BATE Borisov 2-4 Arsenal – player ratings


Arsenal conceded twice (boooo) but scored fource (Yaaaay) to bate Borisov 4-2 in Belarus tonight.

The goals came from Theo Walcott (2), Rob Holding with his first for the club, and Olivier Giroud with his 100th.

Here’s how the players rated.

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Wilshere. LANS


Was impressed for the first half, if he gets his fitness higher so he can do it for 90 minutes then I’d love that.


doesnt need to do it for 90 though, if he can manage 60-65 minutes at that intesity he can be subbed for whomever he has displaced

Big sheezy

I do like a good LANS!


What does LANS mean please as I have no clue


Like A New Signing


Its good to give two Chu Yong Parks some game times under their belts. Ya Park Ya!

Bould\'s Eyeliner

Seriously though–there is no football brain available to us as well-versed in Wengerball as Jack. Today he just reminded us of that fact. I also pray with Wenger.


The first away win of the season, against a really sub-par Bate Borisov. Youngsters played well overall, though the physicality will certainly have been a lesson for them. Made a couple of misplaced passes here and there, would have been punished against better sides. Good to see Giroud get his 100th goal, and to see Wilshere and Walcott getting sharper by the game. 3 points on the board, no injuries, and a good run-out for the youth players, so a good game overall.


Anyone catch Willock point out to the reff about shirt pulling seconds before he gave the pen?

Giroud\'s scorpion kick

To be “spangleflumped”.

Midwest Gooner

Walcott with a brace and the readers give him a 6. That’s about right. So Walcotty of him.

Mate Kiddleton

The best description I’ve heard of Walcott: If Walcott’s in the team, it’s like starting the match 1-0 up, but playing with 10 men.


hmm a goal advantage or a man advantage, that’s a tough one


Pretty cool and quite acurate

Hereford gooner

If he had a significant degree of football sense he would have squared his second goal to giroud to tap in an open goal. In my opinion he got very lucky that it went through the defenders legs – and that showed in girouds reaction to the goal

David Hillier\'s luggage

That’s what we’re criticising Theo for these days? Scoring and not squaring it when through on goal about 10 yards out? We’ve lambasted scores or players over the years for squaring the ball instead of taking responsibility and putting it in the back of the net. If it was Lacazette scoring we would be praising his killer instinct. Theo might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but give the lad a break, Jesus.


Two things were certain in this player ratings – Nielson would be overrated and Walcott would be under rated. Switch their performances and do you think it would have been any different? Imagine Reece had scored two, hit the post and forced an outstanding save from the keeper. Do you think his decision making would’ve been questioned? What a joke.

Reality check

Some perspective is needed here. Nelson is a 18yr old kid who is playing his first season in the first team. Walcott on the other hand is an extremely well payed international footballer who hasn’t really improved since the age of 18, even though he had everything at his disposal that a footballer needs to improve: Good coaching staff, world class facilities and top quality team mates to train with.. but instead, at the peak of his footballing age, he gets dropped from both the national and club team.


I think Wenger has hindered Walcotts development by never making it clear that the lad is not a central striker but a winger he should have concentrated on his crossing and final ball because as a winger his return of goals for games played isn’t that bad at all! The great Geordie Armstrong only managed 65 goals for us in some 600 games but his prodigious work rate crossing and final pass were far superior to Theos, Also we never really play to the boys strength his speed ,he needs open grass to run into ! I’ve always felt that… Read more »

Reality check

It was Theo who kept pushing for a chance upfront, even blackmailed the club by not signing the new contract.
Playing to Walcott’s strength means playing like Leicester but you need Vardy’s agression to make it work.. Walcott is no fighter.. he only started working on his off the ball game after taking inspiration from Alexis.

Cool Papa Bellerin

I don’t think it’s fair to say he hasn’t improved. He’s become a decent finisher and much more intelligent runner over time, and when he’s been healthy and playing regularly, he is a consistent goal scorer and provider of assists. He obviously has his limits–he disappears from games, he doesn’t have much defensive awareness or ability, etc. But rather than complain about his failure to lead us to salvation, perhaps we should content ourselves with the goals he produces and accept that other parts of his game are always going to frustrate.

