Sunday, August 7, 2022

Arsenal 3-0 Bournemouth – player ratings

Arsenal got to back to winning ways today with a 3-0 win over Bournemouth, and the scoreline isn’t even a reflection of how dominant we were or how poor the opposition were.

Still, it’s a nice change from the last game. Here’s how the players rated.

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Bahaha, blogs with the shade on Ox.


Ox just can’t get a debut right, can he?
Call it his decision making in joining a club about to get plundered, sums up his decision making on the football pitch.


Well done Ox – 4 league games and “your” team has conceded 13 goals and you’ve not scored nor an assist at all. Good business at £40m (and you’re still not playing in the 10 role you demanded).


where did he play when he came on?


All over the place,you name it.
He didn’t play wingback though, so he must be one happy ox now.


He can play any position he wants if he keeps delivering those goods for us!

David C

they took Salah off for Ox and Ox did nothing.

I said it when we sold him, we’ve weakened a rival.


Pleased Mustafi did well because bizarrely I was on the same plane as him from London to Frankfurt last weekend, and boy did he have a black look on his face, making me quickly revise my plan to go up to him and wish him luck for the season. And with Alexis looking bright as well, here’s hoping our wantaway players pull together for the cause.


Still extremely confused that we were willing to let him go. What was all that about?


Listen to the Arsecast. Seemingly more about personal reasons (read: partner’s family, kid, etc.) than football.


Still confused about whether he wanted to go, or the club wanted him to go. What really transpired?

Jean Ralphio

Word is that he wanted out. If he times his tackles better he could be a very good defender.


A very good performance by the team. We can all see how the exit of Ox aided Wenger’s selection. Kolasinac on the left has given us the balance we lacked in Liverpool’s game. But when are we going to see Lacazette, Sanchez and Ozil together? I can’t wait.


I can wait, if only because I think we oughta give welbeck a run in the team.

Stringer Bell

You give Ramsey the same rating as Ozil. ??????

Stringer Bell

You must have watched a very different game to the one I watched blogs. You sure you’re not Welsh.


I love blogs but I have learnt not take his ratings too seriously. They are often heavily biased to fit a certain narrative.

Jung Beans

What a bizarre thing to say. His “narrative” is his view of the game and the team. That’s actually why we all visit this site – it’s an informed perspective on a shared experience.


At the beginning of the season once we knew Ox was leaving he started giving him poor votes independently of how he was playing and Bellerin higher votes. Coquelin also last year tended to get lower votes than Aaron Ramsey, independently of how they played. Clear biases towards Ramsey and Bellerin.

As blogs himself says we shouldn’t be influenced by what the media or anyone else thinks, we should all form our own opinions from what we watch ourselves. The same applies here, we all free to agree or disagree.


Exactly we all have players whose flaws we tend to overlook and players whose every mistake is noted


damn, that sounds like a conspiracy.

Faisal Narrage

Gotta be honest and say….I noticed this too.


The Ox part was quite true. Being MOTM on whoscored 2 games running but picking 4/10 here was really weird.

JJs Bender

Perfect Beans


oh come on, you’re saying that to get a reaction. The main reason why a lot of people come here is because of Blogs’ balanced views, especially when it comes to stuff on the pitch


I agree. Although as I mentioned above there is usually a strong bias in favour of Ramsey and Bellerin and against Coquelin and Ox (while he was at the club). Football and ratings are subjective though what I see in a game or a player might be completely different for someone else.


I don’t disagree with the subjective part, but personally I’ve never found a bias for or against a certain player. Even Ramsey has a sort of * against the rating, since his positional discipline didn’t matter as much today. Discussing things here in a civil manner is never a problem 🙂 The main thing that unites us is having our beloved club WIN!

Mesut Ozzle

You do realise you can also vote, right?


I do and I did. And I realise I can comment too… which I also did


LOL Idris Elba, you really love to bash Ramsay in the Arses. You never stop, I see you, but think you should try some more elaborate critiques. Tell us how you really feel.


To be fair, while Ozil was more creative, Ramsey was involved in 2 goals: freeing up Kolasinac for the cross and assisting Welbeck’s 2nd.
So ratings may be fair.

