Sunday, November 27, 2022

Report: Arsenal negotiating with Chelsea over Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

According to the Evening Standard, Chelsea are ‘in negotiations’ with Arsenal over the sale of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

The 23 year old has turned down a number of contract offers from the club, and with less than 12 months left on his current deal the situation is pressing – particularly as others like Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil are in the same position.

Oxlade-Chamberlain harbours ambitions of playing as a central midfielder, and it’s this rather than any financial motivation which has seen him thus far refuse to commit his future to Arsenal.

However, Arsene Wenger appears reluctant to ever play him in this position, and as it stands he’s in the team at left wing-back, a position which really doesn’t seem to suit him very well.

The report suggests a fee of around £35m could be enough to tempt Wenger to let the Ox go as Chelsea look to add depth to their squad.

It’s certainly an interesting one. Would you sell him? £35m for a player who still hasn’t nailed down a position and is in the final year of his contract has got to be tempting.

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It sounds increasingly like only Premier league clubs can afford our players, whether its Wilshere or Ox or Alexis. If we are selling the Ox to find someone better or at least someone who better suits us, I’d be ok with that. If we’re just selling him and making no additions, that would be ridiculous.


That would be Arsene’s way…*


I believe ox is happy with the terms offered and playing time guaranteed and will sign contract soon. We are just playing with Chelsea like they have done with us on numerous occasions.

Kalou….. cough….cough


Why would anyone serious want Kalou?


Completely agree. I really like the Ox but would not be devastated to lose him if we find a good replacement with the money. It is a shame as is finally getting starts in a position that he could really nail down. He has never performed in central midfield really so I don’t understand the fixation. If he goes to Chelsea, he does not strengthen them that much and we are not significantly weaker, he will be a squad player there. With us, he has a position and a good role. If he won’t sign then we should get 35m+,… Read more »


We should only consider selling the Ox if we could get an outstanding like-for-like replacement RIGHT NOW — someone who could integrate into the team basically immediately and cover the versatile wing-back role the Ox is currently covering quite well.

With Alexis and Ozil out of contract in ten months, we’ll probably have to rebuild next Summer anyway — so let’s keep our best players right now and really go for the title THIS YEAR.

Finances be d*mned! Full speed ahead! 🙂


I do wonder if Arsene sees Reiss Nelson as his immediate successor?

I do think the Ox is a better option than Bellerin at RWB, though, so would be sad to see him go.


I have to stick up for AOC. He clearly has natural game-changing talent that few players possess. Yes he can give the ball away, and yes he can be frustrating, Alexis anyone?. But this is surely to be expected of a young, regularly injured player who is never played in a consistent position. Unlike most he actually tries to make things happen on the pitch and is ever more producing decisive contributions. Last season’s 45 appearances was his most productive and Wenger himself says until age 24 no player is 100%. The best is yet to come from Ox, mark… Read more »

Gus Caesar

But he won’t sign a new deal. So we have a choice: sell for £35m or get nothing for him in 10 months. And to group him with Alexis is like grouping Walcott with Messi – we’re really not talking a game-changing player here (which game has he ever changed anyway?), we’re talking a back-up wing-back who would be benched (at best) if our first XI were all fit. It’s not foolish, it’s sensible.


I respect your opinion, but what you fail to grasp is his age. Just check online at Alexis for example. At age 23 he was netting 6 goals from 36 at Udinese. Tell me how different that is?? His game-changing moments off the top of my head: Outstanding assists against Man united, man city, southampton, west ham away. A goal from the kickoff against liverpool? It is all there, I just wish he was given a chance in a more advanced position. Unlike walcott He is NOT GETTING WORSE, he is improving. His biggest enemy is his own versatility.

Burt Macklin FBI

You make good points but finding a tricky winger is not that hard. Whether he will develop into a player like Alexis? The jury is very much out on that one. He would need replacing if we sold him.