Hereford gooner

i am criticising his decision making, which I do not think is unfair. He got lucky when there was a player in a much better position. Look at aguero squaring it to Jesus a couple of weeks ago – he had the presence of mind to give the ball to a team mate in a better position than himself for the good of the team. Walcott doesn’t have this which is why his end product is often to disappointing. All he can do it make runs and finish, those around him seem to be blinkered out


He has every right to shoot for his second BUT there were another two occasions when he really should have passed to a better placed teammate especially after Jack put him through with a delightful pass and stood expecting the return ball only to see Theodore shoot poorly and miss ! Jack was truly pissed off and it looked like he told Theo so too ! I like Walcott but he can be infuriating at times and a striker can only excuse his decision NOT to pass to a better placed teammate IF he vindicates his decision by scoring !


This is exactly what I thought. That was the right thing to do, I was shouting PASSSSS when he whacked it home. He shut me up then, so I let it be. He did it a couple times more though. That was the frustrating decision making Blogs rating alludes to. Not to shit on him though, he was full of running, good in the build up play and getting into good positions. Given plenty of space, he often just wants to smash it in. It’s worked a lot for us in the past, and I’m sure when he looks back… Read more »

A different George

This is just wrong. He forced the keeper into a pretty brilliant fingertip save, rather than try to get it to Giroud; he took the better chance. On the other hand, later in the match, he really should have rolled it to Jack for a tap-in, instead of trying to get his hat-trick with the keeper in good position to stop him.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

What player doesn’t try hard to get a hat-trick if they’ve scored twice. Have you seen how pissed off our players get when Wenger pulls them out of the game when they’re on a pair? Any player worth his salt wants to score as many hat-tricks as he can.


It would be cool if when they concede a penalty they made the guy who conceded it lie down so they could kick it off his face


Bit like the human furniture thing in Bruno, except without the fat naked Mexican buffet


Wonderful to see Wilshere back, and doesn’t he look grand! I hope he manages to stay fit for the whole season, because if he does, he may be close to our best midfielder.

Also wonderful to see Ollie finally bag his century. He’s probably the most underrated striker in England.

Really promising display by the kids, as well. Nelson and Maitland-Niles both look the real deal.

If we win our back-to-back matches against Red Star and Borisov drop any points at all in their doubleheader with Cologne, then we’ll have the group wrapped up with two matches to go.


He loves bouncing those balls off Giroud doesn’t he


Giroud digs his game. Literally. They have a symbiosis about them. Remember that Norwich goal a few years back?


Who could forget


Time to drop the ‘Wilshere is the answer to our problems’ thing. Like Diaby and Rosicky before him, he will go down as one of those who could have been so good if they had played more.


Mate, Wilshere is 25 and seems to be finding his fitness. He is yet to hit his prime so rest assured he will make it. The other two were just unfortunate.


Win the group with two games to play? Then what? We’re already using the youth players. Bring in Ozil and Sanchez?!


I think Ospina’s size hurts him for those looping type of attempts at goal but im mor inclined to blame the defending then him for the two goals..The second in particular was just a 30 second clusterfuck between the back 3 in particular Per and Mustafi. Per – Tell me another player that slow that can still play center half..His mistakes a minimal when you consider this. Reading of the game is right up there Mustafi – Mr Jump in, whether on his feet or not..But he does his job and is vocal..Reminds me of Flamini. He will do what… Read more »


Dyou want your own blog?


How do you think i would do?

Goonerest Gooner

When did Santori change his name?


Both their 2 goals ORIGINATED from sloppy play in midfield putting our defence under needless pressure from a position of relatively safe possession! This is a fault that is apparent in our first choice eleven too and has been a recurring problem since 2007/8 We still push too far forward when we are in leading positions and then get caught by a long ball over the top when we should be concentrating on stifling any opposition comeback ! Last night at 3-0 up in the first half we were still bombing forward looking for another when we should be simply… Read more »

Da Oli G Show

BORIS Badenov 2-4 Arsenal!

Jimbo Jones

Borisov Automobile and Tractor Electonics

Petit\'s Handbag

Granit Xhaka will have to up his game because that first half from Jack was outstanding. If (big if) he can retain and improve his fitness, and plays like that every game he gets in the first 11.

La Cassette

So our deep lying playmaker needs to up his game because jack had a good performance playing behind the striker?

