Saturday, December 3, 2022

Report: Arsenal reject £50m City bid for Alexis Sanchez

Man City have had a £50m bid for Alexis Sanchez turned down by Arsenal, according to reports this evening.

In what’s becoming quite the saga as the transfer window comes to a close, the two clubs have been in discussions over the Chilean forward.

Arsenal pressed City for Raheem Sterling in a part exchange deal, something they’re not keen on, and in return Pep Guardiola’s outfit came in with a £50m offer which the Gunners knocked back.

The BBC’s David Ornstein said that the club’s position was that the player is not for sale, unless a huge money + player offer was made.

That is at least opening the door to his departure after saying all summer that he wouldn’t leave, but it remains to be seen how far City are willing to go to make the deal happen before Thursday’s deadline.

Meanwhile, after earlier reports that Sanchez had asked to leave the Chilean training camp in order to get a deal done, the president of the Chile FA has categorically denied that is the case.

It’s another story without any actual quotes though, so who knows what’s going on really. It would be strange for him to interrupt preparation for a World Cup qualifier, even in these circumstances, and despite the distance it would be possible for him to complete a transfer even if he were in South America due to the wonders of technology.

Will anything happen? Your guess is as good as ours.

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Are we allowed a manager swap?

Goooooooner for life

Guardiola is one of the most overrated managers in recent history.


But we have full possession of the The most overrated manager in recent history.

Stuck on repeat...

Yup…& he is apparently the only member of the squad who is genuinely NOT for sale :/


The down voting is probably for snark… but certainly not for inaccuracy. I can’t think of a single manager of a similar team as Arsenal that is as overrated as Wenger is.


But… does anyone even rate Wenger at this point? He’s a complete shambles at actually putting together a winning team or squad as far as recent history tells us. I’d rate him as a man with an interesting autobiography to write, but that’s about it. He’s finished as a man capable of managing a top level club.


ok noone rates Wenger nowadays but that doesnt make him any better than a world class young manager with his own style in Guardiola


Own style? Manages Barcelona, Bayern and City, the richest teams in their countries. Tough to do well when you can buy the most expensive players each year.


Yeah tiki taka was Wengers idea. All the UCL titles won by Pep too were dedicated to him

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Well atleast we will be swapping Arsenal’s unsuccessful overrated manager for the most successful overrated manager in the world. Still an upgrade then.


Manager swap? Like Pep swap for Moyes? Yes, please!


Wengers the greatest manager we’ve ever had, but at present I’d rather have a new manager. Wenger seems to have run out of ideas. Either the players don’t seem to respond to him or he doesn’t seem to engage with them. The comment was snarky at best, borne out of mere frustration at lack of change.


That’s barely enough for a right back where City are involved. Double it


A packet of Walkers cost 50 nowadays, right?


Walkers’ packet is just the image I needed before bedtime.

Third Plebeian

White Walkers, or the kind from Walking Dead who went to Man City?

Third Plebeian

Kyle Walker is still in search of brains.


Well, at least the white walkers tend to bite
But this one elbows everyone with all his might!

I Didn\'t See It

Or gives them a hefty shove in the back…


No point doubling it. We need players, not cash. How about send Aguero the other way if you want Sanchez so bad Pep.


No chance aguero agrees to come


I will rather support a loosing team of players trying than the bunch that did not try against Liverpool. Those who want to leave – leave as you are not bigger than the Arsenal.

Terry Neill - never again

Gazidis out.


Kroenke out!


everyone out!

Let’s start from scratch





We should at least try and keep one important thing the same, like “Arsenal”.

I kinda like that. You know and our name can be Gunners or Gooners.


Tea lady at Colney too?


Even fans out!!!!
Arsenal should start afresh – Great board, great manager, great director of football, great players, great fans.

Third Plebeian

I’m coming out!

Dave M

How does anyone downvote Gazidis or Kroenke out. If you back either of those too you completely mental. At least with wenger it’s due to nostalgia (although we’re clearly even past that). But the 4 backers of Kroenke and Gazidis need straight jackets.