Gus Caesar

I’m not failing to grasp anything. He’s 24 tomorrow and has been at the club for 6 years. He’s been given plenty of games and I can recall him playing wing-back, winger and central mid so it’s a nonsense to say he hasn’t been given a chance in many positions. He’s had ample chance and it’s for him to grasp it. I’m not saying that he’s been awful and in the last 6 months (when his contract has been coming up for renewal, which may or may not be pure coincidence) he’s certainly done more than he had in the… Read more »


I would argue that recently he has grasped his opportunity. Hence starting every game, left or right. There is only so much you can affect the game from there and currently his contribution is far greater than that of Bellerin. He actually supports arsenal and clearly does want to be at the club long term, just with playing assurances. It is sad that Wenger cannot seem to guarantee that. I understand Alexis is a stretch, so compare him to his contemporaries. Ross barkley had Everton’s no10 spot for 4 years and has even worse numbers. Yet he is a 50m… Read more »


If he won’t sign he should be sold, just not to Chelsea.

I really like the look of Reiss Nelson, so I’d be happy for him and Maitland-Niles to provide back up at RWB.

Gus Caesar

He’s started games recently only because of injuries and the need to play Monreal centrally. He’s a squad player. I don’t care if he supports us (he doesn’t actually), I wouldn’t suggest picking our squad on sentiment is a good idea. Compared to Lingard i’m good. Most English players are awful, hence the need for so many foreigners. That he’s better than Shelvey and Barkley isn’t a reason to keep him, there’s a readon they play for shit clubs. You get excited, i get distinctly underwhelmed. A couple of dribbles followed by a cross into row d is what he’s… Read more »


But, Oxlade is somebody who can take on defenders and beat them with his pace and quick change of direction. He can keep Bellerin honest for the RWB position and when Arsenal switch to 4-3-3 like against Leicester, he is the perfect option to bring on as a Right Winger. He has the ability to affect games, even if predominantly as a sub. Surely, we can’t sell him to another PL team. Just hold him at knife’s edge & make him sign the fucking contract with a clause that he will only be played as a Winger or Wing back


I’m not getting this . if we are talking about ox 1 year ago you would be absolutely right. Buy right now ox is far from the player you are suggesting. With limited opportunities that too mostly as a Wing back he had a very respectable end product last season. Obviously his end product is nowhere near ozils and sanchez and we shouldn’t expect it seeing as they are senior figures and players in their prime of their career. And I don’t understand this reluctance to give ox a chance in centre midfield. Obviously wenger is far better judge in… Read more »

Original Paul

Look. If he won’t sign then what choice do we have??


How about give him a regular f*cking place on a pitch for 10 straight games for once?

Gus Caesar

One person’s amazing talent is another’s inconsistent and mediocre performer. As you say, before his contract was up for debate he was ripe for selling – that’s 5.5 years of inconsistency & underperformance. That doesn’t justify a massive pay rise, nor do 3 or 4 decent games mean he can pick his position. And you have to wonder why he suddenly turned in the performances when his contract was being negotiated, much like Walcott did a year earlier. As for the comment about Coq and Elneny, if Lacazette plays poorly this season should we give Gibbs a pay rise &… Read more »


What does past have anything to do with the future. When Rvp hit the form did we think that he was shite for past years so we should sell him?? Ox might’ve been inconsistent in past but he has increasingly becoming more and more important for the team making vital contributions and not all of them has to be as a result of contract negotiations like walcot. As for yhe case of him not signing the contract the general consensus its just a case his preferred position rather than money which to admirable. And regarding your last point I’m… Read more »

Gus Caesar

The past is how you earn the right to the future, it’s where you prove your value. If he’s been inconsistent in the past then there’s a pretty good chance he will in the future. 6 years isn’t 5 minutes, it’s a long story of evidence and ignoring it would be foolish. Wenger’s said that about loads of people down the years. Wilshere’s best role was said to be in the Ozil role but he rarely played him there, ditto Ramsey, Diaby, Denilson, Nasri etc. Anyone with a brain can see that that’s Wenger saying the right things to keep… Read more »


Fitness levels?!? He’s been playing wing-back for goodness sake, the most demanding position on the pitch! Regarding his passing range, he is far better than the majority of the squad, I would even list that as one of his strengths. I can’t understand your obvious vendetta against him.


Agreed in most but coquelin is class, prob most consistent pre season


I can think of two important assists he made for 2 very important monreal goals off the top of my head, both fa cup, semi vs utd n semi vs city, pretty game changing moments no?

