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Wenger: One of the great days when Giroud decided to stay

Arsene Wenger has revealed he opened the door for Olivier Giroud to leave Arsenal this summer but says it was ‘one of the great days’ when his compatriot confirmed he’d rather stay at the club.

The boss was full of praise for the striker after he came off the bench to score the winner in the Gunners dramatic 4-3 comeback victory over Leicester City on the first day of the new season.

The France international applied a towering header to Granit Xhaka’s late corner to seal three vital points with just four minutes remaining on the clock.

“It was one of the great days when he decided to stay,” Wenger told press after the game. “He will not leave.”

Giroud’s decision to commit comes despite interest from the likes of Everton, West Ham, Borussia Dortmund, Marseille and Lyon. Having taken his tally in Arsenal colours to 99 goals, he’s now well placed to become the club’s latest centurion.

“I love the man and the player,” added Wenger. “He is a fantastic guy. He is committed and he loves the club.

“He doesn’t want to leave and I’m happy he wants to stay.

“At some stage I opened the door for him because I knew I had many strikers, but he is really loved here.

“We love him and in the end he decided to stay.”

You have to hand it to Giroud, whenever he is set a challenge, whenever he is doubted, he never backs down. He’s a real trooper and he’s sure to be a useful option this season.

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What I feel for him is the definition of man crush! How can you not love this guy. Never complaining and always working for the team.

Arsene\'s Coat

Feel like he seems to get better with each season he plays – aging like a fine wine!


and thus the seed was laid again at arsenal to play 4-4-2..


Even if they don’t go 4-4-2 to start, live earlier substitutions. The man deserves LOTS of playing time.

Fuhgedaboudit l

Not necessarily. Once we have healthy center backs, he will go back to 3. When BFG, Koscielny, & Monreal are all available.


And Mustafi.


I love him, so does my Mrs!

SE Gooner

Yeah, love him in the most heterosexual way..


I love Giroud!


Open the door? I swear Arsene is too good to our players. Thank god he decided to stay. I’d bolt the door and buy padlocks.


Maybe this is why Arsene and Arsenal can attract players: they’re treated well, all the way through departure. Compare this to Liverpool not honoring contracts, transfer requests, etc. As a footballer with a very short career, wouldn’t it matter to choose an employer who actually cares and allows you freedom?

As a fan, it’s another reason to respect and support the club and the manager.


Yeah, that’s why we have all these world class players flocking to sign – oh wait, no, that doesn’t happen.

Funny how you hear about players pressuring their clubs to sell them to Liverpool, but not Arsenal.


Yeah, players like Van Dijk and one-season Keita? Thanks but no thanks!

And here I am finally noticing your name as “SpamB0t” and I should have known better not to type a response after all.

Tasmanian Jesus

Oh wait…f… Off.
What players are these ur talking about?


I agree in this case but then what about Sanchez? I think you do what’s best for player and club and hope they go together, but a manager has to vote for club first.


Exactly, as opposed to sacking someone by text message. Which is why Arsene is respected throughout football and Conte is destined for the yeah I remember him file.

Cultured determination

Why’s alexis peering at the door?


OG is the real OG


Arsenal legend in the making


Couldn’t agree more. So who has to go? (Besides Perez that is) Is five forwards one to many considering what a sale could free up to strengthen the midfield?


personally think we need to drop 6 players and sign 1 more.

Debuchy,perez,gibbs,jenkinson,campbell,akpom for sale. Iwobi and reine adelaide on loan maybe?

Not too sure what would be better for iwobi’s devolopment but reine adelaide is defo not going to get playing time.


Pls don’t mention iwobi

Heavely Chapecoense

Why do you want Arsenal to loan Iwobi? You never heard that teams like Arsenal must have good players on the bench ?

Heavenly Chapecoense

Why do you want Arsenal to loan Iwobi? You never heard that teams like Arsenal must have good players on the bench ?

Ooooh Santi Cazoooorla

Agree with Jenko, Gibbs, Debuchy, Akpom, Perez (I want him to stay but he won’t get the game time), maybe JW if we are not agreeing a new deal, Gabriel and potentially Joel Campbell but again I’d like him to stay really. I’d like to see us sign a class CB and maybe bid for Van Dijk but I don’t see it. Attack seems fine we just need to work on defence, midfield


Olie Olie Olie… What a stunner you are


Love Giroud and Bosscielny. Giroud for me is one of those players who EARNS his wages.

