travel on spec without knowing if the Gunners were willing to let him go, and via the BBC come reports of an imminent bid which Pep Guardiola’s side want completed before Thursday for obvious reasons.

It would mean a serious change of tune from the club who have insisted all along that the 28 year old would remain at the Emirates for the new season, so let’s see what happens.

Podcast: Kroenke, Usmanov and the billionaires that run football

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I assume that’s bc he’s negotiating his new contract at Arsenal?

Dan Hunter

I think I am beginning to understand. Alexis is leaving but the reason Wenger said he was not to a rival was to get Man City to pay mega money. If the deal does go through, that’s the title right there. Thanks Wenger, thanks Kroenke, thanks Law, thanks Chips, thanks Gazidis, and most of all thanks very much Lady Bracewell. Now you can all just fuck off you bunch of fucking cunts.

Mesut O\'Neill

Do you honestly believe we would contend for the title even if he stayed?

Until Wenger leaves we will not contend for the title.


Two thumbs up

Now even our 30% Ukrainian owner looks better, at least he attempted to try to fund the club


He was asking for 24hrs leave because of dhiarrea. Nothing to do with transfer



Third Plebeian

The net spend trophy is coming home, baby! Champions!

Joel Carter

Brilliant comment!

Mein Bergkampf

What is poor Alex Lacezette thinking right now? I feel for the guy, I really do.


He is probably thinking thank goodness Atletico’s transfer ban will end before the next transfer window

Sheffield Gooner

Or that there might now be a place for him on the pitch and not just the bench…


Based on his instagram videos, poor Lacazette’s spirit is still with Lyon. Can’t blame the guy…



Realistically, if Alexis goes, Laca can make himself a regular name on the sheet in the attacking department.

David C

Laca was bought as Sanchez’s replacement. Just like Poldi and Giroud came in right before RVP buggered off.

Same ole Arsenal.


Lacazette needs to get out while he still can 😉


balance sheet champions!


Clueless + disinterested + lack of passion + stubbornness = Arsene failing at the club. No player can make any difference until u fix the root of all the problems… ‘The Management’

Norwegian gooner

The management in this situation is just as much the board and the owner. If they had any balls at all, or had any football knowledge at all, they must see that letting Mustafi and Alexis go without getting good replacements is a shitty deal. Leaving two options: 1) They don’t really give a fuck(a huge problem) or 2) They have no clue(also a huge fucking problem).

We can rant and rave about Arsene Wenger all we want, but to me decisions like these also reflect on the owner and board.


no one at the club come out of this one well, but Arsene has to take huge part of the blame, he picks this disjointed team he coaches that shower of shit we sore the weekend and he signs the players. He also earns 9 million a year, he’s not a young coach starting up, he’s a multi multi millionaire who could and should walk away from the club if he feels that he is being undermined by the board or owner, as he says himself he has offers to move on to all sorts of clubs. If something is… Read more »

Faisal Narrage

It’s been said over and over again, and confirmed by Wenger himself that he runs all footballing decisions and operations at the club.

The board are impotent to do anything, but let’s not kid ourselves here, this is all the doing of Wenger.


I don’t agree with a lot that Carragher says but he called it on Sunday, the board and the owner are cowards. It’s disgraceful that we are dying on our arse for all to see and still they do nothing


What chance does gazidis and co have exactly . Wenger and kroenke controls every facet of this club. Gazidis clearly wanted to make some changes this season , but at the end of last season Wenger just met with the owner and his deal was renewed . He decides who will be sold and who all are bought . He decides how and who plays . And with the help of kroenke he decides when to renew his own contract . Apart from few board meetinga and public functions gazidis have zero power in how the club is run .


How many businesses do you know of that hire a manager to run the store or whatever and then hand over all power to that manager and retain no executive powers themselves? None, because it doesn’t work like that. The board collectively bear the responsibility for what is going on now, AW does his job as defined by the board and the fact he controls everything on the football side shows how clueless they are about what we need to do about coaching and recruitment to get out of reverse gear and move forwards again. They are the ones who… Read more »


Yep that’s us our club only want to make money of a bunch of mugs I can’t believe I swallowed their lies over and over.