Gus Caesar

If that’s the threshold to be a ‘game-changer’ then so is Gibbs because he’s also put in a few crosses which led to goals. Many put in assists. I would view a game-changer as someone who single-handedly changes the dynamic of a game through his consistent efforts and actions. The odd cross that reaches the target out of six or seven attempts is hardly game-changing form.

Tasmanian Jesus

Not Cesc, he was clearly better before he was 24 than after.
But thats kinda his own fault.

Arsene\'s Dad

Sell and get Seri with that money is probably my best resolution.


He’s clearly a massive upgrade on Moses, no way he’s is getting CM with them. I’m sure he’s getting a massive pay rise, they get a homegrown quota player with huge potential. Plus he figures he has a higher chance of winning the title at Chelsea, which begrudgingly is fair. I think this is a loss for us as he has proved useful and versatile, even used him last year in the centre when we were short for a period. He can ghost past anyone, and will get better. He’s better than Walcott on the right. Just pray we reinvest… Read more »


So typical, as soon as he has a half decent season where he’s not injured the whole time he edges for a move. If he thinks he’s going to get regular game time as a cm at Chelsea he’s flat out deluded.

Nasri\'s missing chinbone

Totally agree. He won’t be starting at CM for them so clearly he wants cash. Annoying because he looks really good at either WB position. 35m is a decent price though given his injury record and length of time left on his deal. On another note, with Chelsea about to fuck up massively why the hell would we sell to them and strengthen them. Happy for them to finish outside the top four again. Conte will walk if they don’t make signings… I say suck it up and accept you’re a wing back Alex. You’re not going to play CM… Read more »


I don’t think Oxlade-Chamberlain wants to go anywhere near that pack of c*nts. Liverpool maybe, but not them.


as if chelsea are going to play him in the midfield….if they want him its as a RWB/utility player just like he is at arsenal…..i’d sell him with a buy back and sell on clause, with the money chelsea usually get when they sell could be a great deal


That’s exactly it!
He will compete with Moses, not with Bakayoko, Kanté or Cesc.
A dribbler as good as him belongs on the wing I believe even if he didn’t disappoint when he played CM last year.
We would definitely need back-up for Hector should Ox decide to leave…


I think non of the players you mentioned plays in the number 10 role, just behind the CF. Maybe that is the position (Ozil’s) what is tempting for him…


True , they are losing Costa and if Conte wants somebody to play behind Morata he may see the Ox as someone to mould into that role. If not and he plays as he plays now then that is a good deal for us.

Hereford gooner

Eden hazard and Willian might have something to say about that

Tasmanian Jesus

Yep, and if they arent there, they would surely put Cesc there to play in his old role.


He either has a bad attitude or is brutally honest, wears his confidence like a helmet (easily dented, don’t know if everyone got it :D), comes in to training last/late, leaves first..

anyway, like Simon I’ll sell , compulsorily, but for 25m + buyback + sell on but, + 2 youth players


Are you a witness to the training sessions ?


We need cover in DM and WB

Strangely Negative

We do.

I’m not sure why the negs.

Dan Gunn

Yes I would. Put another way. If he played for a top-four side other than Arsenal… would you be that fussed about signing him. He’s a nice bloke but hasn’t really torn up trees for us. He wouldn’t be the first one I’d get rid of I must say. But if he won’t sign. We can pass up £35 mill. Especially when ozil and Sanchez are running down their contracts as well.




Selling Our home grown Ox would be a mistake. Not interested in “player congestion”, this team badly needs a midfielder and an experienced defender. Just read today’s blog on the midfield problem.

rogue gooner

Although I don’t agree with selling to rivals I would do in this situation as if he’s going there to play centre midfield then I don’t think he strengthens them. Ox is a good player but gives the ball away way too much to play centre mid.


Chelsea look set to implode this season anyway, if you believe what you read

Andy Mack

Do you really see them playing him as CM rather than as a wingback?
I don’t…

Joel Carter

He could make a world class right wing back but will ruin his career by insisting on being an average and underused central midfielder.


And people were critical of Theo for wanting to play as a CF. And he did well as a CF. Even though it didn’t work out in the long term, at least he showed us how good we can be with a mobile CF.