However, against Chelsea who will actually attack us, I’m not sure we should stick with Ramsey-Xhaka (our offensive mid pairing). With Coq out I’d go for Xhaka-Elneny for more game control and quicker passing. But my opinion changes nothing


Ramsey playing false ‘false 9’ against Chelsea is a scary prospect. Not sure I can take another drubbing…


That Bonus Rating Mr. Blogs! Must admit I laughed my ass off


Meaning you no longer have an ass?

Faisal Narrage

Where can one purchase such lost ass and for how much?


And if Scarlett Johansson had read the bonus rating, I am on the buyer’s list with the highest bid.

JJs Bender

About £40m seems to be the going rate…


Cheaper than a Walker. That mist be a steal.




He didn’t write ‘literally’ as many tend to do.


No names or pictures of players on the app just the rating and comment


With the exception of Liverpool, and bad result at stock one can safely say we have a good team judging by the end of last season run, FA, CS, pre-season and today’s performance.
I say we stay together we win the league….COYG.


I doubt if our midfield is strong enough to win us the league. It’s the reason I am not holding my breath.

Miguel G

The only reason? You must walk around pretty purple all the time.


WI never thought I’d say this but we should have plundered Stoke for X Shaqiri … Swiss international, double XX in midfield. He is fucking brilliant on his day and would thrive at Arsenal off the bench maybe. And he’s a stocky chap. Ruled Man Utd today.


Really doesn’t take much for the pendulum to swing from one side of spectrum to the other, does it. One week we’re in full blown crisis, the next we’re challenging for the title. Let’s see how we do in the run of games coming up to the next international break before we start getting hysterical either way.


The bonus rating made me laugh out loud and I really do wish the Ox well.


The Ox Effect?


In all seriousness (and this wasn’t Ox’s fault), Wenger not being able to shoe-horn him into the team and now playing the wing backs where they should be looked a hell of a relief for the players out there today (and me too!)


Though playing a spineless, poor Bournemouth team at home also may have had something to do with us playing better…


I have seen and read all manner of interviews where AW is asked about the Liverpool match. Why is he incapable of admitting he picked the wrong team for the right/wrong reasons and played players out of positions?


Ozil was good today. Seems determined to put things right after his statement mid week. I still think our midfield is in need of improvement, and Monreal, although good, could be upgraded. But if (and I say that with hesitation) we can get a few wins in a row, this team could be a good one. Not a title winning side, but maybe at least a top 4 one and a Eufa cup. I just want to enjoy supporting them again, which had been very hard for a long time now.

Faisal Narrage

Yeah, I’d really like to know why Wenger is so against playing Per in the middle flanked by Kos and Mustafi?

If it’s for Nacho’s left foot on the left, that isn’t a problem for other better defensive who use 3-CBs in their backline.

And even in a 2-man CB pairing, he has no issues playing 2 right footed CBs either.

FYI, I’m not complaining. Just because we won doesn’t mean I can’t ask questions. Just in case people get started.

Jay Salhi

I see pro Mert sentiment a lot. I don’t get it. Great game in the Cup final notwithstanding, the guy is way past his prime and not fit to be a regular starter. Mert himself realizes and accepts this. He is not going to start many games this year.

A different George

No, he can’t be a regular starter, but he seems more than capable of starting some matches and playing the full 90 minutes. From what I can tell, Wenger likes Per a lot, so perhaps something in training makes him hesitate to play him.


that’s harsh on monreal…he was determined and consistent as usual…and i thought he won at least a couple of crucial headers in our box…think he deserved a 8 rating

Drogheda gunner

Monreal and Giroud most under rated players at Arsenal.




Dat Guy MOM, will be interesting to see what Arsene does next weekend?
These are the type of selection problem you want though.
Kolasniac looks a player.
And If Xhaka can cut out the mistakes? And we can find the right balance around him? I think he’ll be the league’s best by the end of the season.
He covers a lot of ground and his passing is different level, he was everywhere today.


Elneny in for Ramsey next weekend. Maybe no other change to starting lineup for me. But who knows what AW is thinking.


Ok, I know I’m going to get a hell of a lot it thumbs down and as welcome as the performance and the result was, nothing has really changed. If we go to Stamford Bridge and get a win next week then that will be a significant statement. Beating a poor Bournemouth team at home means nothing. Apologies for pissing on anybody’s parade!


