Admirable Nelson picks up early season gong


Reiss Nelson’s has picked up the August player of the month award for his impressive performances in the opening month of the new Premier League 2 campaign.

The 17-year-old attacker has scored five goals in three games as the Gunners started the season with wins over Derby and Manchester City and a defeat to Liverpool.

Nelson laid down strong foundations for his eye-catching start to the season with a series of dynamic cameos for Arsene Wenger’s first team during the recent tour of Australia and China and in the Emirates Cup.

Yesterday, the boss even tipped him to take advantage of the departure of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

The shortlist and winner was selected by a panel of the Premier League Football Development Department after PL2 club managers had nominated the best individual performance from each of their opponents during the month.

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The future for Arsenal. Let him play against Bournemouth please.


Good prospect, hope he makes it.


One of the few things to be excited about this season.

Take your chances Reiss – we need you!

Kostas Greek Gooner

I fear that we dont develop our players so much anymore. Of course we give them playing time and useful experiences on things they shouldn’t do but not top quality skills. For example Bellerin cannot cross the ball an he is an attacking RB. Iwobi & Well be k cannot shot in goal. My question can we improve our talents if we don’t have a cohesive strategy and collective efforts?


No witty titles, blogs? “Riess’ Pieces” was there for the taking.


I though ‘admirable’ was good effort


Perhaps an example of an Admiral Nelson pun going over the head of a foreigner not so familiar with English military history?
Reese’s are a very American product, right?

Lord Bendnter

I can’t wait to see him play for the first team!
Hopefully he and Iwobi gets a lot of chances this season and makes the most of them.

Reality check

I think this guy is more of an attacking threat than iwobi. Iwobi, although a better link-up player isn’t as good a dribbler, Reiss is electric like Lucas Moura was at his age.
Their are many electric wingers but the closest that comes to mind is Hazzard – when you see him adjusting his feet quickly, without breaking the stride, while changing direction. Reiss has all that hazzard has, may be a bit more, it’s all a matter of healthy development now. Players like hazard, Ronaldo, Robben etc are gold dust, aces, game changers. It’s not surprising, a healthy, in-form Hazard was the driving force behind Chelsea’s last two titles.

Reality check

Is my comment awaiting moderation because i spelled Hazard differently everytime? 🙂


I saw ‘picks up’ and genuinely thought he was injured and my soul groaned with the familiarity of it all. Nice to know that instead I’m just losing the ability to read, which is a real relief.


Huge Prospect… Hope to see him soon in League cup and Europa league.. #COYG


Forget Sanchez, now we’ve got our new hero! Btw, Özil remains the evil one.


Creative = evil.

Crash Fistfight

give him a chance in the Europa league. At least we will be able to get excited about something this season!


Admiral Nelson – thats how I read it!


He’s probably the best young player I’ve seen at arsenal since Wilshere’s break out season. Hopefully he will get alot of chances this season.


Hope he gets some chances in the first team this season. Europa league would be a great stage to show his talents. Hopefully he won’t be played drastically out of position either.

Offor Franklin Chibuike
Offor Franklin Chibuike

I honestly hope so cos Wenger is fond of playing our players out of their usual position like he did against Liverpool and we got trashed!

Teryima Adi

Congrats Son. The sky is not your limit. You have no limits.

Offor Franklin Chibuike
Offor Franklin Chibuike

He is absolutely limitless and can take the Europa league by storm if played with the right players.


Admiral Nelson to the rescue

Crash Fistfight

And lots of people moaned about our summer transfer business! We’ve upgraded from a Corporal to an Admiral.


Solid prospect. The only youth player IMO this pre season to suggest first team inclusion.

If 3-4-3 then a potential alternate on either flank just behind Kolasinac and Bellerin.

Otherwise if 4-2-3-1 then a useful alternate behind Alexis in the left.