Sanchez offered £300K a week…but Wenger not optimistic


According to the Mirror, Arsenal have again offered to increase Alexis Sanchez’s wages to £300,000 as they look to consolidate their ‘not for sale’ stance with the striker.

The Gunners have been trying in vain to persuade the 28-year-old, who is now in the final year of his current contract, to commit his long-term future to the club for the last 18 months. It’s believed the Chile international has already turned down offers up to £225,000 a week.

The inflated transfer market, which has seen Neymar move to Paris Saint Germain for £198 million, has emboldened Sanchez’s representatives who are determined to vastly increase the player’s current £140,000 deal.

PSG appear to have joined Bayern Munich in dropping out of the race for the player’s signature while Arsenal are steadfast in their refusal to do business with Premier League rivals.

Were Sanchez to sign a two-year extension on increased terms it could work for both parties. The player would immediately experience an upturn in his pay packet and the Gunners would be able to be more bullish with potential suitors next summer. Of course, that neglects the power Alexis will have when he becomes a free agent when he could command a signing-on fee plus increased wage.

For what it’s worth, Arsene Wenger isn’t optimistic about persuading his star man to put pen-to-paper. Speaking to French TV station SFR Sport about the situation, he noted:

“He’s an Arsenal player in the short term. Now, will we manage to extend his contract?

“We didn’t manage to do that last season so I’m not super optimistic in that regard, but we have the firm intention of not selling him.”

Alexis is currently sidelined with an abdominal strain that will see him miss both tonight’s Premier League opener with Leicester and Saturday’s trip to Stoke. Whether he signs a new deal or not, Arsenal insist he’ll be at the club when the transfer window closes at the end of the month.

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It’s nothing to do with the money, it’s about Alexis knowing that we can’t compete in the league or in Europe with Wenger still in charge of everything, that’s why he won’t sign.


Where did he state that?


He said he wanted to win the champions league when he signed for us and reiterated that point in an interview a month or two ago.

Mein Bergkampf

You might be right but if he thinks at 30 he’s going to sign for one of the top 4 or 5 clubs in the world, get a lucrative four year deal and win the champions league, he’s living in cloud cuckoo land. His best chance of winning anything other than playing a bit part role at a big club for a season or two is to stick with Arsenal.


He’s 28 at the moment, 29 later this year. He’s in great condition (current injury withstanding) he’s good for another four years, Ronaldo is 32 at the moment and still tearing it up.

John C

And Zultan is what 35


Zultan of Swing?

(make your own Dire Straits jokes)

Ponsonby Gooner

He wants his money for nothing

Mein Bergkampf

Yeah and if Bill Gates earns a million pounds a day, why can’t the CEO of Commodore?

Easy as JVC

I love Alexis Sanchez but Ronaldo he is not!


It was a point about their physical conditioning more than their footballing ability.

Andy Mack

It’s certainly true that he could be fighting fit when he’s in his late 30s even, but Alexis game is much more constant energy based than Ronaldos (or Zlatan) short explosive game.
On top of that neither of those guys do the travelling that Alexis does.
I’d be surprised if either of those guys have ever played the same number of games Alexis has in the last 4 years, in any 4 years of their past career.
So I think Alexis is probably a bit more likely to run out of legs in his early 30s, but like everyone here, we’re just guessing…

John C

Thank god he’ll be free then

Heavenly Chapecoense

Do you think Neymar sign for PSG to win more champion leagues ? He went there for crazy money. Alexis is trying to do same.

Tungor Adams

Money and vanity, it was only a question of time.


Barca might have him, if they can’t get anybody else

Thierry bergkamp

Well according to sky, Coutinho has put in a transfer request

The new mbappe

So true. Other factors like his age are not of his primary concern if we are being fair. The same reason Wenger wants to keep him is the same reason he wants to leave. Trophies


Am I the only one who finds this “it’s not about the money” line absolutely rubbish?

To make it clear and that’s for all footballers, it’s always about the money. If football paid the same as other professions or less then most of them would not do it.
We wouldn’t have so many cross border transfers.