The thing is though, the vast majority of us still feel we’re probably not title contenders, but regardless of that, aren’t days like today what makes following football worthwhile? Seeing our favourite players turn on the style and leave us on a high going into work on a Monday morning? Rather than feeling down about Arsenal, now I’m buzzing for mid-week and hoping to see me some Reiss Nelson! Fuck it, that’s reason enough for me to have a parade 😉


Anyone can go to Stamford Brodge and get turned over, they’re a top side.
I can deal with losing… providing we put up a fight and don’t get completely folded.
We’re long overdue an away win against a top six team.
Arsene’s record against Conte has been good, we’ve been much better in 3/4 games, hopefully he’ll have the measure of him again.


I hate to piss on your parade but I don’t even think a win a Stamford Bridge is enough. They have to go undefeated for the rest of the season to really prove things have changed. Go at least 10 matches in a row without giving up a goal is very important. Anything less then that would show no improvement whatsoever. Its the same old song and dance. I know I will get alot of thumbs up for this.

Safe Hands

You are just an example of a so called ‘fan’ who is never going to be pleased. Your expectations are utterly delusional! We won today and looked relatively good doing so. Just enjoy it.


I can assure you that when we truly compete at the highest level, I’m very pleased indeed! Note I use the word compete and not win. I’m not being unreasonable to expect a team with our global fan base and our resources to be able to compete for the title or at least look like winning the Champions League! You’re an example of a so called “fan” who after years of slow decline has lowered his expectations of our once great club. Yes of course I’m delighted we have won a game but it’s going to be very difficult watching… Read more »


I think you guys missed the sarcasm font.

Drogheda gunner

Not asking a lot then


The bonus rating is brilliant!
Hats off blogs


Thinking about it… ox played like crap in all of our heavy defeats. Started with 8-2 against the scum, two defeats against the chavs and in one of them got poor Gibbs sent off, bayern munich games, two defeats against the pool scum who he has decided need a few hammerings of their own…… so has joined them. Don’t get me wrong, I always thought he had the talent to succeed so stuck by him like Wenger did. Now I’m thinking good riddance to be honest. The best thing he had was banter and I’ll be happy with less of… Read more »


I also realized during the game that aside the 6-3 loss to City, Ox was present in all our bad defeats. And now Klopp’s worst defeat as a manager. Hard to lay it all at his feet but the evidence is staggering.
8-2 against United
5-1 against Pool
6-0 against Chelsea
5-1 against Bayern
5-1 against Bayern again
5-1 against Bayern. Lost the ball to robben in front of the 18
4-0 against Pool when he couldn’t be arsed
5-0 against City (For liverpool)

It takes something special to pull that off and convince people you’re worth £40m


Needs to be pointed out that the same manager presided over every one of those defeats too.

Sir Henry Norris\'s Brown Envelope

Thank you for posting that list, reminds me of good times. Now excuse me while I go and search for a razorblade or a piece of rope…


I have to say, his banter seemed so forced to me.

alternative facts are not facts

It needs to be said that this result came about because of a poor Bournemouth side (if Ramsey has a decent showing then you know the side you’re playing against isn’t very good). Sure, we played better, but Bournemouth’s defense was awful. Still delighted for the win, though I’d like to see us play this well verses a top 5 squad.

Kolasinac may end up being a more valuable signing than Lacazette, what with him coming to London on a free…


May I direct your attention to the 2017 FA Cup Final, and the 2017 Community Shield.


I agree. I am pissed at the performance. They should have at least put up 7 goals in this game. True striker would have put that third away unlike Welbeck. Did you see AS miss his opportunities towards the end? I mean this is so boring watching the same mistakes week in a week out. Did you catch Ozil walking around for like 5 seconds that 2-3 times during the game. I was screaming at the TV.

A different George

And after the match, I don’t think Ozil hugged everyone, which shows what a bad attitude he has. And don’t get me started on Sanchez! Obviously doesn’t care, the way he came onto the field as a substitute, didn’t really run until the ball was back in play. Because body language counts so much more than performance.


They call sarcasm the poor man’s wit.


Love the Bonus Rating!! ??


Lacazettes movement and work rate impressive. Next week versus chelsea will be a good test though. Kolasinac looked great too. Their performances made me regret more they didn’t start last week.