That’s because they don’t determine ehow the team plays and who all are starting . And at arsenal they even don’t have much say in who is sold and bought . Wenger alone determines that. The way our club is structured gazidis has zero power and zero influence in anything important at the club . And Kroenke is not involved in any of the day to day activities at arsenal . Granted he should be more involved with the club but again as gazidis he is not the one Making the blizzard team selections and tactics which are the main… Read more »

Lord Bendnter

Secret meeting at the old Highbury area. 11pm. Don’t be late.


Will there be punch and pie?

Third Plebeian

More people will come if there is!


No point bringing the punch if neither Kroenke nor Gazidis shows up.

It Is What It Is

Coool Aid


Yeh that’s right, Alexis Sanchez is worth the same as Kyle Walker ?? What’s Pep Smoking?


Last year of the contract…



You want him you pay through the nose like you do with everybody elsr


They’re welcome to wait a year if they prefer.


Last day of the contract and he’s still worth more.
Kyle freaking Walker, please!

Dave M

Pep has been smoking last year of the contract? Must be something new the kids are doing…


They’ll come back with 60-65 million & we’ll accept it. It’s what the club does, can you see that Walrus looking cunt rejecting it?

This should have been sorted out last month. It’s just crazy to think Alexis was going to stay for a year with no contract signed, it’s an untenable situation.

Cash in & hopefully get some replacements, what an utter shambles our club has become.


You’re assuming this wasn’t the plan all along. Arsene’s 4-D chess.


It would be amusing if it was


We were just waiting for our season to finish before we sell, which is precisely by end of August.

And thankfully the window is still open, since every year our season finishes before the August month is out. Don’t we agree?


Very obviously that was the plan all along. Nothing to do with 4D chess, just very basic negotiation strategy to represent the position that the item for sale is not for sale.

I know there’s plenty of reason for pessimism at the moment but some of you guys manage to make everything seem like a disaster. If the Raheem plus 20m thing is ever actually on the table we should bite their hand off all the way to the elbow.


That’s a repeat of RVP situation then. Sanchez goes to Citeh and helps them win the title probably scoring several against us and consigning us to obscurity.


50M + a player looks good to me, tbh. This season is over already and Sanchez will leave for free next year so why not sell him now and get a replacement + cash to re-invest so that we can build a foundation for the future right away?

If that means Sterling, fine, whatever. I’d prefer Sane though (don’t dare to dream about Aguero).

I mean, what’s the point of keeping Alexis for his last year now anyway?


Yes, it totally sucks that it’s only City who are interested and can afford him but he’s gonna end up there either now or in a year’s time anyway I guess.


But why the hell he was saying the whole summer that he will keep Alexis, when he knew he won’t? Why is he saying that he wants to build a team around the Ox and that he will be the most exciting English player in the next years when he knows he won’t sign an extension and what does that say to Welbeck or Wilshere. What does it say to Mertesacker as club captain when the manager rather puts Mustafi on the bench, who will be sold a few days after, than him? What does it say to Kolasinac or… Read more »


I thought that too when I considered them as rivals, but honestly I now think that we’ll be nowhere near city whether alexis stays, goes to them or goes to someone else.

Not that I want him to go there but I just feel we have huge problems right now that are not going to be solved before our next game, with or without alexis


Yeah it sucks, but then its rumored he wants $400k a week and apparently it was really down to Man City or PSG, but then PSG signed Neymar and Mbappe on loan and we are left with one. Best to get 50M in my opinion and if they’ll toss in a decent player who probably finishes better than Wellbz then so be it


Mystery Player X may finish better than Welbeck but so does half the squad and every single other one of our strikers. He’ll still get the nod up front. So much so that it may as well be the 50m alone.


Yeah but it’s defenders we need and they don’t look good in that department themselves to give us any.


Aguero is an upgrade on Lacazette.

But then we’ll just end up playing Lacazette at left back because all our left backs are either playing centre half or at right back….
Not really sure Aguero solves any of our problems?
We need 2x top centre halfs
And at least 1x top central midfielder.
And a wide forward who’s better than what we’ve got…
No point buying ok players, or we’ll just be stuck with a squad of more ok players.
If we can’t get top class? At least we can try and put together a functioning team

Ooooh Santi Cazoooorla

Yes mate! Personally I would like to see Van Dijk at the club. I think we should sell Wilshire, sign Barkley and either replace Sanchez with Mahrez or change formation where Giroud and Lacazette start upfront with Ozil sat behind


I pretty much agree this is about is good an outcome as we could hope for. And it’s great that we have the manager and back room to get these deals done in next 48 hours. (sarcasm).