Tricky one. To me ox is always like theo v2 and gnarby is like theo v3 when they first burst on scene….theo always perform best during contract years…so I say sell….keep bellerin and promote Campbell.

Andy Mack

Isn’t Campbell injured at the moment?

Joel Carter

Blogs, the Go Compare advert is really playing up with the website in my browser. Keeps switching to the top of the screen when it starts playing. Anyone else having the same problem?


It does it on every page blogs and has done for a while now, I love your site, been reading all articles for over 10 years, and I would be reluctantly willing to listen to that clown sing once then pause it to support your site, but it often unpauses or replays, and the page autoscrolls to the ad, whether its at the top right or bottom or both. Afraid if you don’t address it I will be forced to use a ad blocker, which I have never used before, but when you cant read the articles or comments without… Read more »

Philos sophos

When you don’t let business get in the way of your ethics, you warm my heart. Class is permanent.


I have the same problem. Had it a couple of weeks ago then it appeared to be fixed. Now its happening again with the ad at the bottom of the page.


Probably best to sell him than to lose on the free next season (which we already risk doing with Alexis and Ozil) as long as we make further signings this window. We have an urgent need for a CM and could use some extra funds to get a quality player. Can’t see him making the difference between us and Chelsea this season, rather a difference if we don’t sign a Cm and Ramsey gets injured…


If we should have let anyone run down their contract, it was Walcott. This guy is talented, I can’t believe we don’t have a place for him.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Talented? Just dribbles? You probably have a couple in your neighbourhood.


yeah, what does Walcott offer besides goals and assists?


Walcott was actually pretty solid last season before minor injuries and the change of formation


If we are unable to retain our best playes – we deserve our “top 4 trophy team” status.

.. and if somebody thinks it wouldn’t be a terrible news to lose the Ox – please tell me somebody, who is one of the best dribblers in the leage, gives assists but at the same time: capabe of playing not only as a solid wing back but even as an emergency right bact too?

Heavenly Chapecoense

You mean assists to opposition ?


I mean: he gave the 3rd most assists last season (behind Ozil and Alexis)

W Main

If we sell him we need to use that money to bring in more talent. We are seriously short/underdeveloped in central midfield. Wilshire and Coquelin aren’t options and should be loaned out or sold. That leaves us Xhaka/Elneny and Ramsay. Cazorla might be back soon, but he’s getting on and it’s unlikely we can use him for a full 90 minutes.

I can’t understand why we’re not looking at bringing in another strong midfield player, other than the usual “lol arsenal” jokes.


We’ve held onto him for so long.
Now that he’s maturing and looking like a player, we’re going to sell him?
That would be madness.
Are we seriously going to play Hector at RWB for 50 games?
And I would argue he has looked better than Hector on several occasions.
Don’t sell him ffs!


But he don’t want to be a rwb. If he insists on cm then sell!


for monetary reasons i would sell…
but i dont have any stocks in arsenal, i’m just a fan who pays to support their sporting achievements… so keep all our first team players, get the extras to find themselves new clubs and pay what we need to win the league..
Thats all us fans should care about, not how the club spends money.
but the fact we dont seem to be pushing to do the former makes us fans care about the latter… just win the fkin league!!!


I like the Ox, but if we can sell him for 35m and Get Seri and Lemar, I wouldn’t mind. I know he’s a homegrown player and all, but he isn’t irreplaceable. Sell if he doesn’t sign a new deal.


I think a lot of people who comment feels the way you do. I mean: that he is irreplaceable.

But… with who?

Lemar is 170cm and played his last 2 years entirely on the left?
Seri: he is 168cm and a totally different player (he is much more like Kante)


He doesn’t want to play as a rwb. Bellerin can play there. As a CM, Seri is better. Lemar is also more productive as a LW and can play as a RW.
Selling Ox and getting Seri, Lemar and maybe a CB can help us switch to a 4-3-3.