Take Jenkinson’s case in January. He was offered a chance to play first team football by crystal palace and everything was set and he even waxed lyrical about linking up with fat Sam again.
Problem is palace was offering a massive pay cut on his wages. It’s understandable he turned the offer down. What was funny though was him coming out to say the magical line. ” it’s not about the money” then later in the same statement says he had no reason to take a pay cut as he had a good contract with us.

My point is, what does it matter if it’s about the money or not? Play your best and I’ll be happy. Whether you love the club or not.

Ozil probably loves Bremen more than us. Alexis maybe Colo Colo over us but what matters to me is what they offer in the game. Their motivation for excelling is non of my business. Be it money or not


Jenkinson is a terrible example….
he is the real ‘little kid’ in the RVP scenario
people talked about loyalty with rvp saying about how much he said he loved the club, called him judas for going somewhere for more money and winning things.

Jenkinson IS that kid, he loves Arsenal.
why would a lifelong Arsenal fan choose to leave the club when he can only really see one player positionally in front of him, to get paid less elsewhere when he only has a decade left in his career?


One player?

He was fit when Gabriel was played there. He wasn’t even making the bench then. His first team experience was and still looks over with us.

My example wasn’t so much with his love for the club but rather the ridiculous “it’s not about the money line”


I don’t think I agree with this. Yes there’s seemingly only one player positionally ahead of him, but if the coach picks a player who is a winger and longs to be a central midfielder over you, then that should tell you something.

Secondly, being a fan and being a player is different. If you truly love the club and you see you can’t contribute to helping them won things (which is what you want) then why not leave? Leaving won’t make him less of a fan. No one would stone him if he signed for Crystal Palace and still walked into a pub to watch an Arsenal game.

John C

It’s not about money because they’re going to make lots of it anywhere they go, not because he’d work for free!

Heavenly Chapecoense

Oh, it is not about money if I turn down a job at minimum wages for something a little better cause I will not be working for free.

John C

He’s going to earn a fuck load of money wherever he goes, therefore it’s not just about money.

If it was just about money he’d stay at Arsenal wouldn’t he?


This is true, though maybe he doesn’t realize it. We’re likely to match whatever other suitors will pay to keep him, the fact is he’s much more important to us than he would be to any team that can afford to pay more.

Easy as JVC

If it wasn’t about the money then there would be no need for agents.


Why not get paid more money to join a more ambitious club who have a better chance of winning trophies?
Larger wages are all part of joining bigger clubs. Sanchez trains and plays with the guys daily, I’m sure he is aware of the squads realistic capabilities.
We didn’t kick on after signing Ozil and Sanchez and we risk losing our best players…again.


I we didn.t kick on after signing Ozil and Alexis then maybe this says something about those 2 players. I.m convinced they are not as great as everyone seems to think. I.d take the money for either or both if it is on offer


If he’s so ambitious why did he leave Barcelona?


midgunner, Alexis could have just claimed his wages whilst keeping the bench warm for Neymar. That would have been the easy, unambitious route, don’t you think?


Fair enough – or he could have fought for his place?

My point is that its a bit of a stretch to say he’s determined to leave us because he wants to win the Champions League. It’s something he could have achieved at Barce – and (if the rumours are right) possibly Bayern if he’d reduced his wage demands.


That’s the thing, he could have won the CL if he’d stayed at Barca, but he would have taken little, to no part in it. Where’s the glory in that?.

I don’t think the chance of winning the CL will be the only motivation for him to stay or go.

As you rightly point out though, we are just debating on rumours anyway.


Not too sure why so many down votes. The truth truly hurts I guess.


U mean he doesn’t believe in the man who bought him?

Tungor Adams

He wants more than we want to pay. It is that simple. If it was about winning CL, he would go back to Barca or join Real, none of them are after him. If AW felt Sanchez didn’t respect him he would have been sold already.


I’m convinced we wil sell in this current window, in spite of what Wenger is saying.




It comes down to Stan really, is he prepared to write off 60 odd million or will he instruct Wenger to sell? I do think it’s convenient that Sanchez has an injury at present and he obviously wants to leave. I can’t really remember a situation before at any club when a player of this profile isn’t sold with less than a year remaining – anyone is free to correct me on that.