Rhaegarbage Garbagegarian

Yup! Im done until the dinosaur goes extinct.


Can we sell Arsene Wenger too?


To Stoke?


Ba-Dam Diiischhh….


you know though if it was an actual trophy we’d buy Evans with an hour to go for £40m and fuck it up.

Silent Stan\'s Content Mustache

League double with economic sustainability shield.

La Défense



laughter of insanity?


Did anyone actually the bullshit coming out of the club about holding players to their contracts? We are screwed. Who the fuck would want to join our club at the moment?


I am sad to say I did more fool me so no more money from me will be spent on anything to do with Arsenal.


i am looking forward for alexis lacazatte stew …..
so did wenger meant alexis or alexiwobi….
wenger has lost it if he doesnt invest that money on a top quality defender and cdm..
please wenger leave.


We had the chance to see that at Anfield, but…….


Probably taking time off to apologise to Wenger in person and sign our contract extension, right?….right?

Faisal Narrage

According to my own ITK (who’s very close to a first team player), Sanchez has moved out of his London home yesterday and has no intentions to return.

Make of that what you will. I heard that yesterday, in all honesty.


I belive you, random citizen on the interwebzz!!




What a shit storm we’ve brewed up here. Now we must stand in this shit storm and be pelted by the poo poo that comes along with it until the shit storm (hopefully) passes. Shit.

Bob\'s Mexican Cousin

I fucking hate transfer windows. The idiots managing the club play with your feelings, give you a taste of hope and happiness, only to smack you in tha face with their incompetence.

Fuck Stan, Wenger Out.


My gut tells me we’ll finish closer to the bottom than the top this season. In the name of all that is holy plus mr wenger, pull 4 top class signings out ur arse on Thursday.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

For what it is worth, I would prefer Sanchez be sold to PSG or Dortmund or Bayern for 5 mil, than to city for 100m


I don’t actually care where he goes, he can hog the ball, lose the ball, call his teammates idiots and sulk wherever he likes. He scored a lot of goals but he also played like shit a lot of the time, to waste about 50m so that he can stink the place out with a seriously bad attitude is lunacy.

Dan Hunter

Please. He was the only one who played like he gave a fuck. He was our best player for the past few seasons. The rest of them played like dickheads. I don’t blame him for wanting to leave.




SABOTAGE!! We’re hoping to scrape up a Manure reject and an incredibly overrated English winger for compensation. When was it decided that we should be a middle table club??? Utter fucking disgrace! Shambles! Rant stop.


Goodbye Alexis, it was good while it lasted, sorry we couldn’t put a title winning team around you.

If we do sell then I don’t want Sterling. I’d take the money and reinvest in Draxler & Krychowiak.

Just remember everyone that Arsene said that having so many players out of contract was ‘an ideal situation’. ?


We are selling and we already bought his replacement (Lacazette). It is the Kronke way.


I knew that when we signed Lacazette. They wouldn’t have signed him if Alexis signed.


And Jack. LANS.


No,its the fucking Arsene way


Why would Draxler, or anyone of substantial quality, want to join this shit show?


The only possible positive answer left to that question is that now his starting position is available. Not true at PSG.


Think Sterling would likely be better than Draxler to be fair. Already proven to have end product for Liverpool and Man City in EPL. Draxler has been inconsistent thus far and only played in Germany and France. Places much easier to perform than EPL. Also it guarantees some odd the funds are reinvested immediately.