Xhaka tried to nutmeg a bournemouth player at the edge of the world but luckily we didn’t concede. With Coq out, time for Wilshere to step in. Contrary to what people think, Xhaka – Coq can work if Wenger didn’t have Xhaka pushing up so much. Still dreaming of seeing Alexis – Lacazette – Ozil front 3. With the form of Welbeck plus Giroud and Walcott, we are looking ok upfront. Midfield is an issue. It will all depend on how Wilshere steps up and of course if Wenger is going to be able to get the best out of… Read more »


Wasn’t that Giroud?


If Ozil, Lacazette and Alexis gel up front, do we call them OLA?




Xhaka/Ramsey might be a world class partnership if Wenger didn’t have Ramsey push up so high all the time. We’ll probably never know though.


We win next weekend and all of a sudden things don’t look so bad. Let’s take it to them boys! COYG


Good that Welbeck scored today. Hopefully the start of something that will continue to shut his detractors up.

On another note. Wenger playing Lacazette, our record signing and a proven goal scorer, instead of benching him and lo and behold he scores. Imagine that. Could be worth playing him regularly.


Lacazette looks top quality, I can easily see him scoring in most games this season


Except for the games Wenger sits him on the bench so he can adjust to the premiere league.


Anyone know why Mustafi wanted to leave? Did he find a team that will pay him a bonus for each put of control slide?

At least now that ox is gone Wenger no longer has to start ox to convince him to stay and we can play kolasinac.

Still have no clue about last matches starting lineup. I know it’s in the past but I’m still having nightmares about it.

Bad news about coq. I think we need a defensive mid against better teams.


Listen to the Arsecast. Nothing confirmed but a reason was given: family related. Not football.


Aye. Him and wifey had a puppy so she wants to be closer to home, Switzerland, which is where Italy entered the frame. I hope we get to keep him.


But it was suggested that there were some other issues with personality clashes. Nothing concrete however.
Personally I can see how being a center back in our suicidal defensive scheme might tend to lend itself to a slight ‘frustration’ with other players and the manager.


Good game against an abject team. Still i can’t help being afraid this season will end up worse than last season. No mental strength hahaha!!

Canuck Gooner

I knew the quality Arsenal were getting in Lacazette, but admittedly knew little about Kolasinac. Looks like quite a player. The only thing I don’t like is the way my Mrs. did a double take at the TV when the camera zoomed in on him looking all muscular and what not.


Kolasinac. He makes shit happen.


loved Welbz’ assist from his head to his shoulder.
such skill.
had no doubt he knew what he was doing 😀


If Welbz were Polish he’d be Danny Shouldoski.


Haha love the comment about ox ???


Uh it was actually Dennis Bergkamp day 05/06 vs Wigan if memory serves me well. Dennis scored in the clock end as well.


It was actually against West Brom

Matt P

I am reserving judgement for now.
Let’s see how we go against Chelsea

Clive St Helmet

I particularly enjoyed Welbeck smashing the follow-up wide of the goal after Lacazette scored. Another Welbeckian finish.

He was good though, lovely pressing of their keeper that almost let Lacazette in.


I love Danny welbeck but wish they would work with jus finishing , I wish Henry was are striking couch not Belgiums . Danny’s hot great pace very good at pressing an nicking, big ,strong , fast , would be the perfect defender Central.


Ox sell was to recoup the funds spent on Lacazette


Do not understand negative comments against Ramsey. Thought he had good game. Apart from Liverpool he has been solid. Our one player with a good engine making great runs into circle.


1)I thought Mustafi did well. Not sure why we wanted to sell him on, blatantly one of our better defenders. Didn’t think the slides were silly, just a “Getting to know you” intro outside the box. He got the ball for most of his challengers 2) I thought we reaped the benefits of playing our best back 3. Mustafi in the middle was a bit of a surprise but far more composed showing from the back line and perhaps IMO the biggest plus this weekend. 3) Kolasinac was superb. Should be higher rated. He instigated most of our bets moves… Read more »

Frankie Coffeecakes

Solid performance against a weaker opponent. Hopefully the start of better things? As it stands, take the 3 points and move forward.


Mustafi was an 8, easy. He was in command for the defence and made all the relevant interceptions and he held Defoe to 4 touches all game. Koscielny on the other-hand was very passive and against better opposition would have been exposed. His first touch was Lukakau bad!

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