Seems we continue to be Citeh feeder club if all this happens and can only hope they are kind enough to loan us some of their kids who will never get a game.


Aren’t they still trying to offload Mangala? He might be upgrade on Mustafi. But agreed, VVD would be better.


Aguero! Come on mate. We’re not getting Aguero, so let’s not even talk about that.


Aguero isn’t coming to Arsenal under any circumstances.

Damo Dinkum

We’ll definitely get Aguero. Who else will we use to replace Mustafi at CB?


I peed in my pants from laughing too much at this.

African gunner

Please not just any player. A player with potential

Chris B

“This season is over already.” …barring devine intervention, you’re probably right about not winning the league, but we’ve won cups in equally crappy situations.

Mr. White

Ramsey finally got exposed at Anfield. Average player. Not at the level to call himself an Arsenal player. Makes the team so unbalanced. I really hope this is the end of his Arsenal career cos when Henry was talkin about players feeling comfortable at Arsenal, I’m 100% sure Ramsey was one of the players he was referring to. Another could be Bellerin cos he was on his game when he had Debuchy pushing him but now he plays like he doesn’t need to worry about being dropped in the next game so we need another RB and please don’t let… Read more »

Gooner Sam

Wow, what a debacle and I can only see it getting worse. Makes you wonder what it will actually take for our club to change.


This is a catalyst for change.
In all fairness to Gazidis he didn’t imply whether it would be a good? Or a bad change?
So in a way he’s delivered on his promise.

We now play on Thursday’s instead in Tue+Wed.
And our first team hasn’t been strengthened as well as our rivals, and not content with that, we’re also helping them out by selling them players we want to keep.


Everything is a ‘catalyst for change’. It’s the latest bullshit term the management types came up with.


All mouth and no trousers

Fur coat and no knickers

All talk and no action

Is what it really means


I like the Texan one “all hat and no cattle”.


Cataclyst for change!


Yeah. We don’t want a catalyst for change. We want *change*.
It’s supposed to sound like someone’s looking forward and being “proactive” – but a catalyst for chance is something that facilitates change, not change itself. Our *management* is supposed to *be* the catalyst for change. And then bring about that change.
Marketing speak. Automatically sets off my “someone is bullshitting me” alarm.


@Sam, dont, the mind boggles..


if this is all true and he does leave, the big focus should be on the lies by Arsene.

He was so against a director of football because it “takes away” from his decision making, yet he is now claiming the board can overrule him. Disgraceful.


Take no notice of what Wenger says, it’s one massive liar.

He said Ox would stay, he said Alexis would stay. He said that this was the best set of players he has ever had & was happy with the squad he had.

If that’s the case why are we running around chasing players like 2011’s farce?

He talks absolute nonsense.


I agree with you and in fact i am one of the few people that said that in a previous post earlier this month.

My point is he needs to be take to task about it. This should be the main focus during the next home game if this all true.


Why would anybody vote this down? It’s just plain and simple facts. Maybe you can call it AW’s spin, not lies, but it’s essentially the same.


They have turned the offer down


Martin, yes they did, but he is open to it, after he spent all summer saying no to it.

How would you be open to replace Sanchez with Sterling so late in the window?


I wouldn’t. However I repeat he has turned the offer down so why treat it as it has been accepted.


Turned down for what?

bob davis

If Sanchez wants to go and then they’ll strike a deal. Let’s hope we get Sterling included in the deal!

Jean Ralphio

Has this been Wenger’s plan all along? Has the board made the decision to sell?


They have turned down the offer


Turned down as they want a blogger offer.




Blogs is ours and they can’t have him!

Dial square

Raheem Sterling……FFS


His stats are pretty good to be fair, and still only 22


He’s honestly better than Draxler. He’s a very good player who has actually saved city twice this season. At only 22 years old he would be a good buy along with money.


I agree he does seem flaky, but maybe his consistency and strength can improve. He can create magic at times, not just with pace but top drawer passing as well. If that’s who we have to get in a swap deal we could do a lot worse


So we’re now in such a state that our main opponents can walk in and take our best players and also dictate who we would get in return? Did we ever show any interest in Sterling before?

