Wenger hails Kolasinac’s determined attitude


Arsene Wenger says Sead Kolasinac’s power and attitude will help the Bosnian settle in the Premier League after he delivered an ‘oustanding’ goal-scoring performance off the bench in Arsenal’s Community Shield victory over Chelsea.

The 24-year-old replaced Per Mertesacker in the first half after the German suffered a nasty cut above his eye and proceeded to take the game by the scruff of the neck with penetrating play.

The free signing from Schalke capped his impressive showing with a late headed goal to take the game to a penalty shootout which the Gunners ultimately won 4-1. All in all, the boss was impressed.

“He [Kolasinac] came on well,” said Wenger after the game.
“He’s normally a wing-back or a full-back but he can also play at centre back. He had a very interesting performance last week and I had a hesitation over playing him from the start today.
“I thought maybe the pressure of Wembley… but when he came on, he was outstanding.
“He is physically very strong naturally. There are players who are pumped up in the gym and players who are born strong. He is the second part.

“In the Premier League, power plays a part, but it’s not only that. We took him as well because of his attitude.

“I believe that the modern game doesn’t tolerate as many weaknesses as it did 20 years ago and you always need a combination of talent and attitude.

“He looks to me that he has good talent, but as well a very strong and determined attitude, supported by a strong body.”

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He’s gonna be great. You can deal it



This is such a steal. Sure he’s gonna be a starter, eh?

Romford Pelé

Went ballistic online looking him up, as one does this time of year. First thing I thought was “TANK”, really didn’t expect it to stick after one competitive match. Ladies and gentleman of the arsenal, I give you “The tank” ???


We need beasts like Sead. Did great, excellent goal.

Original Paul

Brilliant watching the opposition players backing away not wanting to be the one to take him on when he is in full beast mode!


Absolutely. I see By the Numbers says he wasn’t passed once. Folk just shiteing themselves and running the other way!
A throw away remark I saw the other day got me thinking, and I mention this recognizing that I’ve not seen enough of him to get a full feel for his technical quality, but he cited having played centre mid in the past. As I say its early doors and I love what he’s done so far but the potential to put him in the middle of the park as a CDM has me intrigued.
The last Arsenal player to score his first goal at charity shield was Gilberto… a sign? Probably not but thought I’d share nonetheless.


With you. A guy can dream.

La Défense

Sead FTW!


£0.00……. enough Sead


But, but we could have had a full back as good as Walker for only £50million….


Wenger is gonna cream his pants just a little bit more every time Sead plays…….or maybe thats just me.

Absolute tank


“Born Strong” should be his nickname from now on.

Sank India

Iron Born

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner
Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

We haven’t had a natural beast since Oleg…


He’s an absolute beast. Does anyone have a link for that marauding run he had in today’s game?


That was a cracking run, great turn of pace from the big unit!


Kolasinac running down the left wing.. pic.twitter.com/TQxhpjpcLS— Mike Sanz (@mikesanz19) August 6, 2017


Loved the way his head bobbed to drive himself forward just a little faster.
At first I thought the pass at the end was a little wayward but watching again I think the Ox was just watching in awe and didn’t make the right move (not the only time in the game admittedly)

Laughing Stock

He’s the sort of player we’ve needed for years. A bit like Lauren back in the day, hard as fuck and no prisoners taken. You need characters like that when you play the big teams.

He looks the type who is running half a dozen brasses on Bethnal Green Road and drives an old mercedes. I’m liking it.


This beast is cleft from the top of a Bosnian mountain.

What quick feet too.

No Mike Dein, No Damien Comolli, No Director of Footy. NO PROBLEM.

Wenger and Dick got him for FREE.

So don’t expect the press to see him as good value, they would rather us buy Morata for 60m to show “ambition” or Stones last season for 47m instead of Holding.

Gunner girl

Kollosus!!! What an absolute beast ??


Real steal


Good to see someone pull on the shirt with some balls. We’ve really struggled in recent years to sign players who are prepared to dig in when things are against us. We’ve finally signed someone who looks willing (and capable) of running through a brick wall if needed.

In previous years, it’s been clear when the team have bottled it in key matches, and the inevitable has happened. Imagine the reaction from the team this year when Sp*rs are on top, and this lad annihilates Dele Ali to tip the balance back in our favour?

Cliff Bastin

Meanwhile Kyle Walker cost City $50m.


He looks a brilliant addition for sure.

With him and Granit, and Grioud, we’ve really got some guys with good, positive aggression. Holding too based on what he did to the Toxic Avenger in the FA Cup. I’m sure I’ve forgotten others, but I really like the way they go about it during an entire game.

Reality check

Don’t forget Mustafi.. holds nothing back that guy


Koscielny and kolasinac coming up with late equalisers or winners. I am ok with that


Kolasinac is a very good player….I’m so happy we signed him he is versatile and strong, we need someone like him in the defensive midfield position like Patrick Vieira…that won’t put too much of pressure on the defense


Love the way le boss speaks of the meat ?