Lacazette pleased with Premier League debut rollercoaster


Alexandre Lacazette has declared himself pleased with his Premier League and his first proper experience of English football.

The French international got off the mark inside 2 minutes, in what must be one of the quickest debut goals in the league, and played his part in what was an extraordinary win over Leicester.

It was his shot that was saved that brought about the corner that led to Olivier Giroud’s winner, and overall the 26 year old was happy with how it went.

““It was a rollercoaster ride but it went well,” he said.

“We let in some goals we could have avoided but we’ll work to ensure we don’t concede any more like that during the season. Fortunately we ended the game on a high.”

And as for his first taste of the Premier League, he continued, “Obviously I’m still getting used to the English game, the positives and negatives, shall we say, but I’m learning.

“It’s interesting. Let’s say the referee tends to let play continue… and you only really understand that when you experience it. Not that it’s a positive or a negative, it’s just the way the game is and you get used to it. It’s nice.

“It is different to the French league but I knew that already. It’s up to me to adapt.”

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The new Bendtner

Keep up the perfect record fella!


Savage performance from him in fairness. Great touches and really good feet. Great to get an early goal too, calm the nerves and quell the pressure a bit.


Alexandre Lacazette is fantastic.
Xavi: Seri is fantastic.

Stringer Bell

Hold up, according to Trez he was not good enough and Morata and Lukaku were better. I feel very happy with our new number nine and would not swap him for either.


Lukaku scored a brace on his debut and Morata had a goal and assist. So going by your dumb logic, I am right then?? Besides, when did I say Lukaku and Morata are better?? Is that as preposterous as you think it is?

Mick Malthouse

Just feels like he is the finisher we need.

Faisal Narrage

But the finisher we deserve


I’m thinking whether the Stoke game isn’t the one where we could start Giroud up front a potentially Lacazette behind him. When we won there at the end of last season, Giroud started and scored twice.


More than that, need meet in the back line






Does Kolasinac not provide enough beef for you?

Heavenly Chapecoense

Where do you put Ozil?


Get in son!


Great debut and no doubt a good experience of how crazy the PL can get at times. Long may his goalscoring continue!

Indian Gooner

Can’t wait to see Alexis and Lacazette leading the attack for us..even if it is just going to be only for this season.

Gilbert from Kenyan

Can’t wait to see the two playing together, what a combination we will experience!

bob davis

Be great to see Wenger start with Giroud and Lacazette up front against Stoke!


Naturally He’ll get burnt out and having Giroud and Welbz around is great for us. How often did Giroud get burnt out and there was no one to allow him a rest. We have the options now. Lets use them!!!!

Gilbert from Kenyan

Can’t wait to see Sanchez and lacazette play together

nacho man

player ratings?


To be fair the ref will always let play continue, it’s Mike Dean, the man has no clue.


Wish I could upvote this twice.
I sincerely hope Mike Dean doesn’t officiate when we face Spuds. His record of donating penalties to them does not exactly sit easy on me, especially considering the fact that Cech will be between the sticks for us.
Why can’t the Chinese League poach referees like Jon Moss and Mike Dean? We’ll throw in ‘pundits’ like Piers Morgan and Carragher too to sweeten the deal.

Fuhgedaboudit l

Personally, I would like to see AW go with a 3-4-1-2 formation. Lacazette and Giroud in front, and Ozil behind. The way Giroud and Lacazette worked together against Leicester kind of reminded me of the Giroud and Greissman combination during the Euros that worked so well. It’s time to get rid of Alexis. Don’t like his attitude, didn’t even before he asked to be let go. His skills are not good enough to overcome his lack of team desire. His tepid celebrations when anybody but him scored a goal was obvious.


He’s razor sharp in front of goal.

BUT we also saw why Giroud starts for France.

When we switched formation, we reaped immediate benefit.

AND it was at no detriment to Lacazette playing off of GIroud (together with)

One combination saw OG lay off a delicate cut back to Lacazette who endeavored to dribble through and almost scored.

I think we have felxibiltiiy of different structure (3-4-3 or 4-2-3-1) and different combinations between players this season. Thus we can play Lacazette-Welbeck or Giroud- Lacazette or indeed Giroud-=Welbeck.

On Welbeck, he needs to be sharper in front of goal and no doubt he will gain something from Lacazette in finishing. BUT I liked his movement dribbling through on a couple of occasions. Had he not finished his goal (Practically on a plate this time) I would have been speechless (well maybe not)

BUT certainly we have many tools now to break down teams.

There is no PLan B. Just different weapons depending on circumstance.

Aleksander Włodarz

Looks like our fight for top 4 has begun … ManU seem strong this year


Needs to work on his hold up play and get used to defenders like Maguire getting extra leverage and leaning in on him with the ref ignoring any hurley burley. But Lacazatte looks smart enough to learn and adapt to the rigors of the Prem.
Keep scoring and running hard and he will win all thd detractors who were underwhelmed by his signing.


He is a very good player…europa league is a tough league, so o thin arsene winger should make loan in Diego Costa and use him for europa league this season…


NO surprises considering :

1) Make shift CBack Monreal. With Kosicleny, Mustafi and Per back, the defense will be more stable. Also Holding showed some inexperienced, you’d think Calum is also in with a shout this season.

2) The midfield is still an issue. Elneny had a good assist and some decent moments but there is never enough defensive steel. Granit can’t tackle or out jump Okazaki to save his life. He does provide superb passing but Elneny cannot complement Granit’s shortfalls. Maybe Ramsey can but short of Coquelin (who seems to only be able to hold with Santi but is our best tackler), the options fall off very quickly.


Lacazette is razor sharp.

But so is Giroud.

Funny to hear people say Lacazette is world class but ignore Giroud.

As mentioned, playing GIroud is not detrimental to Lacazette.

The big man showed why he starts for France Laying off for Lacazette who dribbled through on goal and almost scored another.

We have two solid and very different players who can complement each other.

I thought Welbeck was impactful too which is encouraging albeit he still needs to work on finishing. If he didn’t score that goal laid on a plate for him by Kolasinac, I just don’t know what to say.


PSG played Neymar and Cavani, Di Maria.

No Draxler and a pantomime appearance for Pastore.

Reasonable targets. Either could help us further.