I agree that Bellerin can play there… If it is about defending: then it’s ok. But as far as dribbling, creativity, short/long passing concern – In my opinion he is nowhere near the Ox. Lemar is better on the left – OK But at this moment we got Alexis and Iwobi there – plus in a 3-4-3 I think he woud prove to be a little bit light-weighted as a WB. (not to mention Kolasinac) As far as Seri concern: He is better as a CM – ok, but we use the Ox as Wing Back recently so we should… Read more »


I agree that Bellerin can play there… If it is about defending: then it’s ok. But as far as dribbling, creativity, short/long passing concern – In my opinion he is nowhere near the Ox. Lemar is better on the left – OK But at this moment we got Alexis and Iwobi there – plus in a 3-4-3 I think he woud prove to be a little bit light-weighted as a WB. (not to mention Kolasinac) As far as Seri concern: He is better as a CM – ok, but we use the Ox as Wing Back recently so we should… Read more »


You say Seri being much more like Kante as if that is a bad thing!

I love the Ox but with the best will in the world he is not a central midfielder. I don’t want us to sell him to Chelsea or any other of our direct rivals, but if we could get 35m for him now rather than hang on a year and see him go for nothing, I say sell.

As long as that money is reinvested now.


Does anyone thinks he will play in central midfield ahead of Kante or Cesc?
Don’t believe all this “it’s about the position not the money” talks.
He wouldn’t be playing in CM at Chelsea nor at Liverpool and he knows that. So of course it’s about money.

Wenger\'s Pony

If he is not willing to renew, then yes. Can’t pass 35mn along with the funds for the Ozil and Sanchez situation.


Sell him? Sure. Sell him to Chelsea? Hell no.


I’d like to keep him but if he won’t sign, then we need to fed rid. Sanchez a different animal, I’d make sure I got 50m+ for the ox in the current market though


Under no circumstances should we sell. We say we give young players a chance, but for what? To become a feeder club for Chelsea as we’re about to see the benefits of our education? Ox isn’t ready to play central midfield at Arsenal or anywhere else, I do think that’s where he’ll end up though. He’s still young but he’s got everything. His dribbling is superb, he shields the ball brilliantly, he’s got pace and power and he’s so exciting to watch. £35million is a joke figure as well. Sterling went for £49million and Ox is 100 the player. I’m… Read more »

Heavenly Chapecoense

I am sure Chelsea want Ox for the bench.

Stewart Robson\'s therapist

I would play the Ox at RWB over Bellerín at present.

Winterburn Wanderers

He’s better at RWB than Bellerin.


As a matter of club policy: Let us not sell players to premiership rivals ever again. We had to when we were weak. But now we can afford to say no, lets defy them


The major issue is the money in the premier league means the wages and transfer fees are so out of whack with the rest of Europe. The Premier League pays silly money and wages to very average players so you either have to take massive transfer hits to sell them abroad or you have to sell to PL rivals. A lot of these players we are talking about moving on – Jack, Debuchy, Ospina are on what are superstar wages in most other leagues and hence are really hard to move on outside of the PL. Add in that English… Read more »


spot on, 3 years ago Chelsea youth team had at least 3 players on £30K a week, and none of them are even yet getting in the CFC first team, loaned all over the place. Wages in England are totally over the top. As are transfer fees. For all the money in the BPL it has so few of the worlds best players, but then why would they want to play in a league where excuses are made for lumps being kicked out of the skilled players.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Wouldn’t this weaken Wenger stance not to sell Sanchez to a premier league rival?


Not at all – we are talking about a genuine superstar who would be very difficult to replace vs. a squad player. I know a lot of people on here love the guy b/c he’s been here so long and has a lot of personality & talent – but he doesn’t appear to be a genuine lock to start even at wingback here. The only opinion that counts is Wenger and he consistently plays Bellerin on the right when fit and it looks like Kolosniac (I butchered that) will start on the left once our central backs come back.


I really can’t see much argument for keeping him, but not to Chelsea!! Have we learned nothing from being the Man City talent pipeline for a few years??


It is beyond me how it is even remotely plausible that players get to make positional and playtime demands in contract negotiations with other clubs. Is it really like this:
– I would like to join your club but only if you play me every weekend in central midfield.
– Sure thing, we’ll add that to your contract, son. No more wing bullshit for this guy!

Bollocks. Plus, Arsene repeatedly said Ox is entering his prime now – worst time to move the bloke elsewhere. Especially to a direct rival.


There are all sorts of clauses in players contracts, some where they actually play. Harry Redknapp said yesterday that one of the problems with signing loan players can be the clauses, such as what position, how many games they must play and penalty fees if clauses not met. such as double fees or wages, and he also said many of the youths from the big clubs are on £25K or more a week, which can see them come in as the clubs highest earners.


