Boss calls for continued discipline from Aaron Ramsey


Arsene Wenger has called on Aaron Ramsey to continue to show the kind of positional discipline he showed during his man of the match performance against Chelsea in our last Premier League outing.

The Welsh international was superb, sitting closer to Granit Xhaka, and ensuring that the team had a stable defensive platform on which to build their play.

It was a far cry from the game at Anfield when he, and the whole team to be fair, were a long way off their best, and the manager has urged the 26 year old to do the same against West Brom at the Emirates tonight.

Speaking about Ramey’s Chelsea display, Wenger said, “Aaron had a disciplined performance, and that was absolutely vital for us.

“If he starts from a strong defensive position he can be dangerous against anybody. He has a huge influence going forward, we know that, and we know he can contribute to that.

“The strength in his game was of course his usual top-quality physicality, but he’s more focused on technical quality in his first touch and that makes him more dangerous.”

And with three games in six days, the manager was left bemoaning the influence of TV companies but accepted that’s just a fact of life these days.

“I think from the Doncaster game last Wednesday to Monday night, we have enough time to prepare,” he said.

“After that, from Monday to Thursday, it will be short. And especially from Thursday to Sunday. But you have to adapt. Maybe we have to make some decisions in Borisov that will give us a chance to recover between the two games.

“Television decides when you play and that’s what you have to do.”

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He was talking about him potentially being captain.

Possible but he needs to show discipline to the rest.


I really don’t want another ‘nice guy’ being our captain. Wilshere would have made a better captain for us if not for the injuries. Still not late for him though. I so much want him to succeed with us.


He’s captained the welsh has he not?


I thought Ramsey was instructed to.bomb forward, Im sure this was Mr. Blog’s suspicion for quite sometimes. No?

Lack of Perspective

I think wenger knows more about his own instructions than blogs. Just goes to show no matter how good the source is, they still don’t know everything.

A blog is an oppinion not fact. An enjoyable oppinion but sometimes of course not 100% accurate to reality. Like jamon ruffles are not even that great 😉

Bould\'s Eyeliner

We also know that ruffles or not, blogs loves jamon. And cerveza. Hamberguesa ruffles are mind blowing though, just saying.


Pretty sure Mr. Blog invented that idea because he likes Ramsey.


If he wasnt under instructions then the next time he does it and leaves us exposed he should be dropped. But that won’t happen


Ramsey did that so often one had to surmise he had been instructed to play that way. If anyone should be slated here its wenger. If he knew positional discipline from ramsey would help the team why did he let ramsey play as he liked for so long?

Alex habesha

he is inconsistent like his English counterparts


A pack of Dr Walcott’s™ Consistency Patches® should sort that out.


I would like to see this year a Xhaka/Wilshere duo and Ramsey with iwobi behind the striker…


anyone else think wenger is slyly saying this to let fans no ramsey hasn’t been playing to instructions in other games positionally, i.e his galavanting at Liverpool etc?…no…just me then x_x


I don’t know if it’s a sly attempt or not, but it sure seems designed to send the message to Ramsey. Seems he was looking for a positive way to reinforce good discipline publicly rather than directly shame him publicly, which does more harm than good.

It’s so odd to me that he can’t just be more direct with the players at training about doing their jobs instead of a sideways comment in the media. Who knows, maybe he is and Ramsey just wasn’t listening. But if that’s the case you’d hope the manager would drop the hammer on him until he gets it right.

Crash Fistfight

Monday-Thursday-Sunday is no different to Sunday-Wednesday-Saturday. Not ideal, but nothing we haven’t had to contend with before.


Fuck television


Just don’t stand in water while you do it, okay?

Crash Fistfight

The old CRT models are better: more cushion for the pushin’




Who cares? When he is ahead of Lacazette for Stoke’s goal, this is Özil’s fault! Mister Ramsey makes defensive effort when Özil is not on the pitch. Otherwise, he lives his life knowing who will get the blame for his own failures.

We’ve know this for years and Wenger has talked about it many times. And nothing changes.

Bai Blagoi

Strange comment exactly after a game when it DID change.

Man Manny

That was a brilliant performance by Ramsey. But my worry is Arsene – one of the best managers there is – and who’s been coaching long before Klopp started any modest football carreer he may have had, realizing this after such a needless capitulation at Anfield.
Why did it have to come at such a price? Where is the evidence of having managed in the EPL for more than 20 years? If Arsene could set up a team to neutralize Chelsea at the Bridge – and even play well enough to deserve more, why not do that in every away game against the big guns?
I had expected more from Arsene after the retirement of Sir Alex: I thought he’ll do everything to challenge for the title. Sadly that has not been the case, and it’s down to issues like this.


This shocks me to the core.

Is Wenger saying Ramsey has been playing Centre forward this entire time of Ramsey’s decision making?

If Ramsey has been playing that way hasn’t he been analyzing the need to cover the team on a balanced fashion?

How come when the team is on a really bad run Ramsey plays in a disciplined manner against good opposition until the bad run is brought to a halt?

How come Wenger hasn’t developed a system that compensates for Ramsey? Assuming he does will Ramsey’s output be that good to warrant it?

Hasn’t Wenger seen that gapping hole we all see? His press conferences at least tell us he is aware.

I love Wenger but the man lost it sometime back. The only defense he can have is personnel but it in the absence of his preferred personnel can’t he develop a system that is functional against small teams and not suicidal against big/good teams.


An Aaron Ramsey with a sense of responsibility and discipline to the team is among the best midfielders in the world. Without is a player that’s not really good enough to play for us in that role.


As mentioned before, Ramsey has worked both with Flamini and current Granit through successful spells in midfield.

Two seasons ago, shone of many of our better players, Ramsey and Flamini held tight through a significant long period with wins against City and in a high pressure must win match away at Olympiakos amongst others.

It was in fact (ironically) when our better assets returned that we dried up in front of goal. In an effort to make up, Ramsey became more adventurous foraying forward exposing the aging legs of Flamini and we ended up on some lob sided results against us.

BUT the return of Coquelin next to Ramsey did not improve things (nor Elneny). In fact we shipped a further 14 goals in 7 subsequent matches.

Last season’s do or die charge at very end again saw a more discipline Ramsey in a restricted role help us prosper to a reasonable finish if somewhat too little too late.

I’ve said it many times that Ramsey has to curb his better instincts (which is to attack) if we are to hold solid in midfield.

IMO Iwobi is a better prospect long term next to Granit (Good strength, close control and a vision for a through pass) but he is less experience in role to Ramsey at the moment. Conversely the Welsh man is actually better as surrogate to Ozil but he won’t play second fiddle on seniority where Iwobi is more likely to bide a bit of time.

The worry for us is that because we did not reinforce from market last summer, we are incredibly thin to exposure should one of Granit or Ramsey get knocked.

Particularly the former whose long range passing is crucial in absence of Santi although I must say Elneny seems to be improving in this regard.

With Coquelin out injured, our options are limited.

Midfield still represents a huge worry therefore in terms of depth to capability but at very least, we should hope Ramsey- Granit rediscover the balance we kept end of last season and stay fit at least till January.