Jimbo Jones

Very true. A fit Jack (and I fully accept the big IF) can definitely compete for a starting CM position. Xhaka’s form has to be a worry for him. Lets take one step at a time though and see if Wlishere can stay fit til Christmas ?


we cant play jack and rambo together though, both get forward too much

Indian Gooner

The Europa League matches start at around 2:30 at night after my hectic Thursdays making it almost impossible to watch it.
Was happy to wake up and get to know that we won the game. A good start to my day.. I reckon. Up the arses

lee dicks on

Where are you from?


His name might be a clue!?!?


You can’t be serious.

Indian Gooner

An earthling. Indian breed as the name says. Haha..!. I right now live in Australia. I keep moving around.

Indian Gooner

I infact consider North London as my second home. If that’s alright.✌?


You would feel more at home than you probably realise.


You’ll have to come over some time


Think you need to check your watch buddy. Eastern European kick off meant it was an earlier start than usual, so a more sensible 10:30pm kick off.
TBH there were some nice moments but you didn’t miss a classic by any means.

Indian Gooner

Nah mate! It was a midnight kick off here. The match was just about over when I woke up.. which was around five in morning.
And Yeah.. glad we won!


Fellow Indian gooner here. This game started at 10:30 mate. Unless you live in Australia.

Indian Gooner

I guess.. that’s exactly what I said! Am I missing anything here?


Midnight kick off; match just about over when you woke at 5?? Didn’t see that much added time! Were you still travelling from India to Australia whilst asleep?

Indian Gooner

The match started at around 2:30 and probably around 4:30! That was before I got up.
I really don’t understand the hassle here.

Peace out✌?

Random witness

Considering our good run in Europa and the miserable form of Bayern in the CL, I’d say we are heading towards another showdown in Munich. I think we can skin them this time around.


Ha, that would be just our luck.


They got walloped by PSG, whom we matched toe to toe. That having been said,PSG now have Neymar and Mbappe.

Fireman Sam

Neymar? Mbappe? Pah! We have a double whammy of two Chu Young Parks!

Crash Fistfight

I know you’re biased, Blogs, and so am I, so maybe it’s unjustified, but I thought Ospina was pretty shit for both goals. I still wish we’d kept Szczesny and got rid of him 🙁


Selling Szczesny and keeping error prone Ospina is arguably one of Wenger’s biggest mistakes. Heaven help us if Cech gets injured


Matt Macey and Ryan Huddart are quite good and a presence (unlike little ospina) I guess Emi would have a call back clause..

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Have they reinstated call back clauses for season long loan deals then? They only took them away last season.


Are you saying Szczesny wasn’t error prone?


Not in recent years. Had a great season with Roma in Serie A and kept most clean sheets. Also has a presence which Ospina lacks. Even won the Golden Gloves with us


I love WS but Roma didn’t buy him but Juve. Why is that? Serie A is a different league with the way they play.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Your point being that a bigger club than Roma buying Chesney instead of Roma is somehow a negative against him?


Your point being? He is a backup keeper now. And rumours are they are buying Atletico’s keeper to takeover from Buffon next year. I’d choose him over Ospina, too, but Chesny is in the shit of his own making.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Talk about arguing for the sake of arguing, you’re just being childish there Sachin.


So a cigarette incident 2 years ago is an unforgivable crime?


Roma couldn’t afford him. Serie A is one of the most competitive leagues in Europe and Szczesny proved how good he is. A class above Ospina

SB Still

Wenger didn’t make that decision on ability, it was based on attitude.


Over 2 years ago he was caught smoking. Since then he has matured and has shown to be a class keeper which Ospina will never be.

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Its quite possible that his smoking was something Wenger had specifically asked him not to do. Why would Wenger trust him again if he said he wouldn’t smoke but then did so?

Wilshere\'s Left Fibula

Keeping the best southamerican goalkeeper as your backup can’t be a mistake. As somebody mentioned it above, the defenders could have done better when dealing with the goal scorers.


Best South American goalkeeper? Really?

Crash Fistfight

I think the key part of that sentence is South American.


How was he shitty on the second goal? You mean the one where the player had a wide open shot on goal? Yes WS would have definitely stopped that.

First goal was a good goal. The buildup play leading to that goal was good.

What do you expect from DO besides being unstoppable is a joke.