Segy Turner

In all honesty, I’d also rather have Sterling than Draxler. Never rated Draxler much.. Not about to


With this situation we destroyed…really sorry

Dr Whale

He is part of the squad who could not win EPL and Champions league title. He was there when we lost to Bayern munich. What match that we are destined to loose did he actually turn around the way Giroud and Ramsey did against Leicester? Or the way Messi, Ronaldo, Arjen, Hazard does for their club? Honestly apart from Liverpool last season which we still loose, I can not think of any. He met arsenal as F.A. Champion and 4th champion in EPL but left us as 5th and F.A. What am saying is he is more of an individual… Read more »


23 Goals and 10 Assists in the league last season. Maybe that’s the information you need.


Chelsea only scored 8 more goals than us. Major problem was we only had four main goal-scorers in the Premier League – Alexis 24, Olivier 12, Theo 10 (not 19 guys), Ozil 8. Everyone else got 3 or less. Iwobi, Ox, Ramsey, Perez and even Bellerin should have contributed more.


yes still we finish 6th in the league, never before without him. so that tell you sanchez is not what you think he is. if he is that good we have should won the league by then


Can’t disagree – I don’t buy this whole he deserves better nonsense.


I like your optimism and the optimism of the 50+ people that liked your comment.

But if you really think we will be stronger now, I will wait to the end of the season to let the final league position do the talking for me


Internal solutions eh? Are u arsene in disguise?


Without him, we would be in Relegation zone. You seem ok losing our top scorers with bunch of losers. Are you really Arsenal fan or Wenger fan?

Dan Hunter

Are you kidding me? The guy has been carrying the team for the time he has been here. The rest of them played like bellends. Was it Alexis fault we conceded 10goals against Bayern, or that we lost to Watford, Palace, Liverpool, Chelsea etc etc etc?
Ronaldo, Messi etc have world class players around them.

Football heaven my ass

The arsenaut

With that “formular” we will end up around 8th-6th…just cuz he try more, and risk more, and at time has no one around him, does not mean he is selfish…he is world class and a natural winner.

Jack Action

Why would Draxler and Krychowiak leave PSG for a team that’s going to finish 6th or 7th in the league?


Are you serious? £££ – We probably pay Ramsey and Debuchy more than Draxler gets. Ozil wants £250-300p/w, so Draxler will expect the same.

Donald\'s Trump

£250-300 quid a week. Fucking hell, he should become an IT contractor, get double that a day.


Reckon Ozil wants a fair bit more than 300 quid a week. Greedy bastard if I can live on it so can he


Because the World Cup is next year and they want to play.


Surplus to requirements at PSG, they need the money for M’Bappe & to circumvent FFP.

Viva la prof

I wondered how Man U signed pogba amongst others then I remembered football players fucking love money.. I think we must be up to something good.. it’s impossible we aren’t clearing the decks for new players.. honestly we have to have some faith. I’m actually happy for Sanchez to go, I’m no ITK or anything but it seems to me he can be a bit of a tart and he’s probably the reason the players keep falling out.


You know the names being talked about are for a reason. Haven’t you read the stories how PSG is trying to offload alot of the players. Drax and Kry being 2 of them.


You can keep dreaming, we can’t get lemar and you expect to get who ? He is moving lacazette to the left and grioud to the centre and nobody else is coming into the club

Surrey gooner

Well seeing as there is s fair possibility no one of any note will be joining us I’m playing the my favored lineup game
Holding Mert Monreal
Bellerin Kollasinac
Xacha Elneny (or Coch)
Özil (Ramsey or Iwoby if he fucks off too)
Giroud Lachazette (swap in Welbeck or Walcott if either are injured)


Ithinkn we are going back to a back 4


Sounds good to me!

Spanish Gooner

Sterling is homegrown (replaces Ox in that sense) and had 25 Goals+assists last year while competing with Sane, David Silva, Gabriel Jesus, De Bruyne etc for game time. At 22 he is still young and can improve a lot and I don’t understand why people are turning their noses up at him. I don’t think there are any better viable options


Sterling makes a lot of sense in many ways. Can play on the wing – and is happy to do so – can also play behind the striker or as part of a front three when needed. Is homegrown so circumvents the loss of Ox lady chamberlain, but wth better end product, though his defensive work is not as good. If we are resigned to loosing Sanchez, doing so with another player coming in helps ease the questions around who will replace him and the Ox. I’d also be asking for Fabregas in a swap for Chamberlain, though, I would… Read more »

Dan Hunter

I’d ask for Costa.

