Wenger challenges Lacazette to match Ligue 1 scoring record


Arsene Wenger has challenged new signing Alexandre Lacazette to try and maintain his fantastic scoring record in France as the record signing prepares for his first Premier League season.

The Gunners face Leicester on Friday night to kick off the new campaign, and the French international will be hoping to get off the mark after a 37 goal season for Lyon last time around.

The Arsenal manager knows it’s a tough thing to replicate that kind of form when moving to England, but says Lacazette should view Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s scoring record for Man Utd last season as evidence it can be done.

“Goal-scoring record is not necessarily transferable from the French League to the English league, that’s for sure,” he said.

“With Lacazette, it’s simple. He is an intelligent player. We have a game backed on mobility and technique and I think he can integrate that well.

“After that, we get the efficiency. His record in France is to score one in 80 minutes.

“If he can maintain that record that would be ideal for us. As a game is in 90 that would guarantee you a goal.

“You could say that Ibrahimovic transferred an identical amount of goals from France to England. So that’s the target Lacazette should set.”

The former Lyon man is set to start up front tomorrow night, and Arsenal were also boosted by the fitness of Mesut Ozil and Aaron Ramsey ahead of the opening game.

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With Özil and Sanchez behind him I wouldn’t bet against it. On the flip side, I’d be over the moon if he bags 20-25 league goals in his first season, as he’ll have a fair few 65-75 min games rotating with Giroud!
Very interested to see who’s on penalty kick duties as i’ve never been fully comfortable as when we had Cazorla/Arteta stepping up.
Buzzing for it all to kick off tomorrow!

Terry Henry

Surly he’s going to be no.1 penalty taken. It shouldn’t be a discussion until Santi is fit again


Not easy getting the ball from Alexis to take over penalty duties!
Even Atom and Humber hate playing fetch with him as he starts doing keepy uppies with the tennis ball haha


Unless he signs an extension I wouldn’t be so accommodating to his prima donna status…do what works for the team.

Bould\'s Eyeliner

He should always go last with his nerves. For the team. Captain should go first, because I think it’s a badass tradition heh. I guess in our case, we would want the starting striker probably, since our captains are going to be Mert/Kosc/Cech. Giroud is a great penalty taker too so, I think we’re more than secure on this point.


I just imagined Alexis throwing the ball away for Atom & Humber to fetch, then he gallops ahead to fetch it himself and snarls “Slowpokes, catch up!”


Shouldn’t discount Petr Cech for penalties. He does kick the ball a lot..

Mate Kiddleton

I have supreme confidence in Giroud on penalties. Don’t think I’ve ever seen him miss.


Oli missed a penalty in his debut season in one of the cup games prior to him getting his first Arsenal goal (not quite sure of the opposing team though). That one was understandable giving the circumstance. Leave that one aside, I think he had scored each one he took (I stand to be corrected). He is a great penalty taker and I will pick him any day ahead of Sanchez to effect a spot kick.


Aye, that’s when he realised he’s simply too handsome to miss.

Crash Fistfight

I think he scored his first goal in that same game, although I can’t remember if the penalty miss was before or after.


I think he missed one against the mighty fulham in a pulsating 3-3 draw


I think Arteta missed against fulham… ooo what a terrible game that was..


It is so true. I was about to tell the same. Grioud is confident when it comes to penalties


Yes please.

Brown American Gooner
Brown American Gooner

I’m really looking forward to seeing how this team performs with a quick, clinical forward like Lacazette. Cautiously optimistic he will be right up there for the golden boot with help from creative abilities of Ozil, Alexis, Xhaka, Ramsey and the wing backs.


Too early. 15 – 20 should be a realistic expectation.


I like how our team played with front three of lacazette iwobi and welbeck against Chelsea. Particularly the way lacazette and welbeck complimented each other was good to watch . if lacazette comes towards the ball then welbeck runs in behind the defence and vice versa. Don’t know how our front three is going to be with Sanchez and ozil replacing welbeck and iwobi. But I really would’ve loved to see more of them and iwobi.

Manganese bronze

While nice to see our forwards flattering each other I’d rather they focused on end product


With Ozil and Alexis behind him, Lacazette should get a decent amount of goals. One thing is for certain – his signing will push Giroud very hard. This will be his first true competition for CF since he arrived. It’ll be fun…


I think Ibrahimovic scored 38 in his last season in France and 18 (?) at United. Not quite identical.


Yh but he did it in about 25 pl games which is not bad…


A negative shitty Mourinho side I might add.

Ex-Priest Tobin

A poor signig. He doesn’t have the physical strength to succeed in this league. Mark my words: he will fail.


Surely, Eduardo da Silva was an absolute beast physically

JJs Bender

You’re a silly sausage aren’t you


stop smoking crack

Cultured determination
Cultured determination

Ya. Agree. Was thinking the same. We need someone tall n strong. Was thinking of peter crouch, but he’s not strong. Should have signed heskey instead.


No wonder you’re an ex-priest…

Bechemagbor Samuel

Best of luck to the lads, however its a season opener and though we expect victory, we shouldn’t put the bar too high. As for Lacazette we expect him to score but even if he doesn’t, we expect he scores in subsequent encounters


Dennis took 9 games to score his opener. Thierry I think it was 7 games.

They turned out alright.


Yep, they weren’t too shabby.


If a 35 year old, allbeit a legendary one, could handle the crazy pace of the premier league then surely a peakazette can.

Isaiah Rankin

I can’t wait for Laca’s virgin league goal, just the very first time.


we must create a song with this….