Saturday, December 3, 2022

Update on Mustafi’s potential move as Arsenal seek €5m loan fee

According to Sky Italia, Arsenal want Inter Milan to pay a loan fee of €5m to take Shkodran Mustafi for the 2017-18 season.

On top of that, they want the Italian giants to agree to a €25m purchase at the end of the season, triggered if the German international plays over 50% of their league games during the campaign.

The Gunners are willing to let Mustafi go less than 12 months after paying £35m to Valencia for him, but having already sold Gabriel to the same Spanish side for £10m, they need to set up a deal for another centre-half.

It’s widely believed that we’re in discussions with West Brom over Northern Irish international Jonny Evans, and the imminent sale of Kieran Gibbs to the Baggies means lines of communication between the clubs are open.

Many would feel that a 29 year old who has been let go by Manchester United is a somewhat underwhelming signing. Even if he is a decent, consistent Premier League player, he not going to get too many people excited.

It certainly looks as if the last two days of the window are going to be busy for us, with Alexis leaving the Chilean training camp to sort out his future, Oxlade-Chamberlain set to join Chelsea, and new recruits badly needed.

Podcast: Kroenke, Usmanov and the billionaires that run football

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Gunner g



Is Arsenal powerful???
Buy instead of selling the best players


Look at these names, we should have the best back four in the league:

Bellerin Koscielny Mustafi Kolasinac

Do not tell me for one second that if we had a decent defensive coach they couldn’t drill that to be unbelievable.


Spot on.

Play the strongest players even in 3-4-3



No way – for me 4 at the back is the way forward.

We went a whole season unbeaten with 4 at the back, not to mention countless other teams have won the Premier League with 4 at the back.

343 is just a new (old) fad.

Our strongest attribute is ball retention, we need to feed that beast and play a 433 in my opinion.

We just need to be well drilled off the ball.

Max Fischer

It’s my back 4 in FIFA, haha. Working great for me!


Sanchez needs to go. If he stays theres gping to be bad energy around the club because he wont put in 100% and if he gets subbed all attention would be on him and start smirking . I dont understand how arsenal fans keep defendig alexis in how he’s gone about thw whole thing trying to force a move. At least with RVP it was pretty straight forward he said he loved the club he said he wanted trophies he said he had a meeting and the direction the club was going wasnt what suited him then he left. with… Read more »


‘The more immediate problem is that we’re f*ed’


And RVP delivered top 4 before leaving.


More to the point he delivered a title for someone else, pretty much singlehandedly


The thing is he is better than the rest , he has shown more desire than anyone else. The real problem is that underperforming players (Ozil) or not talented enough (Ramsey, Welbeck) or out of position players are being played. The manager is responsible for the immediate performance and the board is responsible for keeping the manager. I love Wenger , he is a nice man who have has overstayed his welcome.

Patrik Ljungberg

Please feel free to use as many of these as you like: ..,,,.!?…,,,,,,…??!!!!!.,,,,.

Just let me know if you need more.


Selling Mustafi and getting in Jonny Evans is literally the most mind bending thing ever.



Must have been caught smoking in the showers, it’s the only possible explanation.


Mustaf been for sure

Yankee Gooner

Mustaf been love / but it’s over now

Reality check

Don’t think it’s a disciplines issue, looks more along the lines of the ox situation. I think it’s more to with Mustafi believing before joining that Arsenal is a club on the up but after spending a season and seeing the best players jumping ship; why wouldn’t he be tempted to do the same.

NornIron Gooner

Maybe he shagged a taxi, we’ll never know._


Ah good old Nick Bentner. How we do miss TGSTEL


Who’s selling these shower proof cigarettes?


Arsenal are so desperate to let him go, that they’re not gonna try to recoup the money they paid just last year? What the hell happened between Mustafi and Wenger?

Wenger, a man with frustratingly infinite patience with some players, is ready to sell the player bought just last year?


And that is qute a signifficant loss on the sale. Very strange. After Szcz I start to think the italians are very good at negotiating and we are pretty shit… At everything at this point. Hey, at least net spend is back on the plus and that’s before Ox, Sanchez and Ozil. We can build another stadium.


Yeah Qatar stadium for U23 and maybe a Syria circus for our first team.


What are we doing?


Excellent question

Seaver Brown

Just chillin bruh. like the rest of everyone at the club.


Two weeks back I was happy that we’d hung onto players because we’d need them to fight on 4 fronts – now we don’t have enough to field one team.