God god BERGKAMP god

Desperate times….


Definitely now we are missing Santi

Dan Hunter

I understand your point but for me Wenger has lost the magic touch he had in turning international class players into world class players. The last player of note he developed was Van Persie. In fact I would go so far as to say that he has actually ruined players by playing them out of position and not allowing them to play to their strengths. Examples, I hear you say… Coq… random example… he’s a defensive midfielder, very limited but he did a brilliant job when he came back from Charlton. Wenger told him to push up field and win… Read more »


It’s like the last days of Hitler in the bunker. Increasingly lunatic decisions with nobody at the club willing to tell him that that he is utterly incapable and has lost the dressing room. He also said after the Cup Final that “this team would win the league”. Completely insane.

Spanish Gooner

Absolutely, a man who gassed jews, gays and disabled people is 100% an accurate comparison to a man whose crimes include Bellerin at left back and Welbeck as striker. Jesus…

Donald\'s Trump

Damn straight


Hahahaha comment of the day for me 😀

Parisian Weetabix

Don’t get me wrong, I hate nazism as much as the next guy and love a righteous comeback as much as the guy after him, but I believe the comparison made was “It’s like the last days of Hitler in the bunker” – not “Arsene Wenger is like Hitler” – and that the traits intended to be compared were likely those of illogical decision making and disorganation – not “gassing jews, gays and gay people” with “Bellerin at left back and Welbeck as a striker”. I know we all love the world to be a black and white place so… Read more »


Love this comment.

The arsenaut

He did not mean to compare the two moraly, (we know Wenger is a saint in that regard) he was aiming at the state of denial and refusal to throw the towel, dispite having the world against him in pure stubbornness..STILL believing somehow in a miraculos last ditch turn around against all odds.
Now the main difference would be that Hitler had peaple advising him, and Wenger does not.


It was all a ruse to drive up the price for Alexis and Ox, and make us look more attractive to the players still available via the last chance dance.

I\'m Freddie Ljungberg\'s Barber

I don’t think anyone at Arsenal, fans included, should be allowed to mention Draxler again.

Sterling & Walcott at the same club, that’s too much petulance for one wing.


I agree and why we are not in for Krycowiak beats my imagination. When I heard Geoffrey Kondogbia was available but we failed to even enquired was shocking and he ended up on loan at Valencia.

Waiting for Arsenal to turn up

“an ideal situation” to make money, I suppose.


This is just crazy! If we had to and needed to sell him now is so not the time to do it. Just insane.


I do wonder about how far “professionalism” would take us with these players in the last year. Especially if we enter the battle for a 4th place.


What the hell is wrong with the leadership at our club? Why are the board so quiet? Said nothing during the crisis last season, and they’ve said nothing of note this summer about the club’s future.

I’d give anything to have some proper vocal leaders at this club that can give fans hope that there’s an actual plan. Even if Wenger stays or leaves that’s a serious problem that needs fixing.


Look, dude should leave already! I’m really feeling sick with all these stories!! Jeez, all those who are not committed should just bugger off!!


Judging by Sunday that’s practically every player!

Stéréo Type


Indeed he wouldn’t cross the pond twice without need.
It’s also quite telling Arsenal suggested player swap. Speaks volumes in terms of our ability to recruit.


Finally Armageddon is upon us, how do we compete? Panicked buy mode activated! Such a sad story as fans what can we do to force a restructuring…I’m just a fan in Nigeria and I’ll wear my Jersey the whole week to show solidarity to the club and hate to the way it is run.


Sterling wouldn’t be leaving City to join the “Arsenal project’ for footballing reasons.
Do we really want a forward who cares that little about his career, he’d willingly leave a club with ambition to join this crock of shit?


Wow man. I mean at the end of the day we are still ‘The Arsenal’. Put things in perspective man. Anyone that comes here is fucking lucky to pull on our famous shirt. If people don’t want to play for us, they can fark right off chap.
Sterling is an upgrade on the English player we’re flogging to Chelsea.