Is unbelievable how much stick he gets, really. He make mistakes sure, but as soon as he make somes everyone’s on him. Cech makes mistakes, no one give him stick, Chesney was error prone as hell too, and everyone seem to forget that. Ospina might not be the greatest GK in the world, but he has been good for us most than not. He had nothing to do with the goals today, first one was actually a good goal, second one, Holding iirc, slipped, leaving the oposition player a free header, which he stopped btw, but was unfortunate the rebound… Read more »


First goal he completely missed and second was a schoolboy error. You must have been watching a different match


For the second goal, Ospina patted a shot down in front of him – rather than holding the ball or putting it safe. It was from this ‘pat down’ that the Borisovian had a clear shot on goal.


Glad someone agrees with me. The defence of Ospina is pathetic. Heaven help us if Cech gets injured


Any bonus video footage? Love a shimmy


spangleflumped. that’s going into conversation tomorrow.


Blogs is a zen master of lexical coinage


Joe Willock vs. BATE:

91% pass accuracy
47 passes
4 tackles won
3 interceptions
3 take-ons
1 shot.

Parisian Weetabix

It was all about his 180 turns though! It happens so often when the obvious space to run into is directly behind a player, yet they don’t run into it. It should hardly even count as a skill because it’s so obvious; it just requires an awareness of what’s behind you. It was a massive part of Xavi’s arsenal for dominating the midfield, and Rosicky used it to great effect combining it with his acceleration further up the pitch – literally just turning 180 degrees into the space. Anyway I may be jumping to conclusions but when Joe Willock threw… Read more »


I call that move a “Diaby”, he was pretty awesome at that. Willock reminds me of him in a lot of ways, like his forward vision and confidence on the ball. He also showed excellent strength in the tackle today. I admit I was surprised, looks like he could be great.


I believe this is/was our “worst” (in terms of travel distance) away trip of the group stage, so glad to get it out of the way in this fashion. Looking forward to a 6am Chicago time kickoff on Sunday.


4am in Vancouver. I’ll still get up and watch it. If I get up early enough, I’ll even head to the pub for it, despite the half hour drive, because having an Arsenal pub that’s willing to open the doors and bring in staff at 4:00 in the morning for a handful of Gooners is a pretty special thing.


Oof – let’s hope it’s worth both our whiles!


where is that in Van?


Vancouver seriously has a pub that opens at 4am for Arsenal games? Which one?

I stopped getting up for the 4am games because they always seemed to be the ones we’d lose heavily.


What Pub? In case I ever visit Van during the season


we dont even get that dedication in the uk!
though tbf all kick offs are at reasonable times for us.


Sounds fantastic – and most definitely worth the early start and half hour drive! Wouldn’t it be good if – somehow – we could convey to the players the lengths we true supporters go to to watch them? Maybe then they would play at 100% commitment for 90 minutes for EVERY game – no matter who the opposition are or what the scoreline is.

Best Coast Gunner

The thing I like most about our current crop of young central midfielders is how well they tackle while staying on their feet. Read the game, wait for your opportunity, be qucik in the challenge and give the ref no chance of calling a foul. Lovely to watch from Willock and Maitland-Niles.


I thought Holding was rather poor tbh.


As the scoreline shows, not much defending was done particularly right today. Inclined to think it’s a system issue rather than a issue with Holding.

Still he celebrated that goal like a champ


Jack was fantastic first half. Lost steam second half.

Theo was also a menace first half. Thought Elneny was good first half but usual frialties in terms of strength.

Willock was a busy player.

Some fortunate decisions and against a better team they could have punished us but hey, its Europa league and we were playing with a whole new set of players/youth.

Maybe we will see Chambers on the weekend? Mustafi can take a break.

Crash Fistfight

I think Arsene said Chambers is out until after the international break.


Thought Elney was a key to our win. Solid defensively, rarely out of position, and very secure with the ball. Exactly what we needed from his position to win relatively comfortably. Also, was very good at finding Jack, who was the engine for us tonight, in positions where he could attack the defense.


I thought Elneny was pretty good on the ball today and had a lot of energy. But one thing I’ve noticed this season, including today, is that he sometimes loses intensity and gets dispossessed too easily. I think he has the ability to be stronger.


should have won the header for their first though.


I really like Rob Holding. I hope he doesn’t become another Jenkinson/Chambers


He won’t. He is Rob Holding 😉


You know


He’s better than Cannavaro


I’m not sure why the majority of Arsenal fans think Holding is better than Chambers. His performances for Arsenal have been just as good if not better. He only really had one bad game at RB and then he was dropped. Holding on the other hand has had quite a few bad games this season.