As it presently stands (and we do have three weeks of the window left) our two best players and one of our better ones all have less than a year on their contracts remaining and have all rejected overtures to sign new deals and we risk writing off 125 million, that is a shocking state and no other big team has ever or will ever be in this position and I’ve not even mentioned Gibbs, Jenks, Jack etc who are all in the same position.

You can be Wenger in/out or excited about a new season, but they are the cold hard facts and we’ve not been able to resolve any of this over the last eighteen months, this is a failure of management and the board.

With Stoke & Liverpool away after tonight it’s a massive three weeks which will shape our season.


Klopp chose to keep Lewandowski at Dortmund for the last year of his contract knowing perfectly well Robert would be signing for Bayern a year later anyway.


Fair point, cheers for the example ?

Stringer Bell

He stands corrected

Gordon Freeman

Like the man with the orthopaedic shoes


It’s not 60mio though, players are held on the firm’s balance sheet from the point they are bought and depreciated over the term of their contract. If he leaves arsenal will only recognise a loss of 1/4 of his transfer fee, same as they have done every year he has been here so far. This is the way Stan will see it.

Heavenly Chapecoense

So why is Arsenal even trying to get money for Gibbs ? Clubs see in players, their market values. If you live in your house for 30 years, do you see its value tenth of the amount you bought it or three times its initial value ?


It is 60M if that is what someone offers for him and we turn it down


As far as Stan goes, it is commonplace in US sports to allow players to play out their contract. That fact may temper any pressure from our negligent and casually malignant majority shareholder.


Laudrup at Rangers..and they lived to regret it


Why ? All this is media speculation and not a word from Alexis.

naija gunner

Sign da thing!


The only way the club can avoid such situations is by winning the league. We need to show that Arsenal is bigger than any one individual.
Winning the league is the only answer to all problems.

John C

What don’t people understand?!? He’s ambitious, therefore he wants to leave to fulfil those ambitions, it has nothing to do with money.

PSG and Bayern may have pulled out of paying Arsenal for Alexis’ services but in 4 months time they’ll be back in for him on a free!

Le Jim

If it wasn’t about the money, and all to do with his ambition, why did he price himself out of a move to Bayern Munich this window?

John C

Has he? Or maybe Bayern don’t want to pay our transfer fee, we’ll see in 4 months when he can negotiate won’t we


As he is not for sale there hasn’t been any negotiations. All media rubbish.

Andy Mack

The bottom line is we have no idea what he’s been offered (Because the media know very little and make stuff up).
However he won’t be going to Bayern for big money either.
Their top salaries are around €160k (yes €uros) and they’re very firm about their pay structure (plus they haven’t just got a big increase in TV money like PL clubs).

John C

How you you know that he won’t happily join Bayern for €160k a week with the chance of winning the champions league but to stay at Arsenal and challenge for nothing will cost us £400k?

You don’t is the answer because as you say we have no idea


You have no idea either so STFU.

John C

A P beautiful argument!


You are welcome. You deserve nothing better.

Andy Mack

Who said they did know? (apart from the newspapers of course!).
I said that if he goes to Bayern then it WON’T be for big bucks….

John C

Andy Mack, and?

You’re the one who thinks he motivated by money not me

Heavenly Chapecoense

Refer to brilliant post by Gooner above. He proved it is all about money.

John C

He hasn’t proved anything, all he’s said is that footballers earn a lot of money, which we all know.

Yes, Arsenal overpay Jenkinson therefore he isn’t prepared to miss out on millions of pounds. Totally reasonable position to take but in the context of Alexis the argument doesn’t hold water as the circumstances are different, Alexis is rejecting a significant pay rise.

Ex-Priest Tobin

I wouldn’t sign either, with the specialist in failure in charge. It’s pretty much resigning yourself to failure.


But who would want to sign you??


Let’s just make sure we win the league this season then…


If Sanchez won’t accept a 300K a week deal to stay with us try his best to help us win everything then the moaning cunt should fuck off now and let us make some coin




Just wish we could get some clarity either way on Sanchez and Ozil. If we don’t I can really see their situations overshadowing our season and becoming a ‘thing’ in the same way that Arsene’s contract was.