Sterling is just another Walcott, i.e. brainless. Doubt he want to come to Arsenal either.


We were ‘The Arsenal.’ We are not a top club no matter how much some yearn or claim it to be. We are now mid-table cannon fodder for the big teams.


With the way players are jumping ship, i dont think anybody is proud to put on that shirt and until Wenger is gone, he would remain a toxic players who want to win things would avoid

John C

We’re no longer “The Arsenal”, to paraphrase Thierry Henry, I no longer relate to the team and I don’t think a lot of the fans do either.

We’re now “Le Arsene”, a club in the imagine of our dictator manager


Glory hunter then.


Agreed with you man.

Stéréo Type

Don’t even know what to think anymore


Project YOUTH! AGAIN.. I remember feeling quite excited when we beat Southhampton 5-0 in the FA Cup with a pretty young team, i think id rather that little bit of excitement about potentially having some young players come good in a couple o years rather than the crock of shite of the past 2-10 years, depending on how you look at it.. and remember Sanchez was a part of that crock of shite even though he was a quite shiny part of it.

Rupert the Bare

I agree, sick of all these overpaid arseholes, all anyone talks about is transfers, spend more cash for bigger success. Bollocks, it don’t work. Get a settled consistent team of young players hungry for trophies who actually want to play for the club, give em a few seasons and see what happens, can’t be any worse than these constant groundhog matches … oh and get a new manager. Wengers been good, in fact superb but has now lost the plot


If Sanchez leaves, Arsene will be responsible for the biggest lie to the Club and its fans. There will be no way back – however it is played. If it is the Board/Kroenke then Wenger should put up or shut up – not tell the fans one thing (repeatedly, over the summer, after the rumours began in earnest) and then stand by and allow another. I expect Sanchez and Oxlade-Chamberlain will leave, and we will make another piss-poor attempt to sign Lemar or someone else half-decent, which will fail. This sorry episode is making me regret purchasing a season ticket… Read more »


You the season ticket holders have all to do to save us loyal fans far away in Uganda. Boycott the matches and these guys will surely get back to their senses


Sorry Diablo, but this is how transfers are handled everywhere. Look at Coutinho – or a ton of players in our own past. They’re “not for sale” because the clubs want to drive up prices. If Liverpool hadn’t said “Nope!” to Barca, they could have sold Coutinho at Barca’s opening price. Now they’ll get twice that. We’ve done it a ton of times, so have many other clubs. Even Arsenal fans are going “Get Lemar” and hope to get him, even after his club has repeatedly said they won’t sell him. The club is no more guilty of “lying” than… Read more »


I’ll buy it off you.


My opinion has changed since Sunday’s result. Last week I wanted them all to stay. Now I encourage Alexis and Ox to leave. They are clearly done here. And who can really blame them. Those two in particular have been hardest truest over the past few years.

Let’s have a complete change. Players out, maybe some new ones in by Thurs. If Wenger can build something different over next two years, great. If we continue to suck let’s hope he’s fired before Xmas. But at least things will be different. I’m just desperate for a change.


I don’t understand why so many people want a change in players. Wenger has failed with so many squads already, surely it’s not always the players’ fault. A new set of players won’t be better anyways, because good players want to play with good players and if we sell Sanchez, Özil, we don’t have too much left.

In Transit

Exactly this! Everytime a true fighter comes along we all believe it’s the Messiah we’ve been waiting for. For a season or so everything is fine. But then they become arsenalized…


Exactly! We have failed despite the numerous incoming and outgoing players. Wenger is the common denominator that has stayed the same.


It’s the defensivr setup. Just like the “by the numbers” collumn discussed this week.

Yankee Gooner

Because as much as Wenger fails, he’s not the one (in Ox’s case) consistently giving up possession, crossing poorly, or failing to finish. I’d like Wenger to go, but I can only think of a few players who I think I’d like to keep around, and they are mostly our “less glamorous” ones who work hard and consistently give a professional performance: monreal, laca, Giroud, kos, holding, cech, maaaybe Özil if we knew for certain how well he’d link up with laca. You wouldn’t build a team around any of them, but they seem to have grit (again, not sure… Read more »


Yeah a world cup winner can’t have grit.