You mean the Chambers who kept him out of the England U21 team

The Ghost of Peter Storey

At least there should now be consensus that Wenger knew what he was doing when he tried to offload Mustafi to Inter for a shedload of cash. The guy is a liability. A penalty waiting to happen.

Fireman Sam

Surely Mustafi can have it trained out of him though. Kos has been known to concede the odd reckless penalty or two, but he’s become The Boss.


Maybe. But they’re very different personalities and I don’t think it’ll be as easy for him to adjust. Not saying he won’t. Also I believe he is more reckless than Kos ever was.

A different George

The story seems to be that Mustafi wanted to be closer to his and his wife’s family, not that Arsenal wanted him to leave.


The bonus rating.. had a good laugh when that happened.. great game, good for form..


Thought Jack was quite good. If theo had slipped him the ball he could have got a goal. Stay strong Jack. Winced every time he went to ground under a challenge.


Elneny has probably played more minutes than anyone across all competitions this season! Give the guy a rest!

Islam Ismael

El neny was leggy, he looked so exhausted, sure he needs a rest.
Now you have the most ideal no. 8 replacement for santi…wilshere.
All the young guys were impressive, good game after all.

By The Eyes of Özil

Ospina has no legs, he has no legs… I mean I’m no international keeper and don’t know how large that pitch was but I counted at least 10 times he couldn’t kick the ball over the half way line. He needs to do more leg days at the gym, it’s like the brother got atrophy of the legs. It’s like a constant headwind is blowing in his direction, the ball seems to just slow down half way through the kick.
I still rate him somewhat, just an observation.

La Cassette

I really like the look of willock. 5 tackles and 3 interceptions, highest pass completion in the side. He’s got that rangey running style I miss from Arsenal midfielders haha. Good debut.


Thought Walcott was very poor despite scoring twice. His first touch is really poor and devision making is awful. Defensively he runs around aimlessly and never tackles properly. Never sees damger and allows opponents freedom of the park! Very frustrating watching him all the time! How he gets 6.5 from the fams is beyond me. I gave him 2 for his goals and he was lucky I gave that!

A different George

Walcott scored twice, hit the post, and forced a brilliant fingertip save. If he did that every match, against top opponents, he would be Messi. And Arsenal fans would still be carping that he’s not really as good as Maradona.


Commentator on Fox seemed to call our right sided central defender “Scrotum Mustafi” and now I will never be able to call him by his real name…not a good game for him or Ospina. Really liked Willock and Wilshire.


Holding at fault for first goal. 7 would be fair enough.


Surprised Elneny started considering playing a hard running 90 monday night. He seemed tired, I would have started Da Silva LWB and given Maitland a deserved run in the middle with his buddy Jack. Seems like common sense to me but yeh. The other under performer Mustafi also played Monday night so not surprised was sluggish like Elneny. Selection/roatation issue more than individual I feel.


I meant Joe, Joe Willock and Ainsly in the middle, in saying that Jack was as good at RW as he was in CM last game he played, really proving he should be part of the prem squad NOW.


10/10 – “Spangleflumped.”

Mongolian Gooner

I love how Chu Young Park is used as the default stand-in for players that never usually play.

SE Gooner

10/10 Per “father figure-ish” hugged Holding

Ooooh Santi Cazoooorla

Got to say, I think the Ospina detail is a bit harsh. Personally, BATE’s first goal although came out of nowhere, was proper arrowed into the top corner, I don’t think he had a chance with it. 2nd goal though yeah, defo should of done better

Ulysses 32

Point of order : Is it just me, or do the player ratings pages render shitly in Firefox? There are no names against the players. Fine in Chrome.

A different George

Same here for Firefox on mobile; fine on Firefox on desktop.


A bit harsh on Ospuna.
Both goals are not easy saves.


The return of Chu Young Park. I chuckle every time i see his name


Jack looked good but he makes me cringe when he plays because he gets himself into crumching tackles with the way he leaves the ball too far in front of him and has to stretch to get it. I feel the way he plays puts him at risk and hes never adusted

We tried Jack and ramsey before and it doesnt work….Is Jack a no. 10 or a holding mid? I think Jack is best going forward.