Wenger: Oxlade-Chamberlain is a player on the up


Arsene Wenger believes Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will continue to go from strength to strength having found stability in his game after years of niggly injuries.

The England international has been linked heavily with both Chelsea and Liverpool this summer having so far refused to commit his long-term future to Arsenal.

The 23-year-old, who moved to the Emirates six years ago, only has 11 months left on his current deal meaning the Gunners could be tempted to cash in on the midfielder rather than lose him on a free next summer.

Asked in his pre-Leicester press conference whether Chamberlain is coming good on his potential, Wenger responded:

“Yes. I think he had in his career some bad moments because he had some small injuries.

“Last year he was much more stable. I personally think he’s a hugely talented player and he’s on the way up.

“He’ll continue to move up because the potential is there. He’s today very conscious of his qualities as well, something he was not always.

“I personally think he’ll be a very great player.”

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So he may be on the up but Wenger didn’t say he’s staying.


He’s not staying, or at least he doesn’t want to. We can’t let ozil Sanchez and Ox run down their contracts so I imagine he’d be sold.

Dr Zebra

Come on Ox!! Maybe find him a position to improve in and we will see his greatness!


Ox want to behave as Persie but it won’t end him well if he does so ,he is a player who always injure and the only time Arsenal I’d about to benefit from him he wants to go .Is very bad dicision from him and his management.


IMO he is a starter on the right. Last season ending and this preseason proved that he is on form. Plus Hector needs a shock to start developing again. He needs to improve his crossing and decision making.

Xhaka Demus, no pliers
Xhaka Demus, no pliers

A player perfectly suited to the WB role it seems. He could genuinely be world class in that position. It might be a tough sell for someone who (allegedly) sees himself as a CM but he gets so much of the ball as a WB he can still have a huge influence on the game.

Terry Henry

Agree, but he is still 2nd choice wing back


Not so sure about that. His shooting and crossing is better that Hectors. He’s nearly as quick as him. He’s just not as good at defending although that’s not exactly Hectors biggest strengths. Think it would be a pretty even battle for that position. And taking into account that we’ll probably play more than 60 games this season, it would be a great thing in my opinion.


think you hit the nail on the head with the number of fixtures. Those wide areas require so much running – and sprints particularly – that we’ll need to rotate heavily.

On some levels I’d not be disappointed to have Gibbs around to cover the left for league cup games and europa league. I know Bramall is about but he’s still looking like he needs a bit of time… maybe Welbeck could do a job there? I’m kinda discounting Nachoman if he’s to be a permanent central fixture.

Certainly on the right I think there is enough games for Ox and Hector to get plenty of time. Probably a few run outs for Nelson too.


Have to say ox being much more physical and able to make those byline runs puts him ahead of bellerin.


Ox can be like kolasinac on the right


I think he’s a better wing back than Hector, but Hector’s a better right back.


like Dani Alves


Always was a fan of him. Really loved his explosive runs and ability to run past his markers. No doubt he has his lapse in concentration, but he is surely on the up


He has his strengths and definitely are meant for the wings, he should see that and focus on there. When on form, he is blistering. C’mon Ox, sign up

Capn Crunch

If Sanchez is out for a few games, what do people think of the Ox playing in that role behind the striker? His technical ability is probably not as good as Iwobi, but he definitely has better end product. Thoughts?


better end product?!


Really? I could count the number of games he has actually started in central or solely attacking positions on one had!! Please tell me how he is supposed to improve his end product from such a regular withdrawn role?
I completely rate him as an attacking threat and would love to see him in for Alexis in Europa League.

John C

Iwobi has no end product, so yes.

For me the Ox is not a wing back but one of the 2 behind the striker and has been thrown in at wingback because of a lack of alternatives


he is a promising player who has not yet reached his peak…i want to see him at his best and in arsenal coz wenger knows what hes got and so he is trying his best to suit him up in WB role and keeping in starting lineup…

Alexis Signitplease

Let’s pump up the valuation….


Coue method…


Better than Bellerin as right wing back in my opinion.


Good sales pitch.

alex betel

Worried about Monreal frozen out of 11.He shouldnt be dropped imo


I cant see that happening, he’s too good and too consistant.

He’ll play left CB behind Sead I hope.

What’s our best back 3 when fit? I’d probably go Nacho – Kos – Mustafi


Yeah I think Nacho should be played mainly at LCB, and provide cover for LWB.