Wenger is showing signs commensurate with his age – stubbornness, strange decisions, focus on history and inability to relate to modern world/people. I’m not calling it dementia as yet but early signs.

I just don’t understand where our beloved club is heading – or rather I fear I do.


Should have made it £50,000,001.
if Ox is going for £40mill?
Surely we’ll get at least £75,000,001.53?


To be honest I dont care if its £50 £40 or a packet of crisps. At this point I’m done caring. Letting our most expensive/potentially great c.back for an older utd reject is nothing short of insanity to me. No vison. This + the shocking weekend Im sorry to say that Arsenal & Arsene are now the most disloyal & unattached they have ever been with the fans. Its a sad state.


He will not be sold.


Betya a tenner….


It’s not over till its over, calm down people its only been 3 games. And the window is still open so hold your horses.

das boi

The only rational thing to do is keep sanchez and slot him into the rwb, COYG!


That abject performance at Anfield has put Arsenal in a difficult position here. They simply can’t sell him to City now. I’m sure that was the original plan. Not sure Arsene is as safe as people think. A bad run, a tipping point, bad atmosphere. He really could be sacked for me. Not the same as seeing out the last 6 months of a contract. He was always going to do that, they were always going to let him. In a way, they were right to. We won the cup. I’m not sure sacking Wenger in March would have led… Read more »

Terry Henry

50m is way too low based on the kind of turd they usually spend 50million on.
As for Sterling to Arsenal.. he is not the answer


I’m less concerned or shocked with Alexis leaving than I am with Mustafi

nacho man

mustafi isnt the answer,should of signed van dyke last year.
get rid and sign him this year instead


Of course we would love van dijk but what does a departure leave us with? A mustafi departure leaves Rob Holding or Calum Chambers, names you might say good for them! (that they made the squad as sub in the league cup) but for a club of this caliber… instead we are looking down the premier league barrel with an absolute NEED to get back in the top 4, forget win the league… and will see their names potentially every week in the XI. So help me.


Also, I need to come up with a new name on here. which blows


I think the writing was on the wall when he was sub vs Liverpool. He wasn’t amazing for us, but it seems that wenger either wants to sell most of our CB’s or doesn’t rate them and won’t play them.

My head hurts, I’m trying to see a positive or understand the thinking…


I.m Norn Irish so might be a little biased but I genuinely rate Evans more highly than Mustafi who I think is plain average

I\'m Professor Ignorance, on this subject

Wait. WE’RE the ones pressing for Sterling?! !??! !?!?!??!?!!???!??!?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the state of the team, and there’s just one thing that comes to mind:

“Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes… The dead rising from the grave! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!”

There’s really no other explanation.


I would take 50 million and raheem if there was a 20 million pl winners bonus AND another 5 million in extra bonuses. The 50 mill and the small profit from the others and we have like ovee a 100 mill to spend on airier, sahko and a top quality dm.. hard ask with 2 days left and that still leaves us a bit shaky.

..and a bit shit.


Let’s play a game.
Has anyone got anything good to say about the club?
No sarcasm allowed!


We are not in the Champions League!!!

A Gunner with Psychic powers

Laca and Giroud have been playing awesome together , with Ozil behind them in a 4 4 2 format , it’s going to be a deadly attack ! but if Wenger takes notice. 🙁


We have a great history. It’s not much but it’s more than Chelsea and Man City.


Problem is it’s becoming more historical every season – much like Liverpool’s.


Koalasnatch looks like a good signing, especially on a free.


That’s the spirit

I think I have finally snapped and now I’m just taking the piss

I Didn\'t See It

Really Kool we Snatched him!

Sanchez\' favourite dog

Even at this sorry state we are still by far the greatest club the world has ever seen…

nacho man

kroenke out

A Gunner with Psychic powers

We should block Sanchez’s sale money from getting in to Kroenke’s bank account !

A Gunner with Psychic powers

Apparently players want Alexis to leave Arsenal , since he has been poisoning the team spirit ! I think Arsenal should sell him now for whatever price ! if he stays , he is gonna be trouble !

Dan Hunter

Or sell the rest of the team?

Stuck on repeat...

