Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Wilshere could move on as Wenger admits he can’t guarantee he’ll play

Arsene Wenger says that the best thing for Jack Wilshere is to play regularly, but admits he can’t guarantee that will happen for him at Arsenal.

The midfielder is still finding his way back to full fitness after suffering a fractured leg at the end of last season, and although the manager appears open to keeping him, lack of playing time last year is what prompted the 25 year old’s move to Bournemouth.

“I’m open with Jack,” said Wenger. “We have honest conversations. I’m open to what is the best for him. He is at the stage of his career where he needs to play and I can’t guarantee him that today.

“I think I’m quite open on that.”

As yet Arsenal have not offered him a new contract, and it seems unlikely that will happen unless he proves his fitness.

“If he gets back to his best and wants to stay, we have to sit down later in the season,” Wenger continued.

“I don’t rule that out.”

Earlier, the Frenchman spoke highly of Wilshere’s talent but admitted his inability to perform consistently was hampering his career.

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andre santos

First again

andre santos

this diaby performance at anfield though.




Someone has not been introduced to the Comments Policy yet I see.

Viva la prof

Wake me up when we win the league it’s exhausting
I hope he stays and dominates football. I had the same feeling about Diaby I always believed he’d go on a run. Surely This time.


Then you’re for a very loooong sleep buddy….


Yet Ox is offered a new contract although being just as inconsistent. I’d say this is quite inconsistent.

That loan move was a baaad rash decision on both sides.


Jack has never been inconsistent. He’s just been unlucky with major injuries.


Unfortunately his luck in that regard has been consistent. Consistency of availability is the problem for Jack, not quality and form. It seems Ox is a bit later of a bloomer to develop more consistency of form. His fitness has been a little bit but lesser of an impediment, although he went through a bit where it was cruelly timed with when he was finding form.


On both sides? I think that rests entirely on Jack. He felt slighted about being omitted from the English team by Allardyce. His short sightedness made him push for a loan move which made him look very average in the end. Should have stuck around to fight for his place. Allardyce is no longer there and he is neither here nor there.


You shouldn’t have to guarantee ANY player time on the pitch. You perform, you play. Simple as that.


You’ve never had to make public views about member states of your team, apparently. You use your words to send a message to both the outside and the team member. I assure you Jack got the message “You perform, you play”. That’s what Wenger wanted to tell him.

I think that should spur him.


* about members of your team, apparently *

Third Plebeian

That Barcelona performance was ages ago. He’s an injury-prone player who doesn’t always make the best decisions on and off the pitch, and talk of potential becomes absurd at this stage of his career.

Time to move on.


Wouldn’t Europa be a good vehicle for his progress? ?


Absolutely. That and the league cup would be perfect platforms for him to make his way back to the lineup.


Agree 104%. An early ‘Europa squad’ where he can get quality minutes but less strain than 3-4 full competitions. If he can get through the season that way I’d be happy with him as a member of the squad used in regular but managed rotation.


Don’t see the point in loaning him as we can’t warrant a new deal.
Surely someone will give us £10mill?


Wenger need to exercise his faith with Wilshere as he did with RVP. If JW can get off from his injury hoodo he will make a huge difference in the team. The same goes to Carzola.


Wenger don’t know the players that need to move on. Ozil is one of the players need to move because he gives his best when he feel like. He dt need to labor himself on renewing Oz and Sanchez contracts if they are not willing to sacrifice themselves for the club.


Oh please. Ozil is one of the 2 players Arsenal need to bend over backwards and keep. Ozil is so underrated by the Arsenal fan base. The chances he creates is at the top of the league, give him a striker who can actually score goals and he will be the player we want.

California Gooner

The time has come for Jack to be sold. It’s obvious we won’t see his full potential in an Arsenal shirt. He’s Diaby 2.0


He should stay and compete!


I don’t rate Wilshere anymore, BUT given or lack of creativity in central midfield and the fact that Wenger will not be signing anybody else in that position, we better keep the guy: who knows, maybe he stays fit for once


If Arsenal was able to field Flamini on a number of occasions a few seasons back, we bloody well better find games that Jackie boy can play in. I for one want him to stay.


Flamini was fielded for more than half a season not a “number of occasion”. In that time he managed to strike a decent balance with the enigmatic Ramsey and they oversaw victory over City and in a crunch match against Olympiakos amongst others. It was only toward final third of season when our better assets returned that we oddly dried up in front of goal and Ramsey pushed higher exposing the aged legs of Flamini. BUT adding in Coquelin and Ramsey did not help…they shipped 14 goals in 7 games (even with Elneny here and there on a ‘number of… Read more »


that’s right wenger, get rid of all the good players, and keep all the crap players.

Cultured determination

At least we’re not ofdering him 100+k based on ‘potential’.


Just £90,000k/week.


Offer too much and Arsenal are in crisis, we are badly managed…offer too little and we are badly managed and in crisis. Offer just right and we are badly managed in crisis.

We need a director of football like Commoli so he can spend 35m on Andy Caroll.


And more importantly…we cannot guarantee he will stay fit (or avoid reds):D

I can’t see us reliant on him. The capability is there but its just too risky on injury issues.

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