In a back 3 it’s very important to have a player that understands his role when pulled wide making former lb/rb perfect for it.

Did do a decent job in a back 2 if i remember correctly ?

Alex habesha

Mustafi-Per-Kos would make it for me.per complement both of Mustafi and Kos.i see Monreal as great LWB


Fair play I can see that – not sure how many games Per can play over the season, but I think that’s decent quality wise. And Nacho does make an excellent option for LWB.

Good to have these options.

Alex habesha

Two lefties in your CB selection.Mustafi and Nacho.by the current form Holding is better than Mustafi.


As much as I like Holding I think its a bit premature to be seeing him as a starter. I’d be tempted to keep the pressure off him this season and let him rotate into the team when necessary.


Ox seems well suited to a squad role, especially wing back. But not first choice.


He’s a better wingback than Hector tbh

not so fed up

Nice sales pitch Wenger, £30+ million for the ox?


Only £30m. Walker was sold for more than that….


“Wenger: Oxlade-Chamberlain is a player on his way out”(FIXED)

I would have taken the £50m on offer for Bellerin instead.


Just a thought: maybe we could find him a permanent position on the pitch after 7 years with us?

But hey, let’s not rush things…


We should know what his position is but length of service does not equal a starting position.


Who do you want to drop?


Ox over Bellerin at the moment. Hector looked far from being sharp in the pre-season.

Yankee Gooner

There is simply no way that this club should allow Alexis, Özil, and Ox to all walk away. If they’re aren’t going to sign, either Alexis or Özil + Ox should be sold in January–players of that quality are almost never available then, which might help the price. To let all three leave is just madness.


You realise that if there not sold this summer then a sale in January is fanciful especially as all three can sign pre agreements with other clubs on the continent.


I don’t think Klopp is in the right state of mind. No chance he will get the Ox.

Liverpuddle are better off trying to get Theo as their new Michael Owen (with brain and hair gel) assuming Walcott wants to go to Merseyside.

Ox is staying we have much use for him. IMO if we do have opportunity to play 4-2-3-1, he goes right of the playmaker.

If we play 3-4-3, he is on either flank as a wingback alternative to Kolasinac or Bellerin.

He doesn’t wear one hat, he wears many hats.


I don’t know what Conte’s drinking…like Klopp, all those sideline antics have got him confused.

No way we are selling Ox to them lot.

They can keep their chum change.


Reports Inter are now moving in for Mahrez too at 32m to rival Roma at 30m.

leicester know there’s a market for the Algerian.

I think we can benefit from Mahrez.

If the offer is big enough for Alexis and it is an off shore destination, we should take it and re-invest.

BUT we will have to replicate his “unpredictability factor”.

Mahrez is left footed but plays inverted on the right for the Foxes.

In that sense he doves tail very well with Ozil on right side of 3-4-3 but can also inter-change with the Ox in a a 4-2-3-1 should we have ability to adopt that formation as well.

It will be difficult to find another player of the sort of invention as Mahrez IMO in market at the moment for the price. Coutinho, Hazard are all courted by Barca potentially.

I think we should just get Mahrez for 40m. Maybe we are waiting to move Alexis for sure because I don’t see us getting Mahrez if we keep Alexis. BUT even if we kept Alexis, IMO, Mahrez is a plus because he balances out the threat of the Chilean on the right .

It will entail however again us fixing midfield issues and being able to employ 4-2-3-1 bc otherwise they will both be hard to accommodate with one attacking space less and Ozil, Ox also vying (not to mention walcott, Welbeck)


I have said that I’d rather have Mahrez than Lemar.


Seems due to Wenger’s unwillingness to compete in the transfer market we’ll end up with neither. City, Utd & Chelsea spend big again but Wenger refuses to spend money yet again.

If he’s going to refuse to spend money on players once they’re established Wenger should develop a time machine so he can go back in time & buy Mahrez for £400k or offer more for Mbappe & Lemar last year. Or Suarez, VVD, Deli Ali & Coutinho for that matter.

If he doesn’t want to spend a fortune on established players like City, Utd & Chelsea he needs a much better moneyball system.

His moneyball system has bought us Gabriel, Perez & Chambers.

Sp*rs moneyball system has got them Bale, Ali, Lloris, Walker, Rose & their two centre backs.

Liverpool’s has got them Suarez, Coutinho & Mane.

How much are these players worth now?

Wenger’s unwillingness to spend money & failed moneyball system hasn’t just cost us trophies it’s cost us money.