All people sticking by Wenger and board after last seasons. There are many of us with a hysterical smile watching this shit, whispering “I told you”


Mustafi must have done something to piss Arsene off?
He didn’t set the world alight last season, but he wasn’t that bad either.
He’s relatively young for a centre half, so you have to think he’d be better this time around?
Paying £30million for Evans and selling Mustafi for a €10million Euro loss seems insane.


That seems the most likely explanation surely. I suspect words were had after his dismal performance against stoke and here we are….off to inter.
I can’t say that I am too sad – he hardly lit up the place but he is young and he looks like someone with potential so all in all bizarre.
Evans is not Silvestre and I think he is a good buy – the general malaise at the club means short of a superstar it is hard to lift our mood.


Perhaps we are trying to sign players who will do the job instead of bitching and feeling sorry for themselves and trying to get away for more cash or because they think they could do better somewhere else

That would be a novelty wouldn’t it


I won’t get my hopes up though


I’m just pissed that we will likely lose money on him or at least have to wait minimum 1 season before we can sell him.


Koscielny wasn’t world class when he started playing for Arsenal, but look at him now.

Don’t think that either Gabriel or Mustafi have had a proper chance at Arsenal.

At the same time some players are holy and get played week in week out no matter how inconsistent the performance.


That’s the thing though, doesn’t seem like we can wait. 35m is a lot of money for a defender.

At least that is how I’m trying to rationalise it. Possible we’ve just lost it completely.


I thought we didn’t lose with him playing for almost 20 games and then did well at the end of the season too. And he was injured for some of the time that we did badly in the middle of the season.

Young German international played in World Cup team.

Why are we getting rid of him?

It Is What It Is

He said everything you said to Arsene and Bouldy. Like here’re my credentials, pls don’t ruin my stats….I kid


Something must have happened.

I\'m Professor Ignorance, on this subject

I think we’ll know what happened if Cech ends up shipped out or benched next.


25 million after a 5million loan fee and a year of service is no loss financially.


Assuming he plays the required number of games to activate the clause. Inter will likely give him 15 or so games and if they don’t like the look of him, he won’t play again for them. Or he could get a long term injury…

And we’ll be fucked… it seems everything Arsenal ends with us being fucked at the moment.

Bon Jello

It is when you also look at the increase in transfer values. This season’s £25m will probably be worth £15m in next summer’s market.


Don’t think its a loss. We get 5 million for loan, don’t pay wages for 1 year and sell for 25 million. We should just about break even.


I take it that you failed economics…..


i don’t really understand why people are worried about losing money on a player. it is not your money. our rivals seem to think the notion of selling off or purchasing against at a profit is trivial (that is if you consider the top 4 still our rivals). Who cares what we get for any of these players, our main concern is being able to field a competitive team. So whether we lose 10million on mustafi or not is inconsequential. I understand you must sell to afford players needed, but not at the expense of your fanbase globally. We are… Read more »


I think the lost money goes to show how mangement value to player in comparison to the fans


Seriously does it really matter any you think this team can be coached and motivated into the sort of side we would like it to be.
Who comes who goes, I really couldn’t give a toss anymore.we have a great team on paper and play like a Sunday league team.
The fans are the only people at the club that cares and we are being shafted and laughed at because we have been here time and time again.


Rumours have it he tore everyone a new arsehole after the shit show against Stoke. First in the dressing room but he carried on during training and now finds himself for sale.


Completely insane…and it’s time to be grateful that Tuchel is still available, move on from Wenger and keep Mustafi…but I’m sure this will never happen


Sure we might as well just give up… how much of a sham do we look like…. We are not selling Sanchez We are not selling Sanchez We are not selling Sanchez We are not selling Sanchez We are not selling Sanchez…. Oh go on then….


We weren’t selling Ox, RVP, Nasri, Cesc or Adeybayor either…..
We’re bipolar AF
I have a feeling that we may not actually have the slightest clue what we’re doing? Or what we’d like to do either?
It’s pure satire from the club.


I imagine the day when wenger comes out and tells us that he’s just been trolling us for the last 10 years, it was all pure bantz.


Just waiting for AW to reveal that he wears Totteringham’s pyjamas to bed every night!


It’s almost as if it’s helpful to have leverage in transfer negotiations. Have you really missed the fact that every other club in world football does the same when selling players?


Why the hell would we look for a 5 million loan fee on someone we paid 35 million for one year ago? Odds are he goes there and doesn’t perform to expectations and then we are stuck with another Debuchy on substantial wages that Wenger doesn’t want in the squad.


Evans to Arsenal reminds me of when Silvestre joined us. And letting go of Mustafi and Gabriel, while not having a backup so close to the end of the transfer window? Ludicrous.