John C

Of course it will be a thing and it’s in every potential suitor interest to perpetuate the uncertainty as it works in their favor.

Arsenal’s hand is very weak and it’s a result of years of inept management. Every club knows about Alexis, Ozil and Ox’s contracts, they also know we have 30 first team players but can only name a squad of 25. So as things stand we’re going to be paying 5 players who we won’t be able to pick even if we wanted too. Say those 5 players are Debuchy, Jenks, Gibbs, Perez and Campbell, they’re probably on an average of £70k a week each, that’s £350k a week. Coupled that with players running out of contract any potential buyer will be beating down the price on any of our players with that knowledge, at some point we have to start recovering those losses.


I agree with the point, but i sincerely doubt those 5 are on an aggregate £350k per week.

John C

What do you think they’re on between them £300k a week? £320k a week?


Yeah, I agree. I’d rather both situations were sorted before the window closing regardless of a good or bad outcome. We can’t afford another season of that shitty speculation.

Godfrey Twatsloch

He can do this last season with us and then decide if he wants to stay or not. If not then thanks for your service, good luck and goodbye. There will be other great players who’ll join or great club.


Obviously he is a incredible player. However, if he doesn’t want to be here just sell him quick.

If things start going bad, how does a player who wanted to leave react? The Premier League isn’t won by just having the most talent. Teams win Premier Leagues not individuals.


Best comment on this page. I love Alexis and think he really is impossible for us to replace, but if he really doesn’t want to be here, we’re better off moving on. He was high maintenance when he wanted to be here, but imagine what a pain in the arse he’d be this season if he really wants out and we don’t let him.

I also agree with those who say this current niggling injury seems a little coincidental.

Arun KM

Maybe we should sell him there is no point in holding him so dearly when he is not ready to clear his stance. No one should be bigger than the club itself. Neymar opting out of camp nou will surely be the biggest news of this transfer window, but as an elite club they are we all know deep down they will find a replacement. Bring in somebody like lemar or gortzeka and we are in good hands.


If you haven’t figured out yet, Wenger is going for a tilt at the premier league for his last two years (Not that he hasn’t already). No way will letting Sanchez go solve anything nor will lemar or gortzeka as either would need time to settle in and they are no where near the peak like Alexis is at now. It’s a no brainer in Wengers eyes.

Isaiah Rankin

signo el tingo

Alex habesha

What is this all the hype on Sanchez.i know he is terrific and winner but how many times he looses the many passes he misplaced.we were mediocre last season because sanchez been terrible mid season.get the money and move on he is no Messi

Godfrey Twatsloch

I have no issues with the flaws in his game. What irritates me is the impression that he’s too good for Arsenal. That irritates me plenty.


At this point in time, he is.


Arsenal was mediocre coz has a mediocres player. Arsenal needs at least 1 “Snachez” on every line to rise quality.

David Hillier\'s luggage
David Hillier\'s luggage

Horrible thing to say, but given the way players & agents hold clubs to ransom, I think we should treat players more like commodities and less like human beings.

I love Alexis, but don’t give two shits about what he wants to personally achieve away from Arsenal right now, whether it be wining for Chile, playing in Germany or earring a fuck load of cash. If he does’t want our £15m a year, we should either accept bids from China (at least setting the market rate) and drop him to the u23 if he doesn’t move away from England. If it ruins his World Cup, so be it, it’s not Arsenal’s problem.

Andy Mack

He does have a say in where we sell him.
If he doesn’t want to go to china then he won’t.


This story is garbage. Arsenal cannot sign anyone now without exceeding the PL salary cap. They have to get rid of players first. So there’s no new contract for Sanchez even if he asks for one.


I agree with the stance of keeping him 1000%. However, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit worried of how he’ll behave throughout the season. If he gives 100% to us, he can leave to go abroad without animosity from me. Come on Alexis, win us the league!