Of course, but you do realize that this example is quite on a different level compared to an utility player (though, I admit the title is a bit harsh on the Ox) permanently moving between clubs like Arsenal and Chelsea, don’t you? One thing I would like to add is that if there’s any position where Wenger consistently develops world class players is full backwing back. I think Ox should take notice, roll up his sleeves and nail his spot once and for all, if Arsene sees him as a viable option there. I really think this “play through the… Read more »

Don Cazorleone

I feel like Ox is about to develop into a very very good player. It seems that he stepped up his game when Alexis arrived, and has spoken at times about how he is learning from him, and you can see that in his game; his chasing down, work rate, intention to play as directly as possible etc, which makes me wonder how much of his contract situation is down to uncertainty over other players’ contracts. For me, he is an adaptable and multi-functional, home-grown player full of room for growth, and there are many others that could be sold… Read more »

Yankee Gooner

Well, he’s certainly learned how to hold the club over a fire like Alexis.

Heavenly Chapecoense

If he was capable of scoring goals, he would have scored a couple, Just can’t score nada.

Gus Caesar

Meh. I’d rather he didn’t go to Chelsea in case he suddenly found the consistency that’s eluded him at Arsenal, but £35m for a squad player who’s been central to our recent mediocrity is a very good deal. He’s got even less chance of playing centrally at Chelsea than at Arsenal so if he’s really leaving for that reason then he’s going to very disappointed.

Let’s hope that this and other sales speed up in order to get us moving on the incoming transfers again.


He has been central to our recent mediocrity?

He is 23!
In our “recent” mediocrity he was mostly a teenager (with several months of injury).

Gus Caesar

Absolutely. He was a first-teamer at Southampton before he joined us and has been a first teamer with us for 6 years. He’s been a teenager for only half of that and is 24 tomorrow. Walcott aside you couldn’t find a better example of inconsistency over the last 6 years, he’s benefited simply because of his nationality.


If he is 24 tomorrow: it means he is 23 today.
But more importantly:

Do you think we should jugde a 23 year old player on his consistency level in his late teenager years?

And as far as the 2nd half concern: He has 27 appearances in the national team. He helped us win 3 FA cups and 3 Charity Shield. Is it really a sign of mediocrity when you are 20 – 23 years old?

Gus Caesar

Correct, good logic. Yes, I think we should judge every footballer if they’re asking for millions of pounds in wages. As far as i’m aware there isn’t a start (or end) point where you judge the value of a footballer, especially when they join the club as a fully-fledged first-teamer and remain that for their whole career. I’d certainly rather not conveniently ignore half of his Arsenal career just to suit me. I don’t care what he has done for England, it’s not relevant to his contribution to Arsenal. He’s played in over 150 games for Arsenal. He’s barely been… Read more »


Well, if you doesn’t think it make any sense to handle and judge a player in the EPL differently based on the fact that he is only 17-18-19 years old OR a fully fit adult with years of experience behind him (and with 5-10 kg muscle more…)
It’s ok. I leave it to you.

Gus Caesar

I’m judging him on 6 years and 160 games, that’s ample. He’s been and remains nothing but average.


Not to Chelseq


Risky to let him go. I think he’s a more effective right wing back than Bellerin at the moment and what other cover is there in that position?


keep Ramsey but well Ox? fck you Wenger

Arse head

35-40m for a player with one year left on his contract is a no brainer. Especially if he hasn’t even got a position in the team nailed down.


I like Ox, but I feel like it’s time to let him go, so long as we bring in another quality central midfielder. £35m is good for a player in the final year of his contract, who has turned down multiple extensions and has failed to nail down a regular place in six years.


well if its to play in CM then why in hell would he go to CFC, he aint getting into their CM two. He goes there he will be in the team at right wing back in place of moses.