We seemed to be working towards the latter…


Who cares? We’ve got Johnny Evans lads

Yankee Gooner

Looking forward to this banner at the Emirates


I’m sure that’d make him feel really welcome

Stuck on repeat...

Does he love dogs too?

I Didn\'t See It

Working on his own personal chant as we speak.

He\'s got no hair but we don\'t care...

Tell that bald headed egomaniac pep, to sod right off unless we get the player we want plus cash. After all the bollocks we’ve been served up, at least try and claw back some dignity.


We all know he’s gonna sign before the deadline. Leaving it this late is just gross mismanagement. No time to get a replacement. Will just be a panic buy who will barely play then get sold or left to rot in reserves the next season. Btw is Lucas Perez still actually an Arsenal player?


Nice name


Lucas Perez given the number 7 shirt. He’ll be LANS.

Harish P

When deals like this happen, they’re bound to be drawn out. At the same time you can’t blame the club for this one, MC only just started bidding. In a way it’s a good thing because this means we’ll either get Alexis for one more year, or a lot more money. In a way it could be a bad thing because I don’t see the club filling the gap with quality. I’m still bothered we can’t get Lemar, looked like a quality long-term replacement. The only thing they could really do to make me happy if/when Alexis goes is to… Read more »

A Gunner with Psychic powers

If Lucas Perez stays , he is literally like a new signing !


Replacement? What did you think Lacazette was?
Fuck him, let him go, I’d rather play actual fighter-and-hero Giroud and Lacazette up top. I’m beyond fed up with these “megastars” that want to leave for Barcelona or whoever else. Play people that want to be here. Honor that. Team spirit and cohesion are worth much more than Sanchez. And it just might give us something to be proud of.


If it’s gonna be a Cash + Player deal, the player who is going to benefit Arsenal the most will be FERNANDINHO. We f**king badly need a midfielder who can defend. Can nobody out here see that? Why the hell do you want Aguero or Sterling or Sane? Is your decision making as bad as Wenger’s?


Don’t think he is good enough


Sell that sulker and get in Mahrez and Seri. Is this one too difficult to do ?


My heart goes out to blogs, we only have to read the bad news all day, he actually has to write it.

How you holding up blogs? Roll on Friday eh 😀

I Didn\'t See It

Sell Blogs & get his missus in for free.


Perhaps we just invited them to make an offer so we could tell them to fuck off


In Sterling for Alexis…people are missing the point.

Its not Alexis that Sterling will replace but Ox.

Then IF we add another like Mahrez or Draxler that’s not a bad deal.

Laca-Mahrez-sterling for

Midfield and selling Mustafi aside, not a bad job…if assuming we of course do that.

Chances are we get Sterling and that’s it…in which case it’s avoids poor deal.

Stuck on repeat...

A big thank you Blogs for keeping the news going on the tranfer window. Sincerely appreciated, & don’t know how you do it tbh.

If it was me, each post would be a simple: “[email protected]#$!”, “S&*#!”, “FFS!”, “SMH…SMH…& repeat”, or a simple “Enough! See you all on Friday”.

Kudos to you.

Crash Fistfight

You’d probably start losing readers and not earn any money any more.


Just get one or two central defenders and a solid midfielder and whatever attack we’re left with can kick on.


Rejected and rightfully so!

Profit into triple digits for the transfer window has always been a dream of mine, make it happen Arsenal………(I apologise, humour is the only way I can even bother at the moment)


It’s ok, you’re just little bit jaded mentally.

A spell on the bench should fix you up or how about a loan? Fancy supporting stoke for the season?


Lol! okay I’m good I’m good no stoke for me thanks


Silly me I just realised I had the handbrake on all this time! Will I never learn?!?


talking of Stoke (cross yourself) they’ve loaned Kurt Zouma. He’s just been called up into the French squad. Another one Wenger missed. Conte doesn’t have the anti Arsenal hang up that Mourinho does, so no reason why this couldn’t have happened, IF Wenger had shown any interest.

George Gunner

I believe he will join MC and may help them win the epl like what RVP did.Wenger is to be blamed for this . Tactically he will not be able to win the epl . This is because he is predictable and vulnerable to the fast counter.
He has failed to learn the lessons of his heavy defeats time and again.Before the season began,I had afeeling the defence will be and has continued to be a problem.
Where on earth do you find amanager who puts pretty soccer above winning?His time will surely be up and soon.

