Theo Walcott hails Arsenal’s beautiful new tank


Sead Kolasinac caught the eye at Wembley on Sunday when he was introduced for injured skipper Per Mertesacker.

The Bosnian defender’s power and strength were obvious, and like Gilberto Silva before him he got his first Arsenal goal in the Community Shield, nodding home Granit Xhaka’s free kick to equalise.

It has put the former Schalke man, signed on a free this summer, into contention for a start against Leicester on Friday night, and he has impressed Theo Walcott since his arrival at the club.

The England international said, “Sead looks an absolute tank.  He’s one tough unit to get past and I’m sure his physical attributes are going to be key to us this season.

“Honestly, he is an absolute animal. He’s incredible. I see him in the gym every day; you can just tell he looks after himself well, he eats the right food and he’s professional.

“You can see the power he’s got when he’s got the ball, his pace and everything.

“It’s beautiful to watch and he’s a great addition to the squad. This league is the best and I think he could be one of the best in the league.”

For more Kolasinac thoughts, including his goal celebration, check out the latest Arsecast Extra

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The price difference between Kolasinac and Mendy, however good he may turn out to be, is a credit to our scouting team.


It’s still fresh in the memory, seeing our ‘project youth’ teams getting muscled off the ball.
So to see the change of philosophy is pleasing.
By buying the likes of Holding, Xhaka, Mustafi, Gabriel and now ‘The Tank’ I think teams will think twice about trying to bully us!
And if it really kicks off into a brawl, you know the mad German doesn’t need an invitation to start windmilling in haha


I think Granit is happy to see Colossus-nac….he is getting more lippy now with the bouncer from left back.

Might see a bit of the Balkan trash talk from Mustafi too.

Even Giroud looks ready for the fight with that shield tucked under his arms.

About time. We’ve been a bit limp in recent years as far as attitude was concern.


windmilling it. Spit my coffee out 😀


Sounds like Theo has a little man crush there – and why not?


Seems Theo’s biggest contribution of late is his gee up spiel. How much are we paying him?


I don’t know about man crush…but Theo is in danger of just being crushed by Seo.

Theo….meeet Seo.


Theo – “Wants some hair gel? Its free. Take it.”


Not enough by the look of it.

Original Paul

Theo is a bit of a knob…but I have high hopes for our new man! 🙂

Mr November

Theo isn’t a knob. He comes across as a good bloke and I’ll remind you that he’s always one of the last down the tunnel after a match. He appreciates the fans. He’s just not good enough for Arsenal anymore.


Your last sentence completely spoiled your otherwise excellent comment!


Not at all. He completely nailed it, from start to finish.

Heavenly Chapecoense

How do you get to believe a guy who scored 19 goals last season is not good for his team anymore ?


I’d agree for the most part, his attitude leaves fans frustrated cos we’ve seen what he can do when talk of a bew contract comes up. Yes, 19 goals, but hopefully with a bit of attitude rubbing off on him he can fight for his place and add more goals to his tally.


He’s clearly a valuable member of the squad.


he’s trying to provide a bit of bonding for the team as a senior member and potentially he fancies leading the toughies with those tattoos of his.


19 goals in a season mostly from the wing is not good enough for you??…… hmmmm


Yes, let’s all just repeat “19 goals from the wing” ad nauseam as if that phrase completely settles any argument about Theo’s quality or lack thereof.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Whatever you think does not matter. Wenger never gave the indication he would let Theo go.

Dr Whale

Sancez 30 goals in a season should not settles any argument of him turning over the ball countless times according to your argument. If you say yes @ PFO, then I will listen to your criticism of our second highest scorer last season and joint highest scorer of the pre-season

Mr November

With Theo it’s a tricky one as his numbers last season were commendable but we’ve all seen him over 90 minutes. Most of the time it’s like playing with 10 men. He can finish a chance, although I wouldn’t call him lethal, but what he offers to the team in build up play is next to nothing and that isn’t up to the standard that I would expect for a forward at Arsenal.


He’s a bit lightweight and his injuries have made him tentative in the tackle. However…. he’s stronger than Ozil who drifts about avoiding any sort of challenge, and his numbers are as impressive. He’ll never convince everyone but I like him and I hope he stays


John Terry’s a knob. Any man wearing an Arsenal shirt is never a knob. Including you.

JJ\'s Bender

Piers Morgan?


Piers is OK when he wears an Arsenal shirt. Just he chooses a suit 99.99% of the time.


Piers is a cunt


And you know Wenger will get zero credit from pundits etc for getting the best lwb in the bundesliga on a free (when wing backs are at an overpriced premium) *cough* Walker!
Like he said (I think about Holding)? “would you be happy if he was £50 million”?


He said the same about sanogo


yes biut if you spend so little and they don’t turn out right, there’s less exposure to a self financed system.;)

That’s two seasons in a row Dick Law and Wenger have come up with absolute gems for nothing.

Still think we need a “Director of Football” like Damien Commoli to buy us an Andy Carroll?



Every club makes transfer mistakes. At least we don’t usually waste stupid amounts of money on them.


You didn’t always win the jackpot when you go to the casino.
I’ll tell you what though, he’s found far more diamonds then turds and polished a fair few more to be fair. Many even reverted back to being a turd the minute they left the club..


*you cant polish a turd, but you get the jist of it ?

Heavenly Chapecoense

No he didn’t.


Walker costs 10mil, homegrown status 20mil, Guardiola’s scout inability costs 20 mil.


Kolasniac looks a great find.
I think there could be something in buyin players of Eastern European heritage they seem to have a seriousness about them.
I love Rambo and think he’ll thrive in our new system, but his injuries are a worry, another midfielder is a must.

Andy Mack

The PL has seen plenty of second rate Eastern European players before, so I doubt that’s what makes the difference…

Reality check

Rich was talking about attitude and not abilty i think.

Stringer Bell

So that’s extensive research of one

Andy Mack

Same comment, we’ve seen plenty of eastern European players in the PL that have different attitudes. I’m not saying we shouldn’t buy eastern European players, but they’re all different, no matter where they come from.


Another good thing that continued from last the WengerOut marching band is not making noise anymore. Hopefully it will last.


unless we concede early against Leicester…..


Dean might help with


Nope, we wont. Believe me. Our problem last season was this new formation was deployed only towards the season end which saw us went 5th with a single point. Imagine what would have happened if it was used earlier. With how they play strongly in Community Shield, even without Alexis, Ramsey,Koscielny in the team, the Uefa League Cup,PL and FA Cup will be ours.
Cant wait to play with Bayern again. And I dont think Lacazette is a dip in form in mid season kind of guy. Seems composed and consistent.


Calm down Theo… lol


Hopefully Theo’s Mahrezque hair style bring good performance this season


I think the similarity of the technical design between Theo’s & Kolasinac’s hair style might explain their new found friendship which lead to his recent comments.


Love Kolasinac, gives us the beef injection our side needed. Unitank. Tankunit. Utank!

Jahan Sagafi

So exciting! The tank is awesome. Let’s see him do Charlie Adam and Marko Arnautovic.

Breheny pronounces his name differently — ko-LA-see-nak. Here’s the video:


New tank? Did we have an old one?

He’s our very own Colossus-nac.

Cleft out of solid rock from a Bosnian mountain top.

Get out of the way or you’ll be knack

This Arsenal tank just won’t be stopped.



Totteringham – We’ve got Harry Kane.
Arsenal – We’ve got A HULK!!!
Tottering Fans – Hairy Kate is our God!
Seo HULK Kolasinac – “Puny God!”


All that jerking off giants will do wonders for your upper body strength. Maybe the rest of the squad should try it…


I’m still waiting for blogs to make the Ivanovic comparison… sead looks the business.

Gunner g

The Unit,his new nickname


Powerful tank? Remind me of Andre Santos