Alexis is playing like a mad dog and combines perfectly this year with Mesut n Alexander which ends our quest for the League. Next year is leaving for free for PSG and we meet them at the final were we beat them with Mbappes goal at the extra time!

fido dido

Honestly we’re are shooting ourselves in the foot by keeping him. 300k a week is not something we should be paying given our current status. Its madness and he’s not the only player in our team.



its time for us to end the premier league title drought…just to keep all the players happy…and for that we need sanchez(if he stays) or any immediate new world class signing( if he leaves)… now that barkley’s got a price tag we can pouch on him

Cultured determination
Cultured determination

Ideally we could offer him 300k a wk for a 2 year extension, with a minimium release clause of 60m?


I would have thought it was a no brainer for Alexis to sign. He will be guaranteed big wages for the remainder of any new contract, but if he runs his current deal down and has the misfortune to pick up a bad injury, then he could become unsaleable. He stands to lose out on potential millions. Sign the thing!

sixteen swans

Possibly the only way Alexis is going to sign for us is:

(a) We win the Premier League
(b) AND win the Europa League (another FA Cup optional)
(c) AND nobody, but nobody starts chanting stupid stuff like they did with AW

I’m assuming that (a) and (b) will mean we also play indisputably some of the most lauded football in Europe.

Now, how difficult is all that going to be?


if this happens it will be legen…darry

Yankee Gooner

There is absolutely no economic incentive for him to sign a two-year extension. Whatever a team pays for a new release clause next summer would affect his future wage , and I’m sure AFC isn’t (and shouldn’t be) prepared to offset that financial loss (to him) through his wage increase over a year.

I know blogs has insisted that Arsene’s rhetoric makes it impossible to sell without shaming himself, and I know that many commenters on the blog think Arsene puts himself above the club, but I don’t doubt that if the best thing for the club is to move Alexis, Arsene will move him.

Very good player, sorry he doesn’t want to stay, won’t be surprised to see him moved if not now then in January.


Had we won the league two seasons ago as we shoudl (instead of Leicester!) then Ozil, Sanchez and everybody would’ve signed extensions long ago.


The money has gone crazy in football & Wenger reminds me of me when I go shopping. If I see something that costs £1.20 that was 50p just a few years ago I refuse to buy it even if I really want it.

If he can’t accept that the best players cost a fortune these days he should have nothing to do with the finances any more. I don’t think Morinho, Pep or Conte care how much the players they want to improve their team cost.

If he honestly thinks there aren’t any better DM’s than Coquelin & Elneny or better AM’s than Walcott & Iwobi or better CB’s than Mustafi & Gabriel then he needs to leave Arsenal before we get overtaken by Everton.

Andy Mack

Obviously as a person with unlimited budget you eat Wagyu Steak every day.
Maybe some can’t afford that luxury.

Some managers can afford to buy Neymar at an enormous price or throw big money at unproven players.
Maybe some (Like AFC) can’t afford that luxury.

John C

And yet we’re going into a season with 5 first team players who won’t make our premier league squad, costing us circa £350,000 a week.

That’s the very definition of luxury and largess to me!

Thierry bergkamp

If this is true, then Alexis hasn’t told the club he wants out, or else there would be no new contract offers

Danaery\'s pet dragon
Danaery\'s pet dragon

Alexis Sanchez.Born Chile. Previously played in Italy and Spain.Signed for us 3 years ago.
Does anyone seriously think that he signed with us to play with Arsenal or live in London for 8-10 years ?
This is a natural scenario playing itself out in the life of a travelling football player.
Need to chill out, get behind whatever 11 is selected and enjoy the next game. Stop with the blame. There isn’t any !

Original Paul

If he goes then I will be thinking the team will be better at keeping the ball. If he stays I will think that’s good.
I am ambivalent to it all…COYG!

Make Arsenal Great Again
Make Arsenal Great Again

In all honesty, it makes more financial sense for a player to run his contract down. Even if he chooses to stay with his current club. The player will get a huge signing bonus upfront and increased wages. It’s also good for the club in this current market. If we pay Alexis £40M signing bonus and £300k week for 2 years. It’s still much cheaper than getting a comperable player in this current market


The 2 games Alexis is out, according to AW, is to finally resolve his contract issue with us.
I guarantee you, I hope, AS7 will sign with Arsenal.