Will be ? hate to say but moses is also great at rwb and it was one of the best players last year for Chelsea, and he was the only player that threat us in the community shield. If he loves arsenal he will stay and he will plat most of the games half will start them at rwb or lwb and dozen will play as a winger and the rest will come of the bench that means he will play many many games. But asking 120k pound per week is to much, as everyone states he has no chance… Read more »

J singh

He wants to play cm , well that won’t be happening at Chelsea , kante,babayoko, fabregas all ahead of him . I honestly think ATM arsenal is the best option for the ox .
People saying how we’ve sold talent to city before , let’s be honest none of the players we sold to city were instrumental in any success they had . Rvp is the only successful player who left tbh


Well that’s just typical Arsenal isn’t it.


Arsenal don’t have a choice because he wont sign a new contract. You need a player to want to stay. Good luck to him elsewhere. For that money he has to go now. Its either now for £35m or 12 months for £0. And whilst we all love him, he’s not worth £35m. Buy Mahrez as a replaacement.

Alexis Signitplease

There’s no way Ox would be in Chelsea’s first XI as a CM, even when he isn’t injured.
I have some sympathy with his frustration at being played all over, but having so many potential roles in a squad that always gets injuries is surely better than bench-warming at Chelsea (or, more likely, being used in exactly the same way)


Why don’t we conduct our business before the season starts!! I don’t care about the transfer window. We are one of the richest teams in the world, we don’t need to wait until the deadline to try and squeeze out a few extra million.

The season has started and we have no idea about who will be in our squad for the remainder of the season. Failed to prepare yet again…..


The real world is much different than FIFA.


How? Please enlighten me. Why didn’t we have a sit down with the Ox in the summer and understand the situation. If he wanted to leave and we were prepared to sell why didn’t we start shopping him.


I really wish he would stay and thrive at Arsenal, but that looks increasingly unlikely.


Sell him and fork out the money for Thomas Lemar.AOC has never done enough at Arsenal to warrant a new contract,time to upgrade.

rex chidi

Alexis inspiring rebels…. Just great. Now every dick and Harry will make it a law to renegade once they put on a couple o decent performances given they’re in similar contract situation!

Alexis Signitplease

£35m for our back-up RWB seems like a good deal. And when Hector isn’t available, I don’t think Perez would be any worse than AOC in that position if he was given a chance against teams with less of a wide threat. For those teams there is Gabriel. OK not so much of an attacking threat, but with Kolasinac in the opposition box, that may not be a bad thing.

Neil Bamford

Up until about a week ago I didn’t want the Ox to go but I’m not that bothered now. He has bags and bags of potential, excellent work rate and he is very direct in his play with the ball, but I still think he gives the ball away too many times and it’s always a situation where the other team have got enough time to run with ball. I think £35m is an excellent price for him and I can’t see him starting in the Chelsea team. Take the money!


His only problem has been injuries, if he sort that out, he would be a top player.
But as things stand, 35m is too much to refuse. Just sell him and reinvest and move on

The Ghost of Peter Storey

If Chelsea want him then that is a pretty good reason not to sell him to them. Why would we want to strengthen our rivals???? I’d want at least £50m to tempt me to sell to Chelsea, then invest the money in a decent wing back, although that will be difficult at this stage of the window.


I would be truly gutted if this happened.

Funky Gooner

Really? If he goes to Chelsea he’ll be at best a bench player. If we can get a decent fee for the Ox and use the cash to strengthen our mid/field with a leader then get the deal done

John C

Let’s be honest we’re not getting £35m for the Ox with 11 months left on his contract, we’ll get closer £20m but we have to take that otherwise he’ll go for free next summer.

I expect both Ox and Alexis to go before the end of the transfer window and the likes of Debuchy, Jenkinson and Gibbs to still be here and as such i’d be surprised if anyone else comes in as we need to off load 6-7 to open up space in our squad.


I’ll be absolutely fuming if he joins Chelsea. Though if he wants to play centre midfield then he will probably have to leave as I highly doubt he is going to get time there in an Arsenal shirt. The are really concerning times for us, and people don’t seem to realise it. We can’t shift the dead wood that are on high wages so we can’t sign more players and our two best players are unto their final year of the contract as is Ox who I rate very highly. I think Ozil will stay and sign a new deal.… Read more »


Arsene Wenger isn’t ready to spend any extra money for now and if we mistakenly sell any of our key players now, we’ll surely surfer for it because we just started the new season and we need to be considering of, incase if any of our key players gets injured.

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