Yankee Gooner

Alex, fair point: I’m a fan of Özil, but I think his talents are wasted here, tbh. Given that Sanchez wants out, the number of attacking players who can actually convert O’s passes is dreadfully low. Given that, I don’t think he’s at a position in his career where he’s seemingly willing to do the defensive grinding a rebuilding team needs. Put him on a team where the main striker isn’t Danny fucking Wellbeck half the time and maybe it would be different.


agree 100%, at some point, the few people that still believe its not wengers fault will wake up and realise, we can’t keep blaming the players. we play players out of position its been like that for years now, we have always been 1 or 2 players short of truly competing, we pay average players far to much to the point its hard to offload them, we get promised top top quality and but squilachi, silvestre etc etc. we should have built a team around sanchez, we didn’t we should have built a team around cesc we didn’t same with… Read more »


I still say Sanchez must not go to PL team – do a deal WITH PSG for cash plus a player we need i. e. DMF or CB. (don’t know their players well enough to choose)

Donald\'s Trump

Don’t think you know business well enough. The other party needs to want what you are selling and be willing to sell what you want to buy.


Who cares about Sanchez, we have Gibbs who want to stay with us, what a loyal player, LOL

A Gunner with Psychic powers

You can say that about Alexis but not the Snake OX !


We need a catalist for change… ?

Agnes Demise

it’s getting better all the tiiiiiiiime


On a cliff note: It’s been over a year since my comments were subject to moderator approval. One has to wonder if there’s a surge in abuse from commenters given the recent club performance.

Jean Ralphio

No point having a demotivated player in the squad. Hope we can get a suitable player in though.

Block 93

And ooooon it goes…….this is beyond tiresome. I love Arsenal but I’m so bored of this never-ending saga. Year after year it’s the same old shite. I have absolutely no faith in the club, the manager or the owner to sort this chaos out in the right way. Depressing times.

dr Strange

‘The decision has been made and we will stick to that. The decision is not to sell.’


If we do sell I belive it´s time to bring out the tar, feathers and pitchforks.


Just now? The guy said that AOC won’t be leaving last month.


Fuckin hell…is there a number we can call

Dan Hunter

An 09 number will take your mind off things


Continued bafflement.

We’d better have bigger names than Jonny Evans and Salomon Kalou coming in.


Fucking Arsenal cunts. They bring in Alexis and Ozil, and all they had to do was keep pushing forward. Instead, they sit on their hands and buy second rate players on (Welbeck, Gabriel, Mustafi, Xhaka) while holding onto the dead weight for two years two long. Now, we’re about to enter the free fall. Top talent all want to leave with two days left in the window because Wenger thinks it’s best to keep players who want out. Fucking old cunt, take your head out of your ass. Without a complete clearing of the decks from Wenger up, we’ll be… Read more »


I think Arseblog may have to actually open that pitchfork and torch store.

John Foster

This is just so depressing.


Ooof.. Lovely last couple of days this.


Imo we should not accept money+Sterling, weakass player that will do nothing for our brittle squad. £70m is fine, throw it all at Lemar, or £40m each on Draxler and Seri.


You have got it wrong we would be paying them money + Sanchez for sterling, check the updated news on the transfer

A Gunner with Psychic powers

If true then that is stupid , I would rather have Sanchez rot in the U_23 team bench than to pay money for Sterling !

Our problems are much bigger than 2 or 3 transfers !



Take it!


Guys, I am sure none of you has watched Seri ! Lol

Donald\'s Trump

Forget watching him play, I haven’t even bought him on football manager.


He’s not all that on Fifa, maybe we can try and get an inform version

Sanchez\' favourite dog


This summer is the shit show that just keeps on giving


Balance Sheet Campeones! Campeones!
Ole! Ole! Ole!