Mesut Ozzle

He deserves that centurion if, and when, he gets it. Lacazette could finally be the striker we’ve needed for years, sure, but Giroud has always had to carry the weight of our attack on his shoulders and he’s absolutely phenomenal off the bench.

Third Plebeian

That picture though. Is Giroud being attacked by a bear?


And loving it, apparently.


No. No, that’s just Kolasinac.


In some weird way I think the arrival of Lacazette has taken the pressure off of Giroud. Hopefully lots more goals from the pair of them

Some Bloke

Best off the bench threat in the League. A real game changer in that role. Not to say he shouldn’t get some starts here and there.


What’s most impressive is that he feels like this after all the shit he’s taken for a while from a lot of gunners, a lot of the time. He’s been a scapegoat for other frustrations for a long time. I’m so glad hopefully we’ve found a working balance of him not being the main option but still being a huge part of the team

Why fly when you can walk on water

Na na na nana na na, nana na na giroud. Hfb strikes again. What options to have, French main striking line ( bar the blackmailing benzema)


Great striker

A different George

Griezmann, Mbappe, Lacazette, Giroud. Not bad.


I feel that “useful option” is downright an insult to a wonderful man and a player! I’m just glad that he finally understood that football is a team sport and that it really doesn’t matter if he starts or is used as a sub. His towering presence is devastating to an exhausted defence and we should continue like this. And yes! I do have a man crush! #nohomo

Lacazette\'s Massive Machette

Van Persie, Nasri, Cesc, Adebarndoor, etc…. This is the guy that you are not. This guy WILL be a legend, loved through a lifetime and remembered fondly forever. Pity you for being smaller people than this giant of a man!! Loved by no-one, vaguely remembered for not a lot. It’s more than the money, more than the trophys even. It’s sonething you will never be lucky enough to know!!

Giroud. Arsenal through and through!!!



I just came here to post this relevant moment from UnClassic Commentary:


At the end of last season when OG was rumoured to be on his way out, I had not been sadder for a long time. OG is a guy who has scored so many crucial goals and has scored some of the best goals arsenal fans have seen for years and he has always shown up, he has never complained about not starting and has always done his finest (which is always fucking fine). We are the envy of so many teams to have such a game changing legend waiting for us. I feel like ive just written a best… Read more »


I usually try to ignore the blathering of game commentators, but one on NBC Sports said something sensible: “Arsenal needs to keep Giroud as a super sub and spot starter.”

Rob Pyres

I have nothing but genuine admiration and respect for Giroud. A friend (a Liverpool fan) reckons I’ve just got red tinted glasses on – until I remove need him of Giroud’s record and stats since joining, which certainly opened his eyes and changed his tune. For me though, as Blogs mentioned in the article, it’s also the desire he exhumes, the effort and passion he has shown despite his reported frustration at often being a mere super sub. Add to that; a unique technical ability that often defies his build, (a la scorpion kick) – intelligent movement and probably the… Read more »

Cliff Bastin

We are Leicester’s bogey team lol.

Rob Pyres

*reminded (fucking auto correct and stubby fingers on tiny iPhone buttons)


I think alot of oli’s problems have come because he has been run into the ground. Could be a hellmof a year


One of my favourite Arsenal players of the last 20 years or so. Hell, all time really.

Silent G

You think Mike Dean would have given a penalty if Giroud hadn’t scored? Course he wouldn’t. He’s Mike fucking Dean


Actually, I think he pretty much had the whistle to his lips and would have given it if Giroud hadn’t scored.

Credit where credit’s due. Dean was much less horrible than usual today.


By the way… Notice how Lacazette forces his way over to celebrate with Giroud after the final goal? Last there was no rivalry. Only positive competition and team spirit. Gotta love that.

not so fed up

His stock just keeps rising!! Top top bloke!!!

Hassan Musa

Great guy Giroud. Never complaining.


Giroud is an icon.

That shield under his arm, the scorpion kick


He’s no plan B. He scores when he starts, he scores when he comes off the bench, and he has the deftest of touches for a big man.

Like the FA cup, he’s saved our bacon…again.

SE Gooner

Another goal, he’s centurion!

Livin la Vida Laca

Love Giroud. Great impact from Rambo too


Adore this man. Always rated him, and he has always been a favourite of man. I Know he has his flaws but hitting almost 100 goals for us is a great feat and I know he may be 30 now…but I’m sure km not the only one that genuinely believe he keeps getting better. What a great night that was.

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