Big Dave

We need one top class defender with pace and leadership and two top class defensive CM’s who can protect our defence and then build the team round that. Although Wengers gotta go the fans at home games should be letting Kroenke and Gazidis know how we feel about them instead because currently we’re rotten at the core.

Terry Henry

we aint buying shit

Hank Scorpio

Transfer Market Failure Excuse Lotto
Internal solutions
No top top quality was available 5 minutes before the transfer window shut
Returning injured players will be LANS
The squad is strong/quality
We wanted to buy but nobody wanted to sell (AKA the transfer market is not like a supermarket)


and then lemar goes to pool

NornIron Gooner


Chris B

If Sanchez really has to go (and it looks like he does, sadly) then they can definitely jog on if they’re only offering £50M.


Ox turns down £40m move to Chelski. Wants to go to Liverpoo. What a crazy world.


OOO! Let me have a go at the headline to follow that news “Ox Liverpoo backflip opens door for Lemar”


Despite the doom and gloom around the Liverpool result, seems it was actually a blessing in disguise. If Arsenal had played say Bournemouth and won, it would be a little bit rosier going into the next few days. Then as soon as we resume hostilities after the international break all the negative from the Liverpool game would of come back and we would be stuck between transfer windows.
So probably a good thing we got spanked when we did.

It Is What It Is

Nothing like a nice and early hiding, aye?


Why is a good thing ? We will not buy anyone the humiliation of the pool will not force stubborn man to buy players, and even alexis thought okay I will play the final year give everything and go on a free now he defenetly wants to leave. Ox treated like god, rejecting new deal and starting at rwb and jogging around. Selling mustafi to try to sign johnny fucking evans ? Will something change after the defat ? NO! Only will be humiliated more as that man saying all summer alexis is not for sale he will go to… Read more »


I can understand why Sanchez wants to go. But why are we selling Mustafi?For a bargain fee next summer while loaning him out this season to inter. I fucking hate this club sometimes.

Congratulations Wenger, you’re destroying the club I love.


read the article from John Cross in the mirror today about a ‘furious wenger’ and how’s he’s ready to get rid of sanchez and Ox after their poor displays at anfield cause he’s so ‘ruthless’.

what a load of insulting fucking shit. its a barely coherent article – i think this time someone at arsenal actually wrote it and faxed it over. total fucking propaganda. a massive insult to arsenal fans that article. manager and board are really doing a number on us, think we’re fucking idiots.

Thierry bergkamp

Why not sell him weeks or months ago to have time to bring in a replacement

rex chidi

Don’t know how I feel about Sterling but he does have more end product than the Ox….. So yeah…. .. that plus £80 mill should be Sanchez’s valuation in today’s market…….. We’d send silent stan along for free as a sweetener and make the deal hush hush……. No brainer


If we lose the self centred little prick then so be it. The issue for me is a bigger one – how many times do we go through this saga towards the last few days of the window – nasty, rvp being the obvious two. If we are going to get rid the do it early and reinvest at least some if not all. It is one of two things here – incompetence and poor management or a deliberate strategy to put profit before the team. Either way, it sucks ass monumentally….

Dan Davies

Now, let me firstly point out that I haven’t lost my mind. It’s been difficult keeping it together but it hasn’t gone just yet. I want th throw something out there; some food for thought… So we lose Sanchez. Does that have to mean a total meltdown? Football has a funny way of surprising. So what if in losing Sanchez we find a balance to our team? Get Lacazette doing what he was bought in for – getting on the end of Ozil’ passes. Get Ramsey playing where he should be playing and played anyway – in behind a striker.… Read more »


Maybe in 2007 dude, to compete today you need players like man utd and city’s pep spent 150mil on defenders got bernardo silva a GK and with a loads of attacking players in aguero jesus debryne david silva sane sterlling he also wants to add world class because he knows that even then he could not win the league.

And you sugset that we coudl be better with ramsey and wuuthout propre DM and withoud a good defnder to partner KOS ?

and with wlebeck as a LW

Teryima Adi

This is just so ugly. The intrigues of modern day football. Waiting with bated breath.

Arsenal fan

FIfty million pounds! What are we holding out for? With the way things are, one Alexis, no matter how good, ain’t gonna make the difference.