Could you please direct me to the closest Pitchfork Store? They ran out of them in the Armoury.

Jonny Bravo

All about saving face now.


Hopefully Wenger leaves with him : I’m absolutely amazed that it has been allowed to get to this.


Prefer project youth to this shitshow


Agreed. Youth at least wants it. I think much of our trouble has come from fan demands to buy “world class players” instead of the hidden gems AW used to turn up with (Vieira, Henry). That in turn upset the strict wage controls we had and mediocre players were earning more than top players at other teams. Now, with Gibbs, Debuchy et al stuck on the books because of no one matching wage demands to go elsewhere, we can’t even get the wage bill down to sign new players. Frightening that Spuds can keep Kane and Alli on wages equivalent… Read more »


But wenger doesn’t find those gems anymore. Where was he when Dortmund bought dembele from Rennes? That’s just one example of a few other good french players that went to teams with a lower budget than we have. Where is our french scouting network now?


You can’t get every french player. Times have changed.


I don’t get the downvotes. You’re absolutely spot on. We used to have a wage structure. We’ve let ourselves get pushed over because a few clubs have magic money trees and some fans expect us to “keep up” by spending the same money in order to attract players of that calibre. We can’t. We don’t have free money. And fans not realizing this, screaming for “world class” signings every year, are – sadly – out of touch with reality. It’s just not realistic. We’ll have to hope for something “stronger” than the joke that is Financial Fair Play. Hopefully the… Read more »


Wenger should have left. A new manager could have sorted these contracts out. A new manager could have built a new team, and actually fucking reacted to us dropping out of the CL places. Instead, Wenger has insisted that Ox and Sanchez loved this club and woiuld 100% not be sold. Look where we are: No defenders, our star player being sold 3 days before the window shuts. Players stuck in the squad that we can’t shift and/or don’t trust to play (Walcott, Debuchy, Mertesacker, Wilshere, Perez) – on huge wages. Total, abject mismanagement of nearly every position in the… Read more »


Why moderated, blogs?


Falling apart at the seams. At least the fucking whinging cunts who mascarade as fans at our club have finally got something to moan about.


Or maybe they were just right all along…and you and others are just delusional Wenger sycophants


No. I’m not a wenger sycophant. I’m a gunner, an Arsenal supporter, the now decreasing minority of fans with the intelligence to recognise that all the fucking sniping, pissing and moaning has done far more damage to my team than Arsene Wenger ever did.


Yeah of course to Arsene supporters a bunch of anonymous internet commentators have caused more damage than Wenger’s assinine transfer policies, team selection, tactics etc.

Of course.


Its ok, I’ll forgive your ignorance. I want Wenger out, I just don’t let it dominate my every thought about Arsenal as some of the weirdos on here. I can recognise the good he’s done as well as the bad. But I pay my money to enjoy my football not to be surrounded by the fucking indulgent misery that some people seem to enjoy.


“Its ok, I’ll forgive your ignorance”

Thank goodness for that. What I find funny is that you can’t even rebut my ‘ignorance.’ Typical…


I just did mate. Perhaps it’s stupidity…

nimble foot

Let the man leave. Shame we didn’t let him leave earlier We’d have had a replacement in by now and probably won’t have lost so badly to Liverpool

Yankee Gooner

The rumored sell price has about doubled in the last month, so it was smart to wait but stupid to 1) play him against Liverpool and 2) believe the “we aren’t selling” line even a little bit.

Donald\'s Trump

Who cares about the price. It’s not like we’re going to reinvest it. And even if we do I don’t trust Wenger to invest it wisely.


Replacement? What did you think Lacazette was?


If Wenger had sold him without the idiots seeing his disgusting attitude on Sunday we’d have NEVER heard the end of it!


Got a feeling we are going to see trolley dash just like 2011-2012, is Park Chu-Young available?


You’ll find him in the reserves on £40k a week.


Now he’s gonna score against us. These things hurt Arsenal. They really do

Bergkamp\'s Toe