Emiliano Martinez will spend the upcoming season on loan at La Liga outfit Getafe.

The 24-year-old has been Arsenal’s third choice keeper for the last two seasons and has made 50 appearances in the first team since moving to London from Argentina in 2010.

The move to Spain represents the fifth loan spell of his career after spells spent at Oxford United, Sheffield Wednesday, Rotherham United and Wolves.

Hopefully, he’ll garner some good experience in Spain playing against top quality opposition in some of the world’s most famous arenas.

There’s no doubt that Arsene Wenger rates Martinez and sees him as a long-term option when David Ospina, who this week said he’ll be staying at Arsenal, and Petr Cech move on.

Good luck to you Emi.

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Great move, provided he’s the first choice over there.


Great move only if we remembered to extend his contract before the loan.


A lot of people have been complaining about extending a player’s contract before sending them out on loan. Personally, I feel if you believe in the player’s quality but can’t guarantee them the game time they need to develop then this is a very ideal thing to do.

As promising as Martinez is, we can’t guarantee him a spot even as second choice until he is tested consistently at a high level. Being second choice in the championship is not enough. If people go mad when we play Ospina how would their reaction be to playing Martinez. GK is not a position you could rotate your players, and there is a lot of pressure on the player as one mistake could cost you the game.

I think this is a brilliant move, granted he gets regular game time. Wish him all the best, and hope to see him play regularly at Arsenal in the future. Love his attitude, the guy is always positive and seems to be willing to put in the work. Unlike szczesny, there’s something about him that brings a calm presence, Osipina has it and so does Cech. He just needs to be tested in the regular base and play regularly where he is under serious pressure to perform. Only after he’s done that can we judge his quality.

Btw for people who were gutted Szczesny left, if we’d extended his contract before we loaned him out, he’d probably be an arsenal player. Just like any footballer, he knows that when he has 1 year remaining on his deal, and can’t be guaranteed game time then he can’t sign a new contract and has to make a move. If he had two years left on his deal (rather than one) we could have loaned him out for another year and next year he could be in a position to challenge Cech for the number 1 position, but at the moment, Cech is miles ahead of him in every aspect (gk ability, leadership, presence in goal etc).


Wtf are you talking about mate


This could all be interpreted as a misunderstanding of some sort. AW probably said “loan him out to get a fee” thinking of raising cash for Sanchez wages.
Next, headlines “Martinez loaned out to Getafe” .
Our transfer dealings according to the press.

Wenger Wonga

Being French I would have thought Wenger would have said Getafix lol or maybe get Obelisk in goal?

Fuhgedaboudit l

Definitely don’t agree Cech is so much better than Szczesny at this point if better than him now at all.

love and hate

Just start your own blog or something mate, comments are no place for an essay ?


I haven’t seen a single complaint on the topic, quite the opposite infact.

Fuhgedaboudit l

Still really upset we let Szczesny go. Really believe we are going to regret that move.

I Am Gunnaaaaa

Based on Getafe’s results last year, looks like he’ll get plenty of work.

Zachary Horner

Hope he plays a bunch. One of my favorite young guys on the team right now.


Who becomes the new number 3?


Matt Macey

Crash Fistfight

Blogs, can you do a test of typing the most inane comment as possible and see how many up votes you get?


Spanish speaking country, decent weather, £10 says he’ll not be back.

Original Paul

Maybe but when he goes he will be worth very good money. Good keeper in my opinion.


It looks too good for his growth and confidence in goal. He is our future goal keeper.


Like wojieck was?


No, he’s far better than Woj was, and a lot more mature. He has that calm presence that all good goalies have.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Ah yes the ‘calm presence’ line again. People said that about Ospina too & that was proved to be utter crap.

Andy Mack

Outside the top few clubs in spain the money is poor compared to the PL and the level of competition is weak below the to 4 or 5 (really poor), so there’s a very fair chance he will be back.


Strange, I prefer him to Ospina.


Or is he Szcz number 2?

Original Paul

I kinda agree with that, but I would miss the “Oooossssssspppp… “you know the rest” ….miss you Szczzers x


Good Luck, hope he will be the first choice keeper there??

Laca-tose tolerant

Is this a bit of a risk? Only takes one injury away from playing with an inexperienced keeper on the bench! With our luck that’ll turn into having an inexperienced keeper starting…

All the best to him on the loan though hope he comes back with some great experience under his belt

Original Paul

Excellent news good luck but I rekon you won’t need it!


He’ll end up being the best goalkeeper in La Liga for 2 seasons on loan before we trade him for 5 tapas and an old Spanish cab driver.


Hope this works out and he can come back to the Arsenal a better player

Mesut O\'Neill

Kind of like the way Szceszny should have!!!


Szczesny became a top class keeper at Roma and then was sold.


We’ve got a goalkeeper who can save penalties…aaaand he’s gone!


That’s 2. We let our best keeper go to Juventus.

A different George

Well Martin, I know how much you dislike Ospina, but he is actually–and by a long way–our best keeper for penalties:



i don’t dislike Ospina but he really is not a top class keeper. Maybe better than Cech at saving penalties but his decision making is suspect and lacks presence and composure and lacks the height. Szczesny is better than both of them and to let him go was insane

Faisal Narrage

“There’s no doubt that Arsene Wenger rates Martinez”

Career kiss of death right there.
Goodbye Martinez. Not looking forward to you moving to Madrid for 500 rupees and a pack of quavers soon.

An Ox-sized Coq

In other news, who else is excited as I am to see Barca get bullied in transfer market!!!

The lord works in mysterious ways indeed!


Lol yea boy! Football tends to be cyclical and I anticipate Barca will continue on their downward trend for a little while. Poor them 😀

David C

until the sign Dybala from Juve or Griezmann and play better than last year…

I wonder if Neymar has that PSG DNA now…

A different George

You put in a release clause that requires the payment of all the first-born of the country, and PSG says: “where do we sign?”


Has he really made 50 appearances for the first team? Surely not?

Frank Emerson

Must be one of the best 3rd choice keepers in tbe league. I think Wenger would have preferred to get a fee for Ospina but he refused to move, knowing he can get a lucrative signing on fee next summer as a bosman. So Wenger said fine, stay on the bench for another season.


If this is really what happened, then the club should have told Ospina he’d be third choice behind Martinez and not play in Europe. It is ridiculous that virtually the only players even remotely likely to leave this summer are players we wouldn’t mind keeping, whereas all the players we’d like to move on are stubbornly staying put so they can keep their fat wages for barely kicking a football. The club needs to get pushier (and maybe settle for less money in transfers). Our squad is bloated with mediocrity. Ospina seems like a nice bloke, but he’s not good enough to play regularly for us. If Martinez is ever going to be good enough to be our number one (and it seems like plenty people at the club think he’s got that potential), then surely he’s good enough to be our backup at this juncture (he’s not a kid, even by goalkeeping standards). We obviously should have kept Szczesny, but even with him gone, I don’t think we should be keeping Ospina over Martinez. Get 5m for Ospina, get him off our wage bill, and move on.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Who said Ospina has one season left? I think the reason he stayed isn’t choice: it’s the lack of any interest in him


Agree Frank, all the dross, Wenger gave mega bucks to has backfired big time. Reports that we can’t buy until the dross goes is pathetic. Other top! teams just move the failures on ie. Man U – Depay, Citey – lots of dross moved on. Wengers failures are still here, another poor season is promised with his usual excuses.


5 first team appearances for us last year, 3 clean sheets. Sorry Emi, ANOTHER spell away to convince the masses of your mettle *roll eyes*. Wishing you the best, as others obviously won’t.

Jeff Febus

Best penalties goalkeeper we have had in some time.

Lord Bendnter

When Andrew says Martinez should go on loan for first team football, Arsenal send Martinez on loan for first team football

My Wig smells cheesy

Well Andrew, tell Mezut and Alexis to pop into Arsenes office and sign their new shiny new contracts please!


Best of luck Emi!
Hopefully he gets to save a pen against poor old Barcelona who will be Neymarless.


Sell Szcz and make it look like we did it because we want to give Emi a chance, but then loan him out anyway. What was the point of all this? We’ve now got someone who stands behind the line as backup to Cech.

Spanish Gooner

Look forward to him signing to replace Keylor Navas at Madrid after impressing hugely in his loan spell


Matt Macey, come on down.


The whole Neymar thing obviously doesn’t remotely apply to the world of keepers.

BUT its insane the going ons at PSG and Barca.

Now they’re saying Barca (who stand to make a ton of money) not only have Dembele on the radar and Coutinho but Hazard and who know’s maybe they’ll do one over on Madrid for Mbappe or maybe they’ll decide Alexis does have Barca DNA after all.

And PSG apparently are willing to countenence parting with Verrati, or Draxler or Rabiot or Di Maria as make weight (specially for Barca) BUT… clearly those players can be moved to accommodate the big ticket purchase.

If the whole thing falls through, there is still the option of Alexis (bearing in mind Draxler also occupies the left sided berth)

Oh the insanity.

Its no wonder players like Lemar, Mahrez are on hold. The agents would be daft to let go and commit now.

I’ve said it before, too many commentators like to view things in a prism. Its never isolated, everything has bearing and the pack is waiting for the big predators to finish their kill first before moving in.

Yankee Gooner

Truckload of Jamón Ruffles as makeweight?

Lone Star Gunner

As a WWII and Spanish Civil War history buff I’m quite interested in Getafe’s logo. Anyone know the origin of their shield with what appears to be two engine bombers on the right side? Just curious.

My Wig smells cheesy

Funnily enough….

My Wig smells cheesy



As long as he gets to play it will be a great move for him, just hope we can get him back in case of a season ending injury to either Cech or Ospina.

Andy Mack

Nice to see all the media stories on this finally came true…. 😀