Calum Chambers sidelined again after picking up Carabao Cup injury


Last night Calum Chambers started his first game for the Gunners since the opening day of last season, that tumultuous 4-3 defeat to Liverpool.

The 23 year old did quite well in the first period of the 1-0 win over Doncaster, but was replaced at half-time by Josh Dasilva.

Initially it was though he was being eased back into first action, but it turns out the centre-half picked up an injury which is going to see him sidelined for a couple of weeks.

Speaking after the game, Arsene Wenger confirmed the problem, saying, “Chambers is injured again on the hip, yes. It doesn’t look too bad, but I think he will be about again for one or two weeks.”

There was also a Theo Walcott problem to contend with.

“He had a kick behind his knee at half-time and in the second half he got another kick,” said Wenger. “I don’t think it’s big, it looks to me a kick – not more than that.”

Nothing too serious then, and nothing to really worry about the first team, but we continue to wait for a definitive Danny Welbeck update.

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As usual, the potential is there. Get fit and inject some serious consistency into what you do

Ray parkour

The columbo cup curse strikes again!


Could anybody shed light on why Chambers is not quite in favor? He gets picked ahead of Holding for England in their age groups, has a full season of PL behind him.. what more does he need to do?


Sounds like the main thing he needs to do is stay fit.


I agree, I think maybe we should of purchased him and loaned him back to Saints to carry on developing in the first team for a year in a team that defended better than us at the time(maybe still now). Getting toasted by a speedy winger will happen at least a few times in your career, it’s a shame Wenger seemed to lose trust after the Montero incident. He’s been away had a solid year and now can come back and can build on it if like you say he can stay fit :).

Bendtner\'s ego

Apparently he was injured the first part of the season with a groin issue.


23. everyone is growing so fast

J singh

Chambers was injured previous to his first start of the season last night.
Also the way we defend as a team generally means our defenders take more criticism than others .
Chambers did well at Boro , this was helped by there team shape .
I often think you could bring back the “old back 4 ” & they would struggle without midfield protection. Which surely points to the manager , he must not want a CM to sit & defend , or when both wing backs are in the opposition box. Im all for player intelligence when they step onto the pitch … But you have to have had instruction / consequences if it doesn’t happen


“He had a kick behind his knee at half-time”
I guess it’s harder to kick a guy up the arse when you’re that old..


?Chambers & holdings future of Arsenal and England , I want them to stay at arsenal


How soon do we get a, “Where is Calum?”, “What happened to Calum?”, “Why does AW hate Calum?”


So unfortunate.

He was the better of the two flanking Per I thought.

Hope its a small niggle.