Same old. Arsenal are stuck in a loop.

It Is What It Is

It’s worse than the usual mate.

I smell mutiny from some players, and sabotage by the boss…

There is a lot more going on than meets the eye.

And Gazidis thinks it’s not okay to address the fans? He knows the importance.

A couple more days, and we’ll see if there is a method to the madness….will it be order from chaos? The rise of the Phoenix?

Or will this be what triggers medical conditions in a huge proportion of the Arsenal fan base?

Some youngins may never trust or have faith again.


I think you mean he knows the fans’ impotence ?


There’s no method, that it’s so late in the window probably tells us there is no method.

I assume the remainder of our transfer window goes something like this; Arsenal manically phoning the every decent team in Europe and asking who they want to sell, then picking a half-decent/cost effective option and paying them more wages than they deserve to be on, bcos it’s so late in the window and we don’t have time to fuck around.

But it could be wrong, go on Arsene prove me wrong.

It Is What It Is

Let the real Wengerball begin then…put that economics degree to good use…may spud a movie.


On the bright side maybe the pound will collapse and this will turn out to be a great deal.

I\'m Professor Ignorance, on this subject

Let’s get rid of Mustafi and spend that money on a center half!


Hmmm. The pound, collapse? Shurely not?!


I hate myself for still following these news.


“Got the money comin’ in, it ain’t no issues” – Future ft. Arsene Wenger, Gazidis, Kroenke


Winter is coming

Fat rob highbury

Can anyone tell me why we are getting rid of mustafi


Allegedly for throwing fucks into everyone after the Stoke debacle. Not just straight after the game but in training as well. If so, good on him! Obviously movers and shakers at the club think otherwise so we’re selling arguably our most promising defender, a young player with at least another 6-8 years in him and a German international at that.



He just realized our clubs run by people with shit attitude and no ambitions from the top to down in the field. And after letting them know how much they suck they’re trying to ship him away asap. After all we can have more comfort at the club with another ambitious prick Alexis Sanchez also leaving. Good days to ba a part of Arsenals lovely family.

David C

Does Mustafi have an Italian wife/girlfriend that is upset at living in London?!?!

What the hell is going on here? The whole market is inflated and we’re willing to take a loss on a promising CB.

This team really makes it hard to support them…

I listened to a bunch of other podcasts (after Arsecast of course) and we are the laughing stock of the football world.

Wenger, please do the right thing and take a nice retirement job on the board or coaching in France.


I’ve heard he just really likes pasta and the Tesco value range we serve at the club canteen just wasnt doing it for him

David C

haha, that makes sense then 🙂


Honestly couldn’t give a fuck less at this point. About Alexis, Ox or any of them. We are a shambles. The joy of supporting this club is becoming harder and harder to find. I used to look forward to watching every game, even during the banter years. Now, I can hardly stomach it. I live in Australia and that Liverpool game kicked off at 1am Monday morning. Myself and a Liverpool mate arranged the day off to watch the game together. I didn’t even watch the second half with him. I told him I was going to bed and he… Read more »


My exact sentiment during the game was ‘sell all of them’. Let’s remember teams with Denilson, Arshavin, Chamakh, Senderos never used to get thumped like that. All said and done about the manager, and there is a lot to say, these fuckfaces are exactly that.


Bit harsh on your ‘mate’ Sometimes you have to take this shot on the chin, we all have work the next day & face the ‘opposition’




Nah, fuck him. He’ll be right.

Make Arsenal Great Again

Utter Madness

Make Arsenal Great Again



“We’re Keeping Alexis”
*fake news

I forget

A month ago if we did not make any more signings (though a midfielder would be nice) we would be okay. Now we’ve managed to cock it all up so badly recruits are badly needed. 2 steps forward 10 steps back! Only at Arsenal.


I thought Evans was weak at United, but he has highly impressed (me at least) at West Brom and Northern Ireland. Whoever we play at cb needs a better system of protection from our midfield and for us to drastically cut down on senseless giveaways at the back


Apparently he’s turned us down! That says it all.

Terry Henry


ohh god


I think Evans would do well in a three.


Yeah but we’d need Pulis to show them how to defend!


Every central defender ‘does well in a three’, especially it seems those who don’t do so well in a two.


This is as crazy as it gets… We are being conned by Wenger and board but wenger is the main culprit. It’s laughable


No. Its Kroenke that is the cancer within the club. He hires a manager that can not deliver success other than profit. Kroenke loves him!


Have you ever seen Wenger question Kroenkes ambitions or Stan criticize Wenger as a coach? Theyre parnters in this fucking profitable downfall. By the time another board/manager takes over theyve pocketed the easiest biggest money anyone ever has in football.


Why go for Jonny Evans? Van Dyke is better. Now is not the time to be cheap.


-Stan Kroenke




We’re pretty much a dead cert to win the Financial fair play league this year


Chile FA president claims Sanchez request is false.

Not sure who to believe anymore but no denial from Arsenal yet.

Public Elneny Number One

“I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be”

It Is What It Is

Yes! Golden! Epic!


Where did you read that? I thought Alexis was in Texas signing his new contract!


Big sheezy

Go to pornhub and search Alexis Texas and youll get all the details. Everything’s bigger in Texas.


I suppose pornhub would do good right about now.

…excuse me, brb.

Tasmanian Jesus

This might have been a dream.
In any case, just better to dream about Alexis Texas instead.

Lord H

Does anything make sense anymore ?


What a load of mess you got us into Wenger!


I couldn’t give a toss who we buy or sell. Until there is a cohesive, unified and targeted protest from the supporters to oust that blood sucking wanker Kroenke out of our club then who comes or goes doesn’t really matter one jot.

You can blame the past it Wenger or the spineless Gazidis all you like but it’s that fucker Kroenke who is killing our beloved football club. He gave Wenger another contract and Gazidis put himself before the club. A grave dereliction of duty from the CEO but the buck stops with Kroenke!


Absolutely spot on mate. Couldn’t agree more. Those 3 are the main culprits. At least with Wenger he loves the club. Well, I think he still does……he does appear to be doing everything to sabotage us right now. And he really does need to go, he’s lost the plot. 7/8 years too late but please Arsene, resign and save some dignity and pride for yourself, and save this club from yourself also. Gazidis??? What a selfish tit. In it for the money. He’s no David Dein. But as you say, the ultimate arse in all this is silence Stan Kroenke.… Read more »


LOL what if Wenger’s masterplan is sabotage. He’s trying to lower the share prices so that Kronke would gtfo. Highly highly unlikely but would be quite a spectacle if it were the case.


I’m pretty sure I know what’s happened here: Mustafi has actually dared to back-talk to Wenger and disagree with him. The French dictator with a wafer-thin skin and a massive ego probably couldn’t stand being challenged – especially by one of his own players.

So Mustafi had to go.

Being crap isn’t enough to get you booted out of Arsenal – just ask Theo Walcott. As long as you kiss Wenger’s behind and tell him he’s a god he’ll look after you.

But don’t dare disagree with him


for once, fatgooner is probably right

Eric Blair

You know what, I’ve always respected Wenger, but if I had to make an educated guess this would be it.


Pure mess. This is not the first time for all the uncertainty and chaos for this club around the transfer deadline where the season has started and all the other title contending or winning teams are focused and off to a good start. Yet we are still not ready for the new season. Remember August 2011 where we lost 8-2 to united and went for all those panic buys on deadline day? Yet this happens again and again with no one being held accountable. Only at Arsenal.


What the hell is going on?

Arsene\'s left bollock

Mustafi’s personality is the issue behind his departure ‘supposedly’

It Is What It Is

@ Arseblog

Thanks for the updates and all. I am sure you hate to be the bearer of bad news, so we (I, at least) won’t shoot the messenger.

Apologies, don’t mean this any which way….self interest.

Are you well equipped to deal with the surge in traffic, coming your way?

Kudos on keeping your rag – publicly.


The madness of king Wenger continues. His descicions and the lack of them where needed, have finally taken me on the Wenger out wagon. Hopefully this will make sense one day. With the voice of Robert Duvall in Apocolypse Now: “Some day this war is going to end.”

Eric Blair

”The Horror…….The Horror”


Mustafi – They told me that you had gone totally insane, that your methods were unsound.
Wenger – Are my methods unsound?
Mustafi – I don’t see any method at all, sir!

My name is Jeff

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a start to a season and an end to the transfer period without having an existential crisis? It is possible, right?

Jean Ralphio

I feel like crying. Unless Wenger pulls off a world class signing.


I do not understand this one at all. It seems completely unnecessary. WTF.


I felt at the time that he was going to be the long term replacement to the BFG, I don’t really see what has happened here. There’s more to this than meets the eye.


I honestly think that Mustafi has found the premier league is too much for him sand he can’t hack it. At his old club there were only a handful of teams in that league who would be anywhere near the level of PL.


Reports also saying that Evans would be more interested in City, who could see him as a back up option.

Alexis to either Manchester team
Liverpool sign Lemar
Jonny Evans opts for City
Ox to Chelsea
Mustafi to Inter

Holy fucking shit, that right there could be our transfer window. If that’s how it ends up it’s absolutely shocking.


It’s already shocking. It would take a miracle for it to be anything else at this point. We’ve got our two big signings on the bench, we’re selecting people who don’t want to be at the club to play out of position ahead of them. What part of that doesn’t have you absolutely shocked already?


Oh, don’t misunderstand, the lack of activity is an objective failure by Wenger, the board, everyone at the club.

But if Lemar were to go to Liverpool, for me, would be the nail in the coffin. To be so indecisive and stingy with the MAIN player he wanted, only to see him go to a club willing to fork over the cash and who just whooped us into a crisis the other day would be the rotten cherry on top.

Embarrasing, inept, indecisive, clueless, and yes, shocking.

Rwandan Gunner

He once (Mustafi) quetioned Wenger’s team selection which made him mad infront of players and the second time he found him whispering sweet nothings in the ears of his only daughter.


Leave his daughter out of it mate….

Rwandan Gunner

Ok sir. My apologies for that

Jean Ralphio

Chilean FA reporting Sanchez has not asked to leave. Hope this is true

Eric Blair

Why? We have to sell him, otherwise he’ll be stinking the place out for the next 10 months and chuckling away on the bench while we’re getting our arses handed to us. He is poison to team spirit and has to go, I can’t believe people think he should stick around until his contract is over, that never works out. I would even go so far to say that his attitude has been poison in the dressing room for a while now but he’s irreplaceable and has been able to get away with it.


How do you know he has poisoned the team spirit? I mean, we weren’t exactly world beaters before all of this.

And if he has poisoned the team spirit why did wenger a) want to keep him and b) start him against Liverpool.

You could be right, but if you are, surely it only further illustrates our managers deficiencies right now.

Eric Blair

Our worst run of form and performance under Wenger came at the time Sanchez was playing up the most, throwing his hands in the air, berating the others for not passing to him. It peaked with a training ground bust-up and Sanchez storming off like the spoilt child he is. Wenger tried to play the power move by dropping him for the Liverpool game, but ultimately it catastrophically failed because we were shit and we had to bring him on. Listen, Sanchez is a brilliant player and above anyone else at the club. But because of that he’s been able… Read more »


Don’t know much about Evans but seems like we need to try something different perhaps he is seen as heralded “leader” that media and ex players seem convinced we are lacking … at this point would welcome him esp after defensive horrors of all 3 games this season


It’s not the men, it’s the system. We could of had 4 CB’s against Liverpool and it would of made no difference.

Protect your defence, games are won and lost in midfield bla bla bla

Special K - spethhhal kane

Don’t much about history / Mustafi
Don’t know much biology / Gabriel
Don’t know much about a science book / a Sanchez boot
Don’t know much about the french I took / the Ox
But I do know that I love you
And i know that if you love me to
(You’d sort this fucking truck-load of shit out)
And what a wonderful world this would be


Is Evans better than mustafi? I very much doubt it so what the chuff is going on?

It Is What It Is

Apart from Trump trolling females/anybody really, North Korea trolling China (not Japan), I don’t think there is/has been a quantitatively larger trolling of any demographic in recent memory.

I’d like to think there are at least 250m of us in the word 4-5% of word population.


If Johnny doesn’t want to come who will we panic buy instead?

Papers said that Citeh were interested. Arsenal or Citeh?

Not a tough decision.


Depends on how much you want to play.

Hank Scorpio

With the likey departures if quality replacements don’t come in (Sorry Jonny Evans you don’t count) I don’t see how Arsene Wenger’s position is tenable. Surely he won’t last the season. A few more bad results coupled with no quality signings & the atmosphere of some of last year’s games will pale in comparison.


christ this is weird


Have any journalists actually asked why we’re willing to let him go after one year at, apparently, a considerable loss?


Don’t be stupid! They never ask the right questions. Nobody even thought to ask about last week’s line up afterwards.. madness. To think these guys are paid for this.

Am a gunner

Get the deal done get a proven prem defender !

Jack Action

Why would Jonny Evans join us? I’m sure City is a better offer and a chance for him to win again, and staying at West Brom with a coach that sets him up to succeed as a CB must be a consideration. On Arsenal CB’s are set up to fail.


What are we doing? Why do we give Mustafi away like that? I don’t understand! Nothing makes sence anymore. Wake me